astral void

What’s the “blackness” in the “3D blackness”

I just read a post on World of Lucid Dreaming, where the poster mentioned that they couldn’t get to the 3D blackness in a lit room.

Well, the 3D “blackness” doesn’t LITERALLY mean “blackness”. It just means… “empty space”. Or a lack of visual sensory input.

Does that help?
Here’s a quick exercise you can do to show the effect…
Stand in front of a mirror and pick a spot on your face and just stare at it. Try to not blink or move your eyes from that spot. What are you looking for? Well, as you stare at the unchanging visual, you’ll begin to see irregularities happen. Things will appear and disappear… things will move and bend…
THIS effect is the what the 3D blackness is. Basically, when you view an unchanging scene, your mind will begin to slowly shut off your visual perception. That’s the very event which you’re watching when you do this… this is part of the reason why we blink, it “resets” the scene we’re looking at. When we “enter” the “3D blackness”, all that means is that our visual sensory input has been reduced to near zero.
At that point, we’ve visually removed ourselves from “seeing” this physical reality and you’re now “seeing” a different non-reality reality. You’re seeing the lack of visuals. It’s kind of the same as the sound you hear when there’s no sound to hear… you’re ALWAYS hearing something. Well, you’re also always SEEING something. That’s what you see when there’s nothing to see… 3D Blackness. It’s calming and serene.
It’s really a different state of consciousness. It’s a state of consciousness you can use to project from too!