Are Astral Projections \”Internal\” or \”External\” Experiences?

So, which is it? When we \”project\” our consciousness away from this physical reality, are we projecting to something internal to ourselves or external to ourselves?

I\’ll answer this from my own experience. Basically, since all is consciousness, there is no \”physical body\”. There never was, it\’s all virtual. So there\’s nothing to \”separate\” from. And since there\’s no physical body, there\’s nothing \”internal\” with which you project into. You ARE consciousness, so it\’s not so much that you have to get out of your body in order to project… it\’s that you need to focus away from what you\’re experiencing (this physical) and open yourself to something that isn\’t this physical. It\’s like a wave, individual among the body of water it is born from. Each of us are a wave OF (not in) the ocean. A wave can\’t separate from the ocean, anymore than you can separate from this body of consciousness that we\’re all apart of.

So projection isn\’t something internal to you… and it\’s not external to you either. Why? …because you ARE it. You are the ocean. You are everything. Projection is you experiencing yourself (consciousness) from a slightly different perspective. You\’re shifting your perception away from experiencing yourself as one thing, towards experiencing yourself as something else.

Does that make any sense or have I confused the matter more?

6 thoughts on “Are Astral Projections \”Internal\” or \”External\” Experiences?

  1. Zagadka says:

    It makes perfect sense to me! I don’t have much time to check the Pulse these days, but your blog is cool when I have a few minutes!

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