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Welcome to Metaphysics! / CHANNELING SATAN!!!!!!
January 09, 2006, 12:07:44
Quote from: CeraphimHere is a question.

Will I need sunscreen in Hell?

SATAN Channeled:

SATAN: Nope!   No sun in hell so sunscreen is worthless, but a good anti-flammable suit will work wonders.  :twisted:
There will be times in your life that your higher self/spirit guides will shield you from seeing. Why? well you can ask them.

It's kind of like when parents shield you from things they think are bad.

It appears that some type of blocks were put up for a particular reason and until you acknowledge them it will be difficult to go further in your endevors.

How do I know this?  Been there. Done that.

Good luck if I can help further pm me.

RT :grin:
Quote from: TayesinHi Marlinya,
It doesn't really apply in most circumstances, particularly AP, if your Intent and motivations are clear.


Tayesin I have never tried it in tent, but I have AP out of a tent. Besides my tent is blue and not clear guess that could be a problem. :wink:

How goes everything?

Welcome to Metaphysics! / CHANNELING SATAN!!!!!!
November 28, 2005, 00:24:50
Channeling Satan

RT: Satan listen I have lots of question for you. You have caused so much chaos here on earth, suffering, war, hate, anger etc....and so on.  How do you feel about all of that?

Silence....................voice from beyond comes loud and clear.

Satan: RT I have only one message for you and please don't bother me again it is very simple and now share it with everyone else on earth.  People of Earth, Your churches, corporations, politicians, governments have rendered my existence obsolete. Their works are far more heinous than I can contrive. The innocent are violated, the poor oppressed, the wealthy protected, the righteous ridiculed, the wise mocked, the foolish praised, and the spiritual held in doubt. I am in total awe of you people.
My work here is done I can't think of anything else to add.

RT: huh? We can't be that bad.

Satan: RT your bugging me. I told you I had one message for you now tinkle off and pass the word on. OH! and Tell SteelHawk to quit calling me collect that cheap bastard. Satan out!
QuoteUpon closer observation of their works, I noticed a connotation towards Luciferianism. I was a little shocked at first. The Lucis (Lucifer) Trust was formed by Alice A. Bailey, google it. They are a known luciferian sect, so at that point I decided to stop my investigation of them.

Good info and research.  I don't like the wingmakers myself, but it did have some interesting info.

Everything these days seems to scare people. You should never be fearful nor judge.  I think understanding and love is the key, even if they are people that choose different.
Welcome to Metaphysics! / Channeling God!!
November 18, 2005, 00:08:29
Quote from: MarlinyaIs it truly possible for an entity that is not God to masquerade as God?

If it is possible for anyone else other than God to answer to God's name, whenever the person addressing God has a strong and clear intention of addressing God, then even prayer is suspect.

We are all supposed to have a direct inner connection to wisdom and guidance--if we cannot trust that, then we are truly lost.

What about all the people that kill in Gods name?

God told me to do it.

I am looking at this objectively. I do have faith, but I also don't have "Blind Faith".

Some people need to believe so badly they get caught up in dogma's of religion and in control of not so good people, even if they are good people.

If God is all knowing and loving he will not be angry with anything we ask.  

If we seek God should tell all.
I found this on a site a while back and I thought the similarities were kind of scary.

QuoteSimilarities between the Jews and Nazis.

Nazis believed themselves to be a supreme race, so did the Jews.

Nazis felt they were especially chosen by God to dominate the world, so did the Jews.

The central theme of the Arian race was genetic purity and they did not believe in breeding or marrying outside their own kind, so did the Jews.

Hitler referred to Jews as cattle, The Jewish law, the Torah, refers to non-Jews as Goyim, which means cattle.  It is permitted under Jewish law to kill Goyim, who are considered subhuman. A Jew is also permitted under his law to pillage and remove the property of the goyim, and is not a sin under his religious code. Killing people and removing their property was also permitted under Nazi Law.

The Nazi were control freak, so were the Jews.
Welcome to Metaphysics! / Channeling God!!
November 17, 2005, 17:38:42
How do you know that you are not being deceived by some entity portraying himself as god?

We humans are very easily deceived by all are senses and intuitions.

Think about that.
Yes I remember it clearly.  It was my first OBE and it was involuntary too.

It was about 2:30 am and I was getting sleepy and I had just eaten a bowl of cereal and was watching a not so exciting movie on the TV. I was sitting on a sofa in the basement, again I started to nod off so I elected to go to bed. As I got up I passed the TV and started up the stairway to second floor of my house,  I got to my room I remembered the TV was still on, Damn! I thought.  I proceeded back down the stairs when I noticed the TV was still on and directly across from the TV I noticed a man sitting on my sofa where I had just been. At that point I was a bit startled but I looked at the man he had his eyes closed and looked to be sleeping and he looked a bit familiar. Hmmmm

At that moment I realized it was my physical body and I snapped back into it with fear.  I was immediately sitting on the sofa again wide awake, directly across from the TV watching that stupid show again.  I was confused and didn't know anything about OBE's that was 20 years ago.

That's my story.

What do you all think of this one. :shock:
Go to and read the reviews on his book.

I think that listening to others help, but in the end you have to make your own decisions.
Quote from: James S
I do beleive though we need to look at alternatives, or more to the point the governments and oil companies need to allow the development of alternatives (not going to happen while the U.S. President's family has such a large stake in world oil). Or we at least need to develop far more efficient means of using hydrocarbons as fuel.

There's no doubt the way petrolium fuels are being used at the moment is proving toxic, but regardless, the way the oil prices are being artificially inflated all the time is criminal!


I agree 100% there was a study done I think at the University of Minnesota in regards to Large Megawatt wind turbines and if they were mass produced how many it would take to power the USA. And enough wind turbines to split Hydrogen to power Hydrogen cars so that every single person in the USA would never have to pay for vehicle fuel, home electricity, natural gas to heat home, etc.... again, except maybe a nominal charge for maintance fees.

Conclusion, about 2/3 the cost that has been spent on Iraq war.  I felt numb after reading the results. That we the people in the USA have no say on what are government does. And they truly don't give a sh*t about us.

If hydrocarbons are renewable- then is "Peak Oil" a fraud?

by Joel Bainerman

Are hydrocarbons "renewable"- and if so- what does such a conclusion mean for the future of the world's oil and natural gas supplies?

The question is critical due to the enormous amount of coverage the issue of "Peak Oil" is receiving from the mainstream press. If the supply of hydrocarbons is renewable- then the contrary to the conventional wisdom being touted throughout the mainstream press today- the world is NOT running out of oil.

Unbeknownst to Westerners, there have actually been for quite some time now two competing theories concerning the origins of petroleum. One theory claims that oil is an organic 'fossil fuel' deposited in finite quantities near the planet's surface. The other theory claims that oil is continuously generated by natural processes in the Earth's magma.

One of the world's leading advocates for the theory that hydrocarbons are renewable is Dr. Thomas Gold who contends that oil is not a limited resource, and that oil, natural gas and coal, are not so-called "fossil fuels."

In his book, The Deep Hot Biosphere: The Myth of Fossil Fuels, he explains that dinosaurs and plants and the fossils from those living beings are not the origin of oil and natural gas, but rather generated from a chemical substance in the crust of the Earth.

Dr. Gold: "Astronomers have been able to find that hydrocarbons, as oil, gas and coal are called, occur on many other planetary bodies. They are a common substance in the universe. You find it in the kind of gas clouds that made systems like our solar system. You find large quantities of hydrocarbons in them. Is it reasonable to think that our little Earth, one of the planets, contains oil and gas for reasons that are all its own and that these other bodies have it because it was built into them when they were born? That question makes a lot of sense. After all, they didn't have dinosaurs and ferns on Jupiter to produce oil and gas?"

He continues: "Human skull fossils have been found in anthracite coal in Pennsylvania. The official theory of the development of coal will not accept that reality, since human beings were not around when anthracite coal was formed. Coal was formed millions of years ago. However, you cannot mistake the fact that these are human fossils."

"The coal we dig is hard, brittle stuff. It was once a liquid, because we find embedded in the middle of a six-foot seam of coal such things as a delicate wing of some animal or a leaf of a plant. They are undestroyed, absolutely preserved; with every cell in that fossil filled with exactly the same coal as all the coal on the outside. A hard, brittle coal is not going to get into each cell of a delicate leaf without destroying it. So obviously that stuff was a thin liquid at one time which gradually hardened."

Gold claims that the only thing we find now on the Earth that would do that is petroleum, which gradually becomes stiffer and harder. That is the only logical explanation for the origin of coal. So the fact that coal contains fossils does not prove that it is a fossil fuel; it proves exactly the opposite. Those fossils found in coal prove that coal is not made from those fossils. Where then does the carbon base come from that produces all of this?

Says Dr. Gold: "Petroleum and coal were made from materials in which heavy hydrocarbons were common components. We know that because the meteorites are the sort of debris left over from the formations of the planets and those contain carbon in unoxidized form as hydrocarbons as oil and coal-like particles. We find that in one large class of meteorites and we find that equally on many of the other planetary bodies in the solar system. So it's pretty clear that when the Earth formed it contained a lot of carbon material built into it."

Dr. Gold's ideas would lead us to believe that there is so much natural gas in the earth that it is causing earthquakes in trying to escape from the Earth. If you'll drill deep enough anywhere, you will find natural gas. It may not be in commercial quantities every time, but more than likely it will be.

Is the oil and gas industry reconsidering things in light of his work?

Absolutely not.

"In many other countries they are listening to me: in Russia on a very large scale, and in China also. It is just Western Europe and the United States that are so stuck in the mud that they can't look at anything else."
What do the Russians know that the West don't?

The roots of Dr. Gold's theories are in Russia where scientists since the end World War II have been researching what is referred to as the "Modern Russian-Ukrainian Theory of Deep, Abiotic Petroleum Origins."

Although the theory was first expounded upon by Professor Nikolai Kudryavtsev in 1951 it is not the work of any one single man but has been developed by hundreds of scientists in the (now former) U.S.S.R..

The theory of deep, abiotic petroleum origins is not a vague, qualitative hypothesis, but stands as a rigorous analytic theory within the mainstream of the modern physical sciences. In this respect, the modern theory differs fundamentally not only from the previous hypothesis of a biological origin of petroleum but also from all traditional geological hypotheses.

Actually, since the nineteenth century, knowledgeable physicists, chemists, thermodynamicists, and chemical engineers have regarded with grave reservations (if not outright disdain) the suggestion that highly reduced hydrocarbon molecules of high free enthalpy (the constituents of crude oil) might somehow evolve spontaneously from highly oxidized biogenic molecules of low free enthalpy. Beginning in 1964, Soviet scientists carried out extensive theoretical statistical thermodynamic analysis which established explicitly that the hypothesis of evolution of hydrocarbon molecules (except methane) from biogenic ones in the temperature and pressure regime of the Earth's near-surface crust was glaringly in violation of the second law of thermodynamics.

The theory of deep, abiotic petroleum origins is presently applied extensively throughout the former U.S.S.R. as the guiding perspective for petroleum exploration and development projects. There are presently more than 80 oil and gas fields in the Caspian district alone which were explored and developed by applying the perspective of the modern theory and which produce from the crystalline basement rock.

Similarly, such exploration in the western Siberia cratonic-rift sedimentary basin has developed 90 petroleum fields of which 80 produce either partly or entirely from the crystalline basement. The exploration and discoveries of the 11 major and 1 giant fields on the northern flank of the Dneiper-Donets basin have already been noted. There are presently deep drilling exploration projects under way in Azerbaijan, Tatarstan, and Asian Siberia directed to testing potential oil and gas reservoirs in the crystalline basement.
Is "Peak Oil" a fraud?

So why is the western media being inundated with notions of the world running out of oil?

One could point a finger at the multinational oil companies and their vested interest in having the price of a barrel of oil rise substantially- to justify further exploration expenses- and of course- to bolster their bottom line.

Says Dr. J.F. Kenney, a long-time research on the origins of hydrocarbons:

"For almost a century, various predictions have been made that the human race was imminently going to run out of available petroleum. The passing of time has proven all those predictions to have been utterly wrong. It is pointed out here how all such predictions have depended fundamentally upon an archaic hypothesis from the 18th century that petroleum somehow (miraculously) evolved from biological detritus, and was accordingly limited in abundance."

That hypothesis has been replaced during the past forty years by the modern Russian-Ukrainian theory of abyssal, abiotic petroleum origins which has established that petroleum is a primordial material erupted from great depth. Therefore, according to Kenney, petroleum abundances are limited by little more than the quantities of its constituents as were incorporated into the Earth at the time of its formation.

As far back as 1757, in his address at the Imperial Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg, Academician Mikhailo V. Lomonosov, stated:

"Rock oil originates as tiny bodies of animals buried in the sediments which, under the influence of increased temperature and pressure acting during an unimaginably long period of time, transform into rock oil [petroleum , or crude oil]"

More than 200 years later, Professor Emmanuil Chekaliuk told the conference on Petroleum and Petroleum Geology in Moscow that:

"Statistical thermodynamic analysis has established clearly that hydrocarbon molecules which comprise petroleum require very high pressures for their spontaneous formation, comparable to the pressures required for the same of diamond. In that sense, hydrocarbon molecules are the high-pressure polymorphs of the reduced carbon system as is diamond of elemental carbon. Any notion which might suggest that hydrocarbon molecules spontaneously evolve in the regimes of temperature and pressure characterized by the near-surface of the Earth, which are the regimes of methane creation and hydrocarbon destruction, does not even deserve consideration."

Contrarily, the statistics of the international petroleum industry establish that, far from diminishing, the net known recoverable reserves of petroleum have been growing steadily for the past fifty years. Those statistics show that, for every year since about 1946, the international petroleum industry has discovered at least five new tons of recoverable oil for every three which have been consumed.

As Professor P. Odell of the London School of Economics has put it, instead of "running out of oil," the human race by every measure seems to be "running into oil".

Says Dr. Kenney: "There stands no reason to worry about, and even less to plan for, any predicted demise of the petroleum industry based upon a vanishing of petroleum reserves. On the contrary, these considerations compel additional investment and development in the technology and skills of deep drilling, of deep seismic measurement and interpretation, of the reservoir properties of crystalline rock, and of the associated completion and production practices which should be applied in such non-traditional reservoirs"

If Kenney is correct, not only are any predictions that the world is "running out of oil" invalid, so also are suggestions that the petroleum exploration and production industry is a "mature" or "declining" one.
The impact on the planet of the conclusions of this debate

Much research remains to be done on "alternative" theories of the how much hydrocarbons are left in the world- unfortunately- those entities most able to do this research- the western multinational oil conglomerates- have the least interest in arriving at any conclusion other than those that are part of the "Peak Oil" stream of thought. Today the mainstream press has accepted as a given that the world has only a finite amount of oil and natural gas- and thus any decision taken on how to deal with the world's future needs are based on these conclusions. If they are erroneous- then the world is about to embark on a plan to provide for its energy needs for the coming century based on a false notion.

Research geochemist Michael Lewan of the U.S.Geological Survey in Denver, is one of the most knowledgeable advocates of the opposing theory, that petroleum is a "fossil fuel". Yet even Lewan admits:

"I don't think anybody has ever doubted that there is an inorganic source of hydrocarbons. The key question is, 'Do they exist in commercial quantities?'"

We might never know the answer to that question because both sides of this debate are not being heard by the general public. If the Russians have accepted the theory that hydrocarbons are renewable- and over time they will become the leading exporters of oil and gas worldwide- this fact alone requires these alternative theories of how fossil fuels are created- is required.

It behooves western governments to begin taking these alternative theories seriously- and design future energy policies based on possibility that they are correct. Whatever strategies for meeting the world's ferocious appetite for energy are devised today- will impact the planet for decades to come.

In this issue- we simply can't afford to be wrong.
Joel Bainerman
Welcome to News and Media! / The Flu Pandemic
October 25, 2005, 22:37:06
Only time will tell.

And if they want this planet that bad they can have it.

Who really wins if many die, the people left or the ones that have passed on? :grin:
Welcome to News and Media! / Hurricane Predictions.
September 21, 2005, 21:22:34
I predict Rita will not hit Texas directly, but take a turn and head towards the Yucca-tan Peninsula. My hopes are that is just dissipates but that is just wishful thinking.

Anyone else?
Quote from: LeylaWhen the revolutions comes, men will be properly toilet trained so as not to make such a mess of things... Also to remember to put the lid down.

Quote from: James SLeyla, I see one big floor in your grand plans, that one little thing that would bring your matriarchal empire crashing down...

If women become the dominant ruling class, toilets would never get cleaned!  :shock:


Good point!   :lol:
Quote from: LeylaI knew this would happen. I think all men secretly harbor the desire to create a totally complient female who exists only to serve them.

That's not true Leyla!  Now go fetch me a beer......... :wink:
Quote from: Andali27Every religion has bad apples and you can't condem a single one just because there's rubbish on the internet.  Whether true or not, everyone has a right to express their opinions and keep and open mind.

Rubbish on the net?  I think not. And this is not my opinion but Case Law in the US and public record in our legal system if you know where to look the Case law is free.


           A $750 million civil suit was filed alleging the LDS Church covered up for a father committing sadistic incest with his children. The entire complaint is included. Read the facts of this egregious case:




           Civil Action: Jane Doe, an infant, by her next friend and guardian, Rebecca Doe; and, Rebecca Doe, Individually;




           Raleigh General Hospital, a West Virginia Corporation d/b/a HCA Raleigh General Hospital;

           and, HCA, Inc., A Delaware Corporation;

           and, HCA - Hospital Corporation of America, A Delaware Corporation; and, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, an unincorporated religious association; and, The Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a Utah Corporation; and, The Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a Utah Corporation; and, Gordon B. Hinckley, in his capacity as President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; and, Thomas S. Monson, in his capacity as First Counselor in the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; and, James E. Faust, in his capacity as Second Counselor in the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints;

           and, Boyd K. Packer, in his capacity as Acting President of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints;

           and, Merril J. Bateman, in his capacity as Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Quote from: Andali27

There is not a nicer bunch than the Mormons, and true, bad apples do come along but there are bad apples in every religion, what about the Catholic priests molesting little boys?  Ever heard of that happening in the Mormon church?


Judge orders Mormons to provide sex-abuse records

Abuse alleged in Mormon lawsuit

Legal cases and case studies

Child Abuse Cover-Up Costs Mormon Church $3 Million

Shall I go on??  There are many many more.

People only see what they want to see and never truly question.

As long as it works for you, fine, but always question authority it is our "God Given Right", even if the people are so called holy ones.
Quote from: Andali27
QuoteYou can't fix a problem until you first acnowledge there is a problem.

There is not a nicer bunch than the Mormons, and true, bad apples do come along but there are bad apples in every religion, what about the Catholic priests molesting little boys? Ever heard of that happening in the Mormon church?

Even though their religion is strict, they're no more unusual then the next religion you don't understand.  And fearing and hating something that you don't understand is simply stupid.


Religious people claim they are people of God, but that fact is most religions judge others and each other.  Religions are hypocritical most of the time. Shame on them! Religions try to explain God, and the Metaphysical world with logic and that is just not possible. Faith is just that Faith you either have it or you don't.

Many people claim there religion is the correct one and the only way to God or Heaven, that is the biggest load of sh*t I have ever heard.  Like give more money to us, donate your time to God, donate your life to God and do it by only following the words our religion has created and preaches. How arrogant! If God is the all powerful, loving God then he loves us all no matter what happens or what we do.  People in most religions judge others to make themselves feel that they are more holy than those sinners they see. LOL!

I was told that make sure the one finger you are pointing with doesn't have 3 pointing back at you.

Welcome to News and Media! / Bush Sucks.
July 21, 2005, 09:40:28
Quote from: LeylaOh  yeah. It's reeeeaaal safe around here:

Local Gun Deaths

July 17, 2005, 11:01PM
Security guard shot dead in fight outside nightclub
A security guard was fatally shot early Sunday during an altercation outside a northeast nightclub, police said.

July 18, 2005, 8:07AM
Teen wounded in drive-by shooting at apartments
A 17-year-old is recovering from gunshot wounds suffered in a drive-by shooting at a southwest apartment complex Sunday evening.

July 19, 2005, 1:26PM
Officer shoots car-burglary suspect outside his home. A suspected car burglar is in very critical condition this morning after breaking into an SUV near an off-duty police officer's home.

(Here's one for your team. Makes me feel a little funny though, because it wasn't in self defense. Don't get me wrong, I think car thieves should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law- but this man was judge, jury and executioner. )

July 19, 2005, 6:20AM
Man gunned down at shopping center
A fatal shooting in front of a southwest shopping center late Monday may have been set off by an earlier altercation between the victim and his assailant. ``The argument escalated into gunfire.''

July 20, 2005, 6:13PM
Gunman shot by police dies in surgery police shot and killed a man in southwest  early today after he reportedly threatened a wrecker driver and then officers with an automatic pistol.

(Man freaks out with automatic weapon and cops shoot him. We've probably all freaked out after having our car towed. I know I have. Without the gun he probably would have slept on it and worked it out in the morning. But now he is dead. The irony is, he probably bought it to protect his family.)

This is all happening in Bangladesh? Wow and I thought the US had problems.
Welcome to News and Media! / Bush Sucks.
July 20, 2005, 00:33:30
Quote from: LeylaAnd "statistical analysis" from a pro-gun website doesn't count.

I would have to agree with your statement, but on the other side neither are stats from anti-gun site.

I myself wish that one day none of us would have the need any type of weapons to protect ourselves. I would love my children to grow up in a world that was crimeless, compassionate, non-corrupt, and everyone was happy and not afraid.  

In the world we live in showing love or compassion is a sign of weakness and called mushy for the most part. Those in society that claim to be peaceful and loving are not that at all, but true hypocrites.  I think that actions speak louder than words. It very easy to hurt someone, but the love or heal that persons takes strength. Lets hope the world will get their oneday.

I don't watch any new or TV in the US it is all negative.  I have enough I see everyday and don't need the worthless maggots at the news stations trying to stir emotions.  

I don't also think we can hide from the crime, and all the bad in the world, but on the other hand I am not exactly sure how to stop it. Does anyone truly know? Maybe we all need to just lay down and let the criminal elements rape, torture, rob then kill all of the good people, then all that will be left is a world full of scum.  I guess I don't have the answer, but I like to think there is some ultimate answer. I am not being sarcastic, but just offering a ridiculous thought.

Welcome to News and Media! / Bush Sucks.
July 19, 2005, 21:06:49
Quote from: LeylaThe theory is that "if guns were outlawed, only outlaws would have guns!"

This is totaly crap.

Actually, you are wrong unless you have stats to back your claims up I wouldn't make statements like that.

I am in law enforcement hear in the US. And I am the last person that would want more guns on the streets, but if they are going to be on the streets I would rather have law abiding citizen with a permit carrying and owning them then a bunch of criminals doing as they please.

Police are in most cases not their to protect people when a crime is being perpetrated they only are there to take a report and then maybe with all the crimes that were committed they may have time to get to yours if it is higher on the investigation list.

Please do be naive and live behind rose colored glasses.

Most people in the world are generally good people, but there are a small percentage that don't give a sh*t about yours or my logical way of thinking and living.  In fact these people are sociopaths with no compassion and would kill, torture, stab, shoot, rape or use whatever they can find to make your life a living hell or end......they live in a different world all together.  Most people that preach love all people, peace, love thy neighbor not matter what they do, turn the other cheek mentality have not had a sociopath pray on them and/or commit a heinous act of unspeakable crimes against their families.  

If you are looking and expecting police and the government to protect you all the time, that is naive. Just remember who is the police? Government? It is people. And many times in history and in the world things get out of balance and when they do who will protect you and your loved ones?

I have seen most anti-gun, anti-violence, and loving people turn to protecting themselves after an extremely bad experience.

I wish the world could be kisses and hugs and fantasy lands that most people view the world from, but it is not that way for most of the world.

It is OK to preach but unless you truly have been in the trenches and in the real world of criminals, but I understand there is what is called blind ignorance in the world and no matter what you truly know to be factual and try to convey, there will be the other side that will never know the real truths because they have never experienced what they are talking about and don't want to know.