JUST a Dream?

Y\’know… there\’s one particular question which really bothers me when people ask it. Most of humanity has a certain belief in regards to the word \”dreaming\”… the general idea is that it\’s an experience that isn\’t real.

They have an experience which they end up asking, \”Did I really project or was it JUST a dream?\”
The question is posed as if they had a clue about what a \”dream\” actually is. Suffice to say that humanity really doesn\’t have a clue what it means to \”dream\”… so, I don\’t understand how people can logically ask that above question.

If you\’ve followed my posts over the last couple years, you\’d know my answer to that idea. A \”dream\” as most humans know it, doesn\’t exist. It\’s a strange question to ask of an experience, \”was this just a dream?\”, because it alludes to an idea which people truly have no idea about.

Anyway, I just thought I\’d get that off my chest cause it\’s something that bothers me… not about helping people, but just about humanity in general. LOL
Next time you have an experience and you want to ask that question, please consider the follow: What *IS* a dream? 🙂

2 thoughts on “JUST a Dream?

  1. mylittlebigchair says:

    I think people (at least those actively involved in awareness) are starting to loosening their mental divisions between the concepts we have about different focuses of Consciousness. I am sitting here this morning having a cup of coffee and a conversation about a couple of experiences this week where I asked that question and had to concede that trying to define it was irrelevant…… and then your post appeared. Cool.

    Nothing drives it home more, for me, than experiencing two awareness at once. One which we call “physical” and one which we call “non-physical”. Love Tom Campbell’s description, “parallel processing”. Love the idea of an exquisitely entangled continuum of Consciousness.

    I am so loving this life,

    • Xanth says:

      ROFL Glad I could be of help. That particular post slammed into me and I just had to get it out of my fingers last night. LoL

      And yes, I actually just made a small post about this on the Astral Pulse about losing our labels… and how doing so really opens our minds up to *EVERYTHING* that reality has to offer us.
      Dropping those filters is probably one of the best things anyone who explores reality can choose to do. 🙂

      Thanks Melanie. 🙂

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