Remembering Our Astral Projections

I have a theory… it revolves around how to remember our experiences (dreams, astral, etc…).

Take a look at how you remember things in this physical reality. If you don\’t add a certain amount of importance to any given event in your life, your chances of remembering everything in full detail is pretty minute. Likewise, this holds true for your dreams (lucid or otherwise). If you believe your dreams are nothing special, that they\’re not important, then you\’re probably not going to remember them. You\’re probably not even going to have that base level of awareness in order to experience them.

How do you solve this problem? How do you give importance to something like this? You have to prove it to your subconscious mind… change your attitude about wanting to remember your experiences. A dream journal is the absolute best method I can think of to do this.

Work on trying to convincing yourself to place more importance upon your dream time journeys! It\’ll take some time, but the more you can prove to yourself that these events are important to you, the more you\’ll begin to remember them. Also, don\’t be lazy and write down whatever you remember immediately upon waking, because you will forget things really quickly. The more you do this, the less you\’ll forget!

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