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Hey everyone,

I ended up taking a 3 week break and not putting much attention to Astral Projection.

Started practicing again at the start of the week and have had some pretty good sessions.
Full of vivid colors and a couple "Movie Type" scenes. Lots of movement in the arms and a little in the legs.

I use "short breaks" with guitar and take some time off and find that when I come back to it I am farther along or a concept is easier to grasp/learn.
Also I tried something different as well. I usually crawl under the covers or a blanket... just cause I find it more comfortable. One night the wife suggested I try it laying on top of the covers or without a blanket. I thought about it for a while and realized I usually keep that part the same every time. So i gave it a shot....

Turns out it worked pretty well. Within a few minutes I was loosing feeling in my lower body and visuals were starting to come on.

Anyways just an update..... Thanks for reading.
Hey Guys & Galls,

I was just reading over a thread I have read a few times before.
I do this a bit as I find that I have grown between the time I read it once and then for the second, third or forth time. I usually pick up something new each time I read it.

So as I was re-reading another post, I noticed that the OP had noted that, he/she has conversations with himself and he/she was not sure how to stop that from happening.
And it was happening while laying down to project.

In the reply's everyone was pretty well telling the OP that this is normal and to have the conversation and at some point the conversation would take on a life of its own and this was another way to experience the NP and possible have a OBE.

I noticed this this time, but not last time. So, I wanted a little more incite into this and how to go about it cause I find that I can be laying there counting or doing some technique and I will notice that out of nowhere I am talking to myself.

I usually end the conversation right there and proceed with whatever I was doing.... Usually I count.

My thought was you wanted to keep your mind just active enough to keep the awareness.
Would a conversation not be to stimulating to shift focus enough to have an OBE? Or do people also use this method to achieve an OBE?

Thinking I should have let those conversation go.......  :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :?
Now the AP is back up I can finally post this LOL!!

So a couple nights ago I fell asleep saying a new mantra over and over "I Am, Going To Project".

I went to bed at around 9:15 pm and was probably sleeping with in 10 - 15 minutes. At around 12:30 the below happened.....

As I was sleeping I was woken up by this loud pulsating sound. The sound would come in short and get closer together.
I recall waking up to pitch black and managed to not move. As if the sound had woke me up and I was laying their listening for it to come back before I decided to either get up and check of go back to bed.

As I was laying there in the dark not moving wondering what it was that woke me up, it seemed to take a while for the sound to come back and I recall thinking that I was hearing things and I should just go back to sleep.
Right then the sound rushed back in. It started rushing in louder and faster till a one point it was a constant roaring in my head and almost had a 3D quality to it like so sort of vibration sensation but not the typical vibrations.

Once the sound was constant i became worried about my wife and was wondering what was going on and i ended up waking up to check. I know now what was going on.

One strange thing was... Once this was over I was so hungry and thirsty I had to get up and have a snack and a drink.

Just a cool experience I had, any responses are welcome.
Hey All,

I have been reading and listening to the book THE PHASE by Michael Raduga.

Wanted to see if someone has read this and can possibly explain something...

At numerous point in the book he refers to having a "Successful entrance into the phase". What is looked at a successful entrance into the Phase?

Is it a full separation experience or can it me as small as being able to move your non physical limb?
Hello All,

I have been having good success entering the phase the last two weeks and have look at the way I have been thinking about the whole process and wanted to get yet again some more advice.

I used to lay down and my intent was to go "out of body". Now i have change my thought to all i do is i lay down adn my intent is to simply enter "The Phase" in what ever capacity that may be at that time.

Seems to be working OK... Dose anyone see an issue with this?

Now the issue i need the most advise on as this is really hard to cover....

As I am laying there working on "mind awake, body asleep" I get about 5 - 10 min in and can start to notice that my hands are moving or my feet.
I have played guitar for many years and so I can picture my self going into my music room and picking up each guitar and examining it.

The smell, weight, texture, string placement, etc...

with in seconds of picturing this i can feel my hands and arms moving slightly. almost like that are performing half of the movements required.

The issue I am experiencing is.... Now that I am really starting to feel (move then ever before) limb / astral movements (So I think).
When I am laying there picturing an object of just trying to induce movement I find that I am constantly trying to check if it is my astral body moving or my physical body.
When I do that it wont end the experience it seem to push it back a bit and i have to play catch up... so to speak. Is this normal for it to not end the experience and just seem to set it back a bit? I thought that if I did this, the experience should end right away, from what others say?

So if there a way to just know if its your physical body or your astral body. How do I move on from here?

Feeling of movement...
- Feet turning upwards or to the sides.
- Feel floating
- Hands go from laying on the bet to on top of my legs.
- Head turns to the right or left.
- Head looks toward my toes.
- head tried to push down into my pillow.

Just a few I get. i find as soon as I feel movement now I am constantly questioning and its really really hard to keep my mind on what I was doing. I seem to always go back to check what is actually moving... and I can never tell.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / LINE Chat
September 27, 2018, 20:03:34
Hey Guys and Galls...

First of all... Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong topic. Please move if needed.

There is a chat application called LINE you are able to set up rooms and have real time chats about topics.
Wondering if any one would be interested in setting this up and that would give us access to each other to ask question chat and get to know each other better.

You are able to mute rooms so not to be disturbed every time some one send a message. I have used this application for gamine and it works really well.

Just thought I would throw the idea out there.
Hey guys and gals how's it going?

I laid down this afternoon to practice projecting. While I was laying there relaxing, breathing deep and counting backwards... trying to keep my mind occupied. I decided to try some phantom movements.

I was moving my hands up and down, wiggling my fingers and my toes; nothing was really working.

I decided to create some forms of full body movement, at which point I started rocking back and forth as if I was sleeping on a boat. Rocking head to toe not side to side. That seemed to work well at the start and then it stopped.

I know about the roll out method so I figured I would try that as a movement and just trying to rock back and fourth. I forgot to mention that I was on my side through this whole process.

So as I'm laying there rocking front to back, I started to feel as if I was actually rocking. So then I thought why not try and roll out. Now it slightly worked better one way than the other. When I would roll to my front I would get this sort of pressure all along the back side of my body and I had this urge to roll but I didn't know how to discern weather I was rolling my physical or not.

As well it seemed like I knew I had to roll but I have no idea how to do it if I can't use my muscles. Hinder

If any of you can help me out and provide some guidance on learning how to move when this situation occurs that would be greatly appreciated I really feel like I was there I just didn't know how to go any farther.... it was kind of confusing.

Edit: I wanted to add that I was very aware of my physical body as much as I believe I was aware of my astral body. Is this possible??? Almost like I knew I had two and what position each limb was in???
Hey guys and Galls,

I have not posted on here for a while now as I have had some family stuff come up.
This is more of an outlet post for me... Thanks for taking the time to read....

My mom has had a brain tumor since she was an infant.
Doctors had been keeping an eye on since they located about 20+ years ago, after she had been having seizures when she was about 31.
Long story short... January 2107 things turned bad and the tumor had been hemorrhaging and bleeding into her brain and then in turn turned to Cancer of the brain and spine.

Then radiation and all that started.

Now fast forward to November 2017... The "END" (More appropriately the "beginning", pending how you look at it) was clearly on the way and their was nothing any one was going to do.

Gratefully, I am in a position that with my job I (my wife and two young kids 8 yo and 9 yo) was able to take a substantial amount off time of to stay with her and my step dad for 3 - 4 weeks.

This was one experience that will never leave my mind. Watching you mother slowly slip away day after day watching the body slowly loose the ability to walk talk etc... And... not being able to do a thing.

On December 17th, 2018 my mother passed away in her bed with my step dad and myself holding her in our arms. Surrounding the bed was my beautiful wife and little brother.

I will never forget telling her how much I loved her, and cherish the day we get to see each other again and that everything was exactly how it was supposed to be.
Looking down as her hand in mine the goosebumps that cam over her were remarkable. I have NEVER seen goosebumps like this in my life.
As we were all standing and lying around in tears I just pictured her standing right beside us..... Sorry this is really hard to type out... so i am going to call that the story.

Anyways... thank you for taking the time to read this.

I don't know where to go from here.
I have tried AP'ing a couple times but it doesn't seem to be on the forefront of my mind like it used to.
I feel like it is yet another fear road block for me which sux cause I was just starting to get over to fear part. And now, as I would give just about anything to see my mom again I am afraid as to what it will do to me if I do.

I have another experience about practicing AP'ing after my mothers passing but will need to save it for later on in the thread, as this is a little to much right now.  :-( :-(
Well... I am back on the AP train as of about two weeks ago.

Nothing exciting to mention so far! Which is why I am creating this post.

Possibly someone can help out here and has experienced this. I started about 10-12 months ago practicing AP. Off the start I had lots of new experiences and it looked as if I was making progress almost 3 - 4 times a week. Then one day it just stopped!

I took a break for about 3 - 4 months, now and just had a feeling I needed to get back on the practice routine. This is where I could use some advise / guidance.

Back when I first started, I was trying all these different techniques and mantras, it seems that I would always see a little progress or experience new NP sensations.

After a couple months is seemed these experience were really far apart to the point where it just quit all together.

Now that I am back at it, I am getting the same thing. Very little positive feedback in the process, as in, not much progress forward.

I know its probably me and what I am doing, or not doing. But I would just like to see that I am on the right track.

Maybe I need to try and ask a guide for help?
How would I do this?
Should I do this?

I'm at a loss here and don't know how to move forward.... Do I want this to much? Possibly overthinking and making it way more complicated than it needs to be?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Dr. Strange
March 07, 2017, 16:17:58
Has anyone ever watched the new Dr. Strange? I have always enjoyed MARVEL comics and movies but was never really in to Dr. Strange.

Anyways; myself, the wife, and my two kids sat down to watch it the other night.

This was a really great movie and I think there is some good information if the script/story directly related to AP, which is pretty much his whole super power.

It starting getting my 8 year old son asking allot of question in regards to AP'ing. I need to watch it again as I believe there is more information I can get from this movie.

If you have seen it please let me know your thoughts on the movie. If you have not seen it... it may be worth a watch? 
Hey guys and gals,

last night I laid down to AP and had a range of sensations...

- Vibrations (All different kinds). Started as soon as I laid down!
- Felt like my whole body was being stretched like an elastic band.
- Felt like my head being pushed to one side.
- Pulsing static in my ears.
- Extreme pressure in my head.
- weird thoughts that made no sense at all.

Then a new one that scared me and I had to "wake up". I was finding it impossible to form thoughts in my "head". I knew what I wanted to think about, but could not "think it"!

Best way to explain it is, say you want to tell you loved one "I Love You". You can just vocalize it and say it. You can also "Think It", in your head to your self.

Now I knew what I wanted to "Think" while laying there. but I could not actually think it?

Almost like I could not form the thoughts? Is was a little jarring and I had to get up after what felt like a minute or two.

On top of that the whole process took 11 minutes which was really quick for me.

Any thoughts on what was going on with my thought process? I have never had it happen before?
Hello Fellow AP'ers,

I was working in APing last night but it was late and I didn't expect it to go anywhere.

After about 30 - 45 min; I could feel this fairly strong pressure that seemed to build in my whole head. It then seemed to also start to move down to my shoulders and into my right and left arm.

Is this normal or was I to tired and just my mind playing tricks on me?

The last couple nights I have been laying on my back while working on APing.
What happens is, I get this sudden rush of energy/tingeing/vibrations.. (Can really describe it). I have gone through the intense vibrations and this in not quite the same feeling.

It starts as the back of my head and then all of a sudden it flows through my body to me feet. Almost as if you were to take a electric massaging unit and run it down someones back. It dosent consume my body. Its just a very intense flow through. I can only feel it on the skin that is in contact with the bed.

I can get this to happen numerous times but it is so intense that I always seem to tense up.
Hello Guys & Gals,

Wanted to do a quick post. I was laying in bed last night, and as usual, since my first real experience, I could not get my mind to sleep.
After some time (Probably 30 min), I started to have these random thoughts pop into my head. Not so many pictures just weird thoughts.
I don't even know what they were about, then or now.

I remember the thought coming in and trying to just let it pass but a couple stuck and I could not get them out of my head. I let them proceed trying to not pay much attention to them and after sometime, the thoughts were still there.

I realized that it was like I was talking to myself (IS THIS NORMAL :? :? :? :?). The weird part is that I could not understand what I was saying. The words almost had like a rhythm/song type feel, and I did not understand what was being said at all.

Anyways just wanted to see if this sounds crazy!
Hello guys.....

Wanted to post something quick. I had an opertunity to relax and try the process of AP. It just so happend that the house was quiet today. Around 10 am I decided to give it a go. I usually do this at night as it is pretty well the only time I have quiet.
And also FYI... I also use earplugs while I do this.

All I really wanted to do was practice relaxing.

After what felt like 10 to 15 min I felt this odd sensation in the center of my right foot, on the sole of my foot. Almost like a tingle.

Then while my eyes were closed things seemed to get "darker", hard to explain that. It was dark and seemed to get darker?

I then felt another tingle right between my eyebrows and sort of the top of the bridge of my nose.

I say the image of a white object almost looked like a square box. I thought I heard the kids stampeding up the stairs and then I sat up!

Was this a step in the right direction.  I noticed that every time I had a sensation I wanted to get scared and tense up.

Am I on the right track dose any of this sound familiar to you or is my mind playing tricks on me?

Hello Guys & Gals,

I just came across this forum and wanted to sign up. I am just starting this journey and I am extremely excited. I am 30 Years old and have a wife and two beautiful children.

I have heard of OBE's in the past but did not know I had the ability to experience this amazing journey (Just going off what people say, as I have never experienced one myself) at any time and not have to go through such things as a "Near Death Experience" etc...

I went to search you tube a couple days ago and "Lucid Dreams" came up on my "Recommended". Which was very weird as I didn't even know what such a thing was, or how YouTube related it to anything I usually watch). Anyways, this peaked my curiosity so I watched the video. Eventually lead me to Astral Projection. Once I found video after video on this topic I became overwhelmed with... the only way I could explain it is, Hope/Excitement/Love/GREATFULLNESS...

I am excited to start this experience and look forward to hearing from this community as I work through any minor roadblocks that I may come across.

What do you recommend for me starting? I have watched videos, read forms/articles on what to expect and different ways of projection. What is the best way to start should I just jump right in or start trying or get a good knowledge base prior?

I feel like I will have to do this a night time as I have kids and family and it is really the only time that there is next to no noise in my house. If I have an opportunity during the day or morning to relax and focus on projecting I will jump all over it. But I hear it is harder a night. Is there anything you guys can recommend that may help in keeping the mind lucid easer at this time of day?

Thanks you for reading (it ended up being a fairly long into LOL) I appreciate the responses that are going to come and look forward to asking MANY MANY more question.

Also I beleive my wife is able to do this naturally. I will post a thread on this later as why I think this. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and there is a reason YouTube had randomly recommended this to me!!