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My Free 60 Page Book, “My Astral Projection Truth”, What is Astral Projection and How to do it!

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My Astral Projection Truth: What is Astral Projection and How to do it!

I just finished editing version three of my free Book! It’s now ready for downloading!

I’ve also re-branded it in honor of Frank Kepple, who put in so much time and effort into teaching others to experience the larger reality. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have progressed as much as I have.

It’s now “My Astral Projection Truth: What is Astral Projection and How to do it!

This Book represents everything I’ve learned over my life, but mostly the last 2 – 3 years of my practices in Projection and Phasing. It’s now a 60 page Book full of great information regarding how you can begin to explore the furthest reaches of reality on your own! All the information I provide in it was the same information that helped propel me towards the experiences I now enjoy.

Feel free to pass it around to where ever you wish, as long as the information remains intact and all credit is given where due.  I hope the information helps you as much as it has helped me.

Thanks for reading! Please leave me some feedback on how you like the Book, and if there was any parts of it that are unclear or confusing. I’m happy to re-write sections to make them easier to understand.

My Life… My Lesson…

Ever since I was a young teenager, I could never shake this notion that for some reason I probably wasn\’t going to make it out of my 30\’s. I didn\’t know where this information came from or why it was coming to me. Now, after 20 years of having this idea floating around in my mind, I finally realize where it was coming from and what means.

First I thought it was about dying. For one reason or another I thought I wouldn\’t make it through my 30\’s to see my 40\’s. However, now that I look back on everything I\’ve experienced over the last couple years… I look back on the transformations that have occurred in my life, I realize exactly what this \”feeling\” was all about. It wasn\’t about me dying… nothing could have been further from the truth. Just like the \”Death\” card in a Tarot deck symbolizes \”change\”, so too did this lifelong feeling I had. It was a note to myself that my 30\’s was when I\’d be changing, when I\’d be transforming. Forever changing how I not only viewed reality, but how reality viewed me.

My view on this world is so much different than it was a few years ago. I see a lot more of the good in the world. I\’ve changed in ways I can\’t even articulate, yet I know that it\’s a fundamental shift in what \”I am\”.

I think I\’ve finally learned that I really know nothing at all. LoL

Another example of Reality Fluctuations in an Astral Projection

I was thinking about other ways to describe how reality fluctuations happen.

Your connection to the non-physical is akin to you wearing a headset listening to music in this physical reality. The music you\’re listening to can really only be heard/experienced by yourself. Depending upon how loud you have your music, what happens when you cross paths with someone else here, say while walking down the street? They might be able to hear your music playing, they might not be able to make much sense of it, but they can definitely hear it. What have you just done? You\’ve affected their reality and changed it to include something that wasn\’t originally part of their reality.

This is, I believe, the nature of reality fluctuations. Except with the non-physical, we\’re not talking about music, we\’re talking about consciousness and the music I\’m referring to is the music of creation we each participate in while we\’re experiencing the non-physical.

Say you project into a reality frame which takes the form of your bedroom/house. There might be another consciousness \”nearby\”, which you will then begin to pickup their consciousness changes occurring, which will alter your reality ever so slightly depending upon how strong the fuel (emotions/Intent/etc) behind that consciousness is.

You CAN control these fluctuations from occurring though. In the same manner which we project by ignoring the physical, you too, can ignore \”other\” consciousnesses from affecting your reality by ignoring that particular energy.

There are probably some holes in this concept, but for the most part, this is how I perceive it occurring. Would anyone wish to further discuss this? Please leave a comment here or on facebook. 🙂

Astral Projection Labeling Our Experiences

I’ve made Astral Projection posts of this nature in the past, but as I’ve re-read them, they’ve seemed confusing, even to myself! And I wrote them! LOL

So I wanted to see if I couldn’t clarify things further.

I want to explain why “labeling” your experience in an attempt to categorize and define them is a bad idea, especially when you’re just starting out.

When I first started attempting to explore the non-physical, 10+ years ago, I had terms like “out of body experience”, “astral projection”, “lucid dream” and more all knocking around my skull. The only experience I had originally known about were lucid dreams, as I’ve been having those for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until I really started putting the puzzle pieces together within the last 2 – 3 years that I figured out the actual nature of those experiences.

I found that there is one constant, one commonality, that linked all of these, supposedly, separate experiences/labels… dreams, lucid dreams, astral projections, out of body experiences, false awakenings, etc… there is one factor which everyone seems to completely ignore: YOU. Well, more to the point, Consciousness! Because you ARE consciousness. This is why these experiences all feel “different” and “separate”, because the “YOU” is different in each case.

YOU are the label. YOU are the definition.

How did I figure this out? What experiences did I have which gave me this conclusion? I have directly experienced the full spectrum of, what I can only describe as, “levels of awareness” within a single non-physical experience. I have started an experience with a dream awareness (normal dream), then become lucidly aware (lucid dream), then initiated a technique and brought forth my full waking awareness bringing me to an astral awareness (full astral projection). “Awareness”, to me, is a point along this spectrum. At each “level”, it feels like a different and completely separate experience. I can completely understand why people feel this way, but these aren’t experiences which you “have”… they’re experiences which you “are”. There is a vast difference between those two statements.

That spectrum looks kind of like this:

(Keep in mind that these are MY metaphors… MY labels. But I ask you to try and identify these labels in comparison to the ones you use. I try to make the comparison as obvious as I can using words and terms which people “mostly” agree upon. LoL)

“Dream Awareness” …… “Lucid Awareness” …… “Astral Awareness”

On the left of this spectrum, you have the experience which you don’t realize you’re in the non-physical. Essentially, it’s you dreaming… it’s you experiencing a reality that isn’t this physical reality, you just don’t realize that fact. It’s you having a dream awareness. You have to have a very base level of awareness in order to experience this, otherwise you won’t directly experience the event, so you’ll have zero chance of remembering it (which would be any experience taking place to the left of this point). If you’ve ever awoken in the morning with brief flashes of symbols and images from the dreams you had during the night, then you had a dream awareness experience, but you were just on the very cusp of having the bare minimum level of awareness in order to remember the experience.

On the far right, you have the experience which you do realize you’re in the non-physical *AND* you have the same awareness which you have right now while reading this post. You’re wide awake and fully aware of who you are with all your memories of such. THIS experience is what most people (and myself) would consider the “holy grail” of projections. It’s what most people refer to as an Astral Projection. It’s you experiencing the non-physical with an astral awareness.

I should point out, too, that your awareness can move both ways along this spectrum. You can gain awareness, and lose awareness.

So far I’ve described the two ends of the spectrum. Where does a “lucid awareness” fit into all this then?

Well, in the middle is the point where we have become “aware” that we’re in the non-physical and experiencing a reality that isn’t this physical reality. Anything to the left of this point is a “dream awareness experience”, or as most people call them, a “normal dream” (it’s important to point out here that the further right you move from the far left, the more “clear” and “vivid” your experience will become until you actually become lucidly aware). It’s at this point that the only thing you have is a base awareness that you’re in the non-physical. At this time, the closer you can bring your awareness to your full waking awareness, the further to the right you’ll move along this spectrum towards the “astral awareness” (aka, full astral projection). I have some techniques I’ve written about on my website to accomplish this. If you can’t find them, please let me know and I’ll provide the links.

So, as you can see, an astral projection is just a “dream” where you have a full waking awareness. However, don’t let the “just” fool you… what most people consider a “dream”, as I mentioned above, doesn’t exist. There is no such fundamental experience called a “dream”. There is only you experiencing the non-physical unknowingly!

This is why labeling an experience is a waste of time, because they’re all the same experience. What differs is only how consciously aware you are during the experience. This is why I don’t really worry too much if I had a lucid awareness experience or an astral awareness experience, because I know that what’s important is that I was consciously aware in the non-physical! I have a set of goals which I always keep solidly in my mind, so even if I’m only lucidly aware, I still remember enough to do them… such as meeting a guide. Sometimes it works out, other times it doesn’t… but as I said, in the end, I’m happy that I had an experience outside this physical reality.

I have a challenge for anyone who can project. Try to experience the full spectrum of awareness in a single non-physical experience. If you manage it, try to take note how each “level” feels compared to the last.

Lucid Awareness to Dream Awareness Example

This morning I had a non-physical experience I wish to share which illustrates how ones awareness can easily shift between states very quickly.

I had woken up around 7am this morning, to which I immediately tried to initiate a Phasing attempt. I phased directly into a lucid awareness experience, where myself and a friend of mine were attempting to clean up a cluttered room. It was a lucid awareness experience, because all I really knew about it was that I was in the non-physical, I had no realization of who I physically was or where my physical body was actually located.

Anyway, during the experience I spilled a drink to which, because I knew I was non-physical at the time, I was going to try and \”lift\” the spill using my mind. I closed my eyes in order to focus better, but at that point I became afraid (not scared, mind you) that as my eyes were closed that I might \”shift\” back to my bed. The funny part was that I did kind of feel a slight shift happen and when I opened my eyes I actually found myself back in a bedroom. I THOUGHT I had woken up, but I really hadn\’t. Upon reflection later when I really did wake up, the room I found myself in wasn\’t my actual bedroom. I had lost the lucid awareness I had attained earlier and was, at that point, had a reduced dream awareness.

If I hadn\’t closed my eyes at the time, I probably could have kept the lucid experience going for a bit longer. But because I only had a lucid awareness, I didn\’t have the faculties to realize this. This is also why it is important to increase your awareness to an astral awareness whenever you get the chance to, as you\’ll have much longer experiences because you\’ll be in a better state of consciousness to do the things you need to do to extend the experience.

Morning Lucid Experience – Wednesday May 5th, 2012

I had a really fun, spontaneous experience this morning. It was a nice long one which gave me another chance to practice extending the experience.

The whole thing started off as a dream experience in the front hall of my parents house. Both my parents were there. I noticed \”something odd\” about the whole scenario, to which I thought about looking at my hands. I looked at them and they immediately began melting, \”I\’m dreaming!\” I remember exclaiming. I remember my mother asking how I knew I was dreaming, I told her to look at her hands, which she did and they too began melting. At this point, I knew I was asleep and dreaming, but I didn\’t quite have my full waking awareness, so it was a lucid awareness experience and not an astral awareness experience.

I\’m starting to notice that I\’m going the \”hand melting\” reality check more often these days. It seems to be a foolproof way to check, it hasn\’t failed me yet.

After I became lucidly aware, I instinctively try to stabilize the experience by bringing my awareness more into the reality (not increasing my awareness, but making it more \”there\”). This time, and this is also something I\’ve been doing more often, I started rubbing my hands together feeling the warmth generated.

Anyway, I remember going outside, but because I was only lucidly aware I didn\’t set out on any particular goal and instead just flew around my neighbourhood a bit. I don\’t remember any specific details after the first several minutes, only that the entire experience felt roughly 15 minutes in duration.

Throughout that time I remember extending the experience one other time with the rubbing hands technique. Then, I abruptly woke up, with very little warning.

Tom Campbell in Calgary, Canada

This past September, Tom Campbell gave a 3 day workshop in Calgary, Canada.
This video is the first day of that workshop. I believe two more will be posted soon, so please check back here or his youtube channel for updates.

Here is a direct link to the entire four-video playlist: Four-Video Playlist

Lunchtime Meditation – September 13th, 2011 – Asking For Frank

I took a bit of my lunch hour today to meditate, because it was so peaceful and quiet here at work.

Anyway, this will be a very short report of this experience.  My goal during this meditation was to try and make some kind of contact with Frank Kepple.  It\’s a side project I\’ve been trying to find time to do lately.  Well, today I made contact with \”something/someone\”, but it was very brief.  I was asking mentally if Frank Kepple was around, focusing my Intent upon the picture we have of him on the Frank Kepple Phasing Resource page… and while I was doing this I heard a very distinct and very deep voice ask, \”Who is this?\”

Unfortunately, the phone rang here and I couldn\’t pursue the voice in any way.  But it was definitely a voice, and it was 100% crystal clear just as if someone was standing right in front of me talking.  I\’ll look into this further, hopefully I\’ve stumbled upon something interesting.  🙂

Morning Non-Physical Experience – September 8, 2011

This will be my first logged experience in a few months. I\’ve had some lucid/astral awareness experiences over that time, but they were either not meaningful or they were very short (1 – 5 seconds).

Last night, however, I had some meaningful experiences, a couple breakthroughs, and some frustrations.

First, the breakthroughs! Well, I started off before going to bed repeating an affirmation that I was going to become consciously aware during my dreams that night. Along with that, I firmly placed the Intent that it would happen. As it happened, I did have a really nice, long and clear lucid/astral awareness experience which I perceived happened for 15 – 20 minutes.

The second breakthrough was that during this experience I decided to run a simple test revolving around keeping myself in the non-physical. A point came where I began to sense that I was beginning to wake up. I was starting to feel my physical body lying in bed, so what I did was I consciously ignored those signals and focused my attention COMPLETELY within the non-physical environment I was experiencing. It worked perfectly. I was able to further extend my experience doing this.

I eventually did wake up though. I laid in my bed wondering if I should just close my eyes and go back into the experience, but I felt that I should jot down what notes I could quickly so that I could remember this stuff later in the morning. I found a piece of paper and a pen, both of which I normally keep on my bedside stand and wrote down a few keywords. Well, I went back to sleep and woke up in the morning. When I went to look for my notes I had made, and here\’s the frustrating part, I couldn\’t find them! Apparently the act of me \”waking up\” and \”writing down my notes\” was a FALSE AWAKENING. GAH! LoL

I\’ve forgotten a good chunk of my experience from last night. I think I retained the most important aspects of it though. Thankfully. hehe

Part 5 of 5 of Tom\’s 2010 New York Workshop

EDIT: I\’m stickying this video. If you\’re serious about learning the art of Astral Projection, then taking the 1 and 1/2 hours to watch this video is your first step. Consider this your first small commitment to learning to explore the non-physical. Tom answers pretty much *EVERY SINGLE QUESTION* you could possibly have regarding exploring the non-physical.

Part 5 of Tom\’s 2010 New York Workshop video remakes has been posted on his youtube account.
This part starts off mostly about HOW to meditate, HOW to experience the larger reality (aka how to have astral projections), and WHAT you\’ll experience. Very solid video. Also, please watch all 5 videos… they\’re all around 1 1/2 hours each, but they\’re well worth the time.  Most of what he talks about is experiencing the non-physical via meditation.  This is, in my opinion, the BEST way to learn, but it\’s also the harder method.   It\’s well worth the learning because you can then experience the non-physical anytime anywhere.  Put in the effort, the rewards are great!

The Multiple Consciousness Awareness Levels of Physical *AND* Non-Physical Realities

A realization hit me this week.  It\’s the realization that \”awareness\” is a property of consciousness and not a result of the reality you\’re experiencing!

There are a lot of people who see all the different experiences (dreams, lucid dreams and astral projection/obes) as being all separate and different experiences. Well, \”awareness\” is a property of consciousness… and we can directly view it in relation to our physical reality as well as when we\’re non-physical.

Some people believe that dreams, lucid dreams and ap/obes are different. They give the reason that they\’re different because they \”feel\” completely different. Let\’s compare our varying levels of awareness in this physical reality? Why don\’t you take a look at your \”awareness\” when you first wake up in the morning? It feels groggy, drowsey and unclear. Now compare that to how your awareness is after your first coffee? And then again a couple hours later? They\’re all varying levels of awareness within our physical reality… and the key point is that they all FEEL very different. They all feel like UNIQUE experiences. However, nobody really pays much attention to it because they KNOW better, right? We KNOW when we wake up it\’s the physical reality… and throughout the day, we KNOW what is going on.

Well, all of those varying levels of conscious awareness take place in the SAME reality. I experience these same varying levels of consciousness awareness in the non-physical as well. Everything from the \”Groggy, drowsy\” (dream awareness) feeling, to the \”just had a coffee\” (lucid awareness) feeling to the \”wide awake\” (astral awareness) feeling. This tells me that \”Awareness\” is a Property of Consciousness and NOT a result of the reality you find yourself in.

Three Exercises For Specific Learning Types – Tom Campbell

Starting on page 174 of Tom\’s book, MBT… he relates three exercises for learning to meditate.  Each method focuses upon one of our major methods of learning:  Auditory, Visually and by Touch.  He uses those as a means of quieting and focusing the mind away from the physical.

You can read the book and the associated pages here for free: My-Big-Toe
It\’s a link that is fully endorsed by Tom himself… so feel free to read the whole thing should you choose to.  \"Smiley\"

The auditory exercise is about repeating a mantra.
The visual exercise is about allowing objects to appear before you in the blackness (sound familiar?) or creating a simple \”scenario\” and playing it out allowing yourself to perceive all the sensory input from it (also sounds familiar, eh?).
The touch exercise is about creating the sense of you touching something, like running your hands over a fur coat.

So yeah… you\’re to keep doing the chosen exercise and bringing your attention back to it whenever you notice that it\’s wandering.  However he mentions that when the image/sound/scenario begins to slip away (aka your mind begins to wander), but no extraneous thoughts appear, then just let the image/sound/scenario go and drift in the still oneness of your consciousness.  <– That\’s the point consciousness state.

Once you\’re in that state where you\’re experiencing that \”drifting oneness of consciousness\” you have *ALREADY* phased.  It\’s just a matter at that point to place your Intent towards what you want to do, and allow it to happen.

And this part is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE:

Be careful not to try too hard, and do not struggle with high resolution, image quality, or anything else.  Images may be felt as well as seen.  Struggling to make your meditation be how you think it should be is always counterproductive.  No expectations.  No struggle.  No demands.  The point is not to force your will on the process, but to let the process unfold naturally as it captivates your attention.

My missteps over the last ten years

It took me over 10 years to make any real progress towards my goal of experiencing astral projection.  I was thinking about this last night and I felt it might be helpful for others to know the points during those 10 years that I feel were the prime motivators for my unsuccessful attempts.

I feel that the #1 reason for my unsuccessful attempts over such a long period of time was due to the term that Robert Monroe coined: “Mind Awake / Body Asleep“.  The problem with it, and a concept that I couldn’t grasp at the time was that the “Body Asleep” part is completely WRONG.  Unless your goal is to actually fall asleep, go into a dream and become conscious within that dream (this is called a lucid awareness experience), then there is actually no point where you ever need your body to be put “asleep”.

Your body isn’t put to sleep as much as you make it so that the input you’re receiving from your five physical senses is greatly reduced.  This begins the process for you to disassociate from this physical reality.  While that’s happening focus your attention ‘within’, which is away from this physical reality.

The second biggest problem I’ve encountered is that when I was younger, I was quite impatient.  I’d read through a book that had a dozen great exercises in it and then I’d go to bed and TRY THEM ALL!!  *facepalms*  Yeah, don’t ever do that… it’ll cause more frustration than anything.  Pick a single exercise and try it out for at least a solid week.

Another issue was that I didn’t make the connection between Conscious Exits and Meditation. If you want to learn to Astral Project at any time during the day from a completely conscious state of awareness (this is called doing a Conscious Exit), then it’s just about a mandatory requirement that you learn to meditate. This was something I didn’t understand back then. The state that you should learn to get into is called the Point of Consciousness (PoC) state. It’s from there you can do most of the classic OBE techniques from. I remember one whereby you were instructed to create your own astral body using your thought power… but it never really indicated what “state of mind” you initially needed to be in to do it. I haven’t gone back to that technique, but the PoC state would be perfect for that.

So yeah, hopefully reading these will help you to move forward in the future… I’ll try to add some more of my missteps as I think of them. 🙂

Tom Campbell on Frank Kepple

I also wanted to bring up the post that Tom made regarding the Astral Pulse’s own Frank Kepple. I have to give Frank a lot of credit as his information was what initially propelled my own experiences in the non-physical. Until I began reading and understanding what he was saying, I was in quite the non-physical stalemate.

It would seem that Tom was made aware of the Frank Kepple Phasing Resource on the Astral Pulse thanks to one of the members of his own forum and he had this to say about Frank:

JoshM: Granted, your books goes into greater detail but it appears to me that the maps that are given by both of you might be overlapping.

Tom: I did read over Frank’s posts — interesting that he cut up consciousness-space into four areas after declaring that there was no separation within consciousness. Everything he said was driven by genuine experience — Frank is a good explorer. Of course there is overlap — we (and everyone else) are exploring the same larger reality — there should be major overlap. The difference is the extent of our experience, the context or structure we place that experience within, and how we communicate that structure to others. Each of these reflect the uniqueness of the explorer — his beliefs and interpretations.

JoshM: I am wondering if his description of what he calls “Focus 4” related to what you are talking about when you talk of the need to go beyond OBEs and go “out of your mind”.

Tom: Yes, it is — that is one description of it. I find his Focus 3 and 4 to be defined rather narrowly. The superset of the larger reality is bigger yet.

JoshM: A description I once read of this place he labeled “Focus 4” was that it felt like you were losing your mind.

Tom: That feeling is only temporary — until one gets oriented and accustomed to that mode of awareness and existence — then it becomes much like any other reality frame — only different.

JoshM: Am I way off base and making a connection where none exists?

Tom: No, you are on target. One reality, many views and perspectives, each necessarily limited and structured by the mind of the beholder.

Tom C

So it would seem that Tom is very respectful of Franks experiences and even goes as far as to call him a “good explorer”. The rest of the thread is equally interesting.


Regarding Binaural Beats – Tom Campbell

Someone brought my attention to a post on Tom Campbells “My Big TOE” forums that he wrote up regarding the use of Binaural Beats.  As most people already know, Tom was instrumental in the initial creation of the Monroe Laboratories regarding their original Explorer Team’s efforts of exploring Consciousness.

They essentially took the book that was already written regarding Binaural Beats and began to add to it and refine it.

This post that I’m going to link to you here is a great place for people wanting to start out with Binaurals to assist them in their meditations or Non-physical exploration:

One can use binaural beats to encourage OOBE, remote viewing, or healing ability.

You can purchase Hemi-synch, a professional mix of binaural beats and other sounds (Google “The Monroe Institute”) or you can make your own binaural beat audio file for free. Which is better? Only you can answer that with experimentation — everyone is different. Both have the ability to help you learn to be a good meditator. Many individuals find binaural beats helpful, some don’t. Google “binaural beat” and find a site that lets you make your own customized audio file for free.

The binaural beat frequency is the difference between two base frequencies. A pure tone generated at the base frequency goes in one ear and the base frequency plus the desired beat frequency goes in the other ear (using stereo headphones). The two tones combine in the brain producing a “beat” frequency that is the difference between the two pure tones. This beat frequency (which you can “hear”) drives your brain wave pattern toward the beat frequency, thus inducing an altered state of consciousness similar to a very effective and practiced meditation state.

If you already know how to meditate you won’t need to ramp in and out. Make several binaural beat stereo audio files using different base frequencies and use each for a month to pick the one you like best.

Some suggestions: 100 Hz and 104 Hz; 500Hz and 504Hz; 2000Hz and 2004; 5000Hz and 5004Hz These different base frequencies will all produce a 4 Hz binaural beat. Males tend to like the lower frequencies and females the higher.

You can try a slightly slower beat (difference between frequencies) of 3.75 or 3.8 instead of 4 later on if you get to that level of refinement.

Experiment. Continue to experiment always, but don’t jump between things too quickly. Take the long view …take your time .. don’t rush the process.

Many people, especially in the beginning, want to ease themselves into and out of the 4Hz theta brainwave state. This softening and slowing the transition to and from the desired theta state of 4 Hz (to make it easier to follow) is called ramping. The ramp going in from beta to theta should be slow and gradual enough for you to follow. The ramp coming out from theta back to beta can be much quicker and steeper. On and off ramps are individual.

A typical relaxed, focused in the physical, awake state is in the beta region (20 to 15 Hz) A typical meditation state is in the alpha-theta region (somewhere between 14 to 7 Hz). To encourage OOBE or remote viewing, or healing ability, you want to be in the theta region at about 4 Hz or slightly less (3.75 Hz to 3.8Hz).

If you are a good meditator you don’t need ramps at all.

If you are fair, start in the alpha region and step down in 1 Hz steps from 10Hz to 4Hz to theta. Each step should last anywhere from 30 sec to 3 minutes depending on how quickly you can follow (better meditators follow more quickly).

If you are poor at meditation, start in the mid beta region and step down in 1 Hz steps from beta at 20Hz to theta at 4Hz. Each step should last anywhere from 30 sec to 3 minutes depending on how quickly you can follow. Lower your starting beat frequency as you get better at it.

Once you are in the 4 Hz theta state that is your goal, stay there for a half hour to two hours — that’s enough. You are in this physical reality for a reason. Do not use this as an escape. It is a tool, as is meditation itself, for teaching you to eliminate the noise in your mind thus allowing you to more powerfully, clearly and steadily focus your conscious intent. You want to learn the process of coming and going to and from this 4 Hz state so that eventually you can do it on your own. Sometimes try it on your own without the binaural beats.

So you see, you have to do some experimenting to optimize your sound to your ability and then modify the sound as your ability changes. One size does not fit all.

Trying to sort all this out in a week or two won’t work so well. Pick 3 to 5 different configurations that span your personal unknowns. If you are a good meditator, use each one for a few days cycling through all configurations three or four times each. If a fair mediator, use each configuration for a week or two, cycling through all configurations at least three or four times each. If you’re a poor meditator, use each configuration for at least three weeks, cycling through all configurations four or five times each. Dispense with a given configuration when it is clearly inferior to the others (but not too quickly). Every three to six months add new more refined configurations that are converging to your optimum. In several weeks to a year, depending on where you start and how quickly you progress, you should find an optimum sound. Use it for six months to a year or two, by then it will be time to change it because you will have changed. Commit to a life of constant experimentation because, as you progress, what is optimum changes.

Binaural beats are like training wheels on a five year old’s bicycle — eventually you must wean yourself from the training wheels and take them off or they will retard your development by locking you into specific altered states when you should be free to shift states as easily as you shift your attention. Eventually, you will even let go of formal meditation because you no longer will have a need for the process. You will be able to accomplish the same thing (actually better, being unencumbered) instantaneously. Do not become habituated or addicted to this tool or any tool — or the tool that was once so helpful may turn into a self-limiting crutch.

Tom C

I bolded last paragraph because I feel it’s the MOST IMPORTANT part of it all. Please read it… understand it… then read it again just incase. 🙂

Meditation – A Requirement To Exploring the Non-Physical

Tom Campbell ( talks a bit in his books and lectures about “Belief Traps” and how they can trap us into a certain way of thinking or trap us into ignoring something fundamental to our journey here.

I was thinking about that yesterday and trying to figure out what kind of belief traps I’ve been trapped in over the past little while.  In a post I made back at the end of December (How I Came To My Beliefs), I made the distinction that there was a point where I didn’t know that I was allowed to believe something that ended up being very important towards what I needed to know in order to progress.

I’ve noticed that this is a Belief Trap… and it’s one that I’ve still been trapped in for a while as well.  I have to thank Tom for opening my eyes to such information and to realize that I am allowed know certain things in order to progress.  I notice it a lot in others now too, it’s those times when people post questions on the Astral Pulse asking if it’s okay if they do so-and-so.

As I’ve been progressing along my non-physical path as of late, I’ve slowly been coming to the conclusion that a base knowledge in meditation is a prerequisite for learning how to explore the wider reality.  This isn’t something I learned from Tom, it’s something that I’ve been slowly coming to terms with myself over the last few months.  However, Tom’s “Belief Trap” ideas were the catalyst for me to understand this.  I needed someone to tell me that I was allowed to know this, as strange as that might sound.  I can apply and confirm it by looking at my own past experience as I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life learning how to meditate.  Through that time, I never once considered how that has helped me along my current path of experiencing the non-physical.

Well, the truth is that it has greatly helped me.  This is why and how I found Frank Kepples Phasing exercises so much easier to do and learn from when compared to the classic separation OBEs (aka Monroe-style), because, in essence, they ARE meditation exercises.  I just took it for granted that certain things that I did when using the Noticing or Rundown exercises were normal and that everyone just automatically did them too.  Well, they’re not.  They’re something I’ve learned to do over the last decade and a half.  Stuff like learning how to quiet your mind (surface thoughts), fully relaxing the body upon command and being alone with your consciousness.  These are skills/tools that one *needs* to learn if “conscious exit” projections is on their list of things “to do”.

To do a conscious exit by Phasing, you have to meditate to get into the proper state first.  Sure, we have a couple of “exercises” which you can do to assist you to get there, but they’re not really “exercises”, they are “meditations”.  They’re designed to assist you to discover the act of quieting your thoughts and focusing your mind towards a single intent.  A byproduct of that is, when you get deep enough and good enough, the “point of consciousness” experience that Tom talks about.  This is, in essence, phasing to Focus 21 (the void), which is the Phasing/Projection experience.  That’s exactly what we’re doing when we practice Noticing or Mental Rundowns.  We’re quieting our mind and focusing it upon a single intent.  That intent takes the form of “noticing the blackness” or “visualizing a scene”.  <– They become TOOLS to move our consciousness away from this physical awareness and our physical senses… taking us to the “Point of Consciousness”.

So, if you want to experience the non-physical in all its larger glory… put down all your preconceived notions about methods this and techniques that, and just learn to be alone with your consciousness.  Master yourself before you try to master the larger reality, for that is the real journey.  The non-physical is only a small part of your being… and the fact you’re here in this physical reality in the first place is proof enough of that.

Being lead to where I need to be…

I was just thinking about everything that\’s been happening to me as of the last couple years… and thinking about what I\’ve been experiencing and how I came about the realization to have those experiences, and I feel like MBT is the culmination of this \”being lead around\”.

It\’s not a culmination as in \”I\’m now at the top of the mountain\”, because that would be silly … that would be assuming that there\’s no more to climb after this. It\’s more like being at the top of the mountain, and then realizing that you have to climb back down so that you can climb another mountain again… an endless number of mountains.

I started off my journey on a forum called SpiritOnline, then it went down… and I found myself over on another forum called the Astral Society… then that went down… after which I found myself over on the Astral Pulse. Throughout all this I struggled over 10+ years to learn how to do Astral Projection, to experience the non-physical for myself. Not knowing that over the course of all that, I was slowly setting up my foundation through learning to meditate. Well, when I stumbled upon the Astral Pulse I found a dude there named Frank Kepple… I read and followed him in his experiments with trying to follow in the foot steps of Robert Monroe and he felt he was rather successful in doing so. His data was really my launchpad for my current situation of exploring the non-physical, so for that I\’m grateful.

I still post there, and am a moderator there actually. Through posting there, I\’ve now stumbled across my next challenge, the next mountain for me to climb… \”My Big TOE\” (MBT), by Thomas Campbell. As I\’m reading MBT, I\’m realizing just how much my own experiences relate to the larger reality that\’s out there, and the reality that I find myself currently in, and I feel like I\’m able to partake in it more. I\’m learning more about myself, I\’m learning how to control my emotions and my thoughts… making myself a better person, which is then reflected in the world around me. I\’m able to see the GOOD in the world now, where before it was only \”wow wtf is wrong with you!\” kind of thing… just seeing the bad. I\’ve made choices lately that have me reacting to situations in a more positive manner… although I\’m still learning and still have a long way to go, as I\’ve been prone to anger and being upset as well lately too.

But throughout this journey that I unknowingly set myself on the last couple years… as I reflect back on it, I see the trail of bread crumbs that, as Tom might put it, the system has left for me to grab in an effort to lower my entropy and bring myself into a greater state of consciousness. A more serene place… and I now starting to appreciate that, really, more than words could convey. 🙂

I guess I don\’t really have a point in posting this… except to just get that out there. )

Phasing with Noticing – A More Detailed Explanation

I\’ve received a few questions lately regarding the \”Noticing\” exercise.  Certain aspects of the explanation that Frank writes about seems to be confusing people slightly… so I\’ll try my best to fully explain the process, at least how it relates to me and hopefully you can apply some of this knowledge to your own practices.

First, the entire point of the noticing exercise, as Frank puts it, is to \”become fixated within\”. That\’s really the end goal, as THAT is where the non-physical lies… within us. It\’s nothing exterior that you \”go to\”.

So, how do we \”become fixated within\” by using the Noticing exercise? That\’s where the actual NOTICING part comes in. You can\’t just sit/lie there and \”look\” at the blackness, because that will do absolutely nothing and you\’ll eventually become frustrated thinking that it\’s not working for you. You need to actually do something for this to work! Just like a binaural beat won\’t project you automatically unless you do the actual work yourself… you won\’t Phase with Noticing unless you actually Notice!

Now, here\’s the confusing part… \”to notice\” is something you have to actively do… HOWEVER, you have to remain \”passively aware\” while actively noticing. I know, that sounds confusing… well, lemme describe how \”I\” notice and I\’ll go from there.

When I actually get to the part of my routine when I begin \”Noticing\”, I stare into the blackness… it\’s the same blackness that you see when you close your eyes. It\’s just blackness (however nonuniform it may look). My goal is to notice any changes that happen within the blackness that is in my field of view. It can be literally anything, as Frank put it, it could be a flash of something, or perceiving some kind of movement in the blackness… when you begin to see ANYTHING (again, do not outright dismiss anything you see) consciously zero in on it. Your goal is to \”Passively Observe\”… this means (and this is VERY IMPORTANT) to keep an air of curiosity about what you\’re seeing. As I see this stuff, I kind of talk to myself while observing it, but I do so without actually talking verbally or thinking it.

To explain that last part… take a piece of paper, this piece of paper is going to represent the \”blackness behind your eyes\”. Draw a single dot in the middle of that page then hold that page up to your face and stare at the dot (it\’s okay to allow the dot to become unfocused). The dot represents your fixated gaze (depending upon how closely you\’re holding the paper to your face, you could see two dots) within the blackness (or in this case the whiteness of the paper)… now, consciously take in the rest of what you can see of the paper, but don\’t actually look around, use your peripheral vision. Try to see any irregularities in the paper… there might be a spec of something somewhere, or a small crease somewhere else that you didn\’t notice before and you might be noticing that the paper isn\’t uniformly white and you begin to focus in on these new-found items of interest. Notice these irregularities and retain that air of curiosity regarding them. Become consciously curious about each and every aspect that you notice in the paper… the more you do this, the more you begin to forget about the physical world around you and the more your consciousness shifts within what you\’re gazing at. This is the act of becoming fixated within.

So now that you\’ve just done that with a piece of paper and with your eyes open… close your eyes, visualize that dot in front of you… and do it again, this time staring at the blackness behind your eyes instead of a white piece of paper. Remember to NEVER verbalize or think about the things you\’re seeing and noticing… try to keep that \”air of curiosity\” about it all.

The shift into Focus 12, where you start to really get visuals, for me, takes anywhere between 10 – 20 minutes. If I don\’t get it after 20 minutes, then I know that my heart just isn\’t in it for that session and I go do something else. But, give yourself whatever time you feel is necessary. It can take a while. Just remain relaxed and calm.

Once you do attain a solid Focus 12 and can hold it for a good period of time without losing it, the next shift to Focus 21 will more than likely happen naturally from a solid Focus 12. You simply have to drive your consciousness within just a bit more… the big point here though is that it\’s nothing you can force. You have to ALLOW yourself to do this shift. From Focus 21, you can pretty much go and do whatever you want simply by visualizing the area you want to go to. 🙂

I hope that helps fill in some of the blanks as per the Noticing exercise. If you have any questions, please leave a comment here, on my own forums, or on the Astral Pulse. Thank you for reading!

Post Focus! Frank

I was just doing a bit of research on Focus 12 and I wanted to share this wonderful gem of a post.  It\’s Frank responding to someone asking a few questions.  The following is from someone named Ash, back in March 28th, 2003:

okay i\’ve started to notice a strange phenomenon during my practice sessions. Sometimes I feel like I might be about to phase, or obe, or I\’m viewing hypnagogic imagery, and then I will \”snap back\”. This snapping back is something like being in a daydream and then realizing where you are in real life. It\’s sort of a sudden change in your focus of awareness. What I realized is that every time I snap back it actually feels like a very subtle, quick movement down and to the left. After it happens I feel totally awake, just looking at the backs of my eyelids, my awareness centered behind my eyes. But if I drift off again, my awareness moves up and to the right. Once it moves there, if I can regain control without snapping back, I get all sorts of astral and dream-like symptoms. I may get astral sight, or if not I can easily visualize and actually see whatever I visualize (ordinarily my visualization is the pits)

A couple of things are interesting about this.
1) it absolutely cannot be forced. I only realize it has happened after I snap back. During the process it all seems perfectly natural. I can\’t reproduce it if I actually try to move my awareness.

2) I\’m wondering if this has something to do with the \”Brain Method\”

3) When people access memories, or try to imagine, they either look up and to the right, or up and to the left. I can\’t remember which is which, but one is to remember facts and one is to imagine something. I wonder if this awareness shift is related to accessing a different part of my brain.

Comments or similar experiences?

And here is Franks reply:

Comments or similar experiences? 

Yes, definitely, what you are describing IS the Phasing process!

Okay i\’ve started to notice a strange phenomenon during my practice sessions. Sometimes I feel like I might be about to phase, or obe, or I\’m viewing hypnagogic imagery, and then I will \”snap back\”. This snapping back is something like being in a daydream and then realizing where you are in real life. It\’s sort of a sudden change in your focus of awareness.

Yes, that\’s what you should be experiencing. It\’s a distinct shift in your focus of awareness. And there is no mistaking it too. Like, you are not placed in a situation where you are left wondering did you make the shift or not.

The reason why you currently keep snapping-back, is due to your protective sense of awareness kicking in. It\’s not something you can consciously control as the protection aspect operates on a very base level. But it does stop happening the more you practice. As your protective sense of awareness gets used to the shift, it becomes a case of, yawn, here we go again.

What I realized is that every time I snap back it actually feels like a very subtle, quick movement down and to the left. After it happens I feel totally awake, just looking at the backs of my eyelids, my awareness centered behind my eyes. But if I drift off again, my awareness moves up and to the right.

Again, this is how it should feel. Although I only mainly feel an upwards movement, with just a slight hint of a twist to the right.

Once it moves there, if I can regain control without snapping back, I get all sorts of astral and dream-like symptoms. I may get astral sight, or if not I can easily visualize and actually see whatever I visualize (ordinarily my visualization is the pits)

At first the whole situation can be a bit of a muddle. But after a while you will be able to distinctly recognise the different states of conscious-awareness as you phase through them smoothly.

The point at which your focus of attention is completely directed inwards, this is Focus 10. Following which you then start to see all kinds of abstract movement (or hypnagogic imagery as you term it) this is Focus 12.

If you are in the position where, like you say, you can visualise and actually SEE what you are visualising, this is Focus 22. Note: Focus 22 is basically the same state of consciousness as Lucid Dreaming: only with a very much greater sense of mental control.

Also, Focus 22 is the first proper realm of conscious awareness where thought equals direct action. So, as you have discovered, it is easy to visualise anything simply by thinking about seeing it, and it immediately materialises.

A couple of things are interesting about this.
1) it absolutely cannot be forced. I only realize it has happened after I snap back. During the process it all seems perfectly natural. I can\’t reproduce it if I actually try to move my awareness.

That\’s right, and this part of it I find ever so tricky to explain. You cannot will yourself to have the experience. It\’s something you mentally allow yourself to become open to.

It\’s like where I\’ve tried to explain it before by saying that Astral Projection is not about finding the right projection technique, but more to do with developing the right kind of mental understanding. Techniques can be very useful but, ultimately, I believe their effectiveness stems from them acting as a kind of mental primer that serves to kick-start the natural process.

2) I\’m wondering if this has something to do with the \”Brain Method\”

I don\’t know what the Brain Method is exactly. Someone coined the term a while ago and it seems to have stuck. What I can say for sure, however, is that what you are describing are characteristics of the beginning stage of the Phasing process.

If you keep practicing you will find that you will be able to ultimately make a complete smooth transition from Physical to Astral.

3) When people access memories, or try to imagine, they either look up and to the right, or up and to the left. I can\’t remember which is which, but one is to remember facts and one is to imagine something. I wonder if this awareness shift is related to accessing a different part of my brain.

This phenomenon can vary between different people. I\’m not sure if they are linked in any way. But the awareness shift you feel is due to the shift in your focal point of awareness. As it shifts it gives a sensation of movement like you were travelling in a particular direction.

If you keep practicing to the point where you can reach the Astral fairly reliably and keep your thoughts/emotions in check; you will be able to contact other members of your Astral Family who I\’m sure will only be too happy to explain and give demonstrations and/or exercises that will show you how the Mind is a separate entity from the physical-body and the physical brain.


Everything he explains here is just perfect to describe everything from the description of Focus 12 to the process of just ALLOWING yourself to Phase. So many insights in one post.

And I\’m just figuring out today at how good the \”noticing\” exercise really is… and I think because of my experience at lunch time today, I might give it a better try again.

What are Astral Projections?

I\’m ending this three-parter with my opinion on what Astral Projections are.

Astral Projections and Lucid Dreams are VERY similar, actually they\’re the same experience with one difference:  You.  Sometimes it\’s VERY HARD to determine which experience you are in because of it.  The difference is not the environment you\’re in because the area of consciousness where the two (including normal dreams) take place is the same.  So, if the area of consciousness that these experiences happen in is the same, then what exactly IS that difference I mentioned?  I mentioned in the What are Lucid Dreams article that LD\’s are when you recognize that you\’re in the non-physical (dream).  That knowledge is really the ONLY requisite.  You probably won\’t have any notion that you actually have a physical body somewhere else that is fast asleep.  Well, an Astral experience is when you recognize that you\’re in the non-physical AND you retain all your waking faculties/awareness (or as close to it as possible).

Now, for me… this area you now find yourself in is, in essence, the same place where you dream.  This opens up a world of endless possibilities for you.  You\’re limited, LITERALLY, only by your imagination.  If you want to fight demons or dragons?  Go right ahead!  If you want to talk to elven folk or perhaps visit some faeries?  You can do so!  You can also sift through every memory your physical senses have ever recorded… this is where it starts getting really interesting.  So yeah, whatever you want to do/experience, you\’re able to do/experience.  This area, I call Focus 2 oC as per Frank Kepple\’s model of reality.  It\’s your own personal area of consciousness… sometimes referred to as your \”imagination\” or \”subconscious\”.

You can, however, use this area as a jumping board to Focus 3 oC (again F. Kepples Model), which is what I refer to as \”Collective Consciousness\” area.  Focus 3 oC is where you\’ll meet other \”people\” who are either projecting, or even people who have already physically died and have no physical body anymore.  You may also call upon actual guides to come assist you.

To get to Focus 3 oC from your current Focus 2 oC area you need to clear your mind and stop your thoughts/emotions from fueling the Focus 2 scenario around you.  Doing this will cause the Focus 2 environment to fade away and you\’ll start to see the Collective Focus 3 oC environment come into view.  From there, do what you want.  However, just remember that to remain in Focus 3 oC you need to always keep that tight grip on your thoughts and emotions, or you\’ll start to get Focus 2/3 overlays happening.  Basically, this means that dream imagery will start to creep into your Focus 3 experience… and if you don\’t stop it, you\’ll be pulled back into Focus 2 oC until you can calm your mind down again.

Dream, Lucid and Astral Awareness… these three states of awareness are very important to understand if you care enough to define your experiences.  There are more than just these three levels though.  Between each state of awareness is a wide range.  Think of it as a spectrum with \”Dream Awareness\” on one end, \”Astral Awareness\” at the other end, and \”Lucid Awareness\” in the middle… your consciousness can be along that spectrum anywhere at any time and you can potentially go through the entire range within a single non-physical experience.

So happy traveling!  Enjoy every second of it!