Question regarding Birth Choice and Birth Defects

I had an interesting thought the other day as I was thinking about how we come into this world and how we choose certain aspects of this life.  I fully believe that we work out a \’basic\’ path for ourselves, but whether that path gets fulfilled or not is entirely upon our life choices WHILE we\’re here.

But then I got to thinking about people who are born with what we, humans, would call birth defects.  Some of these people, literally, can not care for themselves as they get older and require outside assistance.

My question is do we CHOOSE this kind of life for ourselves?  Or, upon entry to this physical reality, do we expect perfectly working physical bodies?
When we project, we have perfect forms.  Did we expect this to be in reverse when we came here?  Or, one could ask if there are imperfect nonphysical forms?

If we choose that kind of life for ourselves, then there must be some kind of value sought by your nonphysical consciousness.
However, if these defects are unwelcome by our nonphysical consciousness, then something PHYSICAL, here on this planet, is causing these defects and they go against our chosen path plan.

I\’m curious what other people think about this.

Are birth defects caused by choice or by physical environmental factors outside our nonphysical nature?

2 thoughts on “Question regarding Birth Choice and Birth Defects

  1. Ruben says:

    Hey Xanth,

    In my humble own personal opinion I truly believe the expanded self lays out the experience that will be lived in this physical earth. A paraplegic, the best athlete in the world, two very different individuals in a human concept, just two experiences for the expanded self.

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