My Realization

So I\’ve come to a rather perplexing conclusion about my Projection practices over the past several months.

I\’ve been listening a lot to spiritual teachers such as Adyashanti, and even the less \”spiritually-inclined\” such as Tom Campbell lately… and this is what triggered this particular realization. I feel I\’ve had some significant transformations over just these last couple weeks that lead me in this direction.

I\’ve found that the more I\’ve been delving into my spiritual side… the more I\’ve been growing… an the less active I am in actively practicing astral projection.

For example, I really doesn\’t bother me if I project anymore, it\’s simply phased out as a desire within myself. I tried practicing this morning because I had the day off work, and I found myself not really caring if I projected or not. Not because I was lazy or anything, but because I genuinely had no \”want\”… that\’s not to say I don\’t project anymore, I have enough spontaneous projections that happen to me now, they almost seem to be happening on their own accord now and with greater frequency too.

Is anyone else finding this? As you experience the non-physical more and more, your attention is drawn more and more to the physical? Everyone goes through a cycle from time to time where they lose interest in projection and then one day pick it up again… this isn\’t it. I\’m well versed in that particular cycle, as I\’ve gone through it many times prior. This is more a fundamental shift in being *me… or more appropriately, it\’s a fundamental shift in my *being*.

That\’s not to say I\’m not going to continue sharing my thoughts and ideas here on my website or anything crazy like that… hehe Although, I think my posting might \”open up\” a bit to take on more of a spiritual turn and I guess I\’ll finally able to fully utilize my website name: Unlimited Boundaries. I knew I chose it for a reason… because it was quite limiting only talking about Astral Projection. LOL

One thought on “My Realization

  1. Caitlin says:

    Your comment is very interesting, especially to someone still juiced about exploring the non-physical. One thing that everyone seems to say is “the non-physical is the Real!” but, of course, that can’t be the whole story. Clearly, we’re here for some reason, right? Nicholas Newport of Lucidology has said, “Will astral projection eventually become boring? Sure.” Perhaps the idea is just to get a more comprehensive map of Larger Reality in order to live a fuller life. Any thoughts you have on this subject would be appreciated, given your wider perspective. Thanks!

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