What is the Physical?

What follows is me just… thinking outloud.  🙂

I was reading more of John Magnus\’ book last night, \”Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality\” and I got to the part where he\’s explaining what he feels the \”Physical\” is.  He also has it posted on his facebook group page too.

It really got me thinking about the wider reality and how the physical is situated within that reality and all of the connective layers therein.

What if this physical reality is nothing more than just another \”astral environment\”.  Sure, this reality feels very solid, and it\’s very much more resistant to thought-changes, but in the end, this is just one large, collective astral environment created out of the energy of the nonphysical as a place to learn and experience.

In the near future, I predict that quantum mechanics or some other branch of science will end up figuring out that the base material that everything in this physical reality is comprised of is this astral/nonphysical energy.  Or, perhaps we could say… consciousness?

Then I got to asking myself what is the place that we dream, how does it connect and how do we enter this physical reality to begin with?  What is the nonphysical area of consciousness where we do our dreaming each night and where we \”astral\” project?  What if through this area we are connected to the collective consciousness area OUTSIDE of this physical reality.  Perhaps to exist within these physical bodies, we\’re required to kind of \’drill\’ our consciousness through the outside barrier connecting to these bodies using a \’tunnel\’ of sorts.  This tunnel is the \”astral\”… a thin strand of nonphysical reality that we pull into this physical reality that serves as a connection to the rest of the consciousness continuum.

What if we thought of the physical reality as being a balloon.  How would you place your consciousness within the balloon?  Well, there would be connecting points within the balloon already, we call them our \”bodies\”… then you would pierce your consciousness through the barrier of the balloon taking a small stream of nonphysical \”connective\” energy with you which would keep you linked to the collective consciousness.  You\’d drill further into the balloon until you came into contact with your \”body\”.

So then, once our physical bodies die… this strand of nonphysical \”connective\” energy would retract back to the astral, hence removing the \”dream\” area permanently.  We would have no need of this \”astral tunnel\” after the fact.  However, would it then be possible to perhaps, albeit temporarily, push our way through that barrier just to visit this physical reality as, say, what people would refer to as a \”ghost\”?

So, it makes sense to me that this entire physical reality is simply an astral construct.  A construct that is comprised of the base material of the nonphysical reality.  I mean, as we try to break down matter, we find that it\’s less and less dense the deeper we go.  How far down the rabbit hole does it go exactly?

Any of this make any sense?  🙂

One thought on “What is the Physical?

  1. Roman says:

    Yes, it does. The physical is just a name we give to the most constrained environment there is. Remember how Frank talked about subjective energy transfers and how we all agreed to one particular model of these transfers? Our Game is one the most lawful in town.

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