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Welcome to Astral Chat! / Just drop it Nay
January 12, 2011, 18:07:18
I created another thread so as to not take that one off topic any further.  There should be no reason for this to be locked or for my banning.  I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Quote from: Xanth on January 12, 2011, 16:45:47
Nay... drop it please.

Thank you.

Why?  I thought my Olive Branch was quite kind after being told I was wrong and oh, how was it put?  "and you call yourselves psychic".....  What's the problem here?  I'm trying to start things out on a positive note without deceit, there is nothing wrong with that.  I certainly don't expect her to apologize for saying I was wrong, when in fact I know I was correct.  

I need people to be honest or how in the world will I ever be able to find out if the visual and audio's that I see and hear are correct?  I know that off the internet world, I'm correct 90% of the time.  And on other sites, I'm averaging about that, but on this site, for some reason people keep saying I'm wrong. Things are not adding up and it can't be all me.  I'm actually asking for some help not more games.

Validation would be nice, tis all.   :-(


So, what do ya'll think?  Was it fireworks?  Military?  Aliens?  Govt?  Pesticides?

I don't think it was fireworks, wouldn't this happen every year on the 4th of July?  I do find this a bit strange.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / A good example.
December 27, 2010, 14:09:57
I was just reading back on some very old threads (CF mentioning religious beliefs to me yesterday and it made me think of it. Thanks CF) and found a real jewel.  Both Robert and Adrian were very active on it and I thought it would be an interesting read, not to mention, I also think that it shows a good example of how a forum should be run and how members should be treated.  Good or bad.  Fair and balanced.  

Since the topic was finally locked, I will just add the link here.

Enjoy.  :-)

I had some very interesting experiences this morning and wanted to share.  It's pretty long so I'll try and cut it down because I know some people feel if a post is too long they can't be bothered to read it so....

I became semi lucid while in a dating competition.  I don't know how many of you have seen the show or a commercial for the show about dating a millionaire, but that was what I found myself in.  There were a bunch of women, make-up artist, clothes people and security around.  At this point I was like a sheep and was following what others were doing and telling me to do.  I had to be close to six foot tall. :) There was a bunch of different things I did but it'll be boring for the guys me thinks.  Mostly it was me searching for the perfect dress to 'meet' the millionaire in or being shown around.  I ended up in a floor length sequins dress. dang, I can't remember the color now.. I've been interrupted like ten times while trying to write this down.  I think it was blue or purple.

Once I had the dress on I was ushered into a line which I was the last person and I was standing next to some stairs to my right.  I noticed a security guard that I had a couple words with earlier and I waved at him and said, hey, can you tell (forgot his name) that I wanted to talk to him privately?  He says, just you?   I smiled, ummm yeah.  Right away I felt several of the girls get pretty ticked off that he agreed and grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs.  We must had been in a basement area because we ended up outside on a really beautiful patio with a pool and cushioned benches.  He was sitting on one of the benches and I joined him.  He seemed pleasant enough but I was lucid enough to know I was married and that this was just a dream. (I didn't say that to him, I stuck to my character)  He politely asked me if he chose me would I need to be with him this much?  I got the idea he was saying I was needy. Haha.  Which is true I guess because when I love, I love hard. :P thank goodness my hubby is a hard lover type too.  Anyhoo, I laughed and said, I wanted to see you because we were shown horses earlier and they wouldn't let me pet or ride them and I love horses.  He was quite pleased with this for some reason, grabbed my hand and led me back to where the horses were.  But they weren't horses anymore they were enormous pigs. haha!!  I was laughing and saying,  omg, they are gianormas! Of course this was just something else to get my attention and was there to cause me to become even more lucid, but it had the opposite effect, I woke up immediately.

Right away I start thinking about the experience and whoosh, I was right back on the patio, but the scenario was different.  No longer was I in a competition but I was now a model...  I think because of the whole concept of the millionaire story line, I was already tall and dress to the nines so I didn't have to change so much.  This was fun, I have to admit.  I hate, I mean, I hate getting my picture taken but I was loving this and apparently I was good at it. :D  I was pretty lucid at this point and started to break away from what I felt was some kind of story-line after I had a couple of photo sessions with different photographers. ( I just couldn't resist, it really was fun, I felt like a little girl with the whole model fantasy going on)

Anyhoo, I was in a large hallway and I was suppose to be on my way to another photo shoot, with yet another photographer and I was suppose to go through one of the many doors lining the large hallway, but when I was looking around and just taking in the decor of the place I all of a sudden noticed a four by five foot wavy portal in place of where a door should have been.  I was so thrilled!  I had a huge grin on my face and I walked right into it.  I was expecting it to feel cool in some way, but I didn't feel anything.  bummer. 

I now find myself in another hallway but very tiny, I'd say ten feet in width and about thirty to forty feet in length.  I could see what looked to be like a little sitting area and I walked towards it and when I got into the sitting area and turned and looked to my left...... I popped right back into my physical.  I knew I saw something that scared the shite out of me and I wanted to go back.  Once again, I just start thinking about the experience, running it through my mind and before I knew it I was back in the small hallway.   I walked toward the sitting area and looked left again.  I can't for the life of me remember what the hell it looked like, but it was HUGE.  I was fully lucid at this point and this.....thing was telling me that I had to go into this other portal and kill a giant lion/tiger named...ghost.. lol and I would get something.  I have no idea what that something was but I walked right into another portal that was set into the wall, to the right.

This is the weirdest experience I have ever had to date.  There I was standing in what seemed to be WOW.  No shite.. I was standing in the game World of Warcraft!  I was lucid as right now and I was having a inner dialogue with myself about what I was seeing.  My hair had dropped into my line of vision and I noticed that when I focused on my hair the scene would start to melt, so I brushed my hair away and focused all my attention on the environment I was in.  I looked real, but the environment was just like in the game.  Cartoonish. 

There were other people there running around and I quickly asked someone where this ghost character was and someone pointed over at this dirt road leading up a hill.  I've played WOW, but nothing like my kids.  We did just get them the new game and I've been walking by it for days now but I digress.

I was in a area that looked similar to Stranglethorn.  I just couldn't believe how everything looked cartoonish.  I felt like I had shrunk and was put into the game.  It was crazy weird.  I walked up the hill but for some reason I started feeling a sense of urgency.  Out of no where this giant cartoon lion jumped out of the bushes.  I literally grabbed him and started yelling at this guy who was standing off to the side watching this play out, to shoot him for me while I held him.  The guy froze, with weapon in hand.  I yelled several times for him to hurry, kill it!  This guy was just frozen, staring at me dumbfounded.  LOL  I let the lion go and grabbed the weapon, (it was a very large  and slayed the lion, but I had to cut his heart out.  I know, ewwww.. but I did it without a second thought, and it was weird cutting into a cartoon lion.. he made some kind of noise and I popped right back into my body.

I tried to go back but failed. 

It was AWESOME!  :D  And I did cut it down.. I didn't tell you about the conversation I had with one of the women photographer or several other things. :P  Sorry about the length.   
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Dr. Brian Weiss
December 13, 2010, 15:02:15
I love this kind of synchronicity! 

Dr. Weiss just posted on his Facebook: 
QuoteExperience is stronger than belief. What you were taught when you were a young child might be true or not. When you experience, then you know.

This has happened several times now.  It's great!  A couple weeks ago I was just flipping through one of his books and the next day he was quoting something from the very page I was on.  Coincidence?  I don't know.  :-)
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Noy's suggestion
December 12, 2010, 10:17:52
I think Noy's suggestion was a great one!  But seeings how Adrian is gone for long period of times and there are basically only two moderators, I think it would be fine to add a sticky here in the chat and name it something like...  Conflict Corner..  :lol: and have a basic warning that if you don't want to hear something you don't like... DO NOT ENTER. 

I've been on sites where they have things like this and when bickering or whatnot shows up in a thread, they move that particular part into the specified area.  I think this would be quite nice to have because I for one hate it when I'm cut off simply because someone doesn't want to hear me out.  I don't think many people like that feeling of not being heard.


I was reading through some old posts of mine and found one from 2006.  I haven't broken this record yet but I've equaled it.  I'd love to hear from some new folks and see what your personal records are.  :-)

QuoteEarly morning around 2am or so I woke from a dream of me being in a very large crowd and helping people periodically off this...island, least I think it's an island.   It has homes, school, soccer field and a couple other buildings I didn't get the chance to check out.   I've been to this place a couple other times but it was during the day.  This time it was night and storming badly.  It was a pretty long dream so I won't go into detail.   I woke up because of the sudden fright of seeing my six year old being blown away..not a nice site to see in the physical or astral.  shocked

It was only a couple minutes and I was back to sleep.  I consciously thought about the dream, replaying it over in my mind when I found myself back there again but in a different location and that came with different scenarios that I got myself involved in.  I swear no matter what, when I see anyone or thing in trouble I rush right in.  I still had my son on my mind and soon enough started looking for him.  While doing so I woke up again but came right back to the same experience.  I did this four times and that is after the first waking.  By this time it was 6am.   I brought myself back to the physical the second time by actually speaking out loud..well, not I'm sure many of you have experienced that.

That's the point of my post.  I broke my personal record of consciously going back to a situation.  I was curious as what ya'lls personal record is?

I did find my son if anyone is interested...wheww.

PS.  I put this in astral experiences because even though it seemed to start out as a dream the other four times were conscious travel.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / The church ladies
November 15, 2010, 12:15:42
I just had a most interesting interchange with a couple of the older, christian ladies that keep coming to the neighborhood handing out their pamphlets about God and the Bible.  This is the fourth or fifth time.  I've been gracious and I THOUGHT, obvious in how I really did not want them coming back to my door, yet with every next visit the vocal one manages to get out another question that I am forced to answer so as to not seem extremely rude.

The minute the door bell rang, I pretty much knew who it was and when my eyes confirmed it I couldn't help but feel anxious right away, and a tad grouchy.    I open the door and she uses my last name...(she got that bit of info out of me last time they came a knock'n)   "We came back because last time you weren't feeling well"...  I was feeling fine, I just didn't want to be rude and tell you to get lost..   I tell her that I'm fine but now I have a herniated disk... which is completely true, so her God can't come down and smite me for lying. Nanananana-booboo. :-P    "We were hoping to be able to talk to you about a few things about the word of God"   Now at this point I kinda just want to ask her, what the hell is wrong you?  Can't you tell I'm not interested from the last times you came here?   I look at her and apologize saying, "I don't want to be rude but we don't care for organized religion"   Her eyes actually lit up and she claims that this doesn't offend her at all.  She then continues and says,  "is it because it seems like a lot of religious people aren't living by the word of God"?  I told her that many people hide behind the word of God and they are a bunch of hypocrites.   She doesn't miss a beat and asks me if we can talk about what the pamphlet has to say.  I started to back away and close the door saying, "No thank you"   "Have you thought about your future"? 

ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH.....I can't believe she is still talking to me...    "As a family unit we are awesome, thanks, we are good." 

"Are you living by the word of God?"  She is pointing at and waving that darn pamphlet around.  "I don't need to live by the Bible to have a good life" I say to her. "I gave you one of these last time, did you get to look through it yet"?    No, I threw it towards the trash and missed... "No I haven't, I gave it to my youngest son".   thanks, now your God is going to smite me for lying. Now at this point I see that her body language is starting to get...... peeved.   "Are you going to use this at all"?   I shake my head and say, "No"  Now her face is getting angry and she says in a not so polite tone, "Then you can just give it back"  I physically step back and my eyebrows raised and I say, "Hmmm... OK then, would you like me to go get it"?  She, at this point realized how she was behaving, "No, no.. I'm not offended as long as you gave it to someone who is going to use it"   They both start to turn away and I say, "Actions speak louder than words" and closed the door.

I don't think they will be back.
Forums Bugs Reports and Questions / Karma System
November 10, 2010, 12:54:43
Yep, it's that darn Karma system that has me bothered....again.   I've had nothing but positive feedback for a few days now, yet once again my karma is going down.  Yeah, I know, ignore it Nay, ignore it.  Well, I can't and I won't since it seems Adrian is dead set on keeping it here.  It is a poor example of a persons abilities, knowledge, personality..etc.  and that is what newbies will look at... the more karma points the better the person is assumed.

I find it unfair and unjust to be using such a system when some people do nothing but smite because of personal reasons.  And not to mention there are a few people on here that "hang" out outside together off the forum and I can just imagine the clique mentality.   I think taking the karma system off and making people actually speak out their differences is a much more healthy and less judgmental way of handling things.  If someone wants to smite me, do it with your words, THAT I can handle and that way others that are reading can judge for themselves.  

So, I made this poll.  I hope everyone participates in it so it will be as fair as possible.

*crosses fingers*  Please get rid of the karma system.  

EDIT: Well, hell.. it won't let me fix the poll.

2nd EDIT:  :lol: it's working now. woot.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Congrats to Xanth!
June 07, 2010, 11:09:21
Just wanted to say congrats on making moderator.  Now fix that editing problem that has been on the forums for over three years.  :-D

Welcome to Members Introductions! / Kinda new!
March 14, 2008, 22:46:06
Hey!  Just wanted to drop a line saying hey to all the old and or new peeps of Astral Pulse!

Been a long time for me...long, long time. :) Naykid=Nay.  Durrrrr...

Interesting stuff.  :-D  Sarah.. you still here?  ... god, I hope so. LOL