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 In the last few days, I have listened to a few of the fantastic interviews on the Fade to Black show with host Jimmy Church.

 The first interview was "ET" related and was about a lady named Sev Tok, She spoke about her "abductions" and "visitations" The reason I am sharing this video here is that her description of it sounds to us here like a classic case of an OBE or even very Lucid Dream. She even spoke that said that the event seemed real to her, even more real than this physical reality here. How many times have we said that ourselves? To this day I still haven't answered the question of what is actually happening, solely based on my own experiences compared to all of these people that speak about abductions. At first you are thinking she is misunderstood and that she is just having a classic OBE. After while of listening to her story, you see that there is so much more to it and once again are questioning "what really is happening here"?

 I have had non-physical experiences myself that are very similar to what she spoke of. The same messages were given as well, through "downloads" or some form of telepathy and that is that we needed to share and help others remember what they once knew or who they once were.

 The second interview was with Damon Abraham, PhD. He is a researcher in affective science and parapsychology and is the Principal Research Scientist at Entangled. He spoke on his own experiences with "non-physical exploration. He also talked about what other mainstream Scientists see this phenomenon to be. This is a great interview for people that want to know the "nuts and bolts" and "tech" of this whole process itself.


 Years ago on this very Forum a valued member and friend of ours named Bedeekin wrote this fantastic thread here. In it, he explained everything a person needed to know about Sleep Paralysis. You can find that link at this thread here:

What brought me to this Forum years ago under my former name "Lionheart" was a 3 night in a row Sleep Paralysis experience of my own. The first night I awoke in SP, I was frightened like many other people are when they awoke in SP. The next day, I dismissed it as a Dream and that was that. That is until the next night when I once again awoke in SP. This time it was more intense and yet once again, the next day I dismissed it as "just a Dream". The next night, I could not ignore because of after the intense experience with SP, I was left with physical signs of it. I awoke after the third night and my right eye was swollen shut and I had intense "inner vibrations" that are very difficult to explain. I was very concerned, so I made a appt with my family Doctor. By the time I finally had my appt, which was about 4 days later, my eye had healed up, so there was no evidence of the swollen eye at all. While the eye was swollen, there was a very noticeable rectangular indentation in the swelling. Neither Mary Jo, my wife, nor I thought of taking a picture of it. We weren't all that tech savvy back then. I have adapted to the times now and am a bit more knowledgeable of the tech stuff today. I had to adapt. I guess everyone does.

So, it was onto my Doctor's visit and soon a number of tests, both Neurological and Physical to find out the why I was feeling the inner vibrations. Everything came out negative. There was no logical reason why. My Doctor did say something that really caught my attention though. I don't know if he said it jokingly or seriously, but he said, "I think you may have undergone some kind of frequency change". He also said "you didn't hear that from me". I'm sure his peers would not have concluded that.

After that whole experience, I made a post on Web.Md about what had happened to me. Soon a few other people shared their stories, and one person gave me the link to the and here I am still today.

Bedeekin's thread was very thorough with the whys, whats and other physically based explanations of SP. But it didn't answer it all. Through the years I have heard, on Talk Radio Shows and Podcasts, people that called in to explain their own SP experiences. Usually it is fear based and has either Demons or Aliens attached to it. Many of the abduction cases we hear about today could in fact be bouts of SP. Just the same, many of the SP cases could also be actual abductions. You can think of it that way too. That's what they have done in much of the UFO community today. Supposedly, even the Gov't today and is taking a serious look at the phenomenon.

In my case, the vibrations simmered down after about 3 weeks. Through the years they have ramped up again. The only understanding I received from anyone was from a talk with the late Dolores Cannon on her personal Radio show. She told me "you can always ask them to calm them down when they get overpowering". I tried that and it worked!  :-o

Through the years, I have attempted to learn everything I could about SP. But from my own personal ones. That is the only way I could personally understand what was happening. I learned that you could passively observe them and when you did it would "usually", but not always, lead to some kind of OBE. I have awoken in SP and passively observed as I was lifted by my ankles and spun through my ceiling, like some kind of spinning toy. I have awoken in full SP and been dragged by my ankles down my hallways and out my patio window. For some reason, for quite a while this was a reoccurring experience. One time while listening to the Coast to Coast AM Radio show there was Guest named Whitley Strieber on it. He was explaining one of his abductions and he talked about being lifted by his ankles and dragged out of his bed and out his window. When i heard this, I almost spit out my coffee. Until that time, I had never heard anyone talk about having that kind of experience. Since then, I have spoken to a few other people that have had that happen as well. Some of those people are members here on the Astral Pulse Forums too.

Now to the reason I am creating this thread here today. I always "just when I think I know what is happening, things change" and that is exactly what happened last night.

Before I get into what occurred I need to give a bit of run up to this time. I have been working on making my Crystal Amplifiers (wire wrap tree sculptures) for weeks now. I have been selling them at various Renaissance and Craft fairs around the USA. I would put a few hours into my work and them find myself physically exhausted. The air quality is Minnesota and Wisconsin (where i have done all my shows) has been horrible for months now. They are blaming it on the Canadian Wildfires, but I beg to differ. I have been working outside all day and then sleeping in my truck at the shows. So, there is no way to get away from it. The other day, I mowed my lawn and built a fence around some plants n my garden. After that, I was exhausted. I had to lay down and take a nap for awhile.

Yesterday, I did a bit of work outside and once again, was just exhausted. I then went for a soak in my bathtub and after that took a long nap. I went to bed at about 11PM. Lately I have been feeling really out of it.

I awoke sometime during the night and heard what sounded like footsteps creaking on the floor. I was having a really restless sleep. I wear foam earplugs when I sleep. I like quiet. I have really good hearing though. So once in a while I can still hear noises. My dog was also next to me on the bed. He sleeps in the spot that Mary Jo used to (Mary Jo passed way last year). My Dog didn't react to the noise, so I thought nothing of it. Just an old house creaking. Soon SP kicked in and I went into my passively observing mode. I was awaiting the OBE to commence. But none came. The vibrations were getting stronger and soon it felt like I was being violently rocked out of my skin. I attempted to utilize the "thoughts equals reality". When you awaken in SP, your thoughts become your reality instantly. That is why there are so many fear stories related to SP. People awaken in SP, can't move, then there first thought is "who is holding me down". That's usually when Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street or some other fearsome creature, demon appears.

So, I immediately began visualizing my "happy place". Mine being a tranquil tropical Island setting. But that didn't work this time either. I was still in the throes of the violent SP. I then said to myself, enough of this and I attempted to abort the SP. I tried to wiggle my toes, but once again failed. The vibrations were the strongest I had ever felt, and it felt like they were lasting for an eternity. Then I felt my back being supported. It felt like there was someone or something supporting my back. I could have been lying on some kind of table as well. The vibrations and feeling of something hard against my back kept going until it all abruptly stopped, and I saw at the foot of my bed Mary Jo standing there. I was completely conscious of that moment. I said to her that I had some questions for her. She said she knew and that she would be back in a moment. She then turned around and left the room and I was left in darkness. The experience ended then and there. I was left just consciously staring into the darkness before my closed eyes. I knew that when she had left the room, that the experience was over and that's exactly what happened.

Like I said above, for some reason I was actually stuck in the SP. That has never happened to me before. I have learned throughout the years had to control my SP. But last night for some reason, that wasn't allowed to happen. I also feel like the image of Mary Jo that I saw wasn't actually her. That that image was being utilized by someone as something I would not fear. I have never experienced such violent vibrations before. They were even stronger the earthquake ones I felt during a fully aware candle staring technique I used years ago. The difference there was those vibrations were outer. Last night's vibrations were "inner". Today I still feel them, but quite a bit calmer. I guess I am back to having these inner vibrations again. I wonder how long they will last for this time.  :?
 I didn't know what Subforum to put this in. The interview I will be linking talks about quite a bit that we here at the Astral Pulse talk about as well, and then some!

Last week I was listening to the Jimmy Church Radio show on youtube. I used to listen the show while it was live, but since my Wife's passing, I don't stay awake late into the night anymore. 12am is normally the limit now.

Jimmy's guest on this particular broadcast was Richard Dolan. Richard Dolan is a very thorough and a avid researcher on all kinds of paranormal experiences. But his real passion lies in Ufology. During the Interview, Richard spoke about a recent Interview that he did on his own youtube channel, "Richard Dolan Intelligent Disclosure". It definitely piqued my curiosity, so I went to Richard's site a few days ago and listened to the entire 2 hours and 54-minute conversation. Here is a link to that fascination Interview. In the conversation below, I am going to refer to Richard's guest as "he" or "the man" because his title/name on the Interview was an "Anonymous co-Author".
Just a short synopsis here:
1. It started out with the Guest breaking down a new free PDF that his team of Researchers created. It was based on information that was "verified". Something that lacks in the field today.
2. The first 30 minutes was a lot of info that I was already privy too.
3. Around the 40 minute mark and when I was starting to get sleepy, he began talking about the Monroe Institute and how it was utilized a major player in the Remote viewing programs of the past. Even the military was sending people to the Robert Monroe to experience his Hemi-sync program. A decision was being made whether they should send new Cadets to the Institue to be taught Remote viewing. But some higher ups in the Gov't found after some research that not everyone was "susceptible" to forms of nonphysical experiences ort Remote viewing. So they began doing tests on who might be the "chosen ones". I was on the edge of my seat at this point. This is what I wanted them to get into more. Justy a side note here, Richard's wife "Tracy" should be the new "Poster Child" for Remote viewing. On Richard's youtube page, you can find Interviews with Tracy and all of them are some of the best I ever heard on the subject. Her enthusiasm bleeds right out of her. Her passion for the subject is second to none.
4. At about the 1:25:00 mark of the video, they go into the biological effects that Experiencers seem to have. They also talk about using some of these Experiencers as "bait". They, the Gov't, taught them certain Meditations and Yoga, that were meant to improve their abilities. They even talked about the real use of Steven Greer's CE-5 protocol and how they wanted to have him come aboard and teach it.
5. In their conversation they talked about Remote viewing and how it was utilized to get more info on the ET's, that seemed to be appearing on a regular basis. Some of that info went as far as them using Remote viewing to "reverse engineer" the crafts that the Et's were using.

All in all, this was a fantastic interview. The UFO community already knew of many of the things that he spoke of. But, the pain staking research that this guy and his team did is definitely applauded!

For years I too have been on the fence about the fact that just anyone can learn how to not only Remote view, but have conscious APs as well. I have seen enough on this Forum to see that no, not just anyone can do this. Even with training. Some of us just don't have the right "wiring". In the interview they mentioned that they did indeed find a "biological anomaly" that seemed to be in present in those that do AP and Remote View. It was in the brain. I didn't write down the name that he used to describe it. Possibly one of you guys that are going to listen to the Interview can write it down when you hear the term, so we can update this thread here.

The entire conversation and those of the kind fascinate me. There is so much that is kept from the general public. You would never hear conversations like this in mainstream media of today. It was good to hear all the confirmation that he spoke of. For years I have heard "tid-bits" of info relating to the subject at hand, but not such a "history lesson" as this man produced.

So what do you think? :? :?  There is enough interesting things in that Interview to keep a good conversation in this new thread here. Hopefully!  :roll: :| :-)
 This link leads to an article on a new device being experimented with by a group of researchers that takes you from being awake, into a very quick mild sleep state, then immediately goes to the deep sleep levels. No place in the link to they mention "consciousness" or what you could learn to do "consciously" in those deep sleep, most likely Theta states. For some reason they don't even really address what those states of consciousness are.

The device begins triggering a light sleep for a few minutes, then I guess it launches you into "hyperdrive", lol! I wonder if that the way they will market it? 0-60 in two minutes flat!  :-D
 Well the much awaited UAPTF (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force) report has finally been release. I posted the link below. Conclusions? They concluded that there is no conclusion. They aren't ours, as in the US Military. They aren't Russian, Chinese or any other foreign countries. If they were Russian or Chinese, the entire world would have already been talking in Russian or Chinese. They call it "Hyper-sonic" travel. Something that we don't know yet. Perhaps it is "Spectre" from James Bond genre, lol!  :roll: :-D Some Evil Mastermind. It would make a great movie.

Was this expected by many us? Yes. Still disappointing though! I always said that "disclosure" has been occurring for years. The ones that seem to need to "know", do. It can't be blocked at that level of consciousness. The collective knows all! It certainly has did a number on the UFO community though. It has caused a lot of "in-fighting lately!  :-o

So, what's their next step going to be? I see that this is going force the powers that be to search beyond/outside the "box". Take a few of those billions that they are always flinging here and there and put it into some "NPR" research. The report they had was all based only on 144 cases that they, the military, had reported and witnessed in the last few years. 143 of them are still unidentified. One of them was a found to be a "balloon". They did view these things through our highest technical Radars and other equipment. So they viewed them in basically ever way possible that knew to. These was no talk of Roswell, Abductions, Crop Circles or any other phenomena that is related to the subject of ET's. They ignored all past history on the ET topic. It's time that they start doing research on these as well. We already know that we have had research programs in the past devoted to the UFO research. That is evident from Project Blue book and others programs like it. We also have researched Remote viewing, as seen in the "Stargate Project" of years ago. They could "outsource" their research to avoid any public harassment or embarrassment. They have a history of outsourcing things.

Remote viewing uses co-ordinates as a focus. They don't necessarily attack the "NPR" side of things. Myself, I use "Doorways" as my focus targets. Years ago I asked my Doctor, (who is very open minded), if there were any Research Groups around our area that were focused on Lucid Dreaming or OBEs. He said he didn't know of any. I asked because I would be a willing participant as long as #!, they were serious about their research, #2, they would share their results with the Community and lastly #3, their intention were good. If they could meet those, I'm in. I know that that there was a lady years ago form a University in Minnesota here that studied OBES due to NDES. A neighborhood friend of ours drank like a fish. That caught up with him and he died not once but twice on the operating table. The first time due to Live failure. The second time, due to the transplant not taking properly. Both times he had incredible OBES due to his NDEs. In one of them he lived a 2x4 in a home. Yes a board in the wall. He watched the daily living of a husband and wife. During the nights though, he went to the bar and sat with a number of Woman who seemed to gossip quite a bit. Randy was not the kind of person that believed in any of this. He was a very hardened individual. He finally died for good of a heart attach five years later. During his time between his NDEs and his real death, he spent his time righting his wrongs. Once he had finally achieved that, he transitioned for good.

On the abduction topic. I still am torn with this. What lead me to find the Astral Pulse was a 3 day experience I had back in I think it was 2011. Every night, something new occurred. All the things were experienced via Sleep Paralysis. But the last day was the one that really got my attention. Why? Because I was left with "physical" signs/effects, that seemed to be evidence to me. One being, my right eye was completely swollen shut, with a indented rectangular shape in it. The second effect being very strong inner vibrations that didn't subside at all for abut 3 weeks. This led me to a Doctor visit. By the time I saw my Doctor, my eye swelling had gone away. I still had the vibrations though. After some Medical tests, there was no irregularities found. My Doctor actually said that he thought it was was related to "frequency". That is a very open minded Doctor!  :-D This is why I am still baffled.

I wonder if a lot of the Abduction experiences aren't just "False Awakenings". It takes a trained eye to see you are in a false awakening. You have to catch/become aware of the very small reality fluctuations in those experiences. They can be very subtle as well! But then again not. We can travel to other dimensions via a shift in consciousness. But we don't have the ability to take our "physical" body with us. Not yet that is. I feel that other "Beings" have achieved the ability to do this. We just aren't quite there yet. We can learn though.
 I had this rather bizarre LD/non physical reality experience last night. For some I feel that it has some kind of correlation to the this thread I created on the Pulse a few days ago. I didn't want to piggy back my experience on that thread because I think that thread deserves it's own focus, per se.
Here is a link to that thread:;msg375641#msg375641

Now to my experience. It all began when I became consciously aware that I am on some kind of "Tour". We are on a large ship and the captain is explaining why the ship is part of the Tour and what their part is in it. It seems that these guys are all real Heroes. They save lives on the ocean. We then see clips of their Heroics on the Hight Seas. They go into storms and save people just as their ships are to be destroyed due to mainly "Rogue Waves". For those that aren't familiar with water a Rouge Wave is, you can go to this site and they will explain it. The short version is it is a giant destructive wave that just appears, due to storms colliding, underwater tremors, all kinds of reasons. They are so menacing, they destroy anything in their path.

Back to the experience now. Everyone in the crowd is applauding these men and you hear a lot of "Oohs and Ahh's" as the clips of the Heroics finally come to an end. The people then move on to the next "exhibit". it kind of seemed like an Exhibit that you find in a Museum. It has that feel to it.

I stayed behind and followed Captain of the ship to his "Bridge", where they pilot the ship. There I saw a few more crew members of his. I then began asking the Captain questions. Before I get into that, I want to describe him and his crew a bit. They basically fit the picture of being the stereotypical hard nose, no nonsense, "tried and tested" men that you would find in the Fishing, Whaling Industry, even the Coast Guard. You could tell they were very good Souls though. What they were doing was amazing.

I began asking questions to the Captain about what they did. The crew members basically ignored me and the Captain seemed to be giving a "spiel" that he has given many times. The weird thing was, I could sense the questions before I even said them. It was like I a puppet and being coached. Weird!  :| The questions soon began to change to that of another focus and that was how did consciousness fit into this whole thing, Now I could that the other crew members were all of sudden checking me out. After more discussion the Captain invited me to go watch a actual event live as it was happening. In other words, they got a call.

We didn't have to go anywhere. Just as I was standing there, a roar started and the whole ship and us were bucking violently. We were right in the middle of a violent storm. In front of us was a large Freighter. At this point, it was in the distance. I could see us approaching it quickly. To the right of us I could see a towering wave. This thing was immense. Just as the wave hit the Freighter, the containers on the Freighter were launched into the air, but some unseen force field seemed to catch them and gather them up. The people on the ship then were taken by some unseen force and the next thing I know, they are on the deck of our ship. Our ship is no longer just a Coast guard like vessel. Now it is some kind of platform, like a Aircraft Carrier.

There was a number of times that I was skipping from 1st person view to 3rd person, more of a "Observer" view. It especially occurred when the adventure on the ship got to be too "real".

I just finished my daily Phase soak in my tub and there I got to not only re-live, but also see and understand a bit more on what I was watching. At first in my questioning, all of those questions were based on the "physical" aspects of what these guys were doing. At that point, the left side of my mind was dominant and the Captain and crew didn't seem to be interested in talking to me, At least in elaborating that is. But once my right brain became dominant, the focus changed to a "non physical" related one. We were talking about Consciousness and not only that but "Retrievals" as well. What they, the  Captain and the crew were doing was kind of "mass" Retrievals. In the clips they showed us, they had a few where they were helping a Couple, like man and wife who were stranded in a storm. But for the most part, most of what they did seemed to help large vessels.

I questioned why did they not stop the destruction before it occurred. They were always there ahead of it, they could easily move them out of harm's way. The Captain said, "Because the destruction was necessary for them to finally see what they needed to see., For them to finally be able to rest and Heal.

There were things that were evident to me to show me that it was a Retrieval. The Ship they used, could be any kind of vessel or Ship that was necessary to achieve the task at hand.

It was a very lengthy LD. But it was one of the first in days that I have had that didn't end with me awaking with some kind of song on my lips. For some reason, I have had a few weeks now where a song or lyrics of a song is the last thing I consciously remember upon awakening. :| :?


 While perusing another Forum that used to be more about OBEs and the such, but has since turned to a Conspiracy site, I came across this Gem. I am not going to name that Forum. But I will say thank you to Bill for the share there. The timing for me seeing this is very bizarre. I have been prompted via my Phase soak sessions to update my Doorway thread with some new info that is based on why now! After reading this fantastic article. I now see why now.
I will post my response to this at a later time. For now, I am curious what your view of this is or if anyone really even cares!  :| :?
 Like the title states, I made this thread to share some items of interest. I know that most of the topics that I share here will actually be interesting to many people on the Astral Pulse Forum, even the people that like to peruse from the shadows here. Enjoy, I did!  :-)

The first has to do with Rob Bigelow and his passion to find out what happens after death. He is throwing a considerable amount of money at that question as well.
Tonight being Jan 24th 2021 Robert Bigelow is going to the Guest on the radio show Coast to Coast AM. George Knapp is the Host of the show tonight.
This link will bring you to Robert's challenge for anyone interested in entering it. It goes to his BICS (Bigelow's Institute for Consciousness Studies) project webpage.

Robert isn't the only one passionately tackling this question. This link will discuss that further. These guys though are still thinking it all has to do with the Brain and Neurons that make it up.

This item of interest is based on Nicola Tesla's discovery of Alien communication. An excellent article indeed!   8-)

Lastly this site answers the question "Disclosure now? Is it too soon?"
Welcome to Dreams! / Residual Effects of Dreams
April 01, 2020, 04:53:58
 For the past week now I have been using a technique upon going to sleep, whereas you hold your focus on a single point just outside of your physical body until you lose consciousness and drift off to sleep. 3 of the nights it has led to bouts of SP (Sleep Paralysis), the other nights it has led to very vivid LDs (Lucid Dreams). Like with most us here, many of my most vivid LDs come just before I awaken for the day. Some can lead to what I call "re-scripting", which is replays of the Dream scenario over and over again until I got it right. Right according to who? I haven't been able to answer that yet!  :? I don't know if I ever will be able to.

One of these LDs had me in some kind of Marketplace", what in Ancient Greece was called a "Agora". I didn't get to see my physical body, so I can't really say what I actually looked like in this one. I must have fit in though.

I was selling my wares amongst many other people and all of a sudden a shot rang out through the air. A man a few booths down from me fell to the ground, blood trickling from his mouth. There was another shot and another person went down. We all ducked for cover. My stand was closest to the entrance and I could see the hills in front of the Marketplace. For some reason, I thought Afghanistan, even though I have never been there at least in this physical lifetime. A few other men now were crawling towards me. They were armed and looking for the shooter. My guess was it was a Sniper. We all kept crawling towards the field n front of us, looking for the shooter. After crawling and ducking while searching, I finally saw the guy. We surrounded him and I took him down. I didn't obliterate him though. I obeyed the physical ruleset of this place and for some reason I knew I had to apprehend him quickly but in the least non violent way I could.

The situation then ended or so I thought it did. The people of the Marketplace were surrounding the shooter and all of a sudden I heard rat and tat, tat, tat and I felt something hitting my back. As I fell I saw the local men there had grabbed this guy again. I guess he has broke free from one of them, grabbed one of their own automatic guns and shot me in the back, not once, but what I felt like 3-5 times. I was on the ground now. I wasn't in a lot of pain though. All I felt when he was shooting me was some kind of dull thuds, like I had some kind of bulletproof vest on, which I didn't.

The next thing I know I am lying on a table face down. A woman is using some kind of tongs on me and pulling the bullets out of my back. Once again, no excruciating pain, just a dull ache and I can tell exactly the spots she is working on.

Then I wake up. But the strange thing is, my back is actually hurting in the same dull pain, in the exact same areas that I was shot and that lady had taken the bullets out of my back. I laid on my bed for about ten minutes trying to not only get my bearings, but also trying to make sense of all of this. Yes, I know, I used the word "trying", but like happens when you use that word, I too failed. I couldn't make any sense of that at all. I then got up to use the bathroom, like many of us do upon awaking in the morning and the pain subsided.

While trying to make sense of all of this I wondered if I may have rolled over strange in my sleep, causing my back to be twisted in some way and then my consciousness created a Dream scenario to accompany that ache. That's pretty far fletched, but I wanted to look at this in more "sane" person's view first, before entertaining anything else. Why I would even bring up that is because I have experienced many times, being in some kind of "bathroom" needing to go and when I left the Dream and awoke, I really needed to go, lol. I took it that my physical need to go to the bathroom played out in my Dream scenario as well, like some kind of message. The only problem with the hypothesis is that when I awoke with the pain in the back after being shot, that pain did go away.

Another thing this could was some kind of bizarre experience that led to a "healing". Today, my back hasn't hurt at all. For the past months now it has been in pain. Not the areas that I was supposedly shot though. It's always been a deep, sometimes sharp pain in the spine. So yes, it could have been some kind of elaborate ruse to get me on the table. Who knows?  :? Like I said, I am entertaining all thoughts on this.  

Last night's LD turned rated XXX very quickly and got completely out of control. ...and yes, there was physical effects from it, but most Men awaken at "attention" as it is. That is a physiological thing though!  :-D

I have had other experiences in the past that had a lasting effect for either a short duration or even the entire day. But most of those had more of "emotional" effect. In other words, they set the mood for the day!

I would love to hear your thoughts or even your own experiences, if any, with this.

Thank You!  :-)
 On another recent thread a member asked a question about whether or not their "Happy Place", this being a place that they have created in the "NPR" of their own design. They asked if the place would change depending on whether they were in Focus 2 or 3. according to Frank Kepple's 4 levels of focus.

During my daily Phase soak (meditative journey while in the bathtub), I was contemplating that exact thought. Then my thought pattern got "hi-jacked" and I found myself in my own Happy Place. This time though there seemed to be a number of "designated meeting areas. Each had it's own "scenic" viewpoint. I was then shown how we can go at the intent to be on Astral Island experiment that was done here in the past, but unfortunately failed.

So here is what I was shown and how we can actually do this. First off, it takes 6 things to be successful with this.
1. Practice-you must practice. You can do short little visuals in the daytime or go into a long experience via your chosen method of accessing the NPR. By practicing often, you will find that you can almost instantly "be there".
2. Patience-Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither was Astral Island. You can't force this to happen. You can intend on it though. For now if you wish, just observe the areas you find. You don't need to "react" just yet. Get comfortable with it.
3. Visualization- I can already hear the moans. I can't visualize. I hear that from people all the time. Everyone can visualize. The thing is, I am not talking about using your actual eyes to do it. I am talking about accessing your "Mind's eye".
Simple exercise. Close your eyes and mentally count to ten. Now think of the color blue, the color red, the color green. Now think of a square, a triangle, a circle. At any time did a visual appear in response to that thought? If it did, You accessed your "Mind's eye". This is the area that accompanies a mental association. Example: think of the color red, A very quick image of something red, like a Apple might appear. It's because you are accessing your memory or in more of a technical explanation, you have accessed the "data" from you mainframe. This is the area that we want to be in. This is where we want these images to appear and they will.
4. Motion-Through the years I have posted many techniques and methods here to jump start a "etheric" body motion feeling. From things like the "Phantom wiggle" all the way to my 6pt exercises. I have found that nothing brings me deeper into a self trance then thought of motion. Whether it be moving forward, Whether that image be a driving simulation, rollercoaster. etc. The mental thought of movement in a some direction will always have an accompanying image. You just have to be patient until it reveals itself.
5. Will Power-You need to be self motivated, with a desire to succeed. Knowing you will. Don't go into this with the attitude of I will "try" it to see what happens. Either do it or don't. The word "try" implies defeat and failure. I wrote a whole thread on this very thing.
6. Belief-When you believe it, you can perceive it and therefore you can conceive it.


                                                                       To the Island we go

Since Hollywood and everyone seem to like "remakes" so much, I figure we could all build Astral Island anew again!  :-) Kind of like a "facelift", per se.

My visual to my Happy Place, which seems just like the first Astral Island created here years ago, begins with the motion of movement forward. I then see that I am moving quickly across some vast ocean. A Island soon reveals itself and I come in for a landing on the beach. (When I experience the NPR, I choose to be a simple point of consciousness. I won't see appendages unless they are needed. That way, I find no limitations)

So, now I am on the beautiful clean sand of the beach. I just take this in for a few minutes. Grounding myself into this area. The waters near this Island are crystal clear and turquois in color. There are beautiful Coral reefs to be explored as well.

From there, I now see a beach club, outside patio area. This the first official "meeting places". Places that we target to see and talk to other members here or whoever we find.

So that's the beginning. Now we need a map. We need to each create our own map here in the physical of this Island. On this map we can pin point these various "meeting palaces". I have a map that I have used for awhile now. The various meeting places just go put into it. So, take a piece of paper and draw a map.

We should all have a similar map, I have some important places on my map that. I will describe mine here further. I don't have a scanner on my computer and don't really know how to post a image of it anyways. (Being computer illiterate and all, lol)

My Island is "oblong" in shape. The "beach" is on the southern coast of the Island. The right side of the Island is all Mountains, Valley, Waterfalls and Caves. The north side of the Island is where the large waves can be found for those that like to surf or just admire this scenic area. The left side of Island seems to be where we find buildings, such as "The Retrieval Center", "The Healing Center" "The Park" and a strange building where "simulations" occur. We can call that one "The Simulation Chamber. In the center of the Island is enormous Pyramid. It is gleaning and glowing white and is a real site to see. I call this the "Power Point".                          

The "Meeting Places" are found at the beach patio, the top of the Mountain, (where we find ourselves high above the clouds0, the "Waterfall", (since they are so epic and enjoyable), the Park ,(where we find benches) and lastly the Caves, (the darkness is akin to a "Void" experience. There are also various "portals" to be found in other places that you wish to explore.

I have found many times that a simple visit there will always lead to some kind of adventure. For the longest time I saw this place as a "launching pad". But then I realized I was already there. This place is "infinite". Many times upon a return there, I will find that there are numerous changes and new adventures to explore.

For now though the most important thing is choosing one of those various meeting places and going to see what can be found there. We can start in simple and alter it at will. With your suggestions and input we can build onto this and make it a "real" NPR destination that can be accessed by others. I hear constantly these days how we seem to all be "waking up" and the collective consciousness strengthening. Well, let's put that to the test.

To finish this I want to say we are going into this with the mindset of a positive experience. We are going to meet other "like minded, good natured people/spirits/beings". Anyone that goes into this with negative intentions will find themselves "voted off" the Island. Just remember, the collective strength of many far outdoes the strength of a few

Feel free to post your own suggestion or share your experiences with this. Let's finally do this. No giving up. We can make this a whole new adventure here on the Astral Pulse. I believe, as I have been shown, the amazing power of the collective consciousness. Come and join us in this adventure.

Thank you and safe travels!  :-)
Welcome to Dreams! / Back Stories in LDs
February 01, 2020, 21:50:09
 I was curious how many of you experience these "back stories" in your LDs/Dreams?

A back story to me is when you become aware in a Dream and seem to know the ""history" of your character. It's almost like you had read a "script" before the Dream scenario had begun.

Case in point. this morning I was in a LD. I became aware I was in some woman's home, surrounded by her husband and Family members.

Somehow I knew that we had a history together. I knew that I had met her many years previous to this time. I had been travelling on the road via the Carnival when I was younger and had met this beautiful woman. We had a brief little "tryst". Every year after that when I came to her town, I met up with her again. Even though she was in relationship during my visits to her town, she still met me and had me stay over at her home. This had went on for many years.

She married 4 times and had 5 beautiful girls from those marriages. Currently, she was living happily with her 4th husband. 1 of her Husbands died in the Military. 2 were real jerks and the man she was now with was a fantastic guy. I had known him also for a few years now.

As usual, we would sit around and reminisce. When she and I were alone, she would go back to playing her "flirtatious game" that we always seemed to share in. It was innocent though. Also as usual, I would go to their game room with just the husband and we would play darts. I told him this time around "That the reason I always loved this woman was that she showed so much Love for her kids" During the years I had known her, there were many times that she struggled in life. But she always made sure her children were safe and taken care of, even if she wasn't herself. Her kids grew up to be beautiful. strong and loving ladies, just like their Mother was.

So, I knew all this, but all I experienced in this scenario was being there, wherever there was, sharing friendship with them and talking to the husband. Everything else came through some weird sense of just "knowing". I have never met this lady, her girls or her husband in my physical reality here. I have never been to that town, her home or any of that.

Years ago, while younger in the Carnival, I did travel quite a bit and because of that, I did have a "special someone" in many of those areas I went to. We would meet, have fun together, never a physical relationship, at least in the first year. But, then every year when I returned, we would automatically continue from where we left off. Many times, I would be met at the Fairgrounds upon arriving there and I would stay for the duration of that Fair at their homes, whether they were in a relationship or not. Our friendship would be long lasting. Like I said though, many times a "physical relationship" wasn't part of the equation.

I asked you about these "back story" scenarios/simulations because through the years, I have experienced many of them. Normally they come during a "Hero scenario" and who knows, this may have still indirectly been some kind of "Retrieval" or Hero experience. Once again, so many questions!  :?

At no time in these scenarios ever told of the "history" of the experience. I just seem to "know" what I need to know about it. Like I said, it's as if I am an actor in some kind of skit and have read a script beforehand!  :? :|

Experiences like this have made me a huge proponent of "Parallel Universes". I could see this as a different path in life, fork in the road, per se, from the current path I am on now. It seems to fit the "mold".
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Make it Rain!
January 11, 2020, 04:47:22
 I'm sure you all have heard about the devastating wildfires in Australia. Recently the Dalai Lama had this to say about it:

Today while in my daily Phase soak session (shift in consciousness while in my bath tub), my focus was brought towards this issue as well. I was focusing on the 5 points of a star one by one and had some really strong imagery accompany my simple focus on each of those 5 points. I saw the top point of the star as being represented by Spirit. The top right hand point, Air. The bottom right hand point being Fire, The bottom left as Water and lastly the top left as Earth.
The top point signifying Spirit was represented in the imagery as just a solid white light. Air brought me on a Journey through the clouds, where I ended up landing near fire. The fire I saw was that of a out of control wild fire in Australia. Water showed me how the flames would finally calm it down. With earth, finally showing me regrowth as the aftermath.

It was after my Phase soak session that I searched the internet for more info on this.

One could say that the Mother Earth is doing what she does. She builds, destroys, then rebuilds again. The cycle of life. Does that mean that millions, could be billions of innocent animals need to perish as well? Some sites said that it was man that directly caused the fires and that arrests have been made. Still others pin it on "Global warming". It doesn't matter what caused it. The only thing that matters is how we as a collective can do something about it.

Enter the "power of focused will and intent"! I'm sure there are people all over the World now that have a special place in their nightly Prayers for this current issue. That helps, but what I feel would help even more is if we give it some more attention that just a simple thought when we go to sleep at night. Taking a few minutes, a couple of times a day to meditate and use some creative visualization I feel will be ever more productive here. It definitely can't hurt!

But what do we "intent"/wish to see. Well water is definitely needed and a lot of it. A Tsunami would seem like it would help. But one big enough would mean that other's elsewhere would have devastating effects of that. A major rain event would help. That way we wouldn't have adverse effects. Rain accompanied by strong winds blowing back "against" the fire, thus blowing it back on itself would kill the fires as well.
You could also visualize a giant "money bag" hanging over the area. We all know how money has a way of getting things done. That could be by getting the proper trained people, machinery, planes, etc. into the area to help. Money would also pay for more commercials on TV showing the dire need for action here.
We could even use this as a time for experimentation at a Global level. Send some of these Geo Engineering Weather modification experts over there to make the rain itself. We all know that Weather modification is real. If you don't, just look at how Hurricanes recently have been "bouncing" off the East Coast of the US and going harmlessly out to sea again, like there is some kind of invisible wall there!  :-o :roll:  Yes, it's real all right. We have been researching ways to modify weather and "implementing" the ways we have found to do it since late in the 1800's. Just do a google search on that and you will see I am correct. So now they have an opportunity to show just how they can use that technology, to all of us, in a controlled way.

I learned a long time ago the importance of using a "disclaimer" of sorts when making a intent of this nature. I take a page from Magick and the way of rituals and always follow my intent to aide in a situation with the words "with harm to none and only peace and harmony in the Multiverse, so more it be so it is done". I don't just release it and I'm done with it. I believe in repetition and because of that, I will continue visualizing my intent daily until the situation is no longer a issue.

So my wish to you here, send some loving thoughts and positive intent to Australia each and everyday whenever you get the opportunity to until the situation there has been diffused. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  :-)

Thank You!  :-)

In closing. a few days ago Jimmy Church on the Fade to Black Radio show talked about how people in a thousand years would view us. He said that just like the way we see the times of the Cavemen as being our beginnings, that people from a thousand years in the future would see 2020 as their beginnings, as their Cavemen era. I believe this could be true. But that all depends on what we do with 2020 and on ourselves. We now firmly live in the age of technology, we are working towards furthering the Space age and even the "New Age" itself has it's own positives working towards a brighter future. Although we seem to still be fighting between the old ways and new ways of things. I believe both are the right way if they work towards advancing and evolving us together as a Human race.
Nikola Tesla had this to say and I still use it as my Signature here today:
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.
― Nikola Tesla"

Today can be that day!  :-)
 I used that Title above to catch your attention. The real Title I wanted to use was more of a question and that is "Does anyone here seriously practice non-local states of consciousness anymore? That Title would have been too long for the box given above, lol!  :-D

Seriously though. I want to write share some new things that I have learned that I feel would help those that wish to learn to project, but I don't want to waste yours or my time. I hate typing. The new thread I wish to write would be a somewhat lengthy one. Then there is the problem of writing a long post just to have this Forum not post it, due to the fact that it is a old system. I know that some of you have that happen to them and find it as annoying as I do.

I see a serious practitioner as someone that works towards experiencing the "NPR" (non physical realms), in every way they possibly can. I see a serious practitioner as someone that is actually going to do the work to do just that.

Lately I have seen that many here rather go the route of waking up to a NPR, as in a indirect method (WBTB/LD), instead of facing it head on, like one does with a direct method. There is so much you learn about yourself with a direct method. There are so many things that you have to overcome. Yes, it is a challenge. I get that. But there is so much that you learn through that challenge.

I wish to write a new thread on Etheric exercises. Already I can see many of the "past" experiencers here rolling their eyes. I say past, because many of those people's voices have gone silent. They may now have an occasional experience. But the passion that brought them to this Forum in the first place is now null and void. Why a thread on Etheric body exercise? Because it teaches you so much that you can utilize while in a NP. It teaches you how to navigate your surrounding. It teaches you how "HOLD" your focus. It helps you "ground" yourself in the scene. A direct method takes the element of surprise away, that shocks many people back to their physical selves. Is it more work? Hell yes. But you learn so much during it.

So, once again I ask, "Are any serious practitioners here on the Astral Pulse"?  If not, I will move on to a new avenue to teach.
     Thank You!
 I don't know what Sub forum to put this in. If it needs to be moved, please Xanth or any Moderators here, move it to it's proper area. Thank You. I will edit this part of the post out later.  :-) I feel that this topic should be "stickied" too. In the past we have briefly spoke about the word "try", but as what always happens, that thread disappeared into the Astral Pulse abyss!  :-P I did a search in the Astral Pulse search engine above on the word "try" and it showed 12 pages of threads with the word in it. I feel that not only talk on the word try but also the conversation on intent and healing, is important, especially today. We need to be more aware of everything in our lives, not just our "devices".

When I do my daily Phase soak sessions (meditation in my bathtub), I open myself up to what I need to see or know. Today's session almost immediately turned into a mental conversation over the use of the word "Try" and why it is so unproductive, especially with the practice of "non ordinary states of consciousness. Too many times I have seen people using it here and it is usually followed by the word "but", showing some kind of failure.

In Hypnosis, the word "try" is used with the expectation of failure. Example: Try to move your arm. Failure. Move your arm. Success. Why is this? It is because the word "try" does not show commitment. This is shown in articles on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), otherwise known as the "Owner's Manual" for the brain.

Here is another link to a short article on the use of the word "try" being counterproductive.
Here is another great link discussing the word "try" in Hypnosis.

Astral projection teaches us to be aware, not only in the "Otherwhere", but also here in the physical realm. The more we are aware of the words we use, the thoughts we have, the better not only our results in this practice here will be, but also our life is in general.

When I was in my late teens I hit a "crossroads" of sorts. One day I found an advertisement in our local paper that said "Free to travel". I went to the interview and was accepted for the job. This job being traveling with a door to door sales team. While in my city, the job seemed great. I received on the job training and the crew I was with was great. When we got away from my city, reality set in. I was then told it was "free to travel", not "travel free". We were constantly reminded that we could be stranded in the city we were now in at any time. The boss and managers were extremely harsh and brutal. Today you don't hear much about these kind of travelling sales Magazine or Cleaning Chemical door to door sales companies because their methods are ruthless and one leaked video would bury those companies. Things like putting a person on Highway doing push-ups because they didn't have any sales, aren't permitted anymore. They weren't then either, but no one ever said anything then.

The reason I brought that up is because I self taught myself some great things to make sure I had my sales. One of those things was nightly affirmations. Every day we had a quota. If we it, we received praise. If we didn't, we got a nightly sales meeting. There was also daily morning meetings to set our quotas. In my affirmation, I would close my eyes and mentally say I will achieve so and so goal. I would visualize each word to go with the thought. Many times, the word "not" would show up after the word "will". I would then mentally load that word into a visualized cannon and fire it against a wall and watch as it was obliterated. I would then mentally repeat the "command" once again. This time the word "not" was no where to be found. You may think that's a small thing, but it made an enormous difference in my mindset. From there, I went on to break every record the company had. The strange thing was that the days I had broke those records, was the days that I was sick and shouldn't have been working as it was. But like I said, the company was comprised of "slave drivers", so that wasn't an option.

During my time in that company I learned a lot of useful things. I used that technique of mental affirmations many times while reaching for personal and professional goals in my life. Little things like that make a huge difference in our mental conditioning. When was last time you tried to learn Guitar or some instrument. How did that work out for you? You either did it or you didn't. This practice is no different. When you use a technique to AP, you either do it or you don't. To "try" implies failure. You may not be consciously aware of that fact, but you are actually programming yourself for that failure. That doesn't show "commitment". Years ago I bought a AP tutor CD set from one of the many Authors of Astral Projection. It was $200.00 and at the time it seemed like a high price to pay. The reason I bought it wasn't 100% for the content. Instead, it was for the "mental commitment" to the practice of Astral Projection itself. There were some great tips and techniques, but it meant more to me on a deeper level than anything else. That was my commitment. It showed I was in this for the long haul.

This last part of this post is based on another topic that I think is necessary here. Above I spoke of my door to door sales and the harsh treatment and I know that when someone hears something like that, they seem to feel pity for the person. I do as well. I have learned though in my life that many of the harsh things we have experienced in our lives have made us the people we are today.

In the past few years I have been shown that the worst of times seem to have their own lessons and teachings. I do a Phase soak session almost everyday. My session begins with sending healing energies to people in my life that need it. Unfortunately, my list seems to be growing. I can feel the healing energy getting through to some people. But then there are others where every time I send them help, there is some kind of obstacle or roadblock in the way. Still I do it. One of those people is a lady I always refer to as my "better half", the love of my life. She was diagnosed with 2 forms of Cancer 3 years ago and given 8-10 months to live, even if she had Radiation or Chemo, which she decided against. At the time, we had a new granddaughter in our life, loving Family, all kinds of things to keep her will to live. I told her years ago that she was the Author of this book and if she wanted to go (pass away), we would plan for it, but if she wanted to stay (live), we would plan on that too. It was her decision, not mine. Unfortunately now she is losing that battle. I also have a good friend that is in his early 80's and having bad memory issues. On top of that he had a Stroke a few weeks ago. A little over a year and half ago my stepson had a accident that has left him a Paraplegic. Every time I send healing energies to my Love and my friend, I encounter obstacles. I either can't visualize them period or there will be a high wall, flaming block, all kinds of things in the way. When I send healing to my stepson, I can see him clearly. According to his Doctors and Therapists, he is coming back more and more each month. I go to his home once a week and we work on visualizing. Just this week I saw in another Phase session of my mine I was shown something that would help him. I taught it to him a few days ago and he was amazed with not only the Etheric tactile sensations he had, but also with how relaxed he felt afterwards.

Everyone has their "story". Everyone knows someone who is hurting in some way. Everyone has had someone pass away. Unfortunately that happens here in this life of ours. We mourn a loss. We cherish the time we spent with them. We feel for the injured or the sick. That's what makes us Human. We usually don't get to see beyond that though. To do that makes us feel guilty and insensitive. Sometimes what you see beyond the veil is hard to accept. You can understand the "whys" behind it, but it doesn't mean you have to like it. I have shown this to be true. Sometimes the soul just decides it's time to move on. It has achieved it's purpose here and now it's time to go to a new location, where it has a whole new set of lessons and experiences to encounter. I don't know about you, but that kind of thinking and reasoning make me feel better about even the worst of situations. It gives "peace of mind".

I brought that up about the healing because in a Phase session about a year ago I was told that my Love was in "stasis". Her and my friend are fighting tooth and nail to stay here in this physical. But somewhere on a different level, they have decided otherwise. My stepson though hasn't. He still has the will to live and get better on all levels. I have been shown that we do indeed plan before we come to this physical realm, all the extreme things that will occur to us in our lifetimes. Each of those things hold their own lessons. Everything else that occurs seem to  somehow direct us, lead us to or just be the effect of those extreme events. Kind of like a "fork in the road". I know that kind of thinking seems to be unthoughtful or wrong, but I have been shown it is the truth.

A lady named Anita Moorjani became famous following a NDE that she had. She had Cancer all throughout her body. She died at the Hospital. Then she came back, but the miracle was, she no longer had any trace of Cancer in her body. She said, she was told in her NDE experience that Cancer was a "choice". Obviously not a choice made on conscious physical level. That would be absurd.  (You can find out more about her with a Google search). While searching her, you might want to check out Bruce Lipton who speaks on the topic of us choosing our Family and life path in general. He uses the study of Biology to make his point.

I know that revelation is hard to swallow, It was for me as well. But then I began observing people's actions. I saw that any time a person was "sick", either by a Cancer or disabled via a accident, etc. that it caused, not just caused, but "forced" them to slow down. It forced change upon them. That change in turn helped them to be "aware". It also kind of directed them towards repairing the problem that put them in that situation in the first place. As of doing their own "life review" and going back to repair issues that directed them towards this new path. Some confront and beat it and some will fight against it till the day they die, never having been able to understand why it occurred to them. Some grow and get stronger. Others accept it and prepare accordingly. Why do "Placebo's" work? the answer "mind over matter". To heal you need to heal the "Mind, Body and Spirit". To heal one of those won't cut it. You need to heal the total package.

My goal for years was to be a "Invisible Helper". I am in the "Otherwheres". I constantly have Retrieval and "Hero" experiences, especially in my LDs (Lucid Dream). I am on this Forum because this has also been my goal in this physical realm here. I actually hate typing. But I am shown many times in my Phase session ways that I can help people. When those conversations/lessons appear, I know there is a good reason for them, just as there is now in me creating this new thread here. I don't use the word "try" as much as I did in the past. I have become more conscious of not only my thoughts but my words as well.

I hope that something I said was useful to someone here. This thread was all over the place. But as I was shown today, all these issues needed to be part of this thread. I say I hope it is useful to someone, but on a another level I "know" it will be.

Thank You for listening!  :-)

Welcome to Dreams! / Musical Dream Triggers
October 17, 2019, 04:20:23
 When i create my new Crystal Amplifier designs, I normally listen to some music on my headphones. Last night I searched YouTube to find a good lengthy playlist to listen to for the night. For some reason the theme this night that I had a urge to listen to was 80's hairbands Love Ballads.

So, I searched that heading and came across a good playlist. The songs on it were a welcomed blast from the past. Some were one hit wonder bands/Artists, but that's okay because the songs were great. I was surprised how many of them had the word(s) Dream/Dreams or Dreaming in them.

I listened to that playlist for a few hours, finished my work for the night and went to bed. I closed my eyes, did my nightly affirmation to become consciously aware in my sleep. In the past few months now I have omitted the word Dream from that statement and instead use the word sleep.

The next thing I knew I became consciously aware in my sleep of words and music of one of the songs from that playlist I had listened to earlier while working on my Crystal Amplifiers. The words were "I must be Dreaming" from this song here

Numerous times in the night I became aware in my sleep to that song. It was acting like a "Earworm". It was a great trigger as well.

There was actually a couple of other songs that I had heard earlier that were helping me become aware as well. I swear, I became consciously aware so much during my sleep, that I don't think I even lost consciousness for long. The actual "Dream" scenarios were very short themselves. They seemed like "cut scenes", that somehow were being used as puzzle pieces. Putting those pieces together seemed to put a whole plot together.

This is another one of those songs that I heard a few times.

Have you ever became consciously aware in your sleep due to a musical Earworm. If so, what was the song that triggered you? Share yours below. Many songs throughout the times have acted a earwigs with people. It's that one song or words from a song that you can't get out of your mind. It's so popular that they even gave it it's own term, that being "Earworm". They say the best way to get rid of a earwig is to listen to the song again. Kind of like the best way to rid a hangover in the morning is to have enough beer, lol!  :-D

For those that don't know what a "Earworm" is, here is the definition from Wikipedia:
An earworm, sometimes known as a brainworm, sticky music, stuck song syndrome, or Involuntary Musical Imagery (IMI) is a catchy piece of music that continually repeats through a person's mind after it is no longer playing.
 A good friend of many here and Moderator named Szaxx is in dire straits at the moment. Literally.

Through the recent deluge of flooding in the UK, their Dam has a breach, that could possibly cause the entire Dam to collapse and flood the town of Whaley Bridge and the surrounding area. The town has been evacuated. Szaxx lives just outside of the evacuation zone, (barely), but is still affected by the possible 1.5 million tons of water that may soon destroy everything in his area. The article says the actual Reservoir holds 300 million tons of water. When Szaxx PMed me, he could hear the Chinooks right out his window.

My request is for us all here to keep Szaxx, his family, friends and his entire community in our thoughts and prayers.

You can read more about it here:

Szaxx's latest PM to me today told me that the engineers are attempting to repair it, but it will take awhile. He also said it was "touch and go" right now and that some of their two foot wide streams have grown to 10 foot wide with heavy erosion. Unfortunately, he also said more rain is on the way. Lastly, he voiced his concern on whether the actual repair would be successful or not.

You can find out more about this dire situation with a simple google search on "Toddybrook Dam or Whaley Bridge". It's such a beautiful community too.

Thank You!

Update. Here is the latest on the situation, as of 2 hours ago.
 I have wanted to create this post for a long time now. I have stated in the past that one of the reasons that I created my Doorway thread here on the Astral Pulse was to help people prepare for a upcoming event. I guess prepare was the wrong word here, it's more like learn to access a way to communicate with our "friends". My goal was to keep opening Doorways as a collective until finally a answer came through loud and clear.

In the past few years we have been given little Disclosure tid-bits, starting with a interview with Robert Bigelow that the television show 60 Minutes did back in May 2017.

Later in the year, the New York Times did a article on the Pentagon's secret UFO program known as "A.A.T.I.P" (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program). Supposedly there were/are some high level Gov't officials that didn't want a study of this nature because they thought these were Demons, not ET visitors. They felt that a investigation may lead to more of a Demonic presence here on Earth. Yes, I am not making that up folks!  :roll:
You can read about it in this article here if you are new to this news.
The article also shared some live radar imaging of actual UAP's in flight. It seems like they needed a way to make the topic more "real" and not laughed at, so they changed the classification from UFOs to UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon).

The press ate it up and actually took it seriously. You could find Fox News, CNN, ABC, CBS, etc all talking about it. But it was short lived.
... and cue this "twit"!  :roll:
To which a person commenting in the comment section said this "This is the perfect example of how social pressures hinder scientific progress." So true, so true!

The trail went cold for a few years until recently. A new article emerged that was leaked. It supposedly came from the personal archives of the late Edgar Mitchell. Edgar was a huge proponent of further UFO research. Unfortunately he didn't get to see the new revelations that were shown to us in the past few years. Did he give instructions that after his death someone in his trust was supposed to finally leak his information to the World? That is only speculation, but it would make sense to me.
Here is a link to this to info on this new leak, The second link goes right to the actual Transcript, so you can view it in it's entirety. Love him or hate him, it seems that Steven Greer was telling the truth. Although he still seems quite egotistical to me. Recently in the comments section of a article on Disclosure and poster posted this. From what I have seen and heard, I agree with him. "Steven Greer has got caught up in himself, he just thinks that he knows more than all of us know on the topic and somehow he's more enlightened and entitled to the information. He's become someone who's lost in what he knows" and how he knows it "and has made his own belief system, and does not care what anyone else thinks anymore. He believes he knows the truth" and the rest of us live in the darkness" and it's made his perception on the whole topic kind of blurry you can say in my opinion. It was always about disclosure, but once they TOLD him what was what" he decided to be apart of that game and play that game with them."

Enter "To the Stars Academy".
...and now the new series on the History Channel titled "Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation.

I watched the first season, it was a 6 part season. The first 4 episodes were based on actual interviews with the US Navy Pilots that saw the craft. The 5th was based on UFOs and Nuclear Power Plants and Military Installations. The finale, was interesting. They had a meeting with the Italian Gov't where they were told of the Research that the Italian Military had done. The Italian Gov't was completely open and honest. The Americans though kept on saying we can't comment. That was annoying. You heard the same "can't comment" on every episode of the show.

The one thing that they did push though was that this was a "THREAT" to us. I heard a interview a few years back with Tom Delonge on the "Joe Rogan" show, whereas Tom kept saying "they" were a threat. Joe made Tom look like a fool in that interview though.

Just recently in two different interviews, Donald Trump was asked about UFOs. In the first interview he said he doubted it was true. The most recent interview was Friday night July 5th on the Tucker Carlson show where the President said he doubted it, but ended the interview with "who knows and I am a open minded guy."

I hate hearing this is a threat. They also say that if whoever gets the real info first, would have a huge advantage over their "adversaries". Which is likely why our " ET friends' aren't sharing it with them.
A person in a article of UFOs and the question of whether they are a threat or now said "When "they" (the ETs) nuke a country, not once, but twice, I will consider them a threat. Until then, I know who the real threats are". I second that quote.

It seems that many people outside of the UFO community don't really care about all this new info. A new story comes out and "crickets".

Just recently I heard a interview with Dr. Steven Greer whereas he did say one thing I truly agree with. He said "It's time to take it out of the World's Gov'ts hands and do something about it ourselves". What can we do? Well, many of us know that contact with other beings can be made via Astral Projection. Dr. Greer has his own CE5 meditation protocol that many groups of people around the World have participated in. We just had Independence Day July 4th in the US a few days ago. On that day, millions of people stood under the stars watching Fireworks displays. I wonder what would happen if we got that same millions of people out under the stars to do a group collective conscious meditation welcoming our "friends" here once and for all to reveal themselves to us in mass. I hear how Facebook and Social Media sites can be used to access/round up a number of people. Why not just try this, just for let's say "shts and giggles". Who knows, it just might work!

Thank You!  :-)

 Today MJ and I received a incredibly generous gift from a good friend. It immediately got me thinking of helping others in need in ways that I possibly could. So, in my Phase/soak session today, that was my entire focus.

Immediately the image of Hurricane Florence came to mind. About a month ago, during the Thailand Cave incident a friend of mine here PMed me about creating a thread to help the boys find safety. I told him that I was already shown that the episode/event there, would have happy ending, with lots of lessons learned. I even told him that there was likely Movie producers there setting up to begin telling the story in film. Thankfully it did have a happy ending, except of course for the brave Navy seal who perished in the rescue.

I wondered, how could we possibly make a difference with this Hurricane and for some reason, the Hurricane I was now viewing from above, began to churn the opposite direction, in turn, taking it's ferocity away. I was shown that a intent such as this could make a difference, but only if we could get a huge collective onboard with it. We only have a few days to "lessen" the blow to land. So, share this with whoever you can. Make this go viral. Let's see if indeed we can make a difference.

The Experiment
Every time you go to reach for your cell phone today, instead, close your eyes for a moment. Calm your mind, then visualize that Hurricane rotating "counterclockwise" from above. Watch it as it churns ahead. Now, we want to enter it. Bring your focus down until you are inside of it. You don't need to see anything, just know that you are there. Now change your focus to moving your body in clockwise rotation. You may, or should say, you will likely experience a actual OBE exit symptom here, it may be a etheric tactile sensation or just a feeling of a deeper awareness. Stay the course. Keep focusing on that clockwise rotation until you lose your focus period. Then open your eyes and continue your day. Do this as much as you can do in the next two days. You can even visualize or feel the Hurricane being effected.
Like I said, share this with whoever you can. Together as a collective, we can make a difference, but only if we can become that collective.

This could create a "Miracle" and lead to opening people eyes or it can "crash and burn". We won't know until we try. We have nothing to lose, but those people that we would help have everything to gain by this!  :-) 8-) Even slowing the storm a bit makes a difference.

If you have any other ideas on ways to make a difference here, please post them!
Thank You!  :-)
 The last couple of weeks I have been in different places with groups of people and see that this message needs to be shared. So PLEASE share it with others. It seems like people are falling asleep again, I mean where awareness is concerned. Their devices are taking them over and unfortunately they can't see it happening.

  We have bigger houses but smaller families;
more conveniences, but less time.

We have more degrees but less sense;
more knowledge but less judgment;
more experts, but more problems;
more medicines but less healthiness.

We've been all the way to the moon and back,
but have trouble in crossing the street to meet our new neighbor.

We built more computers to hold more copies than ever,
but have less real communication;
We have become long on quantity,
but short on quality.

These are times of fast foods but slow digestion;
Tall men but short characters;
Steep profits but shallow relationships.

It's a time when there is much in the window but nothing in the room
-14th Dalai Lama
 We have talked in the past about people experiencing a actual OBE while Phasing. Today I had that experience myself. I have had it in the past as well. But this time it seemed different somehow, more "surreal".

I began by doing my Phase/soak session. I call it m Phase/soak, because I am Phasing while lying in my bathtub in water.

It began as usual with me closing my eyes and relaxing. After about 10 minutes of just mindless relaxing, I began working on some of my new Crystal Amplifier designs. I lost myself in that for awhile. Then I used the mental command forward and the feeling of motion kicked in. There was some visuals at that stage beginning as well.

All of a sudden I felt the motion of rising. There was no sound, no vibrations, no bells or whistles, but the next image that is there is of me lying in the bathwater with a mist coming out of my torso area. This image was from what I would see, looking down my body in front of me, if I had my eyes open in that exact position I was in.  The next image switches to the corner of the ceiling in the bath/shower area and now I am looking at myself from above, at that vantage point and I see my body in the water, with this mist above it. That soon changes to a new visual and this one was of me from directly overhead and my body was getting farther away. From what I could tell, I was now seeing from the vantage point of the mist, like I was the mist.

I kept rising, through the ceiling and out the top of the roof of our home. I could see MJ and my vehicle sitting in the driveway as I rose higher and higher. I then saw a huge tree that we have near our home and one there was a kite stuck in it. About a month ago, while the family was over, one of the parents got one of the kid's kites stuck in the tree. The view I had of the kite though is not something you can see from the ground. Except for my OBEs, I have never seen our home from a viewpoint of height as well, with the exception of being on the roof. But this was much different.

I explored some more, than returned back to my physical focus. Needless to say, this was quite a experience.
 The Astral Pulse has lost it's "pulse" lately. Maybe we can return it back to active again by engaging some fun challenges, that will definitely be beneficial in the long run.

The Focus challenge is on length of "targeted focus", completely unabated. This one will be to see how long you can hold your focus on one scenario or focus target. It can be the length of time you can hold your focus on breathing, on a tactile sensation, a scent, staring into the darkness before your closed eyes or some imaginative activity or experience itself.

At first 10 seconds even sounds hard. But you will get better. There is no need to share here to boast for ego purposes. Be truthful, in the end, it only matters to yourself anyways. It's not a contest. It's a "personal" challenge.

You must hold that focus, completely unabated and "only" on that target of focus. Once you lose it, start the timer again. Also, keep a eye on how long it takes until your target of focus begins to morph into a full blown scenario. Not necessarily "mini Pictures". Flitting around, shows lack of direct focus.

Here is what I find.
50 seconds-1 minute, you are getting better. Keep going. If this is your first time with this technique, you may be experiencing actual "Astral Signposts".

1 minute-2 minutes, you may be experiencing morphing in your experiences now. You may have begun the exercise with a focused target, but now that target is taking on a life of it's own and you are there "passively observing" it.

5-10, you are well into a shift, if you haven't already shifted.

...more than 10 minutes, you are already "there" and because of that, you don't know how long you have been. Time no longer has relevance. You are thoroughly consciously aware wherever you have found yourself.

We have to exclude Lucid Dreaming from this challenge. I know with LDing you are still ending up in "NP" focus. But with LDing, you are not going from start to finish consciously aware. LDing has it's own challenges, that of becoming consciously aware "in" them and then reacting in a totally conscious manner to them as well as well.  That's enough challenge there itself!  :roll:

Try this. You have nothing to lose, but quite a bit to gain. Share or don't share. Have fun with it. I think that's where people go so strong. The pressure and seriousness they put on themselves to succeed. We normally have our first experience and our curiosity steers the way. The next time, we pressure ourselves to experience it once again. That's why it's so much harder to do.
Relax, release, let go and "allow" yourself to "see" and you will be "shown".
By doing fun challenges, like the one above, you can learn to get there. Then if you want to keep your serious mindset, go for it. This takes nothing away from the spiritual side of this practice. Exercises like the one above are there to fine tune and learn to really hold onto a strong NP awareness. Once there you can search out your deceased Family member/mentor or access the Akashic records, do your own personal experimenting, etc..

Here is a link to a great primer for this exercise. Try it. I used my own Binaural Beats, Isochronic tones when I did/do it though.

 Just as the title says. I went to bed at about 3:30 am, after I had made a new "Crystal Amplifier".

Somewhere along the night/morning, I awoke with a itchy left foot. The itch was on top of the foot and I tried to ignore it, before finally bending down and scratching it.

I then click out, back to sleep. I become aware I am in a home with a number of people. It seems to be a celebration of sorts. I see a small child, must be about 6 months old to maybe a year old, on a kitchen/dining room table in front of me. I don't know who these people are, but I hear what sounds like "broken" English, akin to the Spanish/Mexican accent coming from these people.

The table in front of me all of sudden tilts and the baby, little boy falls off the table. I hear a loud shriek. It seems the baby has fallen into some kind of large floor duct. Now remember, I just became aware in this scenario, so my "rational  thinking", like why is there a open floor duct that large on the floor in this room, hadn't kicked in yet. My attempt to help did though.
I had enough awareness to realize I was in a "LD". Everyone around me was frantic, going nuts. I tried my hardest to get them out of the room, so I could save this baby. For some reason I knew that I wasn't allowed to make a "scene" here. My first impulse was to go to the hole and create some kind of suction/vacuum effect, using thought= action, to help this boy. Once I cleared the room, that's exactly what I did.
I reached down to the hole and created a vacuum using just my left hand. The child rose up to my hand and I had him.
The others came back in and saw the results, but not how I achieved them. The situation once again returned to normal, then the child fell back in again, click out.

My foot was once again itching like mad. I tried to ignore, then I bent down again and scratched it feverishly. Then returned back to sleep again. Same scenario once again. Oh no I thought, this is some kind of loop or "Re-script". So now, what do I do. At first I tried to figure whether this was a Retrieval of sorts. The problem I was having was deciding who needed the "retrieving". The young boy had plummeted in to this hole twice now. It was a "furnace"/heater duct, so the situation was dire. The first thing I did was to make sure the furnace wasn't on. Click out.

The thing that confused me about whether it was a Retrieval of not was when I pulled the child out he second time, he was dead. But, I was still surrounded by all the people in the room. If it was a Retrieval, I figured once the boy had died, the scenario would have ended then and there. But it didn't. I once again found myself amongst the others in the room and now they were completely out of control, with the news of the child's death and all. I found them to be a very strange bunch as well.

Back to the itchy foot again. This was irritating. I would scratch it. Go back to sleep, same scenario, then back to the itchy "physical" foot again.

When I finally awoke, at 3:00 pm, I didn't want to look at my foot. I figured it would be all scratched up and blood would be present on the sheets. I pulled back to the covers, expecting to see some kind of accompanying "Spider" bite or something and my foot didn't look like I had touched it at all. No scratches, no redness, no bite. No indication that I even scratched it at all. When I had awoken multiple times and scratched it, my scratching got more vicious each time. I figured there would have to be blood and evidence. But there was none.

I apologized to MJ for waking up so late. I told her the Astral had a hold on me. It felt like it did, because I couldn't break this loop and it got pretty intense at times. I finally clicked out for good and awoke, thankfully.

I never did "consciously" complete my task or challenge though. There were multiple challenges in the scenario itself. But if one was a actual "Retrieval", then I didn't consciously see that to an end.

Once again, as usual, more question than answers!  :? :roll:
 How many of you members here still "actively" practice in some form on "non local states of consciousness"? Whether that be meditation, conscious shifting through intended OBEs or Phase session, Remote Viewing, etc. If you wish to elaborate further, you could also include why. I will start.

Yes I active practice, my favorite method being Phasing.

Why? Because it is AWESOME
You can be anywhere, anytime, with just a single intent. Thought = action instantaneously. So you can go there to see the future, work on things in the present or if needed resolve past issues. Right now I am working on new designs for our company there. We make handmade Dragon sculptures, Dragon wearables (that are new, thanks to my Phase Sessions) and I am currently working on some other new designs there. I don't need "physical" clay or even any tools there. Everything appears with just a intent to see or realizing it is already there, if you want to take that a bit deeper. I can understand why Einstein, Tesla and some of the greatest minds period, engaged in "non local states of consciousness"
...and just to add a couple of last things. The sky is the limit. No, it's not, lol. There is no limit. You can go there to learn. You will find there are many tests, quests and challenges that await you there. You can go there to heal and help others. You can go there for peace and tranquility. You can go there to access your "higher selves", your guides (which some think are the same as Higher Self) or you can go there to visit "others", whoever those "others" appear to be.

So, last question. After stating all that above. Why would you stop?   :-o
 I came across this article recently. When MJ was undergoing her surgery for Cancer, I asked a number of the Nurses that I came into contact with there, if they had heard from their patients anything that would give them a clue that this person may have been experiencing a "Angel" or other spirit, before they passed away.

The question definitely created a response. Some were kind of in shock by my question, but I could tell they "knew" something. Others were more open and shared their stories. I then asked them if they ever had anyone come into the Hospital to help these people prepare for their oncoming "transition", as of what William Buhlman teaches. They answered no, which I expected them to say.

Here's the article:
 Greetings fellow travelers!  :-)

The title says it all. Why can't you find success with Astral Projection? Is it the vibrations and other symptoms/signposts found here?

Is it the lack of or inability to focus? Is it your fear? Is "Sleep Paralysis a problem", or is it "other"?

What is it that is stopping you personally from finding success with Astral Travel in general?

I see way too often new members coming here and asking the same questions again and again. The questions get answered, but then that thread disappears into the Astral Pulse "abyss" and the same question is asked a week later.

I am hoping that we can keep this thread active and comprise enough helpful info through links to threads already created here with your answers. Also, more experienced members can add their own opinions and advise to your problems. I am also hoping that it creates new members here that have been lurking in the background for awhile now. It doesn't cost anything to join this Forum. No spam will be sent to you. You have nothing to lose, but there is a lot to gain!  :-)

So, I ask you again, what is your "hurdle"? What is the problem that always arises when you attempt to consciously shift?

The Forum is yours!  :-)

       Thank You!
 I can see that we need to discuss a bit deeper why each of these occurs. The simple reason, because it's part of a learning process. But I see many people are getting too hung up in them. So, we will split these into categories of BEFORE, DURING and AFTER.

This seems to be the extreme test and challenge of being able to overcome EXIT SYMPTOMS and SIGNPOSTS. This is where many new people find their first hurdle. This could also be known as your first taste of a fear test.

How far will you go to experience a "non ordinary state of consciousness" totally consciously aware? This is the first question everyone new to this practice should ask themselves. Tom Campbell says you need to have the mindset that "if I don't come back from this, so be it". That sounds pretty extreme. But if your subconscious finds a block, it will continue to use it constantly until you overcome it. How do you overcome it. You talk to your higher self and explain your reasons for wanting to learn this Art in the first place. "Well that sounds stupid. What a silly answer!" I read this all the time here on this Forum when a more experienced member here is trying to help someone consciously project for the first time. Case in point/Example: Every time I get to the point of exiting and then my eyes open. I had this problem before as well. How did I fix it? I broke down the problem further and found that I could wear a "Blindfold", thus finally proving to myself whether or not it was physical or etheric eyes that were opening. I didn't get frustrated, I just handled it and moved on.

I did find that once a "block" was successful, that that block would be used repeatedly until I overcame it. Another example of this, the exploding head syndrome. This one was always occurring with me just before a exit and stopped me dead in my tracks. I would be relaxed, I did my Mantras or counting then vibrations kicked in. But all of a sudden a rush of energy built in my head and I felt like it was literally going to explode. How did I overcome this extreme situation. I learned to passively observe it and move on. We use those two words often here. But it's true, "passively observing a exit symptom or Astral signpost is the best way possible to overcome it.
Here is a link to a "Sticky" that explains what a Astral signpost is and possible exit symptoms a person "may" experience. Don't expect them, just passively observe them with "air of curiosity" when and if they do occur.
I hope by making this thread we can help people that create threads here saying "I can't get past the vibrations, or my eyes are always opening, or .................................. You can fill in those blanks.

Lastly just remember this, (I think it was Xanth here that says this), "If you are experiencing something in this practice, chances are that others have experienced it as well". This Forum has some great Stickies (threads in BOLD BLUE LETTERS) that have been created by experienced members here to help you. Use them! They are incredibly helpful. We also have a fantastic search engine found at the top right hand of the page here.

This category goes into tests, quests and challenges that may or may not occur during a shift. Simple meaning, what challenges may lie ahead in a actual shift. Examples, during a shift from Sleep Paralysis. You awaken in SP, your first thought, what's holding me down. Oh look it's the Demon from that movie I saw last week or it's my worst nightmare. What has occurred here is you have entered a "dimension" or realm whereas thought = action immediately. So "what's holding me down" has now triggered the memory of that last horror flick. How to handle it. Realize what is occurring and why. Understanding a situation helps you overcome it.

Other tests, quests and challenges will come in your actual adventures in these realms. They are also used to help you learn how to "navigate" these areas. I have found there are no simple yes or no answers. Your teacher, whether you think of this as "higher self" or "other" will teach you through experience. Examples of this. During one of me first APS, my deceased brother in law appeared spontaneously on stage at some kind of giant Amphitheater. He then reached down and picked up a bow and arrow that I guess was lying on the stage and shot a arrow in my direction. This taught me "depth perception". He then taught me how important that I learned to just "observe" everything for now. I was very anxious and had many questions. That seemed to be a problem early on, but as everything else there, I had to overcome that. Once I learned how to just sit back and observe, I became like a open book, just sucking in knowledge. The more open I was, the more I was taught and still am being taught today.

Through this I was taught Retrievals, how to "Re script" a Dream and all kinds of unique things. But all of this came through numerous and sometimes very challenging and tedious tests, quests and challenges.

Now lastly to "AFTER". Hmm, what kind of tests, quests and challenges could lie after a shift or when you become more experienced with accessing non local states of consciousness in general. Well in my opinion this is where the two realms collide. What are you going to do with this new found knowledge? How has this changed you? ...and lastly the most important question, "How are you using this info to better yourself today in this realm?".

Non local states of consciousness will challenge your belief systems in all different ways. I myself have seen this first hand on a incredible level. My common law wife was diagnosed with two independent forms of Cancer back in December 2105. It's now April 2016. One was Endometrial Stage 4 B, the other Colon Stage 3. The Doctors basically said Chemo could be used to prolong her life another 6 months, (they had given her 8-12 months of life as it was), but the Chemo would not rid her of it.

My belief system on what is and why we are here in this realm, what I was "taught", was tested to the max. I knew what was happening and why, but it doesn't mean I had to like it or that it had no effect on me. I told her that she was the Author of this book and that she and she alone could write the "finale" to this story. I told her she needed to go deep inside herself and do some serious soul searching. This Cancer took years to get to this level or stage. But signs of why it happened were showing itself for years as well. Her anger at life in general had turned inwards and it had manifested into the "disease" itself.

During that entire time all the way up to the middle of March I did not have one LD, AP, OBE or anything of that nature. It wasn't for not trying. I was blocked. I was blocked from helping her on a higher level. This was her decision and only she along could choose how this all ended. During that time, I turned to some very good friends I have here on the Astral Pulse. Szaxx, EscapeVelocity and Skeptic helped her and I immensely and I am ever so grateful for their support.

The only way to monitor her Cancer was by "markers'. In this case her Stage 4 was a marker known as Antigen 125. Before surgery her marker was 337, which is quite high. They cut out all they could, but still the diagnosis of 8-12 months left of life remained.

While healing from her surgeries, she found some books on Spiritual Healing that we had purchased about 8 years ago, but she had never had the time to read. So she began to read and learned how to "allow" healing energies into her. This is where Skeptic was quite helpful. We had many Doctor appointments as well dung this time and all of them concluded with the same thing, Chemo was a must. But she would have none of that. She would not entertain the thought of Chemo.

Now the Miracle. In late March, I was on the road picking up some supply for our company and she called me after the results of her new blood/marker test.  She was elated. Her Cancer markers went down to 13. Below 30 is the safe/all clear zone. I guess according to the medical community, she had a "spontaneous remission". We call it a "Miracle". She chose to live and I was very grateful she chose that way. I was prepared for either.

She did quit smoking. She had smoked for over 30 years. We also changed our diet, limiting sugars, eating more green, etc. But the main change was in her attitude towards life in general. She became a Grandmother for the second time, with a new beautiful healthy Granddaughter. So, she had enough reasons to stay around this realm again.

Lessons you learn in "non local states of consciousness" come through tests, quests and challenges. But don't forget, those test, quests and challenges are found in this realm as well and just like the "other realm" ones, we must learn how to jump the hurdles and overcome those ones as well.

From this practice you will become more "aware" of everything around you. It's kind of like "seeing" for the first time. You will see we are much more than you first thought we were. You will also find many "gifts" along the way. I feel that the reason we become "blocked", even the most experienced APers, is because we stop using what is being shown to us, what we are taught and we begin to revert back to our old ways. Also, it's because "life happens" and the deeper we get into the physical, the further we move away from the other.  A sense of balance is very important here.

I wrote this under another name I once used here on the Astral Pulse Forum and I still hold it true today:
" Learning these things has it's positives. But it has it's negatives as well. The more I learn and "know", the farther I grow away from the woman I love. I don't feel like I am growing away, but I can see it in her reactions and attitude towards me now. It tends to desensitize you to things that in life that we should be sensitive to. Just knowing that you are more then your physical body changes your outlook/mindset on life quite a bit. This is why there are many people that start down this road, but can't continue. The physical life fights back and ground them."

To this a good friend of mine and former member/Moderator here replied:
"This! This right here would be my only "warning" to people. It's a hard concept to explain how you grow to be more loving  and compassionate yet you are also less affected by tragedy and sensitive issues. I know longer care about concepts like justice or revenge. I would have no problem with the Hitler's of the world dying and then immediately going to their own heavens without a second of punishment. Why? Because my experiences have taught me to be accepting and nonjudgmental. I've learned lessons in the NP that ten lifetimes of reading religious books couldn't teach me."

So, yes, it is important to understand and be aware of the benefits, but also the implications of this practice before you delve down this road.

        Thank You!

Welcome to Metaphysics! / Kurt Leland videos
March 25, 2016, 20:06:44
 Here are 2 fantastic informative videos by Kurt Leland. I have watched the first one many times because there is no much good information to be found in it that you really can't "digest" it all at once. Also, I found that some of didn't make sense to me, until I developed further myself.

The second one is very good as well and I guess I will be watching that a few more times too, lol.

Here is Kurt's website for anyone who wishes to learn more about him and his research.
 There is new research on "consciousness" that shows that current scientific understandings and theories of consciousness may be flawed.

I just found this link on another Forum, courtesy of a member there named "broken". It's funny because the word "broken" definitely fits the  past scientific views of consciousness in general!  :roll:

 The title says it all. What symptoms/signposts if any do you experience when you attempt or a achieve a OBE/AP from any technique? Here's a list of possibilities.

I think this will help new members see that they aren't alone and that almost anything that they have experienced during a OBE/AP, has been experienced by others as well. Possibly we can find some commonalities with what the most experienced symptom/signpost are.

1. Vibrations. By this I mean any vibrations other then the gentle buzz that you may feel when you first begin to have a OBE/AP.
2. Temperature change
3. Hearing an Astral Wind, high pitch or in some cases hearing nothing. Sometimes I experience the sensation of water plugging my ears, just like a person does while showering and they get water in their ears. It isn't really the lack of sound, it's just my hearing becomes muffled.
4. Eyes twitching or spontaneously opening.
5. Hypnogogic Imagery, as in shapes or colors that appear without any visual intent.
6. Heart palpitations. The feeling of your heart beating faster.
7. Loss of breath/feeling of suffocation or irregular breathing.
8. Physical pain. Some people report physical pain while attempting a OBE/AP.
9. Twitches or a part of the body spasming.
10. Sleep Paralysis. The lead blanket sensation falls under this category as well.
11. Hearing voices or any other external sounds not from your immediate surroundings or environment. By this I mean let's says for example hearing the sound of a Helicopter landing on your roof when there is no physical Helicopter present. I have experienced this one and it got surreal very quickly. Another good example is being screamed/yelled at. I had that happen too, lol.
12, A touch or grab of a body part. A feeling that you have been touched or that something external is holding/raising you. In this I don't mean the lead blanket/SP sensation. I mean the actual sensation of a "hand" or hands on your body.
13. Astral wind. With this, you feel like there is some kind of wind flow blowing on your skin.
14. Inner vibrations. With this you normally will feel the same situation you get when you get chills, but it lasts for much longer.
15. Phantom or etheric body movement. In this you normally feel like a body part is moving, even though your physical body is staying completely motionless.
16. None of the above. Some people never have experienced any symptoms/signposts of a up coming OBE/AP.  

Personally I have experienced every single one of these at one time or another. Sometimes I did and still do experience some of the things on the list simultaneously. Many of these come in different intensities, from mild to extreme.

If I missed out on any symptoms/signposts please feel free to add them to this post. These are the ones that I personally am familiar with, but I know there are more of them. Feel free to elaborate on the intensity you experience/d and any other helpful information you may have on this topic.

Thank You!

Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / The Doorway
August 17, 2015, 07:20:15
 "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."
                 Albert Einstein

"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will."
              George Bernard Shaw

"Everything you can imagine is real."
             Pablo Picasso

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night."
            Edgar Allan Poe

All these great men of history knew the importance of a creative imagination. Creative imagination leads to Astral Projection. You may start  by simply imagining a scenario, but then somewhere along the line something happens that wasn't in your planned "script". The scene starts to take on a life of it's own and now you sit back and watch at first as your passive curiosity draws you deeper in. Pretty soon it's just a "real" as it is here in this physical reality.

This exercise is meant to bring you to this point. It is simple, but if you are serious you will find positive results with it. I know how many people say they can't visualize. That is why I have started with the basics of visualization, then as you get deeper into this "walk through" of sorts, you will find that it gets easier and easier to do. At first the visuals are hard to maintain. The tendency is to drift off onto some other day to day thoughts. But this goes away with practice. As they say "Practice makes perfect"!  

I titled this the Doorway because that is the targeted object at hand. It is important in this exercise to take a few minutes to visualize (or try as you may) anything that you see in CAPITALIZED BOLD lettering. Example: If I ask is the doorway STANDARD SHAPED? You would automatically visualize a standard (rectangular) shaped door. You would then give yourself a few moments to visualize the door, before moving on to the next question.

This is not race. Take your time. Before we start I want you to make sure you are in a comfortable chair, not necessarily a bed, because I don't want you to fall asleep. Make sure your clothing is non constrictive. If it's too light in the room use a blindfold. If it's to loud where you are use some foam earplugs or noise cancelling earphones. Basically I want you to handle all your possible interruptions before they actually become interruptions.

I want you to just close your eyes and take a few minutes to relax. You can do this through a breathing technique, progressive relaxation, whatever makes you comfortable.

Now just notice the darkness in front of your closed eyelids for a about 5 minutes. Don't worry about "monkey mind" we will handle that soon.

You are in a dark hallway. There is a doorway about 10ft in front of you. You don't need to see it right now, just know it's there.

  Is the doorway a STANDARD SHAPE?
  Is the doorway ROUND?
  Is the doorway OVAL?
  Is the doorway LARGE?
  Is the doorway SMALL?
  Is the doorway GLOWING?
  Is the doorway RED, like a FLAME or a APPLE? (You could use any other examples that you want to see the color red.
  The same with the other colors as well.)
  Is the doorway ORANGE, like an ORANGE?
  Is the doorway YELLOW, like a BANANA?
  Is the doorway GREEN, like the flowing GRASS in a field?
  Is the doorway BLUE, like a beautiful CLEAR SKY in the day?
  Is the doorway INDIGO, like the DEEP OCEAN?
  Is the doorway VIOLET, like the glow of a BLACK LIGHT?
  Lastly is the doorway WHITE, like the SNOW, the CLOUDS or even just a BRIGHT LIGHT?

  Where does the doorway lead?
  Does the doorway lead to the PAST? Now you are going to reminisce or as they say you are going to take a brief walk down memory lane. You are going to think back to a emotional time in your past. Was it the Prom? Was it your Child's birth? Maybe it's just something that you wish you had the chance to go back and do over again. Don't rush this process. Go back to the past and see this again. Emotional thoughts are very powerful thoughts and for that reason alone are easier to bring back up again.

  Does the doorway lead to the PRESENT? What did you do today? Did you go out and visit friends? Did friends visit you? Did you just stay at home and watch TV? Relive something from the day. Make it as simple or complexed as you wish.

 Does the doorway lead to the FUTURE? This is when you visualize what you wish to accomplish further in your life. See yourself achieve a major goal. Watch as your future kids are born. See yourself receiving that promotion at work.

Now, walk towards and through that doorway. WHAT'S ON THE OTHER SIDE?

If at any time during this exercise the visuals begin taking on a life of their own, allow your curiosity to draw you deeper. Stay with the scene. Passively observe it and allow it to progress. The more it progresses the deeper you find yourself in the scenario and further away you are from your physical focus. This entire exercise is built just to help you to escape your focus on "this" reality.

I have chosen these specific questions for a purpose. First the shapes are simple and one of the first things people are taught in visualization skills are to see basic shapes. The colors I chose because not only are they the colors that correspond to the "Chakras", but they are also the colors of a Rainbow. I know not everyone subscribes to the Chakra theories and techniques, but these colors are seen everywhere in everyday life. I chose white because of its cleanly divine meaning.

The Past, Present and Future questions are there because all three of these will give a person a chance to "lose themselves" in these visualizations. Many times when I attempt this exercise I don't even make it to the final set of questions.

I have other questions I ask myself when I do this exercise, like for instance is the doorway a CAVE OPENING, or does it have SALOON DOORS, like the old Westerns? Is it a BEADED DOORWAY? You get the idea. Have fun with it. Every question you ask leads to another intended scenario.

Please reply with any questions or comments you may have on this. The whole exercise was to show you the importance of imagination. Many times, it's your imagination that leads you to the "Astral proper"!


Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Cycling
July 14, 2015, 05:00:36
 I love experimenting with many ways to achieve a good NP focus. I take simple concepts and revise them until I find something beneficial. I have experimented with Binaural Beats/Isochronic Tones, Light Sound Machines, Visualization, different Breathing Practices, all kinds of different things.

There is a member here named Cosmic.iron who created this thread:

I used his idea as stated for my morning AP sessions. But then I began to experiment with his concept of "Cycling" a bit further. I began using it in my regular daily/nightly sessions as well. But as usual I added my own twist to things. I found a way to bring on a deep trance or what would be known as Focus 12 very quickly. Here is that technique.

Just a couple of things before I go any further with this. As in any attempt, make sure you are comfortable. Wear loose clothing, take a couple of breaths, whatever it takes to calm you down. Also, if it is too loud where you are you can either wear some earplugs or even some ear phones to muffle any sound. If light is a problem, you can use a blindfold too. Okay, now to the technique. It is very simple.

Step 1-Close your eyes and for 20 seconds focus only on the darkness before your eyes. As you do this say in your mind "I see". (Your eyes should be closed for this entire process.)  Don't strain your eye muscles though. Your eyeballs should be resting, totally relaxed. If you don't see anything that's only normal. Do not attempt to spot visuals by moving your eyes around.

Step 2-Focus only on your hearing for 20 seconds. Listen for any sounds you can hear. As you do this say in your mind "I hear".

Step 3-Focus only on any tactile sensations for 20 seconds.  Direct your attention to your body. Try to feel any sensations such as tingling, heaviness, lightness, spinning sensations, etc. As you do this say in your mind "I feel".

Repeat steps 1-3 over and over for about 5 minutes. Basically estimate how much time you are taking. When you feel comfortable with these simple steps, move on to step 4 and 5.

Step 4-Now I want you to be aware of the seeing, hearing and feeling simultaneously for 10 seconds. Don't worry if you can't sense them all at the same time. Just try to be aware of everything.

Step 5-Be aware of "nothing" for 10 seconds. Let go of the seeing, hearing and feeling. If you still find yourself aware, don't worry. Repeat the entire cycle step 1-5 over and over again.

You will know when to stop. I did this earlier this afternoon and after about 5 minutes of it, I was deep in trance and experiencing all kinds of unique things. When I finally stopped, I found that about 50 minutes had gone by. It didn't seem like that to me, but it did. Like they say "time flies when your having fun".

Please make sure you share your results here with others. I hear people all the time say they can't turn their "monkey mind" off or they are having a problem getting and maintaining a good NP focus. Well, this is a very simple technique, that can be done anytime and it will help you get to and maintain a deep NP focus. What you do from there is up to you!  :wink:

 Last night Connie Willis interviewed Joseph McMoneagle on Coast to Coast am. This was a great interview. Joseph spoke about his spontaneous OBEs, the Monroe Institute and his experiences there, NDEs and some of his most fascinating experiences in the NPR. He also spoke about Remote Viewing and ET contact/intervention. This was one of the best interviews I have heard on Coast to Coast AM for a long time now.

His interview begins at the 39:00 minute mark. Enjoy!
Welcome to News and Media! / Pluto Mystery
July 05, 2015, 20:54:57
 NASA makes it so easy for conspiracy theories. There is their story, then the truth. But who really knows what the "truth" is?

Take this new event for example. Recently there was a news article taken by NASA's New Horizon probe showing 4 mysterious evenly spaced spots. Each one is 300 miles in diameter.  The photos were released in anticipation of the probes July 14th closer inspection of Pluto.

The entire story of the Probe's long journey is quite fascinating.

Cue to today's headline.

Now, enter the conspiracies, lol. Coincidence? I personally don't believe in coincidences. You can finish the story for yourself though!