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Topics - Logic

Welcome to Astral Chat! / OOT24th Moment
August 06, 2006, 01:42:04
Now I know that most people here have never really heard of Fields of the Nephilim, but if any of you have, do you know what the Order of the 24th Moment section is on the website? Is it just some fan club section or something else.
I was wondering what some of you thought or know about special types of drumming to induce altered states. Ive heard accounts of how much of an aid this can be to inducing trances, and have had similar experiences with programs like BWGen (similar in regards to influence by sound). I am also reading a book on drumming which is briefley covering this topic, which has tickled my interest. What are your thoughts, experiences, critisisms?
Welcome to Dreams! / Blackholes
September 18, 2005, 05:28:27
I can recall having a couple dreams about blackholes. Just the other night I had another, where a blackhole appears in the middle of nowhere and slowly begins growing, sucking in everything it touches. It sometimes become the focus of the dream to get away from the blackhole and lasts for somewhile. Havent really given it a lot of thought, I'm not exactly sure what it could mean.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Placebo Awareness
January 31, 2005, 01:50:03
Does being aware of the placebo affect in any aspect of metaphysics change your views and beliefs on them? If instead your mind creates the reality for you, do you view things differently rather than simply believing that it is an objective reality? I would list examples, except I'm not sure how much knowing about them myself has really helped me.

I hope I made this clear..
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Alternative Websites
January 06, 2005, 00:49:32
How come all of the alternative science, new age, occult sort of websites (not forums) I have come across, look really half assed. There are a lot of websites out there with really good ideas (fake or not) but with absolutely horrible websites.

Have any of you come across any of these websites, and maybe wondered why these professionals havent obtained a convincing website?
I was never one to really "judge a book by its cover", but I've noticed that I can really clue into a person and learn a fair deal about their personality from just meeting them. Everytime I've had a feeling about someone being interested in new age things, I've been right every time (especially when I can get a good look into a persons eyes).

Though, I can't really distinguish between the psychological and the paranormal in this case, meaning:

I'm not sure if I make these assumptions based on body language or listening to this person, or by some form of subconsciouss or spiritual communication.

Does this ever happen to any of you?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Elizium
December 15, 2004, 02:39:37
I picked up a copy of the Fields of the Nephilim album, Elizium a while ago, and I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of the term before. I'm pretty sure this is not a spelling error of Elysium. I think it might be some kind of occult festivle in Europe, but I'm not really sure. Any information would be much appreciated, thanks.
Forums Bugs Reports and Questions / Staying Logged In
September 14, 2004, 16:03:03

I take it no one is going to bother helping me?
Welcome to Metaphysics! / Telepathy
August 17, 2004, 01:02:39
Do a search on the forums (if it works) or goto
Welcome to Magic! / Do not invoke lucifer
August 08, 2004, 22:23:15
Preaching is as sad as its believers.
What is the "Rosicrucian theory"?
Welcome to Dreams! / Reccuring Dream Symbols
May 27, 2004, 00:59:01
A transport vehicle is the way you choose to travel. Mental energy or some form of energy. It's related to ground to air travel. Two rails is a parallel pathway, or balance (more secure?). A system you use regularly. An established pattern. Is there electric in the rails? Trains haul. Monorails transports numbers of people. Are there others involved?

Vehicles may also mean the physical body or ego. Outside appearance. Also conveyance, so a communication device.The vehicle descibed sounds up to date, but yet connected by rails. Security in a mindset?

My travel vehicles are cars, trucks,and a bus once, in an earlier dream. Other vehicles has been a space ship for time travel (disconnected?),airplanes, helicopter,balloon or orbs, and once an odd collective vehicle on or in the ground which had multiple metal legs for strange scrambling maneuvers (not straight line travel).

The only times I personally experience a train on rails, is when I have a burdens. The train is oversized and can't take the weight on the track, including trestle (bridge), or maintain free space near it's path. So, I guess I steer clear of those kind of transport vehicles. [:)]  Oh yeah,I'm reminded, I've read that females see trains as a phallic symbol. [:)]

Forums Bugs Reports and Questions / Wendi
May 16, 2004, 01:35:32
Yes, we know, and are attempting to resolve this.
In the mean time, please ignore the jibberish. We're filtering it where we can.

Welcome to Dreams! / Not Premonitions
May 10, 2004, 02:03:32
I think a lot more people would benifit from trying to interpret they're dreams for themselves and to understand them, as opposed to telling they're "friend in danger". Because, if someone were to die and you were conscious of it in your dream, it would appear under some sort of symbol or metaphor, not the direct thing.

This is the way I see it too. On the other hand, it's also good to explore and express what may be a premonition. Sometimes feedback can help by telling the experience. In some ways, the bad things which may happen in dreams can be learned about by the very fact, what was possibly thought as a premonition, is actually something else.I can't think of any examples of this right now, but dreams have multi-purposes, and carries more than one message, in my opinion.

Superstition and fear are common things to conquer. I think facing fear is good, though easier said than done. I'm sure that's why growing and learning the unconscious of oneself is such a gradual process.
I agree, but that doesn't necisarilly mean its true. This isnt a new concept, especially not to the forum.
Now, why isnt there anything cool like this goign on where I live =(
Welcome to Book Reviews! / His Dark Materials
April 06, 2004, 13:58:19
I'll check it out...
Thanks for the title...[8D]
Looks pretty cool, I think I might see it.
Honestly, how many people believe in a socalled demon war?  More people believe that the world is flat than that.  I doubt the believers will cause an actual demon war.
that makes me sad, but humanity is growing and learning, and freedom is everywhere now.

not everyone is taught faith / reason, so it makes me feel better that my children will be shown as many different things as i can find them, and I'l try my hardest too teach them too keep a open - mind, and not let someone teach them that one thing is absolute.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Remote Viewing
February 18, 2004, 00:07:44 [:)]

Welcome to Book Reviews! / The Archaic Revival
February 05, 2004, 22:01:27
Hi Logic,

Thanks for the recommendation! [:)] It prompted me to visit and read up on the book. It looks like an interesting read. I went ahead and copied an editorial review below:

"From Library Journal
McKenna has been exploring the "Wholly Other" for 25 years. In this spiritual journey, he ponders shamanism, buddhism, and enthnopharmacology. By the phrase "archaic revival," McKenna refers to a return to shamanism, which he believes can be enhanced by current scientific practices. The next level of spiritual transformation, he explains, is achieved by the intelligent use of psychedelics and should be performed only by thoughtful explorers rather than experimenters, scientific or otherwise. The ideas presented in this collection of interviews, speeches, and articles are radical even now, and will challenge the reader. There are many insights on current spiritual movements such as goddess worship, deep ecology, space beings, and virtual reality. Recommended."
- Gail Wood, Montgomery Coll. Lib., Germantown, Md.

Welcome to Astral Pulse Island! / API Inquiries
January 14, 2004, 14:49:21
I think there is no rules exept maintaing a peacefull place.
Welcome to Healing discussions! / Reiki
January 13, 2004, 20:43:20
Hm, i have one of my relatives who is teaching reiki.
He got some books and found some people involved into it to help him. But he is in energy healing anyway so it comes easy to him.
May be you should find out people that practicise any form of energy healing to help you.
Hm, teaching by yourself is a hard task i think. [|)]
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Room 23
January 08, 2004, 08:07:41
I once heard of a Room, if it was this room Im not sure. But I think it may be like some sort of entry way, or something along those lines.
I am not really sure though.
Welcome to Dreams! / Waking up
December 30, 2003, 13:47:44
Here's a good lucid dreaming forum:

You might find something helpful there.
Cant forgett the LD's.
Possibly the fact we arnt disciples.
No idea; but maybe next time try to talk to "it" with yes/no questions...  Like, 1 blink for no and 2 blinks for yes.

Also, maybe try to find a second eye; or maybe a face around this eye...

The only eye story I can remember was from one of Castaneda's book (maybe the 5th or 6th one)...  One witch (La Gorda) could see an eye watching her all the time; and she could use it; she could "open" it like you would open 2 doors and then she would be sucked in and "teleport" to some other place...
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Flat Earth
October 15, 2003, 19:39:15
I think it's pretty safe to say that sites a joke. It's hard to tell sometimes whether a site is joking or not. One time I saw a fake news site that looked totally real and it said that Metallica was coming out with an album called 'Download This!' that only had one track, and it was like 56 minutes long. It was a convincing site, but the story was a bit much. That's a good idea, though, if you don't want people downloading your music over programs like Napster. Just hope most people have slow connections. [:)]
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Dream Interpretation
October 03, 2003, 23:47:17
Not a bad idea at all... I second this greatly. [:)]

Hmm, I really don't know for sure.  It could be alot of things, maybe just a cramp from not moving your muscles, a surge of ki wanting a release, or maybe a neg entity.

I also had a similir experiance, but mine felt like a bee sting on my left arm.
Welcome to Metaphysics! / Premenition?
September 24, 2003, 17:35:44
IMHO pot messes with your head, I wouldn't necessarily count any visions or possible psychic notations on it. I don't see how it can increase your psychic sensitivity at all, it kills brain cells, which last time I checked were helpful. And wall outlet power won't kill you I've gotten zapped accidentally many times and I'm still here, its actualy kinda fun in a twisted sort of way.
I have done this technique before, but I have not had success with this method. The only way your going to damage your eyes is if you are dead up on the flame u should be a good 3-5 feet away from the flame.[:)][:)][:P][:P][:)][:)][:D]
Welcome to Metaphysics! / err, Third Eye?
September 20, 2003, 19:47:38
Originally posted by Logic

I walked home after smoking a big fatty about a block away. When I got home and started walking down the stairs, I could see from slightly above my eyes, around the top or front of my head and from my eyes, simultaniously. I could see normaly, as well as an, "overlayed" vision of everything as some form of blue glowing energy. Sorry for the bad descriptions, but does anyone think this is infact my third eye, or a pipe dream?

i think hat you saw was ifact not you third eye but you third eye opened and using aura  vision. what you saw was your aura of the crown chakra i believe. cool, keep it up[;)]