What is “Intent”

People ask me, “How do I project?”.

Well, it’s 95% Intent… 5% Technique.

So, what is Intent and how do you use it to project?

This is the best way I can think of to describe Intent:
Intent is the difference between intending to move your hand, and actually moving your hand. You can intend to move your hand as much as you want. Sit there, look at your hand and just “think” about moving it. It won’t do anything, right? It won’t do anything UNTIL you actually MOVE your hand. That act of actually moving your hand is you placing the Intent to do so. So, Intent is the “action” which occurs a fraction before you do something.

If you can figure out how to harness this power, the power of Intent, then you can Project very easily. In terms of Projection (phasing in particular), it’s all about ALLOWING your consciousness to shift to the non-physical. It’s extremely hard to describe it beyond that, but once you figure it out, you’ll see just how easy all this stuff really is. At that point, the hardest thing you’ll then need to worry about is STAYING in the non-physical. For that, there are other techniques… which, ironically, also involve entirely around using your Intent! 🙂

Have a great holiday everyone!

Tom Campbell\’s \”My Big TOE\” and Forums!

I\’ve been watching a lot of lectures done by Thomas Campbell, author of \”My Big TOE\”… I\’ve also been reading said book.
I\’ll just point out that this isn\’t DIRECTLY about Astral Projection, but he does speak about the very nature of the reality we exist within… and the other non-physical realities that we also exist in.

Suffice to say that his TOE (Theory of Everything) is very concise and answers a lot of questions about our reality. It even answers questions that science hasn\’t been able to find answers for! That\’s a +1 in my books for it. LoL

In any case, I highly advise that you pickup and read this book. He\’s written it in such a way that anyone, physicist or not, can understand his model.

I\’ve also signed up and started posting over on his forum… I suggest if you have any interest in his work to do so as well. 🙂

See you over there!