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Oh, OK so it seems that your link Volgerle ("Erasing Death") is the American version of my link ("The Lazarus Effect"). They are the same book.  So we already have a review of "The Lazrus Effect":

Here is a quote from this review:

"However, many, would have bought this book to learn about results from the AWARE study and Dr Parnia does not disappoint. I will not put a spoiler in, particularly relating to any evidence supporting the out of body experience, but he does discuss some tantalizing initial findings"

Guess I will have to buy the book!
Thanks for the links Volgerle. Confusingly, Sam Parnia is publishing another new book TODAY here it is

Called "The Lazarus Effect". I thought this book was based on the multi centre study, but we are all a bit in the dark about this study and its findings.

The Daily Mail article was very interesting. Sam Parnia seems to be nailing his colours to the mast somewhat. He seems to be coming down rather more on the "consciousness survives death" side than he has done in the past.
Could go viral...
Quote from: Volgerle on January 19, 2013, 06:13:28
You are infinite consciusness, what some open-minded researchers such as Sheldrake or Radin also call the 'irreducible mind'. You just limit your"self" and put a focus on a body for this experience we call physical. The body itself (including its sense organs!) is a virtual computer that adheres to the physics of this reality including its biological, energetic and chemical rulesets.

This is very well put. I may well steal it and pass it off as my own wording some time in the future!
That rant from Alex Jones is the BEST advert I have ever seen against the gun lobby.

I mean, the thought of a clearly mad and unintelligent man like AJ carrying a loaded firearm is seriously scary.  Seriously scary stuff.

The 911 ambush was genius. If there was ever any question that AJ is an insane man, it removed all doubt.
Just doesn't look like an explosion, looks more like it disintegrated.  Hard to tell because we don't see it actually happening. But if the scale of the before and after shots is the same, then there was hardly any change in size after the event. Would expect to see more expansion, bits flying out. But I don't see that. More of a disintegration than an implosion or explosion, to me. It looks like one of those magic tricks where they make a ball of rice paper disintegrate in a flash of flames.

Yes I agree that the guy looks genuine. That's largely what I based my opinion on, that and as you say, why?
More of an implosion than an explosion. Problem with these videos is that with modern editing software, it's possible to fake anything these days, so any UFO video, ghost photos, crop circle videos, they can all easily be faked. The internet is full of hoaxes. This one looks genuine though, because why would anyone fake this?! Weird.
Welcome to News and Media! / The Antikythera
December 30, 2012, 20:49:33
This is a bit old hat now, but nonetheless amazing. An ancient "computer" built around 87bc which could accurately calculate the movements of the Earth,  moon and sun. Also solar and lunar eclipses. Possibly the planets too.

All the more amazing, considering that in the time of Galileo (17th century) it was still believed that the sun revolved around the Earth. Galileo of course said otherwise, but was forced under threat of torture, to recant.
The book has a publication date of 7 Mar 2013.  None of the official descriptions for this book mentions any successful AWARE results, or even any veridical NDEs of any sort. If the AWARE study had provided any evidence at all for an afterlife you can bet it would be heavily featured in the advertising. So I am guessing that the AWARE study was a monumental failure.
Quote from: Bedeekin on December 29, 2012, 04:10:24
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion is a much overused and misunderstood 'saying' amongst young people today.

When you say 'In my opinion' or that you are entitled to your own opinion it actually counts for nothing... zip... nada... it means NOTHING.

An opinion is whether you like cheese or think a painting is good... it is not a basis for reality... or your own reality... it is based upon a preference of what you want to belief under your very limited knowledge base and experience.

If you said you in your opinion the sky is blue because god craps blue jellybeans and the photons break up the jelly into reflected and refracted light then your opinion is as it stand a bunch of horse manure.

So your opinion as it stands at your current state of being when it comes to nonphysical is wrong.

I disagree.

Opinion is a wonderful, valuable thing. Opinions are acts of creation, and are based on our world experiences and our knowledge. We constantly learn from the opinions of others. Their opinions help us to perhaps think of things that would never otherwise have occurred to us. But most importantly, when it comes to the NPR, there is ONLY OPINION. No one knows the truth. We might, arrogantly, think that we do, but we do not.

In the physical world, we have facts. Facts are established by the scientific process of repeatability, common experience and verifiability. In the NPR there is no such thing as repeatability, commonality and verifiability. All we know is obtained through our own experience, and since this knowledge can not be verified by others, and can not be proven in any way, or established as FACT, it is by definition, opinion. So all our knowledge of the NPR is just opinion.

So opinion is all we have. Are you saying that you can actually prove your ideas about the NPR?  Because I strongly doubt you can. All you can do is give us your opinion. Same as everyone else, myself included, on this board. Just opinion.
My opinion?  Yes of course there is suffering in the astral. There is also great joy. Just read all of those hell-like NDEs. Of course there is suffering.  The astral is infinitely pliable to thought, so any negative thoughts can easily manifest. There are so many people with mental problems here in the physical world that I really do wonder how they will cope in the astral, where thoughts become realities so much more readily. There is likewise the capacity for great joy if your mindset is that way inclined.

I have been to belief system territories which were extremely warm, friendly and inviting (which I really didn't want to leave) and I have been to BSTs where the inhabitants, in my opinion, weren't having a great time. By and large I haven't felt threatened at all in these BSTs, a bit like being a UN "observer", free to explore without getting too involved. Yes there is suffering. The worst I have seen has been people trapped by thought and behaviour patterns which locked them into very worthless lifestyles. Also people trapped in very subservient and demeaning lives. So a bit like the physical world, but harder to escape from.
Quote from: Szaxx on December 23, 2012, 12:48:34
This sounds like a suggestion placed during hypnosis. Told you will have no memory unti...
Is it a memory retention failiure or an absolute split of conciousness?
We read of shadow memory and losses during 'conversion' to physical memory especially after an exit to high frequency NPR's.
Anyone any insight on this?

I see it as a true split in consciousness. When the NP consciousness re-integrates with the physical, then only one set of memories (either physical or NP) survives. If the NP memories survive, then the experience is remembered as an OOBE. If the physical memories triumph, then nothing out of the ordinary is remembered. I think it's a very simple and elegant idea.

It doesn't stop at just a simple physical/NP split. There are examples where people have experienced multiple NP consciousnesses, each operating independently. In fact, the "oversoul" or "higher self" consciousness is an example of mind split. We have, or can have multiple consciousnesses operating simultaneously and independently, each using the same "ident". It's a very simple idea.
Bedeekin, I understand that you have experienced this a few times?

The Mind Split has been dealt with at length on this board.  It is NOT dual awareness. It is a true split in consciousness into two consciousnesses which then continue independently. One retains control of the physical body and is unaware of the existence of the other. The other goes into the RTZ and usually observes the physical body (quite accurately) going about its normal activity:

Here are some examples.

Nurse attending to patient has OBE
Girl walking round shop has OBE
Girl working on wood carving has OBE
Man talking to personnel dept has OBE
Truck driver has OBE  
Woman driving car has OBE
Woman walking down 5th Ave has OBE
Woman walking/talking with friend in park has OBE
Screaming kicking girl has OBE
Screaming infant has OBE
Man walking/talking with cousin has OBE
Woman standing/talking with her mother has OBE
Girl sitting on swing has OBE
Schoolgirl walking home has OBE
Woman fighting off carjacker has OBE
Woman smoking/driving has OBE(s)
Man walking to beach has OBE
Woman being screamed at has OBE
Man sitting on porch with friend has OBE
Person attending concert has OBE
Hospital patient walking down corridor has OBE
Man receiving bad news has OBE
Woman standing at father's funeral has OBE
Woman using ladies room has OBE's_sobe.htm
Man sitting in bar has OBE's_sobe.htm

And the following are just too intriguing to omit;  They include a woman who physically chased her own astral body, an astral body which chased its physical body, a spontaneous dual OBE shared by two people whilst standing and talking, a precognitive OBE, an OBEr who talked to her physical friend teleptahically, and finally an OBEr who split into two "astral consciousnesses":

Woman physically chases her Astral Body!
Girl chases her physical body whilst OBE
Two talking women have a shared simultaneous OBE
Girl standing in baseball field has precognitive OBE
Woman talks telepathically to her friend whilst OBE
Person splits into two "selves" which whilst OBE

Taken from my post here;msg312766#msg312766
I don't really know of any technique for inducing mind split OOBEs. Shame.
Quote from: BedeekinBut Szaxx... if you haven't experienced it.. .how can you know it's only a signpost?
Because he hasn't experienced it.

I have only rarely experienced it, but you are correct, that's because I lose physical awareness of my body before I enter SP. I shift to to the NPR before entering SP. However, this being the case, you could argue that SP is not necessary in order to get into the NPR.

There is a class of OBE called a "mind split OBE" in which the physical body remains wide awake and continues walking, talking etc whilst a second copy of consciousness leaves the physical body and continues as a completely independent consciousness. The two consciousnesses are unaware of each other. The physical body remains active. So SP is not strictly necessary. However, almost all examples of mind split OBEs are spontaneous, not self induced.
If you liked that you may like Placebo's brilliant cover of Running Up That Hill
todd, this is a great shame, I will certainly miss you tremendously. Please reconsider, and please do not delete your posts. They are very valuable, as is your continued input. Really, it is.
Thanks for the thumbs up todd, and you really are most welcome.
Quote from: todd421757 on December 16, 2012, 10:30:04
IBE (inner body experience) is subjective. Examples would include dreaming, astral projecting, meditation, hypnosis. The nonphysical in these three projections is subjective. This is what the Tom Campbell and Seth books deal with.

OBE (out of body experience is objective). Examples would include mindsplit OBE and etheric projection. The nonphysical in these two projections is objective as long as no random mind chatter or random visualizations are involved with the projection.

I had a mindsplit OBE recently that completely made me experience an objective projection.

Interesting post as always todd. Thanks for the information. I'm still trying to figure this topic out, after many years. And TC certainly isn't the final word on it!
That's incredible. Here is a youtube link to the same video...
The guy (Sam Parnia) is fairly solid. I've watched a few of his utube vids, and he always seems to talk a lot of sense. But as Lionheart said, we all have bills to pay.  I think the results of his study will be basically inconclusive.
There is a theory in conventional science, that the physical universe is a computer simulation (bit like the matrix) and we are all living in a virtual reality. There is no reason why the NPR shouldn't be included in the simulation. This of course means that the intelligence which wrote the simulation could just switch it off at any time.

Personally, I totally don't buy this idea. It places far too much confidence in (1) computing hardware, (2) software and (3) the intelligence of beings, somewhere, to write the whole simulation. And of course, those intelligent beings may themselves be living in a simulation written by someone else.

A big problem with the simulation theory, is that there would have to be an immense bank of comatose people, "plugged in" to the simulation (exactly as in the Matrix). Think about how impractical that would be, given that thousands of people (and animals) would have to be plugged in and removed each day as they are born and die.

Either that, or else we are all just artificial intelligences (AIs), built into the computer simulation. The level of intelligence and resources quired to write such a simulation, which not only manages to simulate the operation of the universe, but also simulates human intelligence, would seem to be impossibly high.

Just one thought though.... if we are in fact artificial intelligences, running in a simulation, that might explain our complete inability to comprehend ourselves. Our creators might have designed us to be intelligent enough to evolve and survive, but omitted that part of intelligence, required to allow us to comprehend ourselves.

But in truth, I don't believe it.

Quote from: Astralsuzy on November 12, 2012, 14:34:28
The authors of ap books are just like you and me.  There is nothing special about them.  Just my opinion.

I agree.
The study finished at least a year ago. we have been waiting for Sam Parnia's results for all that time. He keeps pushing the release date back. As I said, he has written a new book based on this study and that will be released in Feb 2013. I think Parnia is sympathetic to NDEs. But as I recall, the new book is about explaining how consciousness can occur during zero blood flow conditions, rather than whether we survive physical death. From that I am guessing the test results showed that (1) Not many or any people identified the cards but (2) there were cases of heightened lucid consciousness during cardiac arrest which require explaining.
Sam Parnia's new book on this research comes out in Feb 2013. I have no doubt he is withholding his results until he has sold a few copies of his new book. Shame, because we have been waiting for the results for a couple of years now.