Morning Projection – Friday, June 29th, 2012

I had today off work, so after dropping my girlfriend off at the train station I came back home and began a Phasing session. I haven\’t had much chance to actually do much projecting lately, so I was really looking forward to this and suffice to say I wasn\’t disappointed.

The experience began with me in my old bedroom at my parents house. I tore open the blinds, opened the window and jumped out… unfortunately, at this point I began to lose the experience. Everything started to fade to black, as it did I focused upon a patch of grass in the distance and \”relaxed\” a bit, and the scene came back to me stronger than ever. I relaxed and brought all my attention and focus towards that patch of grass, trying to see as much detail of it as I could.

After that, I flew to the front of the house and had the urge to fly upwards as high as I could in order to get a better view and perhaps just to see how high I could get. Well, for one reason or another I couldn\’t get very high, nor could I even fly very fast. When I landed, there was a gentleman there who was going to \’help\’ me, and teach me to fly faster. He strapped these \”shocking\” wrist straps to me and took me around while slightly shocking me… at no point did it ever hurt, but I was getting slightly faster than I initially was, but still not where I wanted to be. Next he put this cloak around my shoulders which also did some shocking, this didn\’t work much better than the wrist cuffs though. LOL

Anyway, along with the man and his shocking stuff, there were random people walking by whom I was trying to engage in conversation. One lady seemed to be kind of Mexican in appearance and a tad stocky, I kept asking her name and all she kept repeating was \”C\” or \”Sea\”, I couldn\’t get much else out of her.

Another couple who walked by looked to be an old-style priest/nun combination… the old nun looked to be quite sick, she had brown lines all over her neck and face, and I remember hearing something about her being the cause of the priest dying. I shook the nuns hand and said hello, but I don\’t remember too much more about that part.

The entire experience felt like it lasted around 30 minutes. Thankfully I know approximately when I fell asleep… and 1 1/2 hours of physical time had actually passed.

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