Best Method For Astral Projection: Paths to Spiritual Growth

There is a single, sure-fire way to be a successful Projector: Spiritual Growth.

Spiritual growth has many other terms describing it… increasing the quality of your consciousness, becoming a better person, spiritual evolution, lowering your entropy, etc. If you want to be sure to succeed with Projection, then you’re going to want to aim at becoming a better person. This has the rather effective side effect of making all of those other psychic and metaphysical activities occur naturally!

So how does one grow spiritually? That’s the big question…
You’ll hear lots of stories from many people about what you NEED or MUST do, but the jist is usually that they tell you that you need to meditate everyday in order to grow spiritually. Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s absolutely NOTHING special you need to do in order to increase the quality of your consciousness.

It’s really simple: spiritual growth happens through your interactions with other consciousnesses in this reality. There’s nothing else to it.
What I mean is that you need to interact with other consciousnesses (people, animals, etc…) in a Loving and Caring way. It means to be NICE to everyone and everything regardless of who they are. This SOUNDS easy, but then think about someone who really grinds your gears… now, be nice to that person.

Now, the misunderstanding with spirituality is that you must be nice to everyone ALL OF THE TIME. This isn’t the case. Being spiritual doesn’t mean you allow people to step all over you… or you allow people to treat you poorly. Being spiritual means treating yourself with love and respect as much as anyone else, and you wouldn’t allow anyone else to be treated that way, so you shouldn’t to yourself either.

What you’ll quickly find, as I did, is that doing this on a constant basis really changes your perception of life. This has the secondary effect of bringing beneficial things to you in order to help you further grow! This includes metaphysical things like seeing auras and Projection! As you begin to lower your entropy, you’ll begin to notice these things naturally occurring to you!

Let’s talk now about the paths you can take to spiritually evolve.
There are, essentially, two paths to growth. You can grow through Love, or you can grow through Fear. A good analogy for these two paths is the Force!

We’ll start with the dark side (Fear-based growth). The dark side is limited in their growth potential, they can only become “so powerful”. An individual who spiritually evolves by Fear, uses control over others and control over themselves in order to evolve… they control themselves by controlling their emotional reactions to other people, this makes them “look” nice, but they’re really not. They’re only acting. These people are quite easy to identify, because they have issues with other people and the beliefs they hold. They usually think that their beliefs are the only true way to do anything and everyone else is wrong. They also attack those they disagree with. The problem with people who increase the quality of their consciousness with Fear is that to the less spiritually initiated individual, they look very powerful and very strong. It’s easy to get caught up in these kinds of individuals. If you can identify the Fear-base individual, you can put yourself in to a good position by staying away from them. They’re only interested in themselves and not really interested in helping you or anyone else.

Now, let’s talk about the light side (Love-based growth). The light side is almost unlimited in their growth potential, they can become “extremely powerful”. An individual who spiritually evolves by Love, guides others with a caring hand and helps them to lower their entropy as well. These people are easy to identify as well, because they allow everyone to be as they are. They understand that everyone has their own opinions, their own experiences and their own beliefs. They accept this and don’t try to force their opinions upon others. These are the individuals you want to befriend, as they truly have your best interests at heart.

Here is an example to illustrate my point…
You’re walking down the street behind someone who accidentally drops their wallet, but doesn’t realize it! You quickly pick up the wallet. While picking it up, you notice someone sees you do it. Your thoughts are now that you better give the wallet back or that individual will think poorly of you or might notify the actual owner of the wallet. So you return the wallet out of fear that they’re going to think poorly of you. This is a fear-based choice. This is someone who grows from the dark side. They did the right thing, but they did it entirely for the wrong reasons, yet they still LOOK like they’re good.
In comparison, the Love-based individual would pick up the wallet and, without giving it a second thought, flag the individual down and give them their wallet back. They didn’t think about it, they just did it, because it was the right thing to do.

These are the paths to spiritual growth. Through them, you’ll quickly notice that all metaphysical doors, including Projection, slowly begin to open to you. These occurrences will begin to be a natural part of your life.

5 thoughts on “Best Method For Astral Projection: Paths to Spiritual Growth

  1. S says:

    Not true at all, it’s not about ‘bad’ ‘good’..these words doesn’t mean anything, it’s all about what makes one happy..are you aware of being a little boring in your explanation?..Well, you seems to be in the fear way too, you are doing something just for doing it but you haven’t fun..the word ‘love’ is full of nonsense meaning. Find the perfect way of fun exclusively for ourselves, in that way, being true happy and searching always for more fun, you will automatically avoid some action that don’t give you that ‘yay!’ sensation. It’s all automatic. That we are all one in this world is the basic concept and really for this the true pact for every single part is try to reach the best for itself. If it annoys someone else, that another else will contrast it. Everyone for itself for a global balance. It’s automatic.

    • xanth18 says:

      Hi S!

      First, sorry for taking so long to approve your message! I haven’t had as much time to admin my website as I would have liked lately. 🙂

      Next, you’re 100% correct! “Good” and “Bad” are simply labels, and as such, don’t objectively exist as experiences. They’re metaphors. You use your own metaphors. For example, you say “what makes one happy”, could be a metaphor for what is “Good”. What doesn’t make one happy, could be “Bad”. Obviously, that’s a very simplistic example though.

      And thank you for the feedback regarding the “boringness” of my posts. 🙂 I’ll try to make them a bit more exciting in the future!

      In the end, use whatever terms best suit your needs. Also, try to recognize the metaphors people use in relation to the ones you use. You’ll find that a lot of things people refer to are actually the same. 🙂

  2. Rockman says:

    No. Doing the “right” thing only out of fear of what other people think of you is not growth.
    It’s merely an indication that you are at lower levels of psychological development.

    • xanth18 says:

      Exactly. 🙂

      My general rule of thumb is that if you have to think about why you’re doing what you’re doing before you do it, then chances are good that you’re doing it for the wrong reasons and NOT with a good Intent.

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