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I want to know where to read more about phasing (books / terms to Google / podcasts [YouTube videos] etc..). The reason I'm asking is that in the few places I've read there's more than one type of obes/AP and that most people (at least IME) don't have the classical obe where they see their body. I know Robert Monroe's books especially his third and final talk about phasing. Any advice / help?

I want to know any scripts to do between life progressions. Also would this be a good audio to do it with.

I remember one of the first times I did the first or second track in Wave I and went to sleep. I read somewhere on Reddit or YouTube that you're better off doing the techniques in a sitting position (on a couch or chair). I also recall doing the obe4u technique I think from either 2019 to 2021 and gave it up because it never worked (I think the technique is a variation of the wbtb technique). I also have to have caution doing them since my doctor (psychiatrist) told me not to, and that it could interfere with hallucinations. I've been doing YouTube PLR videos / audios with no problems. Thanks.
I want to know where I can find data (databases / websites / encyclopedias etc...) of a possible past life.

Quote from: Kodemaster on January 29, 2023, 00:32:20
On your phone there should be a built in recording app. if not, try texting them to yourself and then forwarding the texted recordings to your email address. Hope this helps.

I did a past life regression and recorded my notes. I want to know if anyone could give me advice on how to balance trying to do the Gateway experience along with Moen's book and these which I also have.

I looked at the title of the prerecorded scripts on the site. If I were to record them would they be effective once I record and do all of them. The reason I'm asking is that the titles don't look as detailed / has anything to do with AP / OBEs.

Quote from: floriferous on October 14, 2022, 17:17:00
If you have a spare $45 you could buy the companion mp3s from his website...

I was considering it but I don't think I can afford it for now. I just wanted advice on how to record it because some of the scripts are multiple pages and I wouldn't know how to record it. Also the second hand versions of the physical book are very cheap. In addition IMO recording it is cheaper.

I bought the kindle version of Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook: A Manual for the Art of Retrieval and Afterlife Exploration and I also have a physical edition from my library. I want to know tips on how to voice record the scripts in the book? One of the reasons I'm asking is that I notice that certain scripts in the book are separated by other pages.

I want to know where I can find NDE visualization scripts? The reason I'm asking is that I want to simulate an NDE and can't find as many free meditations on YouTube.

I want to know if there is a mainstream book that's closest to Franks method's? It's been 15 plus years since I've read Monroe's trinity. I also read Xanth's free book. I recently found this book and might buy it.


Quote from: EscapeVelocity on February 24, 2022, 22:52:00
Have you tried searching this site?

I don't know what terms to use to search. Could you or anyone else recommend me some?

I want to know any resources that tell how to mentally project to afterlife worlds and places in the physical on Earth? It can be books or online resources.

I tried using the hypnagogic technique from adventures beyond the body and want to know how to exit the body using the technique?

These are the notes I made in a word document

"Adventures beyond the body chapter 5 notes 2

Hypnagogic technique -

Say to urself as

you sleep -

"I remain aware

as I fall asleep"

As you fall asleep

focus on the mental imagery

that flows in ur mind

As much as u can

begin to consciously play with

/ control and change the

mental images and scenes

that appear visualize urself

for example on an elevator

Go along with the sensations

/ pictures in ur mind

enjoy the visualization(s)

/ and stretch ur imagination

to it's limit

as you play with

the images / visualization say

"Now I'm out of body"

The results of this technique =

1. falling asleep

2. awakening in the vibration state

3. awakening floating above /

near ur body"

I just want to know if anyone has used adventures beyond the body for direct techniques similar to astral dynamics? The reason I'm asking is that the author told me on FaceBook that his book (adventures beyond the body) has direct techniques. I just want to know how / where in the book where the direct techniques are taught / how to use the book for direct techniques?

I want to know if people have used direct techniques (without sleeping/doing while fully awake) from adventures beyond the body to phase / astral project/experience non-physical consciousness?

I also want to know which section (or part) of the book mentions direct techniques?

Quote from: Lumaza on May 24, 2021, 20:30:28
Luffy, no guide is needed. We all have a "internal alarm clock". You just need to create the intent to use it!   :-)

Should I then do the technique (obe4u) daily? Or just on Fridays - Sundays?

I also want to know if I should (or can) do the technique daily? I've been using the practical alarm clock from obe4u and am currently writing a guide on how to awaken during sleep without the practical alarm clock.

Quote from: floriferous on May 13, 2021, 23:28:44
It's a short 3 breath exercise. I wouldn't worry about it. None. Any. Perhaps it would be more helpful to release the  feeling you have to do it a particular way.

Are you sure that I don't need the three-breath exercise? The reason being is that in the script it says that you have to be able to get into a relaxed state later on.

I also want to know what binaural beats I should use in order to do the three deep breaths exercise in Bruce Moen's afterlife exploration book.

Quote from: EscapeVelocity on May 03, 2021, 23:50:45
The Gateway Experience series consists of maybe 30 sessions that offer a multitude of experiences that could involve many methods or points of access- Classic OBE, Phasing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, remote viewing...etc. TMI doesn't push any particular method and leaves it to the participant to discover what works for them. As you progress through the later courses, Guidelines, Lifeline, Exploration 27, Starlines...the technique of Phasing seems to become predominant; so in this sense, I feel that we move into the Frank Kepple Phasing method which is relatively the same as Monroe's Quick-Switch method with minor differences depending on personal preferences.

So yes, you can. The trick is to be aware of both methods and go through the session observing how the experience unfolds and working with whatever sensations present themselves. For example- If you get vibrations or floating sensations then go with the Classic OBE exit; if the sensations are less physical and more visual, then forget the physical and follow the visuals as they develop.

It's not that it's that simple, but it is that straightforward a process. It requires repeated trial and error and certain factors like diet, rest or energy work can have effect on the results.

I was also doing project Elijah on obe4u's website but am taking a break from it.

Also, how do I know when I've mastered a track in the GE?


I did the first track today and had a kind of erotic experience.

I want to know if it's possible to phase (from Frank's posts/philosophy) using the Gateway Experience from the Monroe Institute?

I wanted to know some tips on how to awaken during sleep while doing step 2 of the obe4u technique. I also sleep deep (usually weekdays from 9 pm to 9 am/10 am). What should be my last thought(s) when going back to sleep? How long should I stay up? How do I go back to sleep with the intention of awakening again?

I wanted to know resources online on how to convert a lucid dream into an obe.

8. Commitment Are you willing to devote the time and effort needed to achieve
your goal? Are you willing to commit thirty minutes a day for a month?

I don't understand what he means by committing 30 minutes a day is this practice or the actual technique?