Why am I Not Enlightened Yet? – Rupert Spira

Bob Hiller (on facebook) posted a really great video from a guy named Rupert Spira. I\’ve never heard of this guy until now, but I think I\’m definitely going to be giving his videos a good listen to! This one is entitled \”Why am I Not Enlightened Yet?\”. A woman asked him this question, and the response is just absolutely fantastic and enlightening in itself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

Tom Campbell – Boston Forum Get Together video

This is a video created during the most recent My Big Toe Forum get-together held in Boston earlier this year.
It\’s a four parter, each roughly an hour long… the first video, if you listen to it all, will give you the basics you to learn to project. Very well done.. great questions, better answers!

I highly encourage you to listen/watch all four of these videos. They\’re absolutely full of THE BEST information on the subject you\’ll ever find.

A Smile for Christmas!

I just stumbled upon this video looking over some TMI blog… and it was titled as such as well.  It really has very little, if anything to do with Astral Projection, other than the message that it conveys… but, I felt it was worth linking here.  🙂

Always remember to SMILE!! 🙂
Merry Christmas! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Exploration 27 and the Healing/Regeneration Center

This is a video I just stumbled upon from TMI, hosted by Skip Atwater, the current President of TMI. He\’s explaining Focus 27 and the Healing/Regeneration Center. It\’s a pretty good video. It\’s a 5 parter, each following part you can access at the end of the previous one. So just keep clicking through them and watch. 🙂

I found Parts 4 and 5 particularly interesting.
Part 4 he talks about Focus 33, which really sounds like the creative area where one can make their own \”ANYTHING\”. In some cases, people report creating for themselves a little home to go to for when they physically die. This Focus 33 sounds like that area… I believe it would be in Focus 3 oC in Franks model.

Part 5 has some interesting charts showing some rather interesting statistics they found. Focus upon the Illness and Drug related ones. 🙂


Coast to Coast – William Buhlman

I\’ve been reading William Buhlman\’s book \”Adventures Beyond The Body\” and I\’m finding it relatively fascinating.
I remember listening to this Coast to Coast interview with him, but I didn\’t really make many connections or remember it much… so I\’m going to be listening to it again, now that I have a better understanding of him and his experiences.

Anyways, I thought I\’d share it here too for everyone:


Link to a continuous playlist.

I hope you enjoy it.

Coast to Coast Interview – Albert Taylor

I read a book called Soul Traveler written by Albert Taylor.  Very good book on Astral Projection.
This is an interview that he did on Coast to Coast.


It\’s a multi-parter. 🙂
I hope you enjoy.

This is a direct link to the play list so you can watch all the parts uninterrupted.

In part 4, he describes the Vibrations very well and what they mean to him.  I\’m in agreement with it.

Wednesday with Robert Monroe

I stumbled upon this video one day while doing random searches on youtube regarding OBE\’s.
I know a good number of you have probably already seen these… but I\’ll share this anyways.


If you attended the Gateway Voyage residential program at The Monroe Institute in the last 10 to 15 years, you missed the evening talks with Bob Monroe. Prior to his death in 1995, Bob talked with Gateway Voyage participants on Saturday evenings, their first night at the Institute, and on Wednesday evenings after they had experienced the exploration of Focus 21, a bridge to other realities. Wednesdays talks were particularly precious to participants as they had experienced for themselves by that time the very realms Bob spoke of during those Wednesday evening discussions.

Here is a collection of nine clips that together constitute one of Bob Monroe\’s Wednesday night talks in 1990. Bob didn\’t like to be filmed, so we are fortunate to still have this classic footage.

Robert Monroe puts forth a lot of very interesting notions through all the segments of this video.
I hope you enjoy.