Another example of Reality Fluctuations in an Astral Projection

I was thinking about other ways to describe how reality fluctuations happen.

Your connection to the non-physical is akin to you wearing a headset listening to music in this physical reality. The music you\’re listening to can really only be heard/experienced by yourself. Depending upon how loud you have your music, what happens when you cross paths with someone else here, say while walking down the street? They might be able to hear your music playing, they might not be able to make much sense of it, but they can definitely hear it. What have you just done? You\’ve affected their reality and changed it to include something that wasn\’t originally part of their reality.

This is, I believe, the nature of reality fluctuations. Except with the non-physical, we\’re not talking about music, we\’re talking about consciousness and the music I\’m referring to is the music of creation we each participate in while we\’re experiencing the non-physical.

Say you project into a reality frame which takes the form of your bedroom/house. There might be another consciousness \”nearby\”, which you will then begin to pickup their consciousness changes occurring, which will alter your reality ever so slightly depending upon how strong the fuel (emotions/Intent/etc) behind that consciousness is.

You CAN control these fluctuations from occurring though. In the same manner which we project by ignoring the physical, you too, can ignore \”other\” consciousnesses from affecting your reality by ignoring that particular energy.

There are probably some holes in this concept, but for the most part, this is how I perceive it occurring. Would anyone wish to further discuss this? Please leave a comment here or on facebook. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Another example of Reality Fluctuations in an Astral Projection

  1. mylittlebigchair says:

    Not sure if this is exactly on point, but, I phased into my bedroom with lots of interesting differences going on in the room. It was one of the early times I’d phased and really really wanted to wake up the “consciousness nearby”, but knew how much he loves his sleep. I resisted. The next morning he claims that I did wake him (honest, I didn’t) and says, “You told me something was happening, but I was too sleepy to really wake up fully.” I think we are connected in ways we don’t yet understand. Sometimes reality fluctuations that include others might turn out to be very interesting.


    • Xanth says:

      That’s a great distinction/observation you made! Sometimes reality fluctuations aren’t always a negative thing. 🙂

      Great point!

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