Unique Experiences of the Non-Physical

I wrote this on the Astral Pulse and I wanted to share it with everyone here too. It\’s kind of in response to someone who posted, but as I say in the post, it\’s not directed at them. I hope they see & understand that. 🙂

After writing this post, I feel like I should preface a bit first… I didn\’t write this post to antagonize anyone. I apologize otherwise, cause my words might sound kind of harsh… and they\’re not directed to todd421757 either.  His post just made me wanna share this.  LoL

I keep an open mind when I read a book or a post. If it is a valid book, I should be able to repeat the experiences of the author. I have repeated the majority of the experiences by Sylvan Muldoon. To me Sylvan\’s book is credible and contains objective information.

That\’s just it though, you can *never* repeat the experience of the author… you can only BELIEVE you have repeated it.  You\’ll never know, because you can never have someone else\’s experience.

How YOU interpret a projection might seem or sound similar to you, but it\’s not experiencing what they experienced.  You can only have your own experiences.

Take someone like Frank for example… he mentioned a few of his experiences, and we can sit back, read them and be like, \”yup, I experienced that\”… but did you *REALLY* experience *THAT* exactly as Frank interpreted in which he experienced it?  Nope… similar maybe, similar sounding even, but \”experienced what he experienced\”?  …nope.

Even what Frank calls Phasing probably isn\’t what I experience.  I don\’t do Frank\’s Phasing… I do Ryan\’s Phasing.  Contenteo does Contenteo\’s Phasing… Lionheart does Lionheart\’s Phasing.  NOBODY on this forum does or will ever do Frank\’s Phasing.  Frank said he followed in Robert Monroes footsteps… he didn\’t.  Frank had his own experiences which he interpreted as best he could in what Monroe experienced, but it wasn\’t what Monroe experienced.  That\’s why that, in the end, Frank came to completely different conclusions than Monroe did.  This is why everyone, who puts aside their prior \’beliefs\’ and \’bias\’, will eventually come to completely different conclusions.

There are 6.5 billion people on this planet… and there are 6.5 billion different experiences to projection.

Most authors contain experiences which I cannot repeat. This leads me to believe the information they are presenting is subjective and dream-like.

I have no idea if Frank\’s information is truthful or not. In the end, it is up to each individual to decide.

I posit that *ALL* authors contain experiences which you can can not repeat.  You can only *BELIEVE* you\’re repeating them due to your interpretations.

Once you recognize that you can never have someone else\’s experience, it opens up an entire new reality to you… a reality where everyone\’s perspective is correct and every perspective has something of value to teach us.

The point is this…
Never try to be like someone else, you\’ll be trying forever…
If you delude yourself into thinking otherwise, you\’ve only succeeded in fooling yourself with yet another \”belief\”.
Lose the beliefs and just \”DO\”.

\”Belief\” is a very powerful thing… so powerful, that it has caused wars and has taken countless lives from this physical reality.

7 thoughts on “Unique Experiences of the Non-Physical

  1. paulgarrigan says:

    I just recently added your blog to my RSS feed and I’m enjoying it. I agree with what you have to say here. I think it is dangerous to assume that we are having the same experiences as other people just because there are similarities. We are all on our own journey.

    I recently fell into a debate with a skeptic who used this tactic to discount my experiences. We are both long term meditators but he assumed that the fact that he had not experienced the same things as I did meant that I was either deluded or being deceitful. He just could not accept the idea that we could both be doing something similar but getting different results.

  2. Jaime M-Lundquist says:

    I agree with what I read here, IMO to say that if I haven’t had that experience then is not true! is wrong, since we all have different ideas and believes. I have encountered several Higher-self experiences, and I have read others and they are not the same. Does that mean that my experience is not valid? or theirs in not neither? that is wrong to assume that! each experience is a personal revelation to oneself.

  3. Keith says:

    I don’t know if I agree that you cannot experience things others have. It’s kind of like saying that nobody had the same experience at a concert I went to because they experienced it slightly differently in another seat, from a different height etc. Sure they technically did not share my exact experience but that’s arguing semantics.

    Yes I’m aware this isn’t quite the same as it’s prone to personal interpretation but I think you can have the same basic experience

  4. Xanth says:

    In this physical reality, it’s a bit more objective… we can each look at an apple, look back at eachother and agree that’s apple. For the most part, that is. I mean, quantum physics tells us that apple isn’t really even there, but that’s the point here.

    For the non-physical (I mean experiencing any reality that isn’t this physical reality) things quickly become much different. In the non-physical (for example, while we’re having a dream) we experience objective events (meaning that the event actually happened), however we experience it in a subjective manner. We experience those events based around what we “know”.

    Two people could have the same objective experience, but they would both experience it subjectively differently. One person might interpret their experience as walking through a cave of wondrous, beautiful crystals… and the other person would interpret that same scene as a tunnel of some other kind with simple jagged points coming out of the walls. Which interpretation is correct? Both! What’s the objective nature behind the scene? Sometimes it’s impossible to know.

    The most you can do in regards to someone else’s experience is to “believe” it. This isn’t a position we ever want to be in. To “KNOW” instead of “BELIEVE” you must experience things for yourself. In the context of my post above, it means to learn and have your own Astral Projections. 🙂

  5. lovelygirlie says:

    Yes, I was beginning to believe I have a problem. Someone I know quite well has TOTALLY different ways of achieving astral projection, but though it’s easy as pie for them, I cannot get any results at all (so far) from adopting their particular methods. I kept thinking “Hey, I wish I could do it THAT way!”…and in comparison my stumbling clumsy way seems dreadful and very unskilful, and like a baby taking tottering steps. But it’s all that seems to work for me. If I try building on what does work for me I start to get results in very small ways, but still results. (haha, on occasion!)

    Then one day in meditation I felt a sudden warmth through my Heart, and was impressed with this:
    “You are beautiful. Whatever you do, and try, and aim for is graceful, and your own way is too. And you are loved. Do what feels right.”

    So here I go again, staggering about the Real Time Zone, feels like I can’t even get the five-finger-exercises right, and I ought to be playing a piano Concerto like everybody else who does this…..
    But The last time I clumsily exited my body, drifted about my bedroom for about 3 minutes flat, wondering why the heck I was wearing sneakers, and then collapsing in a semi-conscious heap back to body…knowing that was a “poor show” compared to other people…I had a big LOL grin on my face!

    • Xanth says:


      Nah, that’s a great effort! Don’t measure yourself up to what others have done, you’re the only person in competition with yourself. 🙂

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