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Quote from: Lumaza on November 10, 2017, 18:22:19
Try Bedeekin's "Pre-nap" technique here. I think that might help you to have a full OBE exit.  It's very good and will usually lead to awakening in some stage of SP (Sleep Paralysis). But, you might not get all the usual symptoms reported with Sleep Paralysis. You just might find yourself "out" period.
True, you may have passed the "fear test", but just for a split second you may have thought about your physical wellbeing and sometimes that's all it takes to end a experience then and there.
It sounds like you had a "low level experience" at that point. The "BOOM" then strengthened it. So, it was kind of one step forward, two steps back. The "BOOM" improved your awareness, but it also made you think of your physical wellbeing, which ended the experience itself.

It gets better after awhile though. You learn to control your thoughts, emotions, desires and actions and that's when it gets ever more interesting.

There are many DT's "Dream Triggers" in our Dreams. Once we become aware of them, we can use them for strengthening our awareness there quicker. Think hard for a minute. What is "familiar" about some of your Dreams? Is it the locations, the people, beings (Dream Characters) or maybe the time period (past. present day, future)? There are all kinds of DTs there. We just have to learn to become more aware of them.

My recent "Paddle to Sea" challenge is excellent way for a person to improve their "NP" focus and awareness. It also teaches you how to "passively observe". When you do it long enough, an hour to hour and half should suffice, you will find that your physical body has completely gone to sleep and that you find yourself deeply immersed in the scenario at hand. At first though, take short little sessions. Otherwise you will click out completely and lose your "recall" of the experience. You need to learn when to abort and when to stay. That comes with practice though.  :-)
Once again, that just shows a "lower level" of awareness.

LDing/OBEing, same difference. Just a different "mode" of transportation. I notice more people here "now" seem to experience the "NP" by means of LDS. It seems to be a "progression" of a type. My first experiences with the NP "consciously aware" were during the occasional spontaneous OBE. Then I learned to Phase and that led to me becoming more aware in all aspects of my life here and there, which led to improved LD's.
I like the "consciously aware" every step of the way techniques and experiences. There are so many tests and challenges along the way. But that's what makes you stronger. Those lessons are great for when you finally "get there" and start maneuvering around the many places you can go and things you can see and experience.


Once again thanks for the reply! I really appreciate the time you put into detailing your responses in a way that is easy to understand.

I like the Bedeekin's "Pre-nap" technique and look forward to trying it out. Looks like a technique that required a bit of planning (weekend work).
I believe you are correct. I probably did have a split second second of the fear for the well being of my physical body. Something to work on.

Question: How can I work on controlling the fear aspect of this process? I found last night that I had numerous sensations, and was trying to focus on what was happening to my physical body when this process is occurring and I found that for the most part I could stay relativity calm. When things intensify a little I find that my breathing changes along with my body, or parts of my body, tense up and it is pretty well uncontrollable I find.

If there any affirmation you use or used, to work through this?  I feel that if I can just get over this fear and stay calm, I will truly excel at this!

I don't know... seems like i'm just rambling now.
Quote from: Lumaza on November 10, 2017, 15:55:33
Any positive progress is always a good thing.  :wink:
Schmustin, what is it that you wish to achieve? A full OBE, as in a physical like exit.
If it's being conscious in a "non local/ordinary state of consciousness", then you have already achieved that, as shown in your experience above. Your recent experience even had a "test" in it, maybe two of them. The first being a kind of fear test and the other a control test. The tests in this case checking your level of control over your awareness and during a "fearful"/eventful occurrence. The second being "explosion" itself. That showed by the car explosion, that knocked you back to the physical again.

I find when I first become aware, that I need to just passively observe for awhile before I join the scene consciously. That helps me actually be able to get my bearings and to not be so shocked when something out of the ordinary occurs, which happens often.

That is all huge. Don't underestimate it. Yes, it was a LD. But if you aren't aware of your current physical body here, you "have" shifted to another reality.

So once again, what is your goal here?  :?


Thank you for the reply.

You ask... "What is it that you wish to achieve?" This is a great questions and of course I want to achieve the highest state to no physical consciousness I am able to achieve. I would really appreciate the experience to have a full OBE (that is what got me interested in this in the first place LOL). I have had a partial separation about 7 - 8 months back;  if we are being completely honest, it happened so fast it scared the "you know what out of me! So I feel as if, since then, I have been working with the fear aspect of this physical reality we all play in.

After reading your post I relate to the "Tests" you mention, and agree, the explosion would line up to your reasoning. Also makes sense on my previous experiences with the NP.

So my question now.... When the explosion occurred, I was brought back to the physical, almost right away. When I became aware (That I was back in my bedroom) to the point that I have experienced something non physical. I was a little confused as to why I was pulled back as there was no real "fear" that was associated with the car blowing up. I was shocked that it happened. I thought for sure, that I was going to be able to phase back and could not. Now, after reading your reply, I figure that at that point in time, that is all I was supposed to experience, would you agree? 

Also... Yes, while I was in the NP, I was not aware of my physical body at all. It visually seemed really "real", but as if I was in a movie, hard to describe, sorry. I don't really recall details, such as... The smell of the air, wind blowing in my face, temperature (hot or cold outside); also I don't recall hearing anything other than the "BOOM"!!

Now I have always had a hard time remembering my dreams and have been dream journaling. As I was pretty well convinced I was a person that did not dream, most of my entries are something like... "Cannot recall the dream/adventures from last night. Will recall more dream details tomorrow"

I would like to mention again, that when I was in the NP, I was not really aware that I was in the NP and had no "Idea" so so speak of a physical body I may or may not have had at that time? So would I have been more LD'ing or possibly a full OBE?
Hey guys. Just wanted to share an experience I was fortunate to have last nigh.

It was not anything huge, but even the small things at this point are welcome LOL!

I went to bed a little later than usual, about 10:45 pm. I was laying there and decided to take 10 - 20 min and work on AP.

As I was laying there, I must have fell asleep.I must have become aware at a certain point; I recall, I was standing in a courtyard at what looked like a very expensive house, like some huge estate. There was a circle driveway, with, what looked to be a huge fountain in the middle!

I started walking away down the driveway and a car was pulling in. I looked at the driver, but don't recall if I knew the entity / person driving.

As we passed each other, I continued walking. I recall watching this car pull up to the house behind me, as I was walking away (I was not facing the car). It was as if I was watching this car behind me while looking in a rear-view mirror. I was not facing the car!! All of a sudden this car parked and blew up!

At that point I seemed to snap out of it and became aware while lying in bed. I stayed still and tried to shift my consciousness away from the physical but was to set on what just happened and was unable.

Nothing huge, just thought I would share.
I am leaning toward this being more of a Lucid Dream.... which is totally cool as i have not remembered a dream in the last year.

Thank for reading.
Quote from: EscapeVelocity on October 03, 2017, 23:55:52
We discussed this a bit back in March; I withheld several ideas back then, not wanting to confuse the issue. Since your predicament remains, I will now offer them.

1- You have never mentioned a Dream Journal or your efforts to remember your dreams. This is a key component of initial NP awareness and a basic method for its development. If you are not putting in the time and effort to do this, then this could be a significant reason for lack of progress.

2- Communication to our Inner Selves - It may be that we have to reassure our relative safety to our subconscious self in order to gain a kind of 'permission'; it may also require a request to our higher self for a kind of permission to go exploring in the Non-Physical Realms. This can be simply done with nightly statements or short mantras 'asking for permission' or 'granting ourselves permission'...the individual language may be slightly different for each of us; we just have to explore this in our own unique ways.

3- A fundamental requirement MAY BE that at some initial point, we dedicate our spiritual education and evolution to the 'betterment of Mankind' or the idea of 'SERVICE' to our fellow sentient beings...

So, if your 'true' intent is just to experience the NP and OBE as a form of entertainment, a cool thing, a way to impress your friends, or a method to personal power, ie some selfish reason...then you will likely not be assisted, maybe even resisted by those on the other side.

I have read from many others and my own experience has confirmed that, at some point, an open and sincere declaration of my willingness to be part of, and to contribute to the progress of our general spiritual welfare is a proper and necessary thing.

This has to be sincere. 

EscapeVelocity, Thank you again for your detailed write-ups. I do appreciate the time you put in to responses and always hope I end up seeing a post from you in my treads.

In regards to the dream journal... I do keep one but most days I can only write "Do not recall and dreams that took place. I shall recall more detail tomorrow night".

I did not see the need to reference this as it seems to be little instances where I may recall a small part of a dream. Now that it has been brought up.... Should I be doing something different?

The reason I have for learning this amazing skill would be 90% internal, as in, to better my self and gain knowledge that I have not been subject to my entire life. The other 10% would be strictly fun! Lets face it, who would not want to fly around the globe of visit parts of the ocean that have not been experienced on this physical plane and so on, and so on.

:-D :-D On an upside I did nave somewhat of an experience last nit in which I was able to experience some hypnogogic imagery (which is always fun),as well as, I seemed to have this "Static" type noise in both of my ears that seemed to go up an down in intensity/volume. After some time the right ear stayed the same but there was some change in the left. The left seemed to change to some kind of pulsing / swooshing type nose. :-D :-D

Dose not seem like much, but compared to the last 4 weeks I was pretty thrilled to see something. After that the visions and noises seemed to fade and I figured I was done and went to bed.

Quote from: baro-san on October 02, 2017, 14:35:56
For instance, when I started reading about astral projection, and when I had my first projections after I read William Buhlman's first book, I was strongly motivated to find out if there is something after death.

I think that just curiosity, or desire to learn a trick, might not be motivating enough anymore for your subconscious to make the leap. They were in the beginning, but now you might need to work toward a higher goal in order to progress.

Astral projection, is a tool, a mean toward something else.

That makes somewhat sense. I need to be more specific then just, What new sensations can I experience tonight?

LOL.... How do I do this? I don't know what I should be putting my energy towards.

For example  a mantra... "I will have a full separation" or something like "I will go out of body"??
Quote from: baro-san on October 02, 2017, 12:46:06
Maybe one reason for having less success lately is the difference in motivation between when you started and now. If you make clear plans, in which you put a lot of desire, hope, curiosity, those will help you go over the hump.

The other avenue would be to move to a different approach to projecting like Monroe's hemi-sync, Frank Kepple's phasing, self-hypnosis, lucid dreaming, etc..

What do you mean by difference in motivation?

I want to experience a full separation sooo bad, but maybe I need to shift my focus?
Maybe I am wanting it to bad??? 
Well... I am back on the AP train as of about two weeks ago.

Nothing exciting to mention so far! Which is why I am creating this post.

Possibly someone can help out here and has experienced this. I started about 10-12 months ago practicing AP. Off the start I had lots of new experiences and it looked as if I was making progress almost 3 - 4 times a week. Then one day it just stopped!

I took a break for about 3 - 4 months, now and just had a feeling I needed to get back on the practice routine. This is where I could use some advise / guidance.

Back when I first started, I was trying all these different techniques and mantras, it seems that I would always see a little progress or experience new NP sensations.

After a couple months is seemed these experience were really far apart to the point where it just quit all together.

Now that I am back at it, I am getting the same thing. Very little positive feedback in the process, as in, not much progress forward.

I know its probably me and what I am doing, or not doing. But I would just like to see that I am on the right track.

Maybe I need to try and ask a guide for help?
How would I do this?
Should I do this?

I'm at a loss here and don't know how to move forward.... Do I want this to much? Possibly overthinking and making it way more complicated than it needs to be?
Quote from: Selski on August 05, 2017, 09:21:50
:-D That's funny. How are you getting on now? Not sure if you're still a visiting member, but thought I'd ask in case you are.  :-)

I never got any tell-tale clicks so I had to learn the hard way. For me, it was a case of doing it over & over until I familiarised myself with the correct state. Of course, this meant many failures and plenty of practice.

In order to avoid a total fail, you could slow down the process and rather than roll your whole body, try moving one hand very very slowly. If it moves and doesn't feel physical, bring it up to your face and look at it. 9 times out of 10 if it's your second/astral hand, then it won't look quite right. It could look obviously different, such as a glowing blue haze or it could look similar, but with an extra finger (one time I had rings on which I'd taken off before lying down). If you're still not sure, try the other hand/arm. Then to absolutely test it, push your right index finger into the palm of your left hand. If it goes through, then you're astral!

But even then, take it slowly. You may find you're only half-astral and can't get your legs out. One thing I found useful if this happened was to use my astral hands and rub any areas of my body that still felt physical. Mentally willing myself astral also worked.

For some of us, it doesn't come easily or naturally. Just like learning to play a musical instrument, it takes time, effort, patience, practice, practice, and then more practice.

Selski, Just saw your reply... I am still a visiting member, but have giving AP a break for the last couple months as I feel I was just not getting anywhere and I was imposing mental blocks with with frustration.

I am back on the AP train the last couple weeks but have not had anything interesting to post about LOL.

For some reason. When I first learned about AP I had a great 1 - 2 months with lots of new sensations and success and it felt like I was moving in the right direction. Then one day it just quit! I was unable to experience anything new and decided to give it a break.

Back at it not but still nothing exciting to report. I think I am doing something wrong but have no idea how or what.

O well... When I get it I am sure it will stick. 
In my limited experiences if you go into the process only looking for the viberational state you wont get it.

And that is OK as it is not needed to exit.

Just let go and go with whatever you experience.
Don't set out a strict pathway that you have heard works and expect to get from one thing, then the next, then the next, and so on....

Just lay down or sit, and be excited to see what new sensations you get to experience.
Great thread.. Thanks for all the useful information!!
Quote from: grrla on March 21, 2017, 17:17:55
I understand what you are trying to say
The difference is that you look at the macro scale, vs micro scale
On the macro, you are right
And I'm still okay with myself: go to McDonald and ask to get the second picture, and receive the first one: you'll not be okay

On my previous post: what is your English words to call the things in pictures ?

I see that we are on the same page and as I was reading your post, it is a great example if "intent". You go to Mc Donalds with the intent to get a Big Mac and French Fries.

That is your intent.

You suddenly receive the order; they have given you chips. Still the same product just represented in a different way.  

The "micro" is really all that counts, if your looking at the big picture. Don't know if that makes sense.

Some places call the first picture french fries and others call the second pictures french fries. They are both french fries so to say.

I am curious to see how you look at all this... I think a the fork, I went right and you went left so to speak LOL.  

Not trying to be rude (please don't take this the wrong way), but I think you need to open your mind to possibilities. That may be beyond your comprehension at this point.

I may be wrong, and if I am, interpreting this totally wrong, would someone please correct me?? I am still new to this process as well; learning as I go. I like strike up conversation as it helps me grasp information allot easier. I do not mean to come off rude... just really enjoy open discussions LOL.
Quote from: grrla on March 20, 2017, 18:26:43
I'm not sure if eating cereals can be placed as the same level then astral projecting. I think average peoples would disagree
And is social interaction the epitome of spiritual growth... I have doubts.

But what disturb me the most, is your avatar, it seem broken :'(


When people post answer's to questions you have, you really need to work on having a open mind and not jumping the... Well, that now that i heard. That can be right because i don't understand it. ect...

Just remember... You don't know, what you don't know!
I would tent to agree.. A potato, is a potato, no matter how its cut up.
The only thing that really changes is the way it is cut and how the outcome looks.

No to make things interesting if you were to compare a potato to a piece of paper.

Are they made of the same stuff/matter?? I would venture they are.

They are all made of atoms (electrons/protons) the only differences is the arrangement and the vibrational frequency they give off. In the end everything on earth is the same, that is why the mind is so powerful. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY! Ever heard of the "Law Of Attraction"?? The power of the mind is amazing!

Tow quote that I really like....

"Weather you think you can, or you think you can't... Either way you're ALWAYS right. It's the THINKING that makes it so." - Henry Ford

"Whatever, the mind of man can conceive, and bring its self to believe... It can achieve." - Napoleon Hill

Just my $0.02.
Quote from: EscapeVelocity on March 14, 2017, 20:41:02
It is very literally, small baby-steps right now; I know because I went through it as well. It can be pretty darn frustrating. Maybe that's part of the process and teaches us some things about patience, focus and awareness. It is all part of learning the art and it never ends.

Check my response to SimplyHuman for some possible reasons why it gets so slow at this point.

The vibrations, SP and the Void...if you have experienced them, then great, file them away in your NP File; they are not necessary for any particular OBE, so don't get hung up expecting them at every or any time.

'The feeling that I should take a break...' That is a good insight to have had and maybe a sign of your inner awakening; start to pay a little more attention to this kind of personal insight. Sometimes this break is exactly what is needed...time to relax and regroup, time to consider, absorb and consolidate what we have learned...and then BANG! we get a whole new experience that takes us to the next level. Personally, I think this is a necessary function that happens also on a very subtle, energetic level that we may not be consciously aware of.

Again, I highly recommend the affirmations that I mentioned earlier. They are easy and best of all, they're free.


Your post makes complete since.  I don't know if I want to take a break now LOL!

Yes I will do the affirmations for sure I have already printed them off and taped them around my house... LOL. Tomorrow I should have them memorized.

I put them around the house so every time I see one I remember to say it randomly throughout the day as well.

Will keep you posted! And thank you for taking the time to post.
Quote from: EscapeVelocity on March 13, 2017, 22:10:26
This is a good experience to have and a sign that you are continuing to make progress.

I'm not so interested in what you were viewing, but rather the way you described the experience -like sitting in a movie theater watching the big screen. Many projectors have described their early experiences in just this way, myself included. This is a particular stage in the sequence of falling asleep and, if we can maintain our awareness/lucidity, we can utilize it to reach a point where we can project or phase. So, I think it is a particularly good signpost that demonstrates two key aspects of your awareness developing: 1 -That you managed to follow it that far and 2 -that you recognized the fact. Good work!

This is a technique that requires you to maintain your awareness and observe yourself as you fall asleep. Awfully hard to do because you are naturally tired and it is so easy to simply fall asleep. I have only had success with this during a few middle of the night wake-ups, but it served to teach me the fundamentals of this process so I could recognize it when it naturally occurs.

For many of us, if not all, the process of falling asleep proceeds from a relaxation stage to a hypnogogic stage of brief, random hallucinatory bits of noises, sensations and visuals...most of this we miss on a nightly basis because we have already lost focus...when you can maintain awareness and observe the process, it is quite orderly and predictable (at least it was in my case according to what I have read -which also leads to the possibilities of prior suggestion and expectation; I remain open). The visuals move from static snapshots to kind of jumpy, black and white streaming footage, then becomes smoother and full Technicolor. If you can get this far, you just sit back and watch as the video changes from scene to scene, without getting caught up in it. At some point, the scene will stabilize and perceptibly strengthen...and then it should occur to you that you can try mentally 'stepping into' the scene. You may get bounced back once or twice, which may indicate that you need to let the scene strengthen a bit more, but finally you can just step into the scene. Stepping 'into' a scene and then realizing you are actually there 100% is one of the coolest things the first few times! It really rattles your world-view! This is Phasing.

Again, this is a good sign that your Intent is continuing to kick your awareness up a notch when you are in an appropriate place to learn something new. You might try adding a nightly affirmation to reinforce your Intent. Something like,

"I want to have an out-of-body experience and give myself permission to do so. I know that I am safe and protected."

"I want to recognize opportunities to increase my awareness in my dreams and as I fall asleep or wake up. When I dream, I become aware."

Alter or season to your taste. The key is that this kind of 'programming' is both simple and effective.

You are headed for a good adventure. I look forward to reading about it!


Thank you for the reply, glad to hear from people who are allot farther along than I am; that what I am going through, is a step in the correct direction.

Its funny, as I have been feeling as I have not been making progress and getting the feeling that I should take a break. Then this happens.

I don't recall all the lead up images like the black and white. So that tells me that my assumption that I may have actually fell asleep, could be a real possibility.

All I recall for sure, is there were a couple cars, in fairly vivid color, driving down some highway. I think it was a race or something, just speculation at this point.

As I look back at the last 3 to 4 weeks, it seems as if I am progressing really slowly... None the less its progression! Almost as if I am being taken through this step by step until I am comfortable enough to move on. I notice now that I have not had the vibrations, SP or the Black Void in quite some time.

Am I missing these steps some how; do I need to experience them?

Nothing new from the last couple nights... Hopefully I will be able to share more very soon!

This is verv exciting... Cant wait to see what the next stage brings. 
The other night before bed I was laying down practicing AP'ing and I recall being in somewhat of a movie theater as I was seeing a scene, where, there were these vehicles that (I think) were driving down some highway. looked really vivid.

I think I may have lightly fell asleep but I don't recall really losing  and then at some point I recall fading into this "movie".

It was shocking, I remember I was laying still, with my eyes closed but when it startled me I ended up loosing the vision.

Just wanted to do a quick post as I may have experienced this before but was allot shorter and this one seemed to last a couple seconds before I got startled.
I read this post months, back but didn't really see any value :-( in it as i was just starting to explore this amazing ability.

After reading it "again" now after having a little more experience and going through the sensations, but never actually achieving a full separation.

I feel, I better comprehend what your are explaining; and will be trying what you are mentioning in this post in greater detail.

Interesting how you read something once; come back to it, you get allot more of what is being explained!

Tank You!
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Dr. Strange
March 08, 2017, 10:20:24
Quote from: LightBeam on March 07, 2017, 19:05:37
Many of us here think alike :). That's a sign that everyone should watch the movie.
The clip you posted here and the moment she punched his chest and his astral body flew out of the physical was the moment I was like "Wooooow, that's interesting" LOL. Then a lot of valid points followed throughout the movie. I didn't know anything about this character though. Never heard of him, so I did not expect the AP elements. It was a nice surprise.

My thoughts exactly... I know its a Hollywood film and they need to spice it up for ratings, but I do think some of what they explain (maybe 1% - 2%, HA HA HA), may actually have some merit.

None the less.... I am now into Dr. Strange LOL!
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Dr. Strange
March 07, 2017, 18:38:09
Quote from: PlasmaAstralProjection on March 07, 2017, 18:16:31
Wow yeah I loved that clip you posted. I'll have to download it. And no I havn't seen the movie. At least not yet.

I would recommend checking it out. It is a "Hollywood" film so there is allot of s*it in it, but I think it has some good incite. At the least if your in to AP'ing is is good entertainment.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Dr. Strange
March 07, 2017, 18:35:57
Quote from: LightBeam on March 07, 2017, 18:00:55
Look down below on the same page. I made a post with the same title, when I watched the movie in the theater :)

Read though your topic... Looks like it was a pretty good discussion. Thanks for sharing.

Good to see, i was not the only one who thought to start a post on it LOL!!
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Dr. Strange
March 07, 2017, 17:44:07
Quote from: PlasmaAstralProjection on March 07, 2017, 16:22:42
Almost all movies that show astral projection some glorified form of astral projection, like the movie version of it. I like some of them because they are funny or entertaining, not not because they are like real life astral projection.

Here are the ones that I am most familiar with.

Ace Ventura: When nature calls.
Astral projection "out of body experience" portrayed in a Hollywood Film

Beverly Hills Ninja - Plane of Enlightenment Part 1

Beverly Hills Ninja-Plane of Enlightenment Part 2.avi

I agree, I have seen it in Hollywood as well but this one seemed to actually explain in some detail. The Ace Ventura and Beverly Hills Ninja it almost making more of a joke of the whole process I found.

have you seen Dr. Strange.

DOCTOR STRANGE Movie Clip - Heal The Body (2016) Benedict Cumberbatch Marvel Movie HD

This is just a short clip of it, it continues on more in the movie.

Might be worth watching a portion of the movie?

i am new so i may be totalu out to lunch but just wanted to get others thoughts.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Dr. Strange
March 07, 2017, 16:17:58
Has anyone ever watched the new Dr. Strange? I have always enjoyed MARVEL comics and movies but was never really in to Dr. Strange.

Anyways; myself, the wife, and my two kids sat down to watch it the other night.

This was a really great movie and I think there is some good information if the script/story directly related to AP, which is pretty much his whole super power.

It starting getting my 8 year old son asking allot of question in regards to AP'ing. I need to watch it again as I believe there is more information I can get from this movie.

If you have seen it please let me know your thoughts on the movie. If you have not seen it... it may be worth a watch? 
Your first experience as stated the black and the buzzing.

Sounds like it would have equated to being in what I have heard referred to as "The Black Void". Did you get the feeling that the Blackness went on forever?

In other words, if you are in your bedroom; it is pitch black, you are aware that you have four walls, that make up that room. You have a feeling of how large the room is, correct?

In the "Black Void" you feel as if you are somewhere completely different and the blackness seems to go on indefinitely. Did you notice a change in thought pattern of such? 

I fond that once in this state my thoughts / mind seemed to be extremely clear and precise. Any tiredness / fuzziness in my mind was instantaneously GONE once in the void state. I have been in this state 3 times now and I really enjoy it. There are lots of answers there; you can look deep inside "yourself", if that makes sense?

Next time just be in the moment and accept what is happening as truth, it is a great place to be... you will enjoy it.
sounds like an awesome experience.

And further progress since the original post?  :?
Sounds like an awesome experience. 

Have you had any further success?  :?