What are Lucid Dreams?

I made a post a couple days ago regarding my views on what a Dream is and I figured I\’d continue this and write about my views on Lucid Dreaming… I guess I\’ll finish off with an article about my views on Astral Projection.

I find that people get confused with the idea of Lucid Dreaming thinking that one needs to be in full control of their environment for it to be considered a Lucid Dream, however Lucidity and Control are two separate ideas.  Being \”Lucid\” in a dream, at the very minimum, means that you know you\’re dreaming.  You might not know that your physical body is asleep in your bed, but you do know that you\’re in the non-physical.  That\’s it really.

In my first post about \”Dreams\”, I mentioned something I call \”Dream Awareness\”.  This is, generally, the first level of awareness one will have in the non-physical if you enter through normal sleep, people mostly refer to this as \”having a dream\”.  Now we\’ll move onto the next level, that I call \”Lucid Awareness\”.  As I said before, this ONLY means that you realize that you\’re dreaming.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It does not denote control over the dream.

So, let\’s move onto the cool and crazy stuff you can do in a Lucid Dream!  While you have Lucid Awareness, you\’re limited only by your imagination.  Whatever you want or desire can manifest directly in front of you in full technicolour 3D.  🙂

Manifesting these scenes and controlling your Lucid Dream isn\’t as tough as it sounds because your subconscious, which usually has full control while you\’re in \”Dream Awareness\”, is still highly active, it\’s still in the foreground of your consciousness.  So, to change what you want, you simply have to visualize it.

For example, the other night in a Lucid Dream I had, I was showing someone how I could destroy buildings.  I pointed to a skyscraper off in the distance, I put my forearms together in front of it and then pulled them apart… we watched how the building split in two right down the middle.
Another example is one of my greatest joys I have in dreams, is flying.  To do this, you need to visualize yourself flying.  The simplest way to do that is to just pretend you\’re superman.  Just jump into the air and pretend you\’re him… you\’ll take off.  🙂

So that\’s my view on Lucid Dream/Lucid Awareness.  If you have any particular question or need to know something specific to this, or if I just didn\’t make something very clear, please head on over to the UB Forums and ask away!  🙂

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