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Topics - David Warner

Ap Friends,

Started to think a little more about validations, noises, and the playing card technique.

It didn't dawn on me until a few days ago, why not try using wind chimes hanging above your bed. See if when the OBE occurrs you can move physical air current or energy from the astral to sound the wind chimes.

I'm thinking of video recording this during my naps and see if I can produce success.

Anyone would like to join me on this endeavor?

Ap Friends,

CNN News Story

"She said he fell asleep and awoke the next morning when the alarm went off at about 6:45 a.m. From that point, her description of events resembles an out-of-body experience"

"I don't remember going to the closet and getting the gun," she told police. "The next thing I remember is hearing a loud boom," she said, adding that it wasn't as loud as she "thought it would be." Her husband rolled from the bed to the floor, she said.

"I saw some blood on the floor and some bleeding around his mouth. I went over and wiped his mouth off with a sheet," she said, according to the police report. Then, she said, "I went and ran."


Nothing like a news story to paint the OBE as satanic, sinister, evil, and against GOD. I question if this lady had a pyschic attack. But if you read further that the couple were having financial problems, the husband would critized her on everything.

I so dislike how stories like this end with the OBE as the escape goat.

I'm sure this will stirr some discussion. I am trying not to judge and if this women really did have a pyschic attack then please forgive me. But the evidence seems to point strongly to a bad ending and marital problems not a obe.



CNN Excerpt

SELMER, Tennessee (CNN) -- As her minister husband lay dying from a shotgun wound to the back, Mary Carol Winkler wiped the blood bubbling on his lips and apologized, according to a statement read Friday in court.

"He asked me, 'Why?' and I just said, 'I'm sorry,' " she told police in the statement. "I told him I was sorry and I loved him."

Winkler, a 32-year-old mother of three, gave the statement March 24, two days after prosecutors say she shot her 31-year-old husband, Matthew, in bed in the parsonage of Selmer's Fourth Street Church of Christ.

Winkler never admitted pointing the gun or pulling the trigger in the statement, taken after her arrest in Orange Beach, Alabama, hundreds of miles from the couple's home.

Winkler, who has been in jail since her arrest, was indicted last month on a single charge of premeditated murder to which she has pleaded not guilty.

She is asking a McNairy County judge to let her post bail and go free while she awaits trial in October. The judge, Weber McCraw, said he expected to announce his decision next week.

Friday's hearing, which unfolded like a mini-trial before a crowded courtroom, provided details of a crime that shocked this God-fearing community of 4,500 and offered the first hint of a possible motive. (Town looks for answers)

Several women, members of the Winklers' church, passed paper tissues as they sat in the courtroom's pew-like seats, dabbing tears from their eyes as Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agent Brent Booth read from Winkler's four-page statement.

Dressed in orange jail fatigues, Winkler sobbed as details of her husband's autopsy report was read.

Her husband died of a shotgun wound to the back that shattered his spine and the tore through his stomach and other organs. The 12-gauge shotgun was fired from above about 2.5 to 7 feet away, the report concluded.

According to testimony, Winkler's father would raise the bail money. A friend, Kathy Thompson, offered Winkler place to stay and arrangements have been made for her to work at a dry cleaner's in McMinnville, Tennessee, where the Winklers lived before coming to Selmer a year ago.

'A loud boom'
In her statement to police, Winkler said she and her husband had been married 10 years and had been having problems for the "past year, year and a half."

She told police she had an "uneasy feeling" after she put her children to bed March 21 and her husband "started ranting about problems he was having and personal feelings about the church administration."

She said he fell asleep and awoke the next morning when the alarm went off at about 6:45 a.m. From that point, her description of events resembles an out-of-body experience:

"I don't remember going to the closet and getting the gun," she told police. "The next thing I remember is hearing a loud boom," she said, adding that it wasn't as loud as she "thought it would be." Her husband rolled from the bed to the floor, she said.

"I saw some blood on the floor and some bleeding around his mouth. I went over and wiped his mouth off with a sheet," she said, according to the police report. Then, she said, "I went and ran."

"I was scared and sad and I wanted to get out of the house," she told police. She said she grabbed the children, but took no luggage, except for "an extra pair of socks for the baby."

She said she drove to the beach because she knew she would only have a little time to spend with her daughters -- Patricia, 8, Mary Alice, 6, and Breanna, 1.

Later, Winkler acknowledged her husband had been upset with her the previous evening because her "bad bookkeeping."

She said the couple was having financial trouble "and most of it was my fault." She said she had received a call from her bank that day.

'I was tired of it'
She told police her husband "had been really on me lately. He criticized me for things, the way I walked, what I eat -- everything." She said, "I was tired of it. I guess I just got to a point and snapped."

According to the detective's testimony, Mary Winkler had been moving money around in several checking accounts -- three in the couple's name and one in her name only.

Defense attorneys Steve Farese and Les Ballin Winkler maintain Winkler was a victim of a complex fraud scheme.

Members of the Fourth Street Church of Christ found Matthew Winkler's body after he didn't show up for Wednesday night church services.

Selmer police detective Roger Rickland testified that a phone in the master bedroom had been disconnected, but he could not say by whom.

The phone was found in the middle of the bedroom floor. The phone cord and jack, which had been disconnected from the wall, were tangled in blankets beneath his body.

Rickland said that bubbles of blood and saliva had formed around Matthew Winkler's mouth and nose.

Prosecutors argue those details provide circumstantial evidence of premeditated murder and could expose Winkler to the death penalty.

"Mary Carol Winkler left him alive, asking why," Assistant District Attorney Walt Freeland said.

Prosecutors have not said whether they will seek the death penalty. They do not have to give formal notice of their intentions until 30 days before the trial, currently scheduled for October 30.
Ap Friends,

Here's something to have a little fun with! Kinda of get away from the serious topics.

Can you think of any songs that talk about astral projection, out of body experiences?

First song that comes to mind is Ozzy Osbourne 'Over the Mountains' he talks about 'Astral Plane, I travel to'.

Lets have some fun and see what we are able to come up with!

Ap Friends,

Not that quantity is better than quality, but just as a curiosity how many obe's do you regularly have a month? What would you consider a good and bad month?

Just to get this started - been a great month for me and have had 12 experiences. Hope to sneak a few more in before June turns to July.

Ap Friends,

Anyone here notice any difference with dieting and trying to astral project? Last week, I tried the slim fast diet and had no luck with obe's (among working and driving all over the state), but never a less decided to change the diet a tad and nailed 4 projections today.

Ap Friends,

Just thought about this and wanted to find out from the forum how OBE's have helped you? Did it help with religion, spirituality, validation of life after death, making more $$, cure a sickness?

Please share and elaborate!

Ap Friends,

Just wanted to share this experience. Been having a excellent time projecting lately. Finally able to nail 8 experiences in one week, close to breaking my monthly record with obe's, found out who my guide is "Tiarek Muhefah" and slowly reaching higher levels.

Date: 6/18/2006
Time: 2:00am - 2:25am
Subject: Kaleidoscope Eyes (Akashic Records Begining of Time)

Went to bed a little before 2am, Awakened at 2:25am

Able to shift my intent and focus into the trance state, feeling
the vibrations.

Thanking God for giving me this opportunity I started singing
Glory of Love. Felt myself move upward and out of the body. Thought
at one time I would have the opportunity to look down at my physical

I was in blackness for awhile and decided to try what my friend said
next time to execute. This would help by moving into higher levels of
the astral by moving sideways and feeling love.

As I tried this technique I saw kiedascope view emerge in front of me. It almost looked as if it appeared as broken glass shattered and I was looking thru it at a scene.

Hearing a voice narrating me through this and the scene unfolded where I
saw a jungle, dinosaur's. I was able to move back and fourth into the scene and view it outside as on a screen. I asked some questions about the beginning of time and saw red orange rocks that looked to be boulders. I didn't feel any harm, negativity. I realized this could be remote viewing or accessing the akashic records.

I also asked about God and about that time the scene faded and I was looking outside the physical window with the design of outlines from the tree's outside.

Ap Friends,

Anyone here project on their b-days? Anything different then normal days at obe's?

Ap Friends,

For awhile now, as I do a lot of studying and research on the near death experience, I've noticed one important element. What about the people who encounter the NDE in a group. This could be from a car accident, fire, war battle etc.

Have there been any accounts with validation of both NDE experiencers of what they saw and accounted for. Just something on the tip of my mind that I started to wonder about. We hear the single case scenarios, but not dual.

Here's one I've been able to find and remarkable:

Thank You,

Ap Friends,

Every so often, I visit the NDE web site and is incredible compelling evidence and validations.

There is a forum within the site for NDE's and is interesting to read people's experiences.

What I like is that the web-master Kevin Williams has gone above and beyond to bring us this information along with the free E-Book "Nothing Better Than Death".

Take the time to visit and explore the site and also check out his book too!

Time: 10:30AM – 10:56AM
Subject: Reunion of Souls
Validations: II

Author: David A. Warner (Tvos)

Before I begin with the narration of the following experience, there's a history of events
which needs to be conveyed. It has been a year now since I've started back-up with
astral projection and my journey to spirituality has definitely brought me closer to
God and Christ. Many doors have opened that I thought not once was possible but are
now a reality. It was in 2005, I decided to ask God for a favor and to help me eliminate a
habit of socially drinking alcohol. Not that I drank everyday, or had problems, but mostly
to feel healthy, clarity and try a new spin on life with dieting. I started this journey on 1/1/2005
and to this day God has not let me down! (pretty cool eh!)

I didn't realize that this was a small step and that my out of body experiences would
start once again as to what I had lost in the past. On 4/27/2005, out of the blue the OBE
occurred and then days later again. I started to slowly realize after a few months of projecting
that for once I was clear minded, feeling healthy, and losing the weight. I decided to keep
pursuing the experiences and along with it old and new friends emerged that are treasure's.  
My energy level has grown, I'm driven once again and on a mission.

My web-site "InvisibleLight" is on-line based on my OBE journals since 1987, along with stats,
interviews, audio and video. I also started to feel the pull towards hospice spiritual work
with patients and will be training soon. Just alone, within this last year 2005 I've had
close to hundred out of body experiences, 13 validations,  exercised for 7 months straight
losing weight. Although, I must admit, I've developed love for ice cream along the way
and still have a hard time refraining from star bucks frapacino's...: ) Gotta thank the wife for
that one!

Most of all, I've realized that my work, energy, drive has helped many people. If it's listening
to people's problems, helping with a drug addiction, or mentoring about astral projection.  
This is how I've found my way to God, though the out of body experience.

Leading into this experience, I had no previous intent, knowledge,expectation of the
events that were to unfold. I was not expecting validations or even try to communicate
with my Grandma and Uncle Paul who've passed from the physical world into the astral.

When I returned from the astral to physical waking life,  I was speechless, in complete
awe, trembling of what just happened. Out of the thousands of experiences I've had
in the past, this is definitely climbing the charts.

Moving forward

Early that morning on 5/21/2006 I was up at 7:45AM because of Period End for work. I didn't
get back to bed until 9:30AM and as it seemed that every 20 minutes I would awake
looking at the bedroom clock and then drift back to sleep. My wake time was set for
1:00PM to begin work from home.  As I mentioned before in previous journals, a excellent
method towards achieving the obe is interupted sleep. With the alarm clock knowing ahead
of time that it would sound and concerned about over-sleeping, this was a recipe for
obe success.

First Experience

I became semi-conscious finding myself at my mom/dads house on their front lawn falling to the ground hitting the grass. It was dark, raining, and cold outside which I could see my mom at the front door behind the screen telling me to come in.

When I finally made it into the house, I noticed through at the screen door leading
out to the back yard deck my dog "Leroy Brown". At the time, it was still dark, raining and poor Leroy looked to be cold and completely drenched. I brought Leroy in and carried him  to the bath-tub. Turning on the faucets and testing the water I wanted to make sure that Leroy wouldn't
be hurt from the hot water but bring him warmth to his freezing body.

During this process, I couldn't recall exactly what was being said between Leroy and I. We were definitely communicating by mental telepathy, not by voice. Along in the bath-tub was a little girl in which I do not know where she came from. I didn't think to ask as my interest was focused solely on Leroy. As Leroy started to move around and giving me no problems with his bath, I took notice of his chest. I was seeing a small eye-lid open and close. Reasons, unknown I lifted my shirt to show Leroy that we are different in skin texture, type, and structure.

Second Experience

Then I awakened, still a little groggy talking with this woman on the right of me where I
resting on this bed. For a brief moment, I started to analyze my environment and reviewed
the episodes with Leroy and then falling onto the grass in front of my mom/dads house. I soon
realized that I was in the astral prior day dreaming in and out of consciousness. The woman to the right of me that I was talking with I immediately identified as my grandma. Tears filled our eyes with love, joy, laughter, and we embraced. I expressed to my grandma that I loved her dearly and missed her. As we hugged I gave her a kiss on the check and asked her if she was okay. My grandma replied "I am doing good and I've finally found peace". This statement my grandma had made, I believe and felt at the time has to do with her first marriage that ended in divorce with my biological grandfather. The peace that she had found was in forgiveness of what took place in her physical life.

My grandma expressed that my brother Brian should be helping Mom/Dad around the house a little more often then staying at his friends house dodging responsibility. At the present in the physical, my brother Brian's residency is  at my Mom/Dads house deciding his next move. My brother is currently on assignment through work in the Philippines for a few months. With my brother residing in another country, I think this is what my grandma was referring to by dodging responsibility.

The room that I was in appeared to take place in a attic with 1940's furniture. Inside the attic, there were chairs, bed, lamp shades, as if it was used for a home. The lights were not on but  clear enough to see. The floor was dusty and a window to the outside was noticeable.

Validation I

Interestingly, I was able to ask my grandma if I could focus on her and look at her aura. She didn't have any problems and remained still as I concentrated. As my sight remained clear  I was able to see the white light surround her upper body, around her head and shoulders. The aura was a beautiful color radiating energy that tapered off like smoke or of a flame. My grandma said to me "this is the color they gave me and I accept it for what it is" in a jovial tone.

I question my grandma while I was looking at this man in this chair asking her about uncle Paul who also passed. This man that was in the chair risen to his feet and it was my uncle Paul. Stunned
that I was and slapping myself, Paul and I embraced hugging one another. With deep expressionistic feelings towards my uncle, I cried with tears of joy and said  "I love you and dearly we miss you".  I was able to carry on a brief conversation with my uncle and asked "Do we survive physical death?" and in that moment I flashed back at my uncle's funeral and coffin then returning to the environment. My uncle confirmed to me that "we do survive physical death and that I am doing good".  

This was the first time that I had relived a memory in the astral while remaining in the
same environmental setting. Upon returning from that memory, the room was exact and nothing
had changed or was altered.

I could tell a difference between my grandma and uncle in the way they carried them shelves.  My grandma was a bubbly spirit and my uncle Paul was calm, relaxed and took his time to calculate his next move. My grandma appeared to be in her late 40's, blond hair, she was wearing a skirt and white dress shirt. My uncle I was around in his early 30's, hair gel or oily
and parted to the side little long in length. I can't remember exact specifics of what my uncle was wearing, but I know there were clothes on.

Turning back to my grandma, I asked about my step-grandfather Norm and if he was
present. I had a difficult time with what grandma communicating to me about Norm
due to my awareness was waining. The impressions that I received from grandma explaining about Norm is  that he was having a difficult time awaking out of the astral daydream or was elsewhere with activity. It could be a mix of the two, but this was the feeling and communication that was received.

Validation II

As I soon was able to maintain my awareness my grandma continued to explain about my step-grandfather "Norm". She pointed to this wooden box with a styled cut in the middle which lace  over-lapped this cut into the wood. At the top of the box  around the lace was a green symbol or circular object possibly representing Norm. The box itself was made out of wood, and the dimension size was roughly 3" width, 5" length and 5" height. The texture of the wood appeared to be mahogany. I lost my awareness and awakened to physical  and felt the transition back into my body aligning along with faint vibrations.

Summary (Validations)

When I returned to physical waking life the experience hit me all at once. I was excited,  trembling, and fearful of losing the data. After the experience was penned to paper, I was able to rest, let it sink in and asorb of what just happened. I called my sister Laurie over the phone and we conversed. My sister said that the box was gift from Grandma and in her physical waking life she would always give gifts to family and friends showing that she cared.

If I look at a object, person, or animal with my physical eyes I'm able to see energy, the
aura around the source. Mostly, what I am able to view at times is a clear pale white
color illuminating the object. Other times, the color is a vibrant florescent white mixed
with blue crescent glow. Comparing the physical and astral sight, I was able to validate
the aura consistency with my grandma.

I was able to communicate with my Aunt Barbara and conveyed my experiences with OBE
since 1987 and this projection. My aunt shared with me that my grandma gave small gifts
from home or purchased from the store. The size of the gift and monatary value was not big
or expensive, but to show her love and that she cared. My aunt also confirmed that uncle
Paul in his 30's would wear his hair to the side and at length.

Final Note

The information on this experience that has been presented is consistent with validatation
of the physical and astral. My belief is that there is no doubt in my mind that "we" were able to
make contact with the help from God and that this was a re-union of souls.
Ap Friends,

Well, the dry spell is definitely over (about time) - so far this last week I've had three obe's.  The obe last night was a dizzy - I floated over to a street light pole and passed my hand through it. As it disappeared into the pole I felt the vibrations and when my hand re-appeared the vibes stopped. I did this a few other times to test and make sure that this was exact and it was.

Anyone here ever felt this before?

Ap Friends,

I started to question the stages of REM sleep with astral projection. I wanted for clarification exactly when does REM sleep occur.

My question is that can REM occur within the first 15-30mins of sleep and bring on the out of body experience? As I've read on-line on research states that REM starts within 70-90 minutes after the physical body has traveled through stages 1,2,3,4 to get to stage 5(rem sleep). If this indeed is where lucid dreaming occurs and science associates obe activity in stage 5, so what do you label someone being able to fully conscious project within 15-30mins.

Also someone that is sleeping through out the night. Gets up to goto the bathroom, raid the fridge for a midnight snack then heads back to bed and experiences the obe within 10mins of sleeping. Would this be considered the first stage or 5th stage (rem sleep).

Your input is welcome.

Ap Friends,

Been kicking around the idea of putting together a obe conference where everyone can get together, have some guest speakers (me. j/k) and organize this in a 3 day weekend.

I'm thinking in Chicago, IL where everyone could pitch in a hall or room could be rented out for this event. Maybe there could be groups people communicate to one another, meet and greet. Discuss obe's, consciousness etc.. Follow some kinda of itinary.

Any ideas about this and who would be interested?

Ap Friends,

I know that there's been discussion on this specific topic but wanted
to re-address this.

For many years now that I've been projecting I always feel, take notice of the sensations that arise when I'm returning back to my physical body. I feel the emptiness of the physical filling it with my astral. Also, the alignment of the body coming back into the physical. The feelings and sensations just upon awakening is a tingly feeling, maybe light in vibrations.

I start to question this and wonder if its the physical body coming out of the cataleptic state and bringing movement back to the physical limbs and body.

The one thing that puzzles me is when I'm vibrating, I can sense and feel my astral body spinning around in circles at incredible rate of speed. This is just not an imagination, or visualization - its definitely a tangible feeling.

I know from the past there's been a few times I would have abruptly waken out of the astral to the physical state because of some noise. So that is to be questioned too.

A few days ago I was able to finally break my dry spell and project. In doing so, I had a eye pillow over my eyes to block light. I can remember at times that I had a tough time seeing in the astral. My reason is to believe that when we do project our physical eyes open at times in conjunction with the astral as well.

Your ideas and opinions are welcomed.

Ap Friends,

What do you or how do you tell your children about your Out Of Body experiences?

Ap Friends,

Just thought about this and wondered if during the OBE and exploring the astral that you've come across a circumstance, situation or time that you swore. Anything of interest like lightning striking you down, being pulled back, dark entity or nothing happening?

Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Dry Spell
April 21, 2006, 01:12:37
Ap Friends,

For this last year now, I've projected 7-12 times a month w/o fail. A few dry spells here and there, but lately I don't know what is up!

First month of April I was sick for 1 week and recovered the second, but ready to obe. Going into the third week, I question. Not like I'm not trying but to me this is weird. I know after I write this tonight I will project, but I wanted to find out from you folks that are regular projectionists whats the longest dry spell.

Ap Friends,

Many times when I have trouble falling a sleep, or (try) entering the  hypnogogic state I will create a scene, act of sexual fantasy with one or more occupants.

I started to think about this today on my drive to work and started to realize what is the difference. I use this as my ability to enter the trance state and experience the OBE through guided illusion of sexual fantasy. But how to recognize at a specific level I'm anchored into the mind-awake body asleep state that will give me the green light to project.

I am thinking if I can incorporate this method, imagine how many obe's that could be triggered and to help others. Its one thing to wait for about 15-20mins and wake back up into the trance state, but using this as a guided tour might just make it easier.

Your thoughts are welcomed.

Ap Friends,

If you take the time out and go back to the day that you came across OBE - how did you react, what was the reason why you wanted to learn, did you think that this would take you this far years down the road. Did you really understand that with these experiences, how you could help change and love the physical/astral worlds?

What was your true prime-moving force behind to project? How did it really change your life and have helped others?

AP Friends,

I work in a old factor which was built around 1861 in Grand Haven Michigan. The factory has gone through many updates, changes though
its time. Just last week Friday 3/31/2006 as I was locking up the office I heard a voice. I basically shrugged it off and went on with my affairs, but as I walked down the steps I heard another voice. Now, about this time I was starting to become a little nervous (since I was walking in darkness down a long winding steps).

Flash forward to 4/5/2006 I had asked my wife to wake me up at 1:45PM so I could start getting ready for work. At 1:45PM I hear my wife's voice "Get Up" or "Wake Up" and I immediately awakened. When I traveled to the bathroom I said to my wife "Thank You" for waking me. She looked at me puzzled and said " I didn't say anything " - I then replied back to her I must be hearing things again.

Anyways, from these three experiences I start to wonder that the more I project, is it possible to tune into the astral and hear the voices. Has anyone ever noticed this in their experiences?

Ap Friends,

Just recently, I've had the opportunity to listen to Elisabeth Kubler Ross audio book 'Wheel of Life' and its absolutely beautiful. What she has done for the community of Near Death, Death/Dying, OBE's along with field work with Robert Monroe.

I strongly suggest this highly reading from the her life story, how she became involved in the field research death and dying, along with her out of body experiences at The Monroe Institute.

Its nice to see a doctor who moved and touched the world to see the light, love in a dying patient and experiences beyond this life.

Does anyone know how long Ross worked with Monroe at TMI?

Ap Friends,

Noticed this CNN post and decided to add this start a new thread.

Still this doesn't prove if NDE or OBE isn't valid. What about the validations of patients that can report precise conditions of their environment. What about your validations - how far do they measure up to this.

Ap Friends,

Ever since (1987) when I started to project, I've been able to see luminous glow around my hand, body, people, objects etc.. It seems favorable in a setting where I'm in my car and its night under parking lights or florescent.

I'm able to see a mist-outline of my hand slowly drift back into my physical hand. At times, when I'm in a interview or at church I will stare at the person and the energy will just pop out from them.

Its as if I'm looking at the individual or object, but past them. Kinda of like the histograms where the image is embedded in the background.

Has anyone noticed this when they started projecting and how do I develop this further to see the actual colors of the aura?

Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Rush
March 14, 2006, 01:38:53
Ap Friends,

Every time that I project, I seem to be always in a hurry, a rush to asorb everything around me before I get pulled back. Is it me or would this be the same for everyone too?

I'd love to have a projection where I could just relax, breath, smell the roses, sit on a park bench, watching everything around me unfold. Is this too much to ask?

It seems sometimes in my projections, the experience will go on for a long time and I request myself and when I finally do wake - I could kick myself.

Hello AP Friends!

Finally, decided to breakdown my OBE experiences by weekday and time to share with the group. To get a better idea where I stand and now I can focus on specific days and times.

Please post your stats too - definitely interested in seeing other people's obe stats.

WeekDay Statistics   Sub-Total
Sunday   8
Monday   10
Tuesday   7
Wednesday   5
Thursday   9
Friday   11
Saturday   3
Total   53
Time Statistics   Sub-Total
12:00 AM - 12:59 AM   0
1:00 AM - 1:59 AM   0
2:00 AM - 2:59 AM   2
3:00 AM - 3:59 AM   9
4:00 AM - 4:59 AM   1
5:00 AM - 5:59 AM   4
6:00 AM - 6:59 AM   1
7:00 AM - 7:59 AM   0
8:00 AM - 8:59 AM   5
9:00 AM - 9:59 AM   6
10:00 AM - 10:59 AM   8
11:00 AM - 11:59 AM   9
Total   45
12:00 PM - 12:59 PM   8
1:00 PM - 1:59 PM   2
2:00 PM - 2:59 PM   0
3:00 PM - 3:59 PM   0
4:00 PM - 4:59 PM   2
5:00 PM - 5:59 PM   0
6:00 PM - 6:59 PM   0
7:00 PM - 7:59 PM   1
8:00 PM - 8:59 PM   1
9:00 PM - 9:59 PM   0
10:00 PM - 10:59 PM   0
11:00 PM - 11:59 PM   0
Total   14

12:00 PM - 12:59 PM      8
1:00 PM - 1:59 PM      2
2:00 PM - 2:59 PM      0
3:00 PM - 3:59 PM      0
4:00 PM - 4:59 PM      2
5:00 PM - 5:59 PM      0
6:00 PM - 6:59 PM      0
7:00 PM - 7:59 PM      1
8:00 PM - 8:59 PM      1
9:00 PM - 9:59 PM      0
10:00 PM - 10:59 PM      0
11:00 PM - 11:59 PM      0
Total   14

Ap Friends,

Lately, I've been reading a lot on near death experiences and wanted to share a real interesting forum that has just started out. Some of the stories are absolute incredible.

The interesting common occurrences to the NDE is that people see their bodies, merge into the light, feel love, no judgment, beauty, warmth.

What I really find interesting is that these NDE's and how they compare to OBE's except minus the pain. Wouldn't you think if someone has been dead for over 30mins to a 1hr and come back a complete source of validation.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Magic Crystal Ball
March 10, 2006, 18:22:51
Ap Friends,

Thought I would share - each time I've tried this, the picture is correct! Interesting programming here!

Ap Friends,

Just trying to get an estimate how many people here have tracked there projections yearly. I know its not about quantity, but it would be good to see the results. Also, might help other people along the way too!

I'll start - 4/27/05 - 3/10/2006 - I have projected 75 times.
Best times are definitely in the morning.

Ap Friends,

Awhile back, I was reading the book 'Saved by the light' by Dannion Brinkley was touched, impressed, and captured by his spirit. Weeks later, I started to feel the pull of possibly contributing my knowledge, experiences to hospice bedside relief.

Anyone here stop to think that with our abilities to project, how we can help those here still on earth. Sharing our experiences, journals, validations, energy work, phasing, research and study of the out of body exploration with the patient in passing could make a difference?

I like to hear what people have done with their abilities, contributions, and how they started out in the process to heal.

Thank You,

Ap Friends,

At the present, I am now open for business with my web site!


Sorry for the 4 month delay, but due to time, work, projecting, family life I decided to take the natural route "when the site gets done!"

Anyways, what you will find on this web site, I am not sure if any other oobe author or writer has gone to the extent of what I've done. Guess, I am trying to give the world my best!

Journal Note section is roughly 3 megs of text spanning years 1987 - 1997. You will also find a very helpful F.A.Q file about "Me" and the out of body experience.

Years 2005 to present there is 500megs, roughly 7hrs of voice oobe narration in mp3 format for you to download and listen too. New oobe narrations are updated regularly.

The statistic section shows almost a good year of data from 4/2005 to present of my oobe stats. You can find the detailed tracking and up to date information on the following:

Verification Statistics
Projection Statistics
Food & Sleep Statistics
Exercise Log

In the audio/video section I was lucky three times to video tape and capture the facial and physical body expressions during the oobe while sleeping. It wasn't easy and took many years to achieve, but well worth the time invested.

Along with the audio part, next Monday, a excellent in-depth interview discussion with my friend Ralph V. We cover discussions on religion, spirituality, and the out of body experience. I had the opportunity to spend many hours with Ralph in a interview to discuss the positive use of dreams / oobe used as a legitimate Christian tool.

And of course, who can forget the resources - web link section. Definitely check out my friend Michael (Mendel) web site. So much excellent information on soul retrievals, oobe's and a great person.

Not too mention Dannion Brinkley, Anne Varnes, and of course, Robert Bruce.

Now, for the fun part - to release the web site and have the public stress test it..:) If you find ANY problems, spelling errors,grammer on the main web site ( except the journals) please let me know so I can correct. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Email me at Info@InvisibleLight.Us for the ID/PASS to enter into the site.

Enjoy, and Thank You for your support, patience, and putting up with me...:)

The Voice Of Silence
Ap Friends,

For the last year now, I've been tracking data on times, food intake, exercise, validations, dates on projections. Anyone here do the same and have you noticed anything in regards to high and low points of these events?

Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Dream Justice
February 10, 2006, 20:23:57
Ap Friends,

Here's an article that I was reading today in CNN. Most of you probably have already seen this but thought it would be a great topic for discussion. It definitely reminds me of the movie "Ghost" and how at the end justice is served. Definitely makes you wonder!

More than five years ago, Rod Spraggins made a sensational charge at a candidate forum, publicly accusing a political opponent of murder with nothing to back up the allegation except, it turns out, a vision.

Now police say Spraggins was right.

Barry Waites, Spraggins' opponent in the 2000 race for Lanett City Council, was arrested this week on murder charges in the 1998 slaying of his wife, who was found dead in their split-level home in this sleepy town of 8,000 along the Georgia line.

In 2002, Spraggins, a bail bondsman, stunned a crowd of 100 when he accused Waites of killing his wife and dared the man to sue him for slander if he was wrong.

Waites was not at the forum, never responded publicly to the accusation and never sued.

In an otherwordly turn to the saga Friday, Spraggins disclosed that he never had any evidence to make the accusation and that it was based entirely on Mrs. Waites' appearing to him in a series of dreams.

"She started appearing to me within the first weeks of her death," said Spraggins, adding that the dreams prompted him to enter the City Council race for the sole purpose of making the accusation.

Both he and Waites lost their bids for the City Council amid the controversy, but Spraggins said he got what he wanted in the end.

"I hate it for his family. ... I hate it for Charlotte's family. But I'm glad justice is finally going to be served," he said in a telephone interview.

Waites, 58, was arrested Thursday at a clothing store he runs with his current wife. He was jailed on $150,000 bail. It was not immediately known whether he had hired a lawyer.

Police Chief Ron Docimo would not comment on exactly what led to the arrest, saying only that it was a "culmination of years of following up on leads and tips."

Waites was serving as interim mayor when 49-year-old Charlotte Waites was found strangled and with a blow to the head.

The victim's brother, Gene Brown, said police told him within a week of the slaying that Waites was the prime suspect.

Brown said that the couple had numerous financial problems during their 28-year marriage and that he believes an argument over money resulted in her death.

In 2002, Waites was sentenced to six months in jail after pleading guilty in an ethics case that was uncovered during an investigation of his wife's killing. He admitted taking money from a National Guard armory where he worked.

Brown credited Spraggins with keeping up public pressure on police to solve the murder case.

"Rod had it pegged from the beginning," Brown said. "I had doubts about his methods. But he's got guts."


The few things that I would like to point out are:

1. For all we know that this Spraggins could have witnessed this or been in on it for $$ Also, someone could have said something that clicked with Spraggins to make the call.

2. If this is 100% legit - cool and justice is definitely served! Something that has tangible proof and people will recognize this as a *positive* message from the dream/oobe state.

You be the judge! - Lets just hope we don't hear a revision to this story that changes the truth..:)

AP Friends,

I started to work on a F.A.Q for my web site and came across a interested topic I wanted to share. In my experiences, I've never been presented with a life/death situration. So far to my knowledge there has not been any reports of someone dying because of an attempt to project.

Can anyone support this claim? I know if someone dies, it will be a challenge to find out if it was because of oobe, but maybe someone out there might have had a brush or thought they could have.

Please advise.

Thank You,

Ap Friends,

For awhile now, I've been keeping track of my projections, validations, food intake, exercise in an excel spreadsheet. Also, with recording of mp3 format for my journals. I find it extremely use full to record this information down and have it accessible. Now, as the picture starts to become clearer I can pin point my best times at projecting, concrete validations, and track precisely w/o guess work.

Before I begin, this will be a lengthy post on my validations for your review. None of these experiences were edited, changed, or evidence contaminated of information known ahead of time.

I highly advice the beginner to professional to record journals and track into excel. This has became a road map to success and hopefully we can learn from each other.

Anyways, enough of me yapping. Here are the present stats of my projections for the last 9 months. I wanted to show this because of the work involved, energy, and not just a random event with projections and validations.

Start Projection Date: 4/27/2005
Last Present Projection Date: 1/20/2006

Lucid Dream to Astral Projection: 13
False Awakening: 7
Conscious Astral Projection: 45
Favorable Projection Time: 10am-12pm
1-2 experiences per week.
7 Projections per month Average
December was my highest mark in 12 projections

Now, onto validations.... - the good stuff!!

Validation 1

Validation 2

Was at my mom/dads house in the astral trying to view playing cards on the front/back door. My brother was there cooking on the gril and it was raining outside during the oobe experience.

Back in the physical the cards were not correct. I did not know the weather forecast ahead of time. During that day and to the night it rained and my brother also had cooked on the grill.

Validation 3

Was able to see my mom during the astral projection experience and find her in the hospital. That night my mom was admitted to the hospital for breathing conditions.

Validation 4

Leaving the body and hearing my dog Leroy Brown barking, minutes later returning Leroy started barking.

Validation 5
1/2 Validation

Was out of body validating the playing cards again. This time I saw in the astral King of Diamonds/Queen of Hearts (Red Color)  and in the physical were 4 of Diamonds (Red Color). The color and the diamond were correct, but not the suit.

Validation 6

Was in trance state - my wife Katie opened the door to the bedroom walked up to me where I was resting . She looked down at me and climbed into bed while we held each other. Finally, after 5-10 seconds I snapped out of the trance state and I was back in the physical. My wife Katie entered the bedroom, walked up to me, said something and climbed into bed.  During this time I had to pinch myself and ask my wife to slap me in the face to make sure that I was awake.

Validation 7

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 4:54 pm  
this last week I've been doing technical consulting for Sams club stores in Michigan and it definitely rubbed off in this morning projection.. guess this is the reason why I project..:)

I was in the oobe state at the Sams club store lurking around. This manager came up to me and we definitely were at ends with each other. After he walked away, with the use of my hands I created a motion like I had some magical power which I was able to pull down his pants in front of the employees/customers....

Anyways, this is interesting to look forward too because I have one more store to do this upcoming Monday in Battle Creek, MI. So I question if this could be a precognitive experience.. its happened many times before... - tune in Monday night for the update..:) (just hope that I don't pull his pants down in real life)!!!


Posted 1/23/2006  Today at 8:10 pm

Ap Friends,

Well, I figured that I would post this tid-bit of validation on my AP experience. I'll also post my validations I've been keeping track on in one post. Look for it in the experience forum!

I went to the Sams Club store to hence-fourth with the work. The manager there was not what was described in the experience and nor did I pull his pants down. I'm sure that would have looked beautiful in the eyes of the client..:)

Later on when I arrived at my second job, into a few hours working a co-worker came up to me and started talking. She asked "Does it look like my pants are lose". I replied back "No, they look fine why" and she explained that her pants felt as if they were falling down. I laughed with her about this and became a little numb. Coincidence? I doubt it!

Now, at that time a printer technician from Xerox arrived at our office and was working on faulty printer in our area. Well, the technician had brown hair, medium built, young age and was well groomed. This is the same what I saw in the astral but the details to be exact of facial features were sketchy. - I asked the technician if he ever worked at Sams Club or Costco and he replied never, but have been into the Sams club store as a customer..... again...Coincidence?

What is interesting is the following:

1. Connection with the manager's pants falling down and my co-worker
2. The printer technician with physical attributes seen in the astral
3. The date that this fell on - It was Friday that I had the projection and the store that I setup was today and the final store. Any other day I pro bally would have discredited to validation

4. The printer technician being a customer at Sams club.

Hope this information is helpfull!

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Members Pictures
January 20, 2006, 21:38:24
Ap Friends,

I noticed a previous thread that was rather old (couple years back) on members photo's. So it would be good to have a clean start and get everyone involved.

Enjoy and have fun!!

Ap Friends,

Just thought I would throw this out here. Probally been already discussed to death but would be good to reprise.

What mostly attracts you to the OBE? Is it the fun, challenge, sneaking into the womans/mens locker room, or soul retrievals. Experimentation, validation of life after death.....

I for myself - soul retrieval, raising my consciousness to the mental planes and of course - validations..

Please advise..

Time: Unknown
The Surrender Of Dorothy

Note: Even though this isn't a Astral Projection there are a few elements that reflect in it's nature.  

The memory at the time is a little hazel so I'll try to make the best detail of the experience I'm about to tell.

It all started in a dream where I found myself in a mansion of some sort with a long hallway. With many beautiful paintings on the wall, antique chairs aligned by the doors, and carved sculptured heads made from rock also reside in this hallway.  There were a few people in this hallway also at the time of my viewing.

The two people I recognized was the Wicked Witch Of The West and Dorothy Gail. These two people are characters in the ever famous children's story 'The Wizard Of Oz' created by Frank Baume.  

From what I could remember  is that Dorothy was trying to get away from the wicked witch and running down the hallway desperately towards me for help.   I then looked at Dorothy and saw the witch behind here about 10-15 feet away. Pushing Dorothy back to the wicked witch.  Imediately the witch nigger sacked dorothy down to the ground and covered her whole like a blanket.  The wicked witch then took Dorothy's ruby slippers!!

When the wicked witch and Dorothy finally got back on their feet, there was a change in facila features and body structure.  Dorothy no longer had the pretty facial features, but instead became the witch and the same in reverse became of the wicked witch.  When I looked at the real wicked witch who is now dorothy, I could see a interlaced white misty image of the wicked witch.  I was seeing a pretty young woman with redhair, round checkbone, frekles on the face, but also at the same time there was a faint image interlaced inside of her showing a greenish wicked witch.

I believe that I was seeing the real soul of the wicked witch even though she became Dorothy in disguise.  I didn't have the chance to examine Dorothy who turned into the wicked witch due to losing touch with the dream fading from my view.
Ap Friends,

Early this morning I dreamt of 'Stanley Tookie Williams' the inmate who was sentenced to death on 12/13/2005 for killing four people back in the late 70's. I did pay attention to this in the newspaper, did have a little effect on me on the moral issue of life/death. I do feel inside that there was definite contact between us in the dream.

The full CNN story is located at this url:

Brief History:
Williams was sentenced to death in 1981 in the killing of Owens, a 26-year-old Los Angeles convenience store clerk. The clerk was shot twice in the back with a 12-gauge shotgun while face-down on the floor.

Less than two weeks after Owens' February 1979 slaying, jurors concluded, Williams killed an immigrant Chinese couple and their 41-year-old daughter while stealing less than $100 in cash from their motel. Robert Martin, one of the prosecutors who sent Williams to prison, said the courts "have scrutinized this from every angle and they've found that the evidence is rock solid."


Subject: Stanley Tookie Williams
Time: 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

We were in a taxi cab on our way to somewhere. I asked him to open up to me about his troubled past. He was hesitant and didn't really want to talk. I challenged him to a arm wrestle saying if I win we would talk, but if he wins he has to answer one question.. How fair is that!

Stanley's arms were gigantic, size of my head. I knew for sure that I would lose but I did win. So I asked him about how he felt -- still hesitant. I told him that at least you changed your ways from the past and learned to be closer to God. This would definitely be a retrieval, contact and helping the deceased death row inmate that was executed 12/13/2005.

Thank You,

Ap Friends,

Another interesting topic to discuss for weeks..:)

Imagine leaving your body and going into houses on Christmas morning to verify people's gifts, x-mas decor, food. I think this would be a interesting validation to attempt on Dec 25th-2005.

Anyone ever tried playing astral projectionist Santa Claus on Christmas day? Sure we can project at other times, but maybe during this course in time, spirits, loved ones who've passed might be more present to celebrate the earthly joy which will be easier to make contact.