"Guardian" are you here???

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Originally posted by Blackstream

Seeing as it's been almost 6 months SD since the start of this post, I'm pretty sure they've either set off to their seperate ways, or have become best pals by now ;)

Or she's been cooked alive in a stew pot and he's eaten her.


Well I know that didn't happen because of her Baby post where she changed the title to "Ranting teen boy has taken this over, please ignore" where she asked everyone that was psychic to tell her stuff about if she should have a baby or not.
There is no spoon


I wake up depressed after having a reoccurring nightmare but go to work anyway.
Once there, I am approached by an immense, bald, scary looking black man.
"Let me ask you a question..."
He begins to describe my nightmare in detail then tells me how to make it go away.
"Let me ask you another question"
He describes my out of body experiences, including places I've gone and things I've seen.
By this time the blood has drained from my face, I'm covered in goosebumps and can only whisper "Who are you?"
He hands me a plain white business card reading "Guardian."
It has a phone number on it. It sits on my living room table now.
I'm curious but afraid to call it. I don't mean to come off all paranoid but what if he's government or military?
So I asked him to meet me here.
Sorry for leading him to this site, but for all I know he may have found me from this site in the first place.

Guardian, are you here?