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Date: 06-13-2007
Time: 08:15 AM – 08:23 AM
Subject: Doug

Author:  David A. Warner
© Copyright 2007

OBE Journal (Pre-Cognitive Validation)

The out of body experience took place at my mom and dad's house where I was standing with the front door wide open talking with this teenage boy. Asking this boy "Where is Doug, our contract worker"?

Before the out of body experience occurred, I was awakened at 6:30AM by my wife Katie requesting that the deck boards around the pool to be removed. My wife and I were replacing the liner to our swimming pool and our jack of all trades contract worker Doug M. would be assisting. After I removed the main deck boards, I decided to go back to sleep and await Doug's arrival at 8:00AM.

Around 8:23AM, I awakened into the trance state with the vibrations flowing through out my body head to toe. I also heard a knock at the door and assumed it was Doug waiting on me. I was caught in a rock in a hard place with the vibrations flowing through me and Doug knocking on the door – what shall I do? Should I give up the obe waking up and answering the door or should I continue the experience? I decided to continue the experience and felt my spiritual body swing counterclockwise and making a clean exit from the physical body.

Once out, As I continued my discussion with the teenage boy, I was able to get a good look at him. He was roughly around 14yrs -18yrs old, around 5'10", brown short hair, tan complexion, athletic, and with boyish facial characteristics. When the boy replied to me "Doug is parked out in the street and walking towards the house".

I looked out towards the street and I saw Doug wearing a white t-shirt, orange shorts, with circular black colored shapes on the fabric. I verified each time consistency by looking away and at Doug's clothes to validate what he was wearing. I knew at that time, I would be able to use this information back in the physical and see if this is a match.

Lastly, I noticed that Doug was in the front and back house at the same time. I moved towards the back of the house and saw Doug, still consistent with the clothes he was wearing. I decided then to raise my hands to the sky, close my eyes letting my spirit travel into the higher planes. As I felt myself fall backwards, I returned into the physical body awakening at 8:23AM. I ran upstairs to find that Doug did not arrive yet and decided to head back to bed. Minutes later, at 8:28AM, I heard the knock on the door and it was Doug wearing a white t-shirt with rustic light colored shorts.

Interesting Facts

Minutes before physically awakening from the spiritual body, I saw Doug M. in the experience. I've had these pre-cognitive experiences occur many times in previous of projections.

Doug was wearing the white t-shirt and rustic orange shorts in the physical. During the experience, Doug was wearing the white t-shirt and orange pants that is consistent with validation.

On 06.12.2007 I quietly asked for another sign or validation while out of body.

Ap Friends,

I started to think about people who have mastered astral projection and then have a near death experience. Has their been any studies, research done on this? We hear all about the NDE's and a few people who utilize the obe afterwards.

Please advise!

Date: 06-06-2007
Time: 01:15 PM – 01:25 PM
Subject: Forgiveness

Author:  David A. Warner
© Copyright 2007

OBE Journal (Validation)

The dream setting took place at my mom and dad's house where a party or social event was taking place. Not understanding why or how this event unfolded, my dad and I started verbally fighting with vulgarity of words thrown at each other. I felt the glory inside of cutting my dad down in front of the guests at this event. My dad walked away and made his way to the basement where I decided to continue the fight. I took a good look at my dad and noticed that he was old in years. As we kept up the verbal fighting I started to question myself "I don't swear in the physical world and my relationship with my dad excellent".

The scene faded and I found myself sitting on a bus seat in a daze where I became conscious of my new surroundings. I'm not sure if this was a community or school bus, but based on instinct I feel it was a school bus. I scanned the environment and noticed mostly young boys and a few girls in their teen years. One person I immediately identified was my dad around 15-19 years old. This would have placed me in the time period between 1946 –1950 where my dad was in his teen years.

As I observed my dad, I noticed he was playing with this small brown cloth sack that was stitched at the top and bottom seams. This small brown cloth bag was the size of his palm. My dad would throw the sack up into the air, kick it with his foot to the next person without the sack landing to the floor. This game reminded me of hacky sack, but this was not invented until early 1970's. Next to my dad was a girl with red hair, yellow flowery dress and carrying books on her lap. The girl didn't appear to be interested in this game and tried to keep to herself. However, my dad tried to interest this girl in joining this game but she still remained quiet.

I decided to ask and test this girl about the game they were playing. I asked her "Do you know anything about this game, is there internet web site for the manufacturer"? The girl looked at me confused about my question, especially about The Internet Web Site.

My dad rose to his feet from the seat and approached me, and I embraced him crying in his arms. I explained to my dad that I was his son and to forgive me for what I will put you though in the future. As he was comforting me, I looked to the left side of the bus and noticed my friend "Mike L." and communicating to him I said "I hope you remember this".  The scene faded and I could feel the transition of my empty physical body coming back to life. The best way to describe is the feeling of blood circulating back into the body from being numb.

As I became conscious of the physical world around me I pondered the thought about not narrating this experience. I really didn't think much of it but to play it safe, I quickly narrated all the details into my pocket pc to mp3 format. I asked myself "What do I have to lose if I contact my dad over the phone and explain what I experienced. Most likely he would tell me all of this was invalid". 

However, the experience wasn't invalid of what took place as I narrated this to my dad over the phone. I compiled a list of questions before hand to ask my dad and verified this twice throughout the day with him.


1. Did you play with a sack when you were in the school, friends, or navy?
Reply: Yes, going someplace on a bus, there was no name for this. It was just something you
would throw around for a form of entertainment.

2. What country would you have played this?
Reply: USA

3. Dad did take the bus a lot with his friend, mostly men on the bus?
Reply: Yes, all the time.

4. What time period was it when you were a teenager?
Reply: 1946-1950

5. Do you remember a girl who had red hair, yellow long flowery dress
and carrying books on this bus ride?
Reply: No.

6. Tell me more about this game with this cloth sack.
Reply: Every so often my friends would fill up a sack with beans, tennis ball,
or paper tossing it around to pass time.

Interesting Facts

1. Seeing my dad at young and old in a dream and the out of body experience.

2. Validation of the bus, mostly friends (men) on the bus.

3. Validation of the sack game.

4. Response from the girl not understanding "The Internet".
5. Time Travel

6. I never knew that my dad played this game. Never gave it much thought
of my dad using the bus to travel all over town. Silly as it might sound, I
thought his mode of transportation was the automobile.

7. A few days prior, I asked for a sign of validation. I didn't think it would be
blunt and direct!

Ap Friends,

Just thought of something that came across in a projection earlier this morning. Didn't really give it much thought but in the experience, I looked at the wall which I could see my shadow cast from my spiritual astral body. I looked back a couple of times to verify indeed this was my shadow and it was. Also, the shape, size remained static.

Anyone ever come across this?


Date: 05-01-2007
Time: 09:30 AM – 09:56 AM
Subject: Because I Love You

Author:  David A. Warner
© Copyright 2007

OBE Journal

Another validation for the records that I didn't realize what would occur after the obe. Later that day it all made sense and aligned.

In a nutshell, projected and found myself by my mom/dads neighborhood. I was communicating with this man who was a father to this boy. Both father and son I picked up in my arms, taking flight for a mile then landing them safely to the ground. During our flight, I explained to the father that your relationship with the x-wife has to be professional and emotions set aside. For this is affecting your child of the battle between emotions of mom & dad.

From my flight, I was using this as a catalyst to open the eyes of this father that I speak the truth. I also told the father that we can travel time, past, present, future, the universe and into the spiritual realms. I also said to the father that "I could completely destroy you, but I would never because I love you".

I left the father to think about what I had said and returned back to flight with two other people at my side. I expressed my joy in helping the father with the two people who were with me in flight. I lost my consciousness returning back to the body immediately narrating the journal.

Later in the evening, (12hrs later) a co-worker friend came up to me and showed me a text message from his x-gf stating "I don't want to be alone and want you back". My co-worker friend is now involved in a new relationship, but still lingers the old x-gf wanting him back. The sad thing about the whole is that both parties have one child each and they are one's who are being affected by the break.

Ap Friends,

Been wondering for some time now about people who've projected and before having a near death experience or reverse. Any reports out there you can recommend reading?

Thank You,


Date: 03.22.2007
Time: 5:30PM – 7:00PM
Experiment #1
Subject: Sensory Deprivation Float Tank

Date: 04.09.2007
Time: 1:00PM – 2:30PM
Experiment #2

Author:  David A. Warner
© Copyright 2007

The first time that I became aware of the sensory deprivation float tank was in the movie 'Altered States' released in 1980. When I first started projecting in 1987 I was interested in exploring different various techniques-methods that would aid and produce the out of body experience.

A friend explained to me about the sensory deprivation isolation float tank from the movie 'Altered States' and how individuals have reported out of body experiences. This immediately grabbed my attention and peeked my interest of this being utilized as a tool for exploring consciousness. The only problem that I faced is where did these float tank's exist and what was the cost?

It wasn't until 2006 I did some internet web searching for the sensory deprivation float tanks and arrived at this web site: The locations that I referenced at the web site required some distance in travel and were out of state. The two closets sites were in Chicago, Illinois and Toledo, Ohio which would take some planning and a few days off of work.

Every so often, I would return to the web site and see if any float tanks were available for the state of Michigan and to my surprise a business owner of 'Just Relax Flotation' made his float tank available at the Oasis hot tub spa in my hometown of Grand Rapids. Now, how cool is that and what luck!

I contacted the business owner 'Lucas' and explained about my studies, research, and experience with the out of body consciousness. This experience I always wanted to do, float in pure isolation and see if this would be a tool for astral projection. I think Lucas probably thought I was weird, a space cadet and had some good drugs to offer..:) But when I presented to Lucas my research, journal entries, stats, spiritual background, detail of my web site and sincere work he could tell that I was serious. So I made the appointment for 03.22.2007 to start floating at 5:30pm and end at 7:00pm at the Oasis located in Grand Rapids, MI. This was perfect timing because my wife and I just purchased a sony hard drive video recorder and what a perfect way to document this experiment.

When I first arrived at the Oasis I was greeted by Lucas and he went over a few guidelines of safety, entry and exit from the tank. Lucas asked if I wanted to have meditative music or the jacuzzi bubbles running while floating. I opted out just for pure silence, tranquility, and relaxation and hoping that I could shift consciousness into the astral body.

The first important step in preparing for floating is to recognize that any open wounds, cuts, scratches, shaving hours before would be discovered by the salt in the water and would hurt! I didn't think there would have been any issues but the cuts show even if you are not aware (OUCH!).

The second step is to make sure you shower before/after entry into the float tank.  Wash your hair and your body to remove oil, dirt, grim, and any bacteria. When exiting the tank, the salt is thick and it feels like your body has a crust of salt layered growing as a outside skin.

When relaxing in the tank and to have pure silence it's good to wear ear plugs so that it drowns out the noises along with preventing salt invading the ears.

The floor of the tank and sides is made up of a vinyl lining and is extremely slippery. I found myself at times when trying to exit the tank, I kept slipping and had a difficult time rising to my feet.

The most important thing to remember while in the tank, don't drink the water, lay on your back at all times and be extremely careful allowing no water from getting into your eyes.

When I first entered into the sensory deprivation tank and the door closed, it was pitch black and no light escaped. Laying back into the water I immediately started floating w/o any sinking or my body touching the bottom. The water depth is about 2-3 feet and dimensions of the tank roughly were 7' x 5' feet. While inside the tank, the water temperature was extremely warm, relaxing, calm, and immersed into complete solitude.

During the hour and thirty minutes of floating there were times that I did lose awareness and would catch myself in flight of thoughts, sometimes phasing in and out consciousness. To totally relax my body, I had to bring my arms upright and raise them above my head. If I let my arms rest to the side of my body, my neck muscles would tense and cause strain. I did find it difficult to totally let go, relax and leave the body. Not to say that it was a failure but it did make me aware of my resting positions of my physical body and having complete relaxation during the obe.

Both experiments were well worth the money and investment. Even though, I wasn't able to produce the out of body state, I was able to relax, enjoy the experience and finally float. I believe this to be a successful tool for other means of therapeutic relaxation, stress elimination, and peace of mind.

Date: 04-02-2007
Time: 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Subject: Guidance

Author:  David A. Warner
© Copyright 2007

OBE Journal

In my latest OBE, I found myself in a different location that appeared to be in a department store. The norm of starting point usually is at "Mom and Dads" home. I had the opportunity to communicate with a guide in this experience. The duration of the OBE did take its toll on memory recall when returning back to the physical body.

The following journal entry is a summarization from the mp3 audio narration:


In the beginning of the experience, I recognized this man who materialized in front of me. I asked the following questions in which the guide responded:

•   What happens after physical death? Reply "Spiritual Rebirth"
•   Are Angels or Guides 24/7 around us in guidance and protection. Reply "Yes"

The guide explained to me that I should read the following books. The first book title given to me fell along the lines of "Self" and searching within. The other title of the book was sketchy and I couldn't make out the details. I asked the guide "How am I suppose to remember all this?" and to repeat the titles for memory recall. The guide repeated himself but still I had difficulty upon return with recollection.


I gathered around a group of people in a department store and tried explaining to them that we are alive, but have transcended into another level of consciousness. For demonstration to convince the group I used telekinesis to lift merchandise from the store into the air. The group were amazed and bewildered of what I was able to accomplish.

Mind Reading

Towards the of the experience, I was communicating with a friend and questioning
his location in time and space. As my friend was expressing himself, I was able to read his thoughts and what he was going to say in the last couple of words in his sentence. As I verbally repeated the last word of his sentences, my friend was taken by this and looked to me in question.

AP Friends,

This Thursday I'll be visiting a sensory deprivation float tank here local in my neighborhood. I'm hoping that I'll be able to produce a few obe's under the condiction of sensory deprivation.

If this yields success than the next move I'll be working with a paranormal team that can conduct tests, video, evp, infrared, thermal energy monitoring.

Anyways, should be interested and will post my findings on-line and my site.

Date: 03-12-2007
Time: 12:00 PM – 12:04 PM
Subject: Heaven: Peace and Serenity

Author:  David A. Warner
© Copyright 2007

OBE Journal

It's been a week since the last time I was out of body. I knew it was just a matter of time of cultivating energy to project again. The last few weeks I've been devoting time to exercise, jogging on the treadmill about 1.25 miles a day. I've also been assigned a new patient in which I'm a hospice volunteer for the state of Michigan. So energy has been vital which has been used for different physical vehicles.

The last couple of weeks that swept by, I've been meditating, focusing on my slogan that I came up with "Love, Focus, Faith and Intent will Project You There". I've seen a BIG difference in connecting to the higher planes and making contact with angels and guides. As I ponder with question "why am I making contact after all these years but not earlier in my projections?". I was missing the "slogan" and blinded to the truth "Love Wins".   

Many accomplished projectionists I've read up on in the past I always admired their experiences and wanted to witness firsthand these beautiful levels. But I was nervous and worried if I would lose my physical existence. It's never easy to explore the unknown but I know now that no matter where I'm, guides, angels will be there protecting me and offering their gracious guidance at the blink of an eye.

This morning was a BIG breakthrough transcending into the higher planes, communicating with guides and angels. Remaining out of body for long durations of time and ending the experience upon my request w/o  being pulled back to the physical body.

When I became conscious breaking out of the dream, I was geographically located at the old neighborhood where my mom and dads house resides. Normally, my projections occur from catching myself falling into the trance state but in this experience I was able to break out of the dream.

From memory, I remember seeing family, friends in the neighborhood going about their business and daily lives. There also was my Scottish Terrier dog "Leroy Brown"
trotting around on the front grass. Picking Leroy up through telekinesis and placing him in my arms I jumped into the air taking flight into the night gliding towards the stars. I sensed that I was trailing off into a great distance of non-physical and remembered commenting to myself "I am okay with this, lets go for it".

Breaking into a zone of colorful, animated half diamond shapes split down the middle. These diamonds shapes were vivid colors of pink, orange, red, yellow and reminded me of the gum chicklettes. Each diamond shape was layered and stacked which filled my field of vision.

After that encounter with the diamond shape zone I emerged into a familiar surrounding where I decided to descend from flight and land. I was looking at a glass greenhouse where you could see inside. The greenhouse encased big plants, green leafs that grew in a tropical environment. It was a botanical garden and along with a group of people encouraging me to enter. I let my Scottish Terrier dog Leroy down and out of my hands to roam the gardens.

Entering this glass greenhouse walking with this group and having a conversation with this lady. Explaining to her that I would like to exit the gardens and try to make contact with angels and reach to the higher planes. The lady was around late 50's, short about 5'1", grey hair, short, overweight, and white caucasian. She turned to me and said "Why don't you ask for them here, travel upward and you will find them". I took her sound advice and began to fly upward through levels which reminded me of floor levels. I saw flares of white light, energy, sparkles of grey materialize moving closer surrounding me. Two angels male and female with wings appeared and they took me to another level outside in a court yard. We sat down at this long brown stone table outside were marble granite pillars surrounded the court yard.

Looking across this table at the two angels asking questions "why are we here and who made this environment". The communication was quick and I still have a hard time remembering exactly all that was exchanged. I could recall stating something along the lines or hearing "that this place is made of our energy, you, me and everyone's thoughts mixed in building this". 

I stopped during our conversation to look around and absorb the surroundings so that I could fully digest before my return to the physical body.  Beyond the courtyard there were pine-trees over-lapping each other leading up to a mountainside among the clouds. Also there were streams of water running down the mountain into the forest of pine tree's. Looking upward at the sky I saw star flares of golden rustic color sprinkling like shooting comets.

Turning my attention back to the two angels I started to cry and say "Thank You, this is the most beautiful place". As I kept crying of joy I could feel myself slip away from that consciousness and re-composed myself. The male angel started to lose his physical image and I asked of his return.

When the angel re-materialized I remembered to ask his name which he replied "Peace". The male angel was a man in his mid 30's, strong built, red hair and goatee beard. His physique kind of reminded me of Danny Bonaduce, although taller and the face was slim and long.

I turned to the female angel and she replied to me "Serenity" without me asking. The female angel was a woman in her 30's, reminded me of a flower, soft delicate. Her hair was wavy, color black brunette and was white caucasian.

I observed both angels and could see them glowing with their wings,  kind of a misty whitish glow of sparkles surrounding their bodies that radiated.

As I tried to keep my composer, I broke out in tears of joy once again and this time I knew that I would lose my energy, consciousness of this experience and return. I was able to at least have closure and say good-bye to the two angels saying "Thank You, I will Be Seeing You Around".

This was definite one of my most rewarding experiences I ever been witness to. Having the closer without being pulled back, the chance to communicate and the time being out of body was awesome. Once I awakened, immediately I started narrating the experience into the pocket pc to mp3 audio format. This way I wouldn't miss a single note and to share this experience with you, the reader. 

Remember "Love, Focus, Faith and Intent will Project You There".

The Voice Of Silence
Ap Friends,

Thought this would be a interesting read about a anchor man Bob Woodruff and his near death experience which was triggered over in Iraq. What is interesting is that at the "end" of his coma a few days before awakening, his wife was playing music and had a signed autograph from Bruce Springsten. Bob upon awakening started talking to his wife about the music from Bruce and

Bob Woodruff Details Injuries Suffered in Iraq

Aired March 1, 2007 - 21:00   ET


LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, at least 18 killed as deadly tornadoes tear across Alabama, at least 15 at a high school destroyed by one of the twisters. The same thousand mile-wide storm system blamed for more deaths in other states. With tornado watches across the southeast, we have got the latest from the scene. And then, the emotional interview we have waited a year to hear, Bob Woodruff, the anchor man nearly killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq. It tore off part of his skull and left him in a month-long coma. He woke up not even knowing he had young twin daughters. Those same little girls helped teach him to speak again.
Now Bob Woodruff's live first primetime interview on the day he nearly died in Iraq and with him, his wife Lee, who helped him through his miraculous recovery. It is an unforgettable hour. It is next on LARRY KING LIVE.

Before we meet Bob Woodruff and his family and that incredible story, let's get up to date on this horrendous weather picture. On the phone with us is Toni Kaminski. Tony is the public information officer from Enterprise, Alabama, medical center. What is the situation there, Tony?

TONI KAMINSKI, ENTERPRISE MEDICAL CENTER: We're responding to casualties from the storm this afternoon. We have seen a variety of injuries come through. We have had to transfer a couple of patients out that had more serious injuries. We've had a couple of surgeries. We have seen an influx of somewhere between 50 and 60 patients since the storm touched down.

KING: Has there been any estimation of damage? Iazami (ph) Richardson by the way, a spokesperson for the Alabama state emergency management agency.

KAMINSKI: The damage is extensive. It would be unfortunate no matter where the damage was. But the brunt of the storm hit the high school here in town. Our hearts and prayers and thoughts are with all of those that were affected at the high school. It is my understanding that there are still folks that have not yet been accounted for. The hospital is a little less than a quarter mile from the high school. So we feel very fortunate that we suffered only minor damage, that we were able to remain operational and respond to this crisis.

KING: We'll get back to you. On the phone now is Brent Smith. Brent is an 11th grader at Enterprise High School. Where were you and what happened, Brent? BRENT SMITH: I was on a third hall when the tornado hit. It hit like directly on third hall. And me and my friend Dillon Lewis (ph) were there. And he was to my left and he took a lot of the brunt of the damage and all from the debris. And I got trapped underneath a whole bunch of debris on my legs and my right arm. He dug his way out and helped me get out. And we helped a bunch of other people get out of the debris and coach Hart (ph) and a bunch of people that were trapped beneath him and behind him. And then a friend Mitchell Mack (ph), he was there helping out other people.

KING: Were some of -- do you know some of your classmates who were killed?

SMITH: Hello?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sir, it is Mike, can you hear me OK.

KING: Brent, can you hear me? We lost Brent for a minute. Reynolds Wolf is our CNN weather anchor in Atlanta. What happened?

REYNOLDS WOLF, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Well, Larry, basically this is a system we were watching for the last couple of days. This is a system that is well over a thousand miles long, stretching from the twin cities, up in Minnesota, and up there we're dealing with snow. But then the bottom half of the system we're dealing with the intense tornadoes, like what we saw in Enterprise today. It was just a series of a lot of things coming together. We've had moist air in place. We've had strong front moving across the nation with the low level jet stream coming in as well. It was just a combination of all these things giving us this tornado outbreak, Larry.

KING: And where is it going?

WOLF: It is continuing to march its way towards the east and some good news that we have with this system is that it has weakened considerably. We still have one tornado warning farther to the south in Americus, Georgia. However, we've got a secondary line of storms that's forming back across the Georgia border into Alabama. Mainly just strong thunderstorms at this point, but still, there is always the potential you could have a tornado pop off this line of storms.

KING: Jamie McIntyre is CNN senior Pentagon correspondent. He's in Enterprise, Alabama. What are you doing there?

JAMIE McINTYRE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Larry, I actually came down here to do a story about helicopter training at nearby Fort Rucker, which has a very close relationship with this community of Enterprise. When the tornado sirens went off and we sought shelter on the base, when we emerged we learned that there had been a devastating tornado hit just five miles down the road here at the high school. And so, of course, we pulled up and headed out here. I got to say that once I saw the damage to this school, I realized that the building that we were taking shelter in on the base was totally inadequate. It would have never withstood the destructive force that hit this school, killing at least 15 people here. It's just been an amazing scene of destruction not just at the school, but for about a mile around, the numbers of houses and buildings and other things have been destroyed. And right now they're still doing house by house searches trying to account for everybody who has, you heard earlier have not been accounted for.

KING: Iazami Richardson (ph), has the worst of it passed you by? Brent Smith is gone as well. Reynolds, is Alabama going to get more?

WOLF: Well, in terms of tornadoes, it seems like the most of the focus of that is going to move into Georgia where their tornado watch in the state of Georgia is going to continue until 5:00 in the morning. However, Alabama is still dealing with this big line that we have that is pretty much on the Alabama-Georgia state line as we speak, stretching from the state capital of Montgomery clean on up to Gassen, Alabama at this point. So in terms of tornadoes Larry, it looks like for the rest of the night, they are in the clear.

KING: Bruce Baughman is with the Alabama emergency state center. What can you tell us, Bruce, from your standpoint?

BRUCE BAUGHMAN, DIR, ALA. STATE EMERGENCY MGMT AGENCY: Yeah, Larry, not much more than what you've heard reported. We've got heavy rescue teams in the area. We've got our state forestry, state National Guard. We have got department of public safety all assisting. The casualty figures that are being reported by the news media appear to be high right now. Hopefully they'll be going lower. We only have about six confirmed right now. We expect that to go a little bit higher. But I'm not sure that the 15 number is accurate right now.

KING: Thank you, all, very much. We'll be staying on top of this throughout the night and the days ahead, as long as this lasts. CNN, I think, has the best weather coverage on television.

Up next, the network anchor, the man who went from reporting on the casualties of the Iraqi war to becoming a casualty himself. He'll be here to talk about how his life changed in an instant. Do not go away.


KING: We welcome to LARRY KING LIVE a return visit for old friend, Bob Woodruff and his wife Lee Woodruff. This is their first live primetime appearance since coming back from this ordeal. And the publication of the new book "In an Instant: Lee and Bob Woodruff, A Family's Journey of Love and Healing." There you see its cover. How are you doing Bob?

BOB WOODRUFF, ABC NEWS: Every day better than the last day, every week better than the last. It's coming back.

KING: Do you feel it getting better?

B. WOODRUFF: I think I do see something -- there are some times where I slip down a little bit. Fatigue is still a major issue. I've got a lot of work that has to be done. But it is getting there.

KING: Lee, how are you doing?

LEE WOODRUFF: Great. I sort of -- for a long time calibrated how I was doing based on how he was doing. And he's just been -- he does, he's improving every week.

KING: Bob was nearly killed in Iraq less than a month after starting as the co-anchor of "ABC World News Tonight," co-anchor, yet he goes away, wasn't behind the desk. Let's look at how the grim news was reported.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We have some breaking news to report. Our co-anchor of "World News Tonight," Bob Woodruff and his cameraman Doug Vogt were injured in an attack this morning.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have developments on the condition of ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Bob and Doug were quickly evacuated.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Both have head injuries. They're in the hospital now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All we really know is that both are in serious condition.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Bob is currently in surgery in Balad.


KING: OK. What happened? Where were you? What happened?

B. WOODRUFF: We were just north of Baghdad, about 12 miles or so. And we were just trying to see what the Iraqis were doing in terms of their military, taking over a lot of the power from the U.S. at that place, to try to see what was happening. The president was going to be speaking two days after that and we wanted to get some more information so we're inside. We actually put ourselves into an Iraqi tank. And as we're going down the road, we came to an area where the trees a lot closer to the road and at that moment, an IED exploded and I don't really remember much after that.

KING: Do you remember hearing it?

B. WOODRUFF: I don't remember hearing it. I remember that I -- I went out for about a minute. I saw my body floating below me and kind of whiteness. I don't have much more information than that, whether it was heaven or something. I still don't know.

KING: You saw your body.

B. WOODRUFF: I saw it down there below me. That's all I know. I was knocked out for that one minute and I woke up again and I was down in a tank. And I saw Doug right across from me.

KING: Your photographer.

B. WOODRUFF: My photographer, my cameraman. He was right there and his - there was blood coming down his -- on his face. I asked him, I said am I alive? I asked also to Vinny, who is my producer. And they said we're still alive.

KING: Were you in pain?

B. WOODRUFF: Yeah, apparently. I don't have a lot of memory about that. But I was definitely telling them I was in pain. I had been -- my shoulder was also completely smashed. So there's lots of blood coming out my back. And a lot of rocks just laid it into my left part of my face.

KING: Did you think you bought it?

B. WOODRUFF: I had no idea at that moment. I assumed I guess at the time that I thought they were going to save my life and that the military guys, the army and Marines and other ones are -- have amazing abilities now to save lives. Did I know that information, not very well at the time, but I thought I would live.

KING: You did? You weren't --

B. WOODRUFF: I didn't think I was dying necessarily. I don't think I was awake enough to really think about it too much. I mean obviously, there was a possibility that we were, but I didn't really know a lot of information about it.

KING: How did you learn about it, Lee?

L. WOODRUFF: I was in Disney World of all places with our four children. And I --

KING: That's the way to --

L. WOODRUFF: Yes, it is. I thought I was getting a wakeup call. In fact it was David Westin, president of ABC News, calling to tell me that Bob was injured and that they believed that he had taken shrapnel to the brain. So that was just a huge juxtaposition.

KING: What did you do immediately?

L. WOODRUFF: Well, I had to first think sort of logically. I hung up and I thought I have to get outside of this house because I have to tell Bob's parents first. And then I have to tell my parents and then they can fan the information out and then I have to tell my children.

KING: Who are how old at this point?

L. WOODRUFF: 14, 12 and the twins were five.

KING: 14 and 12 are going to understand right away. L. WOODRUFF: They did understand.

KING: How about the fives?

L. WOODRUFF: It was a simpler conversation. I was sort of daddy has got some owies and we need to go home right now.

KING: Where do they take you, Bob?

B. WOODRUFF: Right after we got hit, there was a fire fight that broke out at the same area. So they couldn't get us out of the vehicle right away. But then they did -- when the shooting stopped and they took me out of the vehicle into a helicopter, flew down to Baghdad, they checked my condition. They saw how bad it was and they took me to Balad, took me up to Balad, which is about, again, about 10, 12 miles, something like that north of Baghdad. It was there that they took part of my skull off right there.

KING: Took it off?

B. WOODRUFF: Took it off. That was within 37 minutes after this happened which shows you what they're able to do, that they have been doing so many of these --

KING: Why did they have to take it off?

B. WOODRUFF: Because what happens when you get hit really -- on the side like that, which is called a traumatic brain injury, your brain starts to swell. And if you leave the brain, the skull closed around it, then there can be damage terribly. Even possibly you could die. So you've got to get part of that off so that it expands and goes outside of your head.

KING: Do they tell you what they were doing?

B. WOODRUFF: I was dead - I was asleep. I was out for the next -- I got hit on January 29th. That lasted for 10 or 15 minutes maybe, getting transferred into the vehicle. And then I didn't wake up again until March 5th.

KING: You're in a coma.

B. WOODRUFF: In a coma.

KING: You don't get a chance to talk to many people who are in a coma. Do you remember anything about a coma? Do you remember any sleep, dreams?

B. WOODRUFF: Zero. I don't have any nightmares.

L. WOODRUFF: I have a memory, though.

KING: You have a memory of his coma?

L. WOODRUFF: Well, he does -- doesn't remember this at all. But he had gotten a letter from Bruce Springsteen and CDs because Bruce had found out that Bob was a fan. I -- we were playing the CDs all the time. And I brought the letter over to his good side because we pretty much --

KING: He was in a hospital.

L. WOODRUFF: He was in the hospital, in a coma. And I read Bruce's letter, which was very sweet. And then I sort of embellished it a little. I said, Bruce said if you wake up, you can come see a concert or come sit backstage or maybe he'll play for you. And it was about two days after Bob woke up and he really didn't have a lot of words. Nouns were hard. So he said, I need to get one of those, you know -- I said guitar. He said yeah, I got to play with that boss man when he comes. I thought he heard me talking about Bruce Springsteen.

KING: You don't remember any of that?

B. WOODRUFF: No, nothing.

KING: We'll be right back with Bob and Lee Woodruff, the book is "In an Instant." Coming up, what does it take to bring a comatose man to tears and how did Bob and his wife witness it. The story behind it when we come back.


L. WOODRUFF: So I walked in the room and I parted the curtain. And Bob was sitting up in bed and he turned to me and he said, sweetie, where have you been? Just like that. And I think I rushed over to him and, you know, gave him a big kiss and then I thought, OK, where do I begin?




L. WOODRUFF: This is where you were, only you were flat out and your bad side was over there. OK? You made it though.


KING: What do you remember about coming out of the coma?

B. WOODRUFF: I think in the first few days it was very difficult for me, even to this day, to remember much what was happening at that time. But I do remember the very first thing which is when I woke up and my -- I heard that my wife Lee was going to be coming into the hospital room. And when she finally showed up, I turned to her and said, honey, where have you been? That's when she wanted I think to beat me up a little bit. What she had been through.

KING: What caused you to cry seeing the bed?

B. WOODRUFF: I'm sorry.

KING: What caused you to cry there looking at the bed?

B. WOODRUFF: This time there? To go in -- that was in the third floor of the hospital where I had been for all this time.

KING: What hospital?

B. WOODRUFF: Bethesda Naval.

L. WOODRUFF: ICU floor, yeah.

B. WOODRUFF: I was on the third floor for most of those days until, like, three days before I finally woke up. I was moved up to the fifth floor. And so I had never been -- even when I woke up, I never even saw any of the third floor where I was all that time. That's when I finally returned there with Lee and I saw where all the pain was for my family, what I put my family through, my kids, my wife. And it was sad to me to see it.

KING: You look at him now, he looks terrific. But the road to healing was long. Take a look at what he went through.


L. WOODRUFF: We could see him physically getting stronger.




B. WOODRUFF: belt burr...







UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You're confusing them. Belt.



B. WOODRUFF: Buckle.


B. WOODRUFF: Buckle, belt buckle. You taught me, belt buckle. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Diamond.

B. WOODRUFF: You did it.


B. WOODRUFF: I can't really talk, but I can certainly dance that dance.


L. WOODRUFF: Even at the lowest moments, in my core of my heart, I always believed he would be OK, even when the doctors were telling me something different, I would look at them and say, but you don't know my husband.

KING: You had to learn, like, speak again, right?

B. WOODRUFF: Yeah, in the beginning, I could barely -- you can see a little bit of what it was. That was even later in the first -- in the days in the hospital when I was still there, I couldn't speak hardly at all. Sometimes it really just made no sense.

KING: You told me before we went on there are still words you don't know.

B. WOODRUFF: Still so. What happens, you get left side of your head, in this kind of stuff that I had, it is a lot of language. If you get hit on the right side, you see a lot of other those that are injured, have lost their ability to move their hands and their feet and legs. And they can't really see very well with their vision. It's different which side you're hit on.

KING: We have e-mail from John in Chazy (ph), New York. What impact has this had on your children? How have they handled this near death experience? Lee?

L. WOODRUFF: I think our children are much more empathetic. They were always good kids, but they have become exceptional kids. I know they were terrified. And they had to learn that life can change in an instant and it is really how you respond.

KING: We have an e-mail from Deedee in Seneca, South Carolina. What strategies do you use for coping with any memory deficits you still have? And do you experience any visual problems? As a TBI survivor, I have short-term memory deficit and double vision. Thank you for sharing your story.

B. WOODRUFF: Obviously with the language, the ability to speak again, I see the doctors once or twice times a week. Right now I'm still going to Sinai hospital to try to work with them. They'll give me a word, for example, and I try to think of a synonym or an antonym, an opposite word. So just the more words you go through -- but I think just working, just being interviewed by you is helpful too partly just to keep working getting the language back. In terms of eyes, I can't see up in this side of my eyes. KING: When you look up.

B. WOODRUFF: I can't see. If I look at your nose right there, I can't see your left eye. I can see everything out to the side.

KING: Is that permanent?

B. WOODRUFF: That looks like it is. I tried to work on it. I had a computer that I used to try to stare at the middle and the different dots went around the thing to try to work on it. I got a little bit back. But for most part, it is pretty much --

KING: Have you gotten involved with brain injury now, as a cause?

B. WOODRUFF: We are trying to find some answers to it. It is still relatively new in terms of most people around the country. In the United States, about 1.4 million a year get traumatic brain injury.

KING: From what, falls --

L. WOODRUFF: Concussions in sports, kids falling on the playground, car accidents.

B. WOODRUFF: It is very common. In fact, people get better and some of them have it for the rest of their lives. You're seeing so many in the military situation getting the same thing.

KING: E-mail from Elizabeth, Carlisle, Massachusetts. My question is for Lee. You love your husband, it is obviously deep and steadfast. But come on, don't you guys ever fight?

L. WOODRUFF: I think I know this actually. Elizabeth, read the book. You'll see where I almost leave him. Sure, we fight. Gosh what would a marriage be without that? Yeah.

KING: Do you want to anchor again?

B. WOODRUFF: Yeah, I would like to anchor.

KING: You just made an anchor, right?

B. WOODRUFF: I made it for 27 days.

KING: Why did you go out on a trip? Why did you go to Iraq as an anchor?

B. WOODRUFF: You know what --

KING: You just made anchor.

B. WOODRUFF: That's what I've always loved to do and I wanted to do it. The way that we set this one up too with Elizabeth Vargas and I to anchor "World News Tonight" was a way that we could have somebody safely back in the studio to report in case something changed. Where as the other anchor could go on the road and go to the important stories. And it looked like it was going to work out. And so that moment, for example, Elizabeth was back and now she's going to Washington, DC to cover the president while I was over there. And that combination was working well.

KING: There was another man injured on that fatal day and that was Doug Vogt. And ahead in our second avenue (ph), that second hour rather, that TV cameraman who was with Bob and was seriously injured in the same attack will be with us. Would he and Bob like to go back to Iraq? We'll ask. We'll find out. See if they're nuts. Don't go away.


L. WOODRUFF: How is this happening in your head? What does this feel like inside your head when you get a new word? Do you just pop it out like you just popped out yard and grass? It just came out.

B. WOODRUFF: I think I just suddenly remember it.

L. WOODRFUFF: Yeah, OK. So it's like spontaneous.

B. WOODRUFF: I'll say a word similar to that. Like what I said, instead of saying -- what is it? Dock?


B. WOODRUFF: Instead of deck I say dock. Dirk.





B. WOODRUFF: Soccer net.


B. WOODRUFF: Shin guards.


B. WOODRUFF: Whoa, good. Soccer shoes?


B. WOODRUFF: Soccer bay. Thing. Soccer clothes.

Socks. Spoon. Razor. Shaver. Ball. A screw. Screw. Screwdriver. Screwdriver.


KING: We're back with Bob Woodruff and Lee Woodruff, the book is "In an Instant: a Family's Journey of Love and Healing."

Joining us now in Los Angeles is Doug Vogt, the ABC News cameraman who was injured along with Bob Woodruff. What are your memories of that day, Doug?

DOUG VOGT, ABC NEWS CAMERAMAN INJURED WITH BOB WOODRUFF: My memories were pretty acute. I was hit on top of the tank like Bob was. And I fell back on top of the tank. And after a few seconds of being out, I came awake. I woke up on top of the tank. And I could see the sky, the clear blue sky and hear the shooting and orders and shouts and explosions that were surrounding us because we were being attacked by two or three points.

But I couldn't move a muscle. So I knew what was happening. I knew we were hit by a bomb. I knew it was still dangerous and I wanted to get off the tank. But I couldn't move. And that was a bit concerned up there.

KING: A bit. What kind of injuries did you sustain?

VOGT: I got hit by a piece of rock, I believe, on the side of my head, my left temple here which shattered my skull. And sent bone shards and debris into my brain. One bone shard is still lodged in my brain, it is too deep to remove. It is safely there. It is not bleeding or causing any problems.

And lacerations to the head and the neck and the shrapnel wounds on my left arm and shoulder.

But fairly lucky. Both of us didn't -- we could have got a lot more seriously hurt there. We were lucky at that time.

KING: Have you gone back to work?

VOGT: I've been pursuing other things. I haven't been filming yet in the last year. But I've been pursuing moving into a new direction as a cameraman, into cinematography and television episodic work and ABC documentaries. So I'm still looking at getting back to it soon and will be soon. But I want to get away from war zones.

KING: I bet. That's one of our e-mail questions we'll ask you now from Anna in Cassoday, Kansas. Do you want to return to Iraq to report from there again? Bob?

B. WOODRUFF: Well, I had some arguments with my wife about this, about whether or not ...

KING: Do you want to go?

B. WOODRUFF: Back to Iraq? Parts of me does want to go back to Iraq. I was thinking about going back to...


B. WOODRUFF: Balad where we were worked on over there. You can fly in from Germany into it. But I have had an input from Lee about whether or not I should go. And she's pretty much said no. So I'm going to listen to her right now.

KING: I thought I read where ABC News said absolutely no.

L. WOODRUFF: That's my new excuse.

KING: David Westin said no going there and no going to Afghanistan.

KING: Doug, will you go back?

VOGT: I don't think I will now in the future because I'm trying to move my career in a different direction. I think you can go back to a war zones and do maybe relatively safer things. But like Bob and I always worked there, we didn't stay in the base where it is relatively safe. We always went out on patrols, toured the country with the military or individually. So we always took those more adventurous, much more adventurous risks. Going back in that way for me is, I think, a chapter that is kind of closed.

KING: Did you object, Lee, to what your husband was doing?

L. WOODRUFF: I didn't.

KING: Didn't?

L. WOODRUFF: I did not. I mean I didn't worry and I didn't have stress. But I know Bob and he is the kind of reporter who wants to be where the most important stories happening. And right before Bush's State of the Union, that was the most important story, about the handover.

And I know that he would constrained if I tried to stop him from doing that. He loves it.

B. WOODRUFF: There was one moment where Lee, about a year and a half ago, I wanted to go to Falluja and it was getting more dangerous in the country then. And I said to Lee, I said I want to go over. She actually broke into tears and said she doesn't want me to go. I think that's the only time really in my career in journalism where she said you really shouldn't go there. So obeyed her then.

KING: You would have gone if she said OK?

B. WOODRUFF: Oh, yeah.

KING: Are you medically prepared to go? Could you go?

B. WOODRUFF: Once somebody gets TBI, some kind of damage to your head like this, you're actually more vulnerable if you get hit by another IED or anything near you. So slightly a little bit more dangerous.

KING: Do you have a special bond with Doug?

B. WOODRUFF: Oh, yeah. He's an extremely close friend. His wife is great. KING: But other than that you must have more of a bond? The two of you shared ...

B. WOODRUFF: Having gone this together, you know, have him around at the time when I was in the coma for those 36 days, he was there, spending a lot of time in the hospital for a long time too. And then also with my family once he was able to get out.

KING: After the bombing, Doug, you were awake. How bad did Bob look?

VOGT: Well, I came down inside the tank after about five minutes. Bob was bleeding heavily from the neck. Also from the face. And he was talking and he was making sense. He was kind of cussing how much it hurt. And if he was OK, if he was going to die. He was, of course, in a lot of pain.

And it looked kind of bad. Most of -- the blood is the thing that caught my attention. Everybody's attention, the bleeding from the neck. So we were waiting for the medics to come up, the men who really knew what to do. Vinnie, our producer, tried to put pressure on his neck. And slowed down the bleeding but it looked kind of -- it looked bad, but, you know, the medics are close by in these situations. We always travel with the military beside us or with us in this case.

So we thought it was going to be okay but you didn't really know with these things we have didn't know anything about the skull fractures at that point.

KING: I'm going it take a break and come back with more on this edition of LARRY KING LIVE. Still ahead, the widow of well known NBC reporter David Bloom and how she helped Lee Woodruff deal with Bob's near death experience. Don't go away. .


B. WOODRUFF: No idea. I couldn't tell you the difference between yesterday and today.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I know. That's that mom was saying.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What happened yesterday?

B. WOODRUFF: Two years ago -- two days ago, I just felt like a throw back, all the time, all the time, all day.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know Sunday before you woke up, you were really asleep that day.


(COMMERCIAL BREAK) KING: Joining us now is Melanie Bloom, a frequent guest on this program, the widow of NBC newsman David Bloom who died April 6th, 2003, of a pulmonary embolism caused by deem vein thrombosis called DVT.

By the way, March is DVT month, awareness month. She's a close friend of the Woodruff family. Indeed, Melanie, you met them at a roast of me, right?

MELANIE BLOOM, DAVID BLOOM'S WIDOW: That's right. You brought us together, Larry.

KING: That's right, it was for cystic fibrosis, I think.

BLOOM: It was a roast for maybe the cardiac foundation.

KING: Spina bifida. Judy Woodruff's charity -- Now he remembers.

L. WOODRUFF: Short-term memory.

KING: You hit it off right away.

BLOOM: Instantly.

KING: How badly did you take Dave's loss?

B, WOODRUFF: Devastating. I was 12 miles east of Baghdad on the way in during the invasion. He was about 12 miles to the left -- to the west. And then I got the news, called ABC and they said your wife is trying to get a hold of you. 5:00 in the morning on Sunday. And I called her and found out David had passed away.

KING: Unbelievable.

B. WOODRUFF: It was -- I came back right away.

KING: Melanie, how have you dealt with what has gone on with bob?

BLOOM: Well it was like a nightmare recurring all over again to get an early morning call and finding out that Bob had, you know, been hit. And my heart stopped. I thought this is not happening. This cannot be happening. And ...

KING: You called Lee right away?

BLOOM: Oh, yeah, Lee and I were on the phone within minutes. And I -- as you know, flew with her to Landstuhl and just wanted to be there for her. She was there by my side from the minute we got the call about David. And that's what I wanted to do for her, to be there by her side, hold her hand and try to help her in any way I could.

KING: Did you ever think, Lee, that Bob might be gone?

L. WOODRUFF: Yes, I did. I did. It was touch and go when they first had him in surgery. And then a second nightmare occurred which happens to a lot of the soldiers, sepsis and pneumonia because he was in such a -- his body was in such an embattled state and there say bacteria that soldiers are bringing back from Iraqi soil. The esenito (ph) bacterium. And it is so advanced and so unknown here that they have actually had to pull out antibiotics from World War II to fight it, it is such a tough strain. And Bob had every kind of anti-bottom nick his body and they told me if he did survive, he would probably have organ damage from the strength of them.

KING: Doug, did you think for a time you might not make it?

VOGT: No, I sort of realized on top of this tank that I was fine. I didn't have a chance to look at myself. I couldn't move. But I sort of felt at the spot there that I was going to make it. And I didn't know the extent of my injuries, if they were severe or just superficial. I couldn't move my head to check. But I sort of believe right then that I was going to be fine. And I don't know why.

Sometimes one can be seriously injured and missing a limb and still walk around trying to help people. But I sort of believed I was going to be all right there.

KING: Bob, you didn't know that Melanie was there? Or did you?

B. WOODRUFF: No, I didn't know anybody ...

KING: You were in a coma.

B. WOODRUFF: Nothing like that. Another thing about this trip that they -- their trip over to Germany where they were, they actually were in the -- in the Fisher House which is another private group.

KING: We just did a whole special on them.

B. WOODRUFF: Helping people. Yeah, it's remarkable. They actually were put up. That's where they staid over in Germany. But I didn't see any of them come in.

KING: There was no question, Melanie you would go?

BLOOM: No question at all. I just needed to be there for my dearest friends. They helped me through my tragedy. And I knew that that's where I needed to be and wanted to be.

KING: Was she invaluable to you?

L. WOODRUFF: Amazing. In fact, I think about it now and she said I'm coming and I said, no, you've got -- you've got the girls and you've got no one else. You've got no husband to be with them. You can't come and she said, it is not an option. You were there for me.

KING: We'll be back with more. But first let's check in with Anderson Cooper. He will host AC 360 at the top of the hour. Anderson, what's ahead?

COOPER: Hey, Larry, tonight on 360, the latest on the deadly string of tornadoes in the Southeast. At least 18 people killed in Alabama alone. Fifteen of those victims were at a high school. We'll go there live and talk to one of students who survived. Plus we'll hear from a man who survived an attack by one of America's most notorious serial killers. He has kept quiet for 35 years and now he's telling us his story. Hear what it is like to come face to face with the Zodiac killer.

Also tonight a 360 special, the lion (ph) in the village. We take you inside a U.S. mess hall in Iraq, the moments after it was tacked by suicide bomber, the lives forever changed. That and more at the top of the hour.

KING: Anderson Cooper at 10:00 Eastern, 7:00 Pacific. Just ahead, the positive effects of this negative experience. Bob's brother will be here to talk about how the family has turned his terrible crisis into a way to help others. Don't go away.


B. WOODRUFF: All right, Mack (ph) and Catherine (ph), I understand you're going. I want to tell you that, look, it is not horrible as you probably thought. This is a little bit numb. This is growing back fast. And you can see there is a lot of stuff on my face. But it has become 100,000 better than it was six days ago. It doesn't look terrible. It is not going to scare you, you know? Just be careful. And don't touch this. This is -- doesn't have -- muddle -- I can't tell all the language.

But I'm go to be completely normal and I'm not going to be at school for about eight months. I'm just going hang out with you. I love you guys. See you soon.




DAVE WOODRUFF, BOB WOODRUFF'S BROTHER: I picked up the phone and it was lee. And she said, Dave, I'm here with your brother in the hospital and we had a little bit of a miracle. He's awake. He's talking, he's asking what happened to him.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do you think, big Dave?

D. WOODRUFF: It's unbelievable.

And I couldn't believe it.


KING: We're going to spend some moments now with Dave Woodruff, he's Bob's brother. He'll be running the newly established Bob Woodruff Family Fund for Traumatic Brain Injury. The Web site is, all one word, Dave, how did you get the news about your brother? D. WOODRUFF: Well, I was -- Larry, actually had been in New York the day before. And had come home to pack to go back. Actually had been in DC, going back to New York. And Lee left me a cell phone message. And I came downstairs and the light was blinking and I didn't think much of it. I was getting a lot of phone calls at the time. And she was on the phone saying we've had this miracle. And I -- the fact he had woken up and it was most thrilling time I had ever seen.

KING: What do you do for a living, Dave?

D. WOODRUFF: I'm actually with Hearst Magazines, I'm the Detroit advertising manager for Hearst.

KING: You went to Germany with Lee?

D. WOODRUFF: I did. I went with Lee and with Melanie and Lee's brother-in-law Shawn McLaughlin (ph) and it was obviously an extremely difficult trip.

KING: Tell us about this family fund for traumatic brain injury.

D. WOODRUFF: Well, you know, Larry, through this entire process of dealing with bob's injury, Lee and I and all of us in the family, my brothers, Jim and Mike, and our wives, we talked about -- there had to be a reason that Bob was recovering as well as he was, that he had survived first of all. And we felt like we had to give back. We experienced some unbelievable things in Landstuhl and in Bethesda, seeing the soldiers. And their families and their loved ones dealing with this tremendously horrifying situation. And we felt like we can help.

And we thought, you know, what we learn as we have been dealing with this in the last few months is there is a great underserved need out there for cognitive rehabilitation for these guys who have suffered TBI in battle. After the acute phase of the recovery.

So we have decided to form the fund. We have partnered with the Brain Injury Association of America, which is a 25-year-old organization, that is an advocacy group and is in McLean, Virginia, and is helping with the overall brain injury issue in the United States. And we're partnering with them to try to raise money and awareness of brain injury.

KING: That is a great concept. Ought to be very proud, Bob.

B. WOODRUFF: Well ...

KING: You've got a good family.

B. WOODRUFF: I've got three brothers and Lee has two sisters and they lived at our hospital with us all when we went through this.

KING: We have an e-mail question from Deborah in Philadelphia. I'm curious to know if Bob's experience in Iraq has impacted his view of the war. Has his opinion about that is going on in Iraq changed after having gone through this ordeal?

B. WOODRUFF: Well, we have learned a lot about this war it significantly different than any other previous war we have got. Not only have we got these better helmets and better body protections, but you've got doctors in medicine that makes people live.

If you look at Vietnam, for example, you had about three to one in terms of those injured and survive versus those who died. Now you've got really at least 16-1. So I think what a lot of the country hasn't really realized that much in this war is you have got a lot of injured soldiers and marines that have come back and have to fight this, or live with this for possibly all of their lives if not some in just a day or two, but their whole life.

KING: Have any of your politics changed or can't you say?

B. WOODRUFF: About the war itself? I think it is almost difficult to tell exactly how it is going to turn out. I don't think anybody suspected the war to be the war to be the way it is right now.

KING: The insurgency has surprised you? Surprised a lot of others.

B. WOODRUFF: I think there was a lot of -- people didn't realize that the Sunnis and the Shiites, for example, would go after each other like they are now.

KING: OK. Dave, thanks a lot. I really appreciate you spending some time with us. Again, the Web site is

D. WOODRUFF: Thanks, Larry.

KING: Thanks, Dave. Coming up, your thoughts about reporters being embedded with military troops. We'll have the results of our text message poll and our question for tomorrow when we come back.


L. WOODRUFF: Bobby, I'm so glad you're here with us.

B. WOODRUFF: Awesome. Wait, wait. I can't really talk. But I can certainly dance and dance.

L. WOODRUFF: Your nose is cold.



KING: Welcome back. Last night we asked you, should reporters be embedded with military troops in Iraq? Fifty-five percent of you said no. Does that surprise you, Bob?

B. WOODRUFF: About going there as a reporter now?

KING: At 55 percent said should not be embedded. B. WOODRUFF: Should not be embedded at all.

KING: Yeah.

B. WOODRUFF: I think, like I ...

KING: I guess because of danger.

B. WOODRUFF: It is the kind of reporting you're able to get now over in a place like Iraq is very difficult to get. Anything outside of going out with the military because you just walk around the country like we used to be able to walk around, and pretty freely. It is almost impossible now. So even the stories you get are not necessarily reflective what is actually happening over there.

KING: Doug, is there anything about it you miss?

VOGT: About covering wars?

KING: Yeah.

VOGT: Well, I miss the -- being able to capture and document the conflicts that people go through. The civilians. I really miss that. And I miss my friends that I've acquired professionally that we would always bump into each other every few months or every year in the war zones. I miss that a lot.

KING: Melanie, how important -- I guess for both of you and Lee -- is this friends thing?

BLOOM: This friend thing.

KING: Yeah, coming together around -- in times of ...

BLOOM: Absolutely. As Lee was saying earlier that it is the friends you make in life that, you know, you hold dear and you count on in times of crises. And what Lee and I both experienced in our respective communities are that people just poured in love, support, care, help, circled around us and pulled us through. And right at the core were the two of us helping each other.

KING: Did you have any idea, Bob, how much interest there was about you around the world?

B. WOODRUFF: No, I had no idea. When I woke up, I didn't know if I was asleep for a day or a year what it was. I didn't even think about the fact that it was covered. I think after a few days, I start to hear the stories about it. But Lee was very careful about telling me.

L. WOODRUFF: I just remembered this too. He -- the "People" magazine had gotten into the room and it talked about the children's devastation and it showed a picture of Bob when he was coming off the flight from Landstuhl. And Bob's mother read the article to him. And I remember him saying, you know, people know about this? People have heard about this? I thought, oh, man, if you only knew. But you had no awareness of what was going on out there.

B. WOODRUFF: It is kind of sad even today to think about that fact that somebody was -- done stories of me. That's reality, I understand it. But there is so many of these military guys that get hurt.

KING: Were you wondering why you were a story?

B. WOODRUFF: No. I wasn't really wondering. First couple of days I couldn't think about it at all. But I understood why but I was just feeling guilty it was me instead of these soldiers.

KING: Thank you, all very much. Continue getting better and better.

B. WOODRUFF: I'm working on it. Thank you.

KING: The book is "In an Instant." Lee and Bob Woodruff. Great seeing you again, Melanie.

BLOOM: Great to see you.

KING: Thanks so much, Doug, and congratulations, Lee on getting him back.

Date: 02-26-2007
Time: 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Subject: Love, Focus, Faith and Intent

Author:  David A. Warner
© Copyright 2007

For some time now, I've been having difficulty maintaining energy and awareness while out of body. The experiences have been shorter and not at a high level of degree in consciousness as I would like. Certainly, I'm able to project two-three times a week without fail, but in a brief moment of time being out of body. The duration of the experience is limited due to the lack of energy, focus, intent, and love.

I was talking with a good friend "Mendel" and we discussed energy, intent, love and focus. As I realized (once again) I totally lost my edge with these four principals and found myself going about projecting in a casual approach.

So I decided to write a slogan down, program it in my exchange email account to remind me everyday. This way when I do project, the memory will carry over in the out of body experience.  The slogan reads as followed:

"Love, Focus, Faith and Intent will project you everywhere"

Normally, I record my obe's to the pocket pc and save the audio narration in mp3 format, upload it to my web site for visitors to listen, help, and learn from. Every so often I'm compelled to write about the current obe that leaves me speechless, suspend my thoughts with only one thing to say "Incredible!"

...and in this experience it surely was "Incredible"

OBE Journal

My current location / position in the dream that I found myself was in a hospital traveling the hallways, rooms then eventually finding myself on a stretcher awaiting surgery. Back in the physical world, I do have a out patient surgery which is non-life threatening, but preventative maintenance to be scheduled in the near future. I can remember that I was looking up at the medical doctor and explaining to him "before you insert the needle and release the anesthetic in my veins knocking me out. I want to try an experiment by preparing myself to leave my body while you are administer the anesthetic.

All at once, I felt the needle pierce my vein and imagined rolling around like I normally do in circles, crunched up into a ball and spinning out of the body. When I finally came though, still sluggish from the dream but semi-aware I found myself trailing off into the cold winter nights sky headed for a star of gold. This star as I grew closer too appeared to open up as a brilliant tunnel of light.

I remember communicating and explaining the process of the near death experience and how the spirit transcends physical consciousness as if I was instructing or teaching someone. I quickly turned my head away from the star of gold being a little nervous with anxiety there was a by the side of me, silent, mysterious but resonating a calmness with guidance. The details of the woman, she was a brunette, about mid-30's, with soft facial features with long wavy hair. The woman was wearing a gown that appeared to be made of silk. What caught my attention is that the wind rippled through her gown and I could and make out the color of a light blue.

Turning my attention away from the woman and upon the tunnel we were about to enter, I was explaining "this is what the individual will witness during their nde or physical death. The tunnel, traveling through and eventually at the end will merge into beauty of white light".

As we traveled into the tunnel, it twisted and turned, it reminded me of a translucent, whitish worm hole and that the walls appeared to be slippery. In the distance towards the end of the tunnel, I could see the light, the purest of white majestic like I've seen before in other projections. For some reason we stopped before reaching the end. It was explained to me that while in the tunnel, you can travel anywhere you request to visit. I'm not sure if it was the woman who was with me at the time explaining this to me, someone else, or me. After we stopped for a brief moment I lost my focus, awareness, and consciousness blurring out from the astral back into the physical awakening.

The memory of the experience didn't hit me right away, but roughly about 10-15 minutes later as I made my way to the bathroom, checked a few emails and tried going back to bed. As I laid in bed the first memory that ignited was the hospital and all at once, the whole experience rushed in leading up to the tunnel where we had stopped to talk about "traveling anywhere" and then losing consciousness.

Ap Friends,

What has been said in the studies of Stephen Lebarge and other scientists about re-occurring lucid dreams / obe's in one's geographic environment?

My obe's now for the last 20 years basically, always start at my mom/dads home. Guess its my starting point like on the world wide web, but astral. Does this count for validation of a static environment?

Ap Friends,

FYI - Update

Just recently I decided to challenge myself once again with the tools of technology and OBE.

In weeks to months to come, I'll be working with a professional team of paranormal investigators that have professional monitoring equiptment as followed:

Infrared Video Camera
Digital Video Camera
Thermal Energy Camera
Motion Temperture Monitoring Equipment
EVP recording equipment.

I think this will be my biggest feat, excited and little nervous too. I feel on a 70-80% accuracy I should be able to produce the obe in testing conditions.

Anyone here have tried this before or have suggestions before conducting this experiement?

Welcome to News and Media! / Audio Books - Library
December 29, 2006, 03:48:53
Ap Friends,

I've been listening to many of my library audio/cd books in my local 50 library region. So far, there's been awesome titles I've listened too, but I am arriving at that point where near death, out of body, spirituality, consciousness is getting scarce.

Anyone know of good audio book sites down subjects I mentioned earlier for download. Charge is fine, but I like it to be in audio format or e-book. I like to see the authors like moen, bruce, brinkley, don piper, moody, kubler ross etc....

Either public on-line libraries or paid subscription is fine too..

Pleasea advise!

This looks like a interesting project that IAC is working on.

Date: 12-23-2006
Time: 09:30 AM – 09:47 AM
Subject: City of The Angels

Author:  David A. Warner
© Copyright 2006

OBE Journal

I was flying towards the street "Brandt" which is the ally street by my mom & dads house. While transcending to the air I immediately became conscious. Starting off at a slow speed and then increasing at a quick, rapid 40-50mph I was on my way to my old elementary school "Henry Ruff". I was flying close to the ground almost running into street lights and phone lines on my way to the school. I remembered my intent and objective "Look for The Angels".

Making a soft and swift landing towards the ground, I was going to enter the doors to the school but decided not too. There were a few people standing around the door entrance to the school that seemed occupied. Changing my direction and drifting towards the parking lot, kneeling to the ground feeling the cement texture scrape my kneecaps. I cupped my hands together, looking towards the sky and praying by saying "Thank You God for everything, my wife, family, health, the path you chosen for me with obe's, hospice and helping the world".  I also asked God at the time for a little help and assistance from the angels reaching the higher astral planes.

From my observations of the time, seasons of the month I estimated it was a early morning, probably around 7:00AM-8:00AM, September/October. I could also see the dew on the grass still fresh not melted from the morning.

What caught my eye as I looked right of me, an angel by the cross streets Henry Ruff and Maplewood. I approached the angel trying to communicate, but the no reply or  acknowledgement, the angel kept floating and passed me. As I followed the angel trying to keep up I saw another angel appear. The angel was standing, waiting by this electric utility pole, where the bus stop would pick-up the kids in front of the elementary school. I was able catch the details of the angel. She was a older lady, blond hair, around in her 50-60's, possible 150lbs-180lbs. This angel continued without saying anything or acknowledging my presence.

When I watched carefully, I could tell the difference between regular people walking around and their differences to the angels. The angels appeared transparent, almost invisible. It appeared to be a wispy whitish glow around them with the wings signifying them as angels. Also, when the angels moved, I could see a faint after-image glow trailing a couple of seconds behind and catching up when stopping.

I gave up chasing after the angels and decided to float back to the school's parking lot facing Maplewood street. Standing in the parking lot was this guy "Chris" who I went to high school with representing an angel. When I started to communicate with Chris and telling him "We went to school together, can you help me?". He replied "Oh yeah, DW, your the one that talks a lot about astral projection". Later as I returned back to the physical body, I realized that my encounter with the angel was not Chris, but looked and appeared to be. Also, the angel did have the same wispy whitish glow and faint after-image glow.

As I looked towards the sky away from Chris, I saw the clouds and it was over-cast. I returned back looking at Chris. He didn't change his appearance and still kept his visual of an angel. I also could see another angel which was female by appearance that materialized by Chris. I felt that this angel didn't seem to thrilled with me, being where I was and intruding her space. For some reason, I felt that these two angels were standing in line, waiting for me to make my next move, maybe entry to the school, testing me.

I also question if I'm moving into the higher realms, remote viewing from the astral and seeing where the angels reside!
Ap Friends,


I didn't realize how long it would take to record,edit,render, produce and copyright
video.. too many hours!

I finally was able to record 11 video clips (over an hours worth of material) on
the out of body experience (Q&A's). A friend asked me to put together a interview/video for his
web site and this is something I've been wanting to do to complete also for my site.

I know your saying there's ALOT of material already, but this I feel will piece it together and help
spread the word!

You can find the videos in the Informational section of the audio/video site.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Ap Friends,

Another topic to discuss that I thought about.

Do you think since we are able to project, that specific diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease might play a factor for less risk? Have their been any studies done on this?

For something tells me that any disease wouldn't make no difference, but thought I would bring this up to discuss.

Ap Friends,

Anyone know here if there's been studies with people who are blind at birth been able to astral project? Bring back imagery, precog events, and ID with accurate distant locations?

Please advise!

Date: 11-12-2006
Time: 08:30 AM – 08:59 AM
Subject: Little Angel

Author:  David A. Warner
© Copyright 2006

OBE Journal

Earlier this morning I was able to leave my body three times. These experiences were basic and didn't last too long. During the first experience I was downstairs in the basement (at mom/dads house) looking at the mirror hanging on the wall leading into the dungeon(bedroom). I made funny faces and saw my reflection but noticed a delayed reaction from the mirror. I questioned if it was "me" reflective from the mirror or someone else.

In the second experience, I was flying out towards space, looking back at Earth which my vision of our planet was black and white.  The third experience was simply trying to exit my parents house. As I floated towards the front door I opened it using my mind and with the wave of my hand. This time I was surprised that the door didn't slam shut on me at the last split second upon exit.

The last obe took place at mom/dads house and I exited to the front lawn "once again".  I noticed that there was a guy was chasing me. He hopped on my back taking me down  down to the grass bordering my parents and neighbor's yard. I was able to change my emotion from fear, hate to love.

As I collected my thoughts, I called upon an angel. In near distance down the street looking west, I saw two figures materialize and fly towards me. As I got back on my feet, and looking at these two figures, I realized they were angels. The first angel was a child around 3-5yrs of age and the other angel was a adult woman around mid 40's.

I saw their white wings, both wearing dresses of white, very fancy, appeared in make-up with a glow resonating around them. The child angel was brunette, light tan skin, and cute for her age. The adult angel's hair was black, short, straight, she was a medium size figure. I remember asking the little girl angel if she was previously in a accident and if she was a new angel. There was no reply from both angels, silent, still, and patient.

The guy who was chasing me was pointing to the sky.  I noticed there seemed to be a hi-tech transportation futuristic airplane. The airplane appeared to be blazing and plunging losing control in a burst of a fireball.  I witnessed the plane streak across the sky and slam into the house next door. The whole area (neighborhood) lit up for a few seconds from the firey crash.

I asked the Angel "Is it ok to see things like this explode and see interest at the fire, explosion, and crash. Not based on people dying but the sight of explosion".  Both angel's or man didn't say anything to me. I lost my consciousness and returned back to the physical body vibrating and then awakening.

Final Thought

Last month, October 2006 I set out to see if I could project and compete with my previous month's record of projecting. The norm for me is usually 10-12 out of body experiences a month and in October 2006 I was able to achieve my record far beyond my dreams. I left the body twenty five times practically projecting everyday and challenging myself to every goal and purpose of intent.

In this month of November 2006, I decided to change direction and focus on longer out of body duration of experiences and quality. So far the last couple of weeks, I've been having many synchronicities of physical and non-physical validations.

This happens to be my third encounter with an angel during an out of body experience. Ever since I've changed my method of leaving the body, bringing love, emotion and religion with intent I find each experience resonating with a higher vibration and

Again.... Love Wins!
AP Friends,

Came across this web site the other day when I was looking up time travel.

Thought this was interesting! I should sign up for the OBE master class.. Probally get A+...

Ap Friends,

For the last few years now, I've always wanted to try herbal smoke like
Salvia Divinorum and test it with the OBE. Although, I'm not a fan of drugs, alcohol when it comes obe's and consciousness.

Never a less, my wife and I went into a new store in the mall. The store sold a few different herbal smoke and it caught my attention. I started to think this might be a possiability to try.

Later that morning, I awakened from a dream where I was confronted with an old friend who introduced me to astral projection. He explained to me that I didn't need the Herbal Smoke to test with Obe's, and shouldn't explore this avenue. My friend also said that "I was elite enough of a projectionist that I'm on the correct path".

Well, after I awakened from the dream remembering what was said. It didn't dawn on me until later that this was DEFINITELY a sign-post, wisdom from a guide.

This has been the first time I dreamt of herbal smoke, wanting to try this and see the effects. But to have a experience like this... Guess I need to listen to what the guide tells me!

Ap Friends,

I started to think about this the other day was wondering where everyone begins their obe experiences. Do you find that your OBE's repetitively occur in the same geographic location upon entering the astral?

About 95% of all my experiences start at my mom/dads home in Garden City, MI. Even if I live 200 miles from my parents, its my starting location, my temple of comfort.

So if we could have a discussion and survey this could help show consistency or possibly validity. I am thinking in scientific terms - to be able to reproduce the same obe conditions it might provoke thought.

When you project, where do you begin your experience?

Mom/Dads Home
Current Residency

Please advise!


AP Friends,

Just last night I was able to finally capture my heart beat recording to the laptop computer as a .wav file. Now, since I'm not a doctor, nurse and no absolute nothing about the medical field this is my request.

I would like to take the audio file that I recorded, import the .wav audio file into software that will track out the changes in the heart rate during the OBE. My best guess is that I became conscious in the trance state around the last 2-3minutes of the experience, but would like to record the last 10 minutes of the sleep cycle.

Anyone out there can suggest or help with so I can post this to my web site and help out the community. I would appreciate this!

AP Friends,

I've already recorded myself with a video camera during a OBE and the vibrations really hit hard in the experience. Also, just this morning (last 2 hours) I was able to finally record my heart rate,breathing during the OBE.

All this data will be available on my web site at

I am hoping that I should be able to project a few more times tonight and conduct some more recordings to compare. Not that I am a expert on heart monitoring, or breath during sleep, but it does open the door up to more insight of whats going on the outside during the obe in the inside.

Its been a excellent week for projecting!

AP Friends,

I've been working on some material and it just came to my attention that I wanted to get some feedback on anyone who might have fainted before and experienced a OBE?

If you can give me feedback, I would appreciate it. Also, when I was younger, I gave blood, fainted the first time. Yes, I experienced a brief moment of quick darkness, scene that I was in a armbulence and then brought back to physical waking consciousness through amonia salts.

Date: 09-29-2006
Time: 12:00 PM – 12:34 PM
Subject: Blessed By An Angel (For the Love of God) Part II

Author:  David A. Warner
© Copyright 2006

AP Friends,

Well, I projected again this morning two times and on the second experience is where I confronted another guardian / guide Angel.

I am not going to go into deep detail like I did with the first experience "Blessed By An Angel" , but in a general description.

Didn't travel into higher levels, nor saw the light this time, but was able to carry on a good dialog with this Guardian Angel. At first when I was in the OBE, found myself at my mom/dads house in the basement. I noticed that my dad was around and we were talking. He kept telling me that I didn't have to go tomorrow if I didn't want too.

I don't know what this is in reference too, but I am thinking about it and the only thing I have planned tomorrow is a Aids walk in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. At the time it made sense, but when I think about it in physical waking life it doesn't. I know that by doing this aids walk its a good cause, but I'm not 100% attached to it whole heartedly. Maybe this is what my dad was talking about?

Well, never a less I was able to make it out to the back of the house and onto the deck. My dad followed me outside and I knew that I didn't want to jump into the air, fly, transcend into the higher levels etc, etc.. I did ask my dad, can you please give me some time to reflect in thought so I can be alone. I wanted to pray and call on the Angel who helped me a few weeks ago.

When I started to come through with rational I thought to myself, I should go over to my dad and tell him that "I love you and am very proud". As I did just do that, I asked my dad who appeared to be younger and in his early 40's. I asked "are you my guardian Angel" and the Angel replied "Yes, I Am".

I asked the Angel "who are you" and she explained that she was a new guardian angel who recently passed on from earth. As I started to closely examine my dad, I could tell by looking at the Angel closely that it was more feminine then male. Although, it had striking close resemblance of my dad, it was female. I was caught up in my little own world, mission that I didn't catch the full details of my dad but when looking closer it was definite female taking on resemblance of my dad.

Another question I had asked the Angel was her name, she did tell me and for the life of me I can't remember. I do know it wasn't like a standard English name like "Dawn, Betty, Sue, Lisa".

I also asked the Angel each time that I project will it always be you by my side, or will there be different Angels. She replied "for the most part, it will be someone different guarding you".

My last question that I popped was "where are your wings" and as I started to ask that specific request I saw the wings behind her materialize and grow in white.  She replied back to me "are you referring to these wings". In my amazement I said "yes, and why do you have wings". She said to me that she just recently passed on and the wings were earned and given.

As I babbled to the Angel about my last visit with the other angel, that she was more direct, quiet and calmness to her. She would say very little and speak in one sentence. You on the other hand are a little more lively and have given me better understanding and clarification.

At that time, I was holding the Angel I gave her a kiss on the cheek. I also tried testing giving the Angel another kiss in a romantic way, but she was a little more powerfull and prevented that from happening. This was good and a nice test to experiment with to see its true source - thought form or Angel. When I was holding the Angel, I felt incredible amount of love coming from her. Also, looking at her direct on was surreal. Almost like being being hypnotized with love.

The last thing that I can remember when we were talking the Angel told me "Do it for the Love of God". Why she said this to me or leading up to this I can't remember or recall, but that is what she said.

Hey AP Gang,

Found this yesterday checking out this spirituality magazine in barnes and noble.

Biofeedback is scientifically proven to have a powerful, positive effect on your emotional and physical well-being by teaching you to alter your brain activity, blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rate and other critical bodily functions.

I am not anyway affilated with this program or pushing anything on the group. Thought this was cool for measuring the obe state, breathing, and mastering.

AP Friends,

Something that I need on my web site is video instructions. So I decided to do recording explaning techniques, but would also like to have video animated illustration.

I decided to take a look at Poser 6 and other apps out there. I just need a good quality, simple bed and a male (astral body) rolling around like a log outside the physical body. This would work in conjunction with the video.

This probally would be a easy 5min video but would take some seriously work w/o 3d rendering knowledge. After all this work is completed, I will be copyrighting the material but acknowledgements and rights will definitely be given.

If anyone is interested in helping out on this project, please email and see what we can come up with, or point me to a good basic program with quick learning and non-complex 500 page reading.

Thank You,

Date: 09-15-2006
Time: 11:30 AM – 11:50 AM
Subject: Blessed By an Angel

Author:  David A. Warner
© Copyright 2006

When I start to think about how to write this out of body experience journal, I don't know where to begin or really know how to pen descriptive justice. I've traveled out of the body thousands of times and over the years the majority of my experiences are in the real time zone mirroring physical waking consciousness.  These experiences are a little easier to write because of it being 'physical' in nature. But when you have a guide that escorts you into non-physical realities of the higher astral planes and beyond it's harder to address on an emotional and intimate level.

For sometime now, I've been having problems with anxiety, being nervous, and forgetting my intent when raising vibrations when trying to travel into the higher astral planes. Faith and Love is what I was missing and when I surrendered to "Faith and Love", I was blessed by an Angel who guided me and showed me what's possible.

OBE Journal

Early this morning I awakened to see my wife Katie off to work and wished her the best with hugs and kisses. After my wife left, I executed the daily morning ritual of checking the computer email, responding to requests from my web site InvisibleLight and catching up with CNN news of the world. Not to mention watching the Jerry Springer show for enlightened entertainment. (not!)

I decided to return back to sleep around 10:00 AM with the intent of projecting. Praying to God for assistance in reaching the higher levels and asking for guidance of not being afraid of non-physical realities or heading out into space.

Roughly, around 11:20AM I awakened to physical consciousness briefly and immediately drifted back into the trance state. I used feeling, imagination, and roll technique as I describe in the swimming pool method to bring fourth the vibrations. I watched this OBE process event intently for a friend "John" who has been having difficulty in projecting. Hoping that I could give guidance to John when he enters the mind awake, body asleep state in email correspondence.

I was able to make a clean exit out of body and once again found myself in my mom/dads house in my old bedroom. Moving towards the door, I was able to push myself through the door by embracing it with my hands. I looked back into the bedroom seeing if I could catch a glimpse of my physical body, but unsuccessful. The only thing that I saw was papers, objects resting on the bed. Many times, I will find mental games will occur with doors shutting on me while trying to travel into another room.

I found myself floating down the hall I was expecting to see the black gentleman from the previous OBE on 09-12-2006 but he didn't appear. Into the front room and outside on the front lawn I made my way. I noticed by looking around the street at a few people carrying on their business. The time in the astral was early morning, still dark outside right before dawn, but could easily see.

I decided to remain claim, not transcend into the air trying to travel into the higher planes due to so many previous failed aborts. I kept saying to myself "We're going do it this time, we are going to be calm, and we're going to be relaxed". I called out asking for an Angel to help me travel into the higher astral realms.

Still looking around the neighborhood, it caught my attention where I saw a figure move through the trees materializing and approaching me. When this figure fully materialized and gracefully bestowed upon me. It was an Angel standing about 7'1" and her wing span was the length of her height and 3-4' in width. I could see the feathers in detail, a little dark but all pure white. She was calm, stood majestically and had an emotionless presence to her.

Immediately, the Angel took off gracefully towards the sky, non-responsive, no emotion and I followed her. Still being stunned, I started to come to my senses to test this spirit. I remembered reading from a NDE (near death experience) expert "Kevin Williams" quoting from the bible of what Jesus said "Test the spirit; test the fruit of the tree. If it yields good fruit then the spirit is good". I asked the Angel "Can you help me here, I am scarred going higher into the astral levels" her reply mentally without moving her mouth "Just follow me and you will be ok".

As the land below me started to become smaller and we were passing through clouds I repeated to the Angel "I am scarred to go higher in the astral realms, I want to get over this" and the Angel replied "Yes, take my hand, be patient and still. I will show you things". I was able to get real good facial eye contact with the Angel. A woman in her mid to late 40's. She had tan skin, long light-brown wavy hair, and medium slim figure. She was very beautiful, had blue eyes, soft facial features appearing to be wearing make-up. I can't remember exactly what she was wearing, but I think she was wearing a gown of white or blue appearing to be silk.

When I took the Angels hand I asked her was "Do you believe in God?" She replied to me "Yes, I am God, We are All God". I said to her "I don't want to be fooled by evil spirits and I want to feel Gods love and not feeling scarred by traveling into the higher astral realms." The Angel replied "This is okay to feel this way; I know it's new for you".

I asked the Angel "is everything recorded from birth to death, in my OBE experiences, physical, mental thought, emotion, action?", She replied "Yes" and I said "great!" saying it sarcastically.

During our conversation I could feel we were traveling farther away from physical reality where everything around me started turning green/blue. At one time, it seemed like we were traveling into an ocean, under the water, trailing off into a great distance. The angel comforted me asking "Are you okay" and I replied to her "Yes". While in this greenish/bluish ocean of water, I can't describe what I saw. It looked like embryonic but not sure because the challenge of non-physical description. I should have at the time asked the Angel what I was seeing, but didn't.

I said to the Angel "Lets do this, I trust you, I love God, you're God as long we trust Jesus is our savior lets do this". The Angel was genuine, comforting and kept asking me "Are you okay"? I could detect concern from her. I told her "I think that I can handle this but still a little nervous and I think that I can get through this".

I was looking down a tunnel, like seeing into a water well tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, was the light.  I said to the Angel "I saw this light a few days ago in an OBE; this is the most beautiful light that I have ever seen". As we got closer to the light, it opened up and engulfed me, almost blinding, a strong purity of love and presence to this light was incredible and vibrant.

I asked the Angel "Do you watch me all the time?" and she replied "Yes, we watch you all the time; we're always there with you". As we reached towards the end of the tunnel, the Angel said to me "The scene is going to change and let me show you about Gods love". I replied back to the Angel "I am okay and ready".

We shifted into an environment which was an office with a group of people I was demonstrating some event about a computer monitor rolling it around on a stand. As I looked at myself, I noticed that I was a little older, longer hair in the back, receding in the front, stocky build, and had side burns. I could see myself from different perspectives. It was like watching a movie but starring "me". It had dawned on me at the moment of what I was witnessing. It was a previous dream that I had just dreamt prior to this OBE.

I asked the Angel again "Is everything recorded?" and she replied "Yes, everything that you do is recorded". I said a bad word at the time expressing to the Angel "Ah excrement, I'm in trouble and this is not going to be good for the life review". The Angel made a gesture "I will pretend that I didn't hear that, try to do a little better and be careful in the future" with a jovial tone. I knew she was referring to the bad word and my habit of swearing!

I could feel the energy; vibrations tingle through my astral and re-align me back into the physical body.

Final Thought

When I awakened from this OBE, immediately I started to recite into my pocket pc of
the experience hoping not to lose any pertinent information. As for the last three days, I am still stunned, bestowed by the Angel, the light and the help. At times, during the morning hours I found myself moved, touched, and emotional where I started to cry for the happiness and joy.

I've read other people's accounts of OBE's or NDE's about meeting guides, angels, and seeing the light, traveling into the higher realms. Never in my life, would I ever think this would happen, or even could. Not to mention transcending into the higher realms, seeing the light. But until now, all I can say is that I was blessed by an Angel was emotionally moved.

Love and Faith wins!
EIC Friends,

Here's the latest precognitive validation. I am not thrilled that this happened, but maybe this will lead to helping and warning the proper authorities.

Date: 08-05-2006
Time:  8:00AM – 8:15AM
Subject: The Dragons Fire
Audio Resource: 08-05-2006 - The Dragons Fire.mp3
Precognitive Validation

I was able to achieve two out of body experiences, first experience I was able to project myself out of the dream and into the astral becoming consciously aware. The second experience was a false awakening which I didn't realize that I still active in the astral plane.

The first OBE was a precognitive experience with traces of validity of Nasa Space Shuttle issue's from launching and Lexington Kentucky Comair Flight 5191 commercial flight crash on 08-27-2006

Experience I

I was able to transcend into the air taking flight towards the clouds in the direction South-west. I looked back north east and could see in the distance the space shuttle from NASA. The space shuttle was lifting upward, pitching, and rolling on its side towards the heavens. I could see the fire from the engines and smoke leaving a vapor trail behind.

As I traveled higher into the clouds I changed my direction to south-west. I had a difficult time making it past electric phone wire poles and trees. Every once in awhile there happens to be a mental block that I confront creating obstacles and barriers.

I was still in my hometown of Garden City, Michigan in the geographic area of Maplewood Middlebelt and Beachwood. I noticed that there was a lot of smoke, people running around, yelling, screaming and devastated. Along with this horrific event, I saw pieces of what looked to be of an engine or propeller of a aircraft, possibly space shuttle still burning with fire and smoke. 

As I landed to the ground, I saw a man with clothes on smothering from the smoke. This man was wearing a business suit, roughly 250-280lbs, 5'8" – 6'1"mustache, blonde hair and between 40's- 50's years of age. I lost my awareness and shifted into a false awakening.

Experience II

Found myself on the front lawn at my mom/dads house where I was showing my nephew about mind control for levitation of physical objects. As I demonstrated levitation I immediately lost my consciousness again being pulled back into the physical body and awakened.

Nasa Space Shuttle Launch :

Space shuttle Atlantis finally roared into space Saturday at 11:15 AM 9/9/2007. ET, after NASA postponed the mission four times since its original launch date, August 27. Weather and technical problems caused the previous delays for the 11-day expedition.

The six astronauts had to wait a little longer, when the launch was scrubbed four times over the past two weeks: first because of a lightning bolt that hit the launch pad, then Tropical Storm Ernesto, then a problem with the shuttle's electrical system, and then a faulty fuel gauge.

Key Findings & Comparisons of Validations

August 25th - Space Shuttle pad was hit by a bolt of lightening.

August 27th - Space Shuttle was scheduled to launch but due to Ernesto hurricane problems it was postponed. 

August 27th - Lexington Kentucky Comair Flight 5191 a commercial flight crashed . Tried taking off from a shorter run way that would not accommodate the airplane.  The crash took place at 6:07 AM.  Only survivor was co-pilot identified as First Officer James M. Polehinke.

"In the OBE, I saw that there was a lot of smoke, people running around, yelling, screaming and devastated. Along with this horrific event, I saw pieces of what looked to be of an engine or propeller of an aircraft. I saw a man with clothes on smothering from the smoke. This man was wearing a business suit, roughly 250-280lbs, 5'8" – 6'1"mustache (confirmed photo from CNN of James having mustache and only survivor being a male) blonde hair and between 40's- 50's years of age. Also, my direction of flight was south-west from Garden City, Michigan to Lexington, Kentucky".

August 28th - Space Shuttle was post phoned due to hurricane weather of Ernesto and headed back to vehicle assembly building sheltering from the storm.

September 6th - Space Shuttle delayed again due to faulty gage and electrical system.

"In the OBE, I had difficult time getting past the electric phone pole wires. Normally, I don't have these issues during flight".

September 9th – Space Shuttle finally launched into space.

"In the OBE, the space shuttle successful launched".


On the average, I'm able to validate the OBE on a monthly basis's due to precognitive experiences, or sometimes a controlled scientific experiment. In this particular experience, I wish that this did not happen, maybe it will be possible to prevent this from happening in the future.
Ap Friends,

I really think if people can use some of these basics and apply later during sleep it will really bring out a lot. Another technique that I used a year ago didn't register of writing it down is:

Running Technique:

When performing exercises, running, repetitive motion of physical acitivity. Start reciting during rhythem breathing " I will astral project some more, I will reach the astral state, I will feel the vibrations tonight, God is with me guiding me, It is fun to astral project".

You can use anykind of anagram that makes sense and rhymes. So if you run for 20-30minutes the repetitive reciting will settle into your subconscious and aid to projection later that night or in the near future.

Hope this helps!


Just took a big step today in recording myself during sleep. I was able to hook up a microphone to a headset that would record my breathing. I was destined to project today during this even, but did not happen... Earlier, I had projected so I thought that maybe it would be a good opportunity to try again later.

Anyways, I did hear myself snore a bit on the playback. I do question now that I have my first sample recording, what the OBE will be like during. Will I still snore, breath fluently, maybe apena?

Well, I finally was able to put together a old used stethoscope and a microphone, inserting into rubber tubing that connects to the head phone. Definitely able to hear my heartbeat and should be a interesting experiment during the OBE to see what happens and takes place.

A few sites with some awesome ideas are:

Since I've been on a roll with projecting (only missed 2 days out in August as of present 8/8/2006) I should be able to get some good results this month with recording.

Anyone here have suggestions or ideas when applying this? So far the sound is audible but could be better.

Ap Friends,

For awhile now, my wife and I bought a new house with a outdoor pool. Big and deep enough to fit about 20-30 people.

In my own time of swiming, drifting to the bottom and then top I had a few ideas that might make it easier for the projectionist beginner to experienced.

Normally, when I leave the body it takes me 15-20mins to fall asleep, wake into the hypnogogic / trance state, assure myself bringing the vibrations on, rolling around like a log or bunched up in a ball spinning outward into the astral.

Now, if you take this technique and apply it to the swimming pool. Use your body and spin around in circles crunched up in a little ball or like a log. For about 30 seconds to 1 minute repeat this method so you can prepare yourself when you drift into sleep.

When sleep in the physical bed - Close your eyes and imagine, feel your body turning as it did in the swiming pool. By doing this as you drift down into sleep, it should be a catalyst to help you project.

Other techniques in the pool can help you by floating from the bottom of the pool to the surface. Either laying on your back or stomach - you will float upwards and to the surface. Again, another helpfull and usefull technique when you project.

Disclaimer -
PLEASE NOTE - Do not attempt this w/o someone else present with you in the swimming pool. Your safety comes first and I do not want to see anyone hurt because of accidental drowning or a NDE experience. Use common sense and make SURE that there are others around. Its easy to get confused in the water. Make sure this is done in a shallow end of the pool.

Thank You,

Copyright 2006

Welcome to Healing discussions! / Hospice
July 31, 2006, 17:44:43
AP Friends,

I just recently completed my Hospice training in which I will hopefully start helping the terminally ill patients within weeks. The training was 20hrs over a course of five days spread apart.

What I really started to realize how important of this type of work is. Especially, with people who have no hope, confusion, upsett, anger, fearful of death, religion, conflict, and unfinished business. I try to relate with astral projection and the out of body experience within the help that I will assist in with hospice.

I truely believe that to have the OBE once in a lifetime is a miracle, but to fluently project is a gift. Now, use this gift as a catalyst to help people and make a difference. Its one thing to fly off to never never land in the different plane levels. But to really 'be there' for that patient/family and souls in the after life. This is what its all about, love, caring, and helping each other.

Ap Friends,

Stookie as you said 'Aw Inspiring' that people say when they see the matrix in your response to route 49. I had four obe's this morning and the last one was beautiful. I was talking with a friend and we kinda of figured it out that I've touched a bit into the astral and mental plane.

In short, I started flying east and the physical basically started to fade where I found myself in a cocoon white egg shaped vehical. I looked down at my feet because I felt a little cold or they were exposed. The whiteness morphered around my feet like a warm blanket. Inside this vehical I had a window that I could look out and see blackness, but also red,blue,white dots - almost resembling a runway for airplanes scattered all over. It was beautiful and definitely inspiring.

Inside this whitish mold, vehical it was like a hard shell plastic, comfortable to be sitting/standing in. As I looked around inside, I was able to feel the texture hardness, and sense. I kept moving into some sort of tunnel or conveyor belt and noticed in front of me other similar whitish molds, shells crossing my path like a assembly production line.

Afterwards, I started to lose my awareness and drifted into a physical setting then awakened.

When I returned - not only in my accomplishment of reaching this matrix and seeing this vehical of energy, I was able to recall my intent of mental exercises of moving upward/sideways to elevate my awareness, show kindness and love by helping perform a simple task, see the matrix grid, rise into the mental, see transparent physical bodies, call for my guide "Tiarek Muhefah", and most of all enjoy, be still, have fun and thank God for these experiences.

I tell ya it is some really interesting weird stuff out there - mindbending and hard to explain in words. The last two months my experiences are growing to 2-3 a week and making beautiful progress..

Ap Friends,

In the OBE I was at mom/dads house in the beginning of the projection. Took flight and traveled west.

Found myself in a country town and stopped to ask two ladies in their 70's my geographic location. The one lady said on route 49 in West Virginia close by Tennessee.

I also asked if we were close my coal wood which happened to be in a movie "October Sky" and the movie is about "Homer Hickem". The lady said every once in awhile someone will ask for directions to coal wood if they are lost.

After returning back to the physical I written the experience to paper first before reviewing the map of West Virginia and the location of Route 49 which exists in a town called Matewan. This town is roughly 58 miles North West from Coal wood. This validated the route and the locations.

Spoke with a friend and he said its possible it could have been in Virginia, which Route 49 is about 50 miles south of Coal wood.

First, had no idea where I was traveling too in the experience, never a less the route I was on or the thinking about Coal wood.