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Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Orion's Belt
September 11, 2023, 22:08:22
During my vacation, me and my family were at the sea cost for two weeks and there were many mosquitos in the area. We all got bitten multiple times. But the most interesting thing is that most of my bites were in groupings of three bites that aligned exactly as Orion's Belt. One group on my hand, another on my leg, then on my shoulder and then on my forehead. But they appeared one after another, not all groupings at once. The first one was on my hand. When I looked at it, I showed it to my sister and I said "Look, it's Orion's Belt. We also looked up the Egyptian pyramids alignment because they match it and the three mosquito bites on my hand were exact match. I thought what an interesting coincidence. I didn't think much of it, I dismissed any type of messaging. But the next day, two new groups of three bites each the same alignment appeared on my leg and on my shoulder. I instantly thought, ok, it's a clear message, something about Orion. But I didn't continue thanking of it. On the third day another group of three bites same alignment appeared on my forehead. Then I said out loud "Ok, OK, clear message, I am acknowledging it now. Tell me who is sending the message" That night when I closed my eyes to go to sleep, I repeated the question and within a few minutes I had a clear visual that lasted for about 30 seconds. I saw an ET stepping into something like a clear big box which appeared to be a device through which messages are sent through the universe. The device started glowing when the ET stepped in. The ET was very interesting looking. It had a humanoid figure, but thinner, small face, but very big almost like a turban head that appeared soft and it was salmon/yellowish color. The hands and feet were larger and they looked aquatic, like the being could live also under water. So, this visual showed me who was sending me the messages. But now the next question I have is what am I to do with this awareness about Orion. What is it that the messenger wants me to do. I keep asking but there is no clear answer yet. I will let you know if it comes through. Definitely very interesting.
I continue to ask my higher self every night before bed different questions, and every time there is a clear cut message. Last night I requested to keep releasing old beliefs that are holding me back and create new beliefs that will be in my favor.

So, a very vivid dream happened. I was back in college in a large classroom. We had a new teacher. To my surprise he looked like an ET but trying to appear human. He was tall, thin, black shiny hair sort of greased and combed neatly. His eyes were unusually large. His mouth was also large. He appeared to be very strict. He asked us to open our notebooks and write an introduction to the subject of philosophy. At first I didn't know what to write, nothing came to mind. I saw my classmates writing and I tried looking at the notes of the student next to me. The teacher was all of a sudden behind me and he said "No, you have to do this by yourself". I saw that I had notes from the previous year, but he said to tear those notes because there will be new things to learn that are irrelevant to what we learned before.
In the middle of the class a large spaceship appeared above us, I looked up and I saw many little things being released and flying down towards us. They started sticking to each student's forehead. The students fell to the floor motionless. I got scared and ran out of the classroom before any of these things got me. In the hallway three students a level up saw me and asked me what was the trouble. I said that there was an invasion without consent. They smiled and said "Don't worry, these are just knowledge downloads. And you have agreed, you just don't remember." I decided to go back and allow it. I entered the classroom, I looked up and I saw one thing flying towards me. I said to myself "It's ok, don't be scared, you will just go out of body.". The thing stuck to my third eye and at that moment I fell to the floor. I saw swirling colors in my mind. I felt that I was experiencing dual consciousness. Then I woke up.
This is a very interesting video of Jane Roberts channeling Seth - 1974. "The Nature of Personal Reality" is one of the greatest books I have ever read.

Hi all, I wanted to share some experiments I am doing in the dream state to release fears, phobias, and anything that I perceive negative in my personal reality. At this point I don't have many left, as I have worked them out through the years, but the fear of snakes remained. I did the following and you can do the same for any type of thing you wish to resolve including physical healing.

1. Work with one question at a time for at least a week. Be very specific.
2. When I was ready to start falling asleep, I quieted all my thoughts and I asked the question intended for my higher self "Show me where the fear of snakes is coming from. Let me face this fear in the dream state so it can be released."
3. Do this every night for a week. Change your questions as the story unveils. Your dreams may not be pleasant but they will be necessary for you to face the fears, to understand the reason behind whatever issue you have.

During the first night, I dreamed of a snake biting me. I saw myself as being someone else. It appears that in that other life I died of a poisonous snake bite and it carried over to this life. The next night, since I understood the reason, I said to my higher self as I was falling asleep " Thank you for the message, I understand now. Let go of this fear, as that life has played its course, only the essence of the knowledge is left within my oversoul. There is no need for my current personality to be affected. Let it go. Let me face the fear tonight."
That night I dreamed of a huge, giant snake emerging, and standing right in front of me. Suddenly, a large sword appeared in my hand and I cut off the head of the snake. The next morning I felt at ease, and I felt like a burden has been lifted. The next few nights, I continued having unpleasant dreams, but I knew that I was resolving all these static energies around me related to this fear.

Here is the interesting thing, last Saturday I decided to try archery. I went to the local archery range, the instructor gave us the bows and arrows, explained to the group the techniques and everything and then at the end he said "Oh, by the way, watch where you are stepping because we have rattle snakes around this time of the year".  I just stood there motionless, and it took me a few seconds to realize that my brain did NOT react at all. There was no fear, whatsoever. I just said to myself "well, they are God's creatures, they wont hurt us". Then the complete realization that my fear was completely gone clicked in and I had to turn my face away from the group and say a silent "WOW" out of disbelieve that I did not react with fear.

And more interesting, last night I had a dream that I was laying on a meadow on a bed of rattle snakes. They started slithering and coiling around my neck, arms, legs and waist. Almost like hugging me. I felt friendship, complete calm and harmony. I woke up thinking that fears are just illusions.
It's been several years since I last took a ride on a magic carpet. Around 3 am I woke up with the sensation of lifting up as I was in a laying position. My eyes still felt closed with no sight, as my awareness was coming clear. I said "up, up through the roof" Then my sight appeared, I saw blue clouds and I saw myself laying on a magic carpet. I got so excited, I sat on my knees, grabbed the front end of the carper and started signing "A whole new world" song from Aladdin. It was sooooo cool! Then the carpet took me into a magical world of vibrant colors. I thought that this environment was not Earth like. The nature looked different, there were bonsai like trees with very beautiful crowns and vibrant blooms all over of different colors. The followers also looked different, like they were alive. I touched them and they had a feel of a fluffy marshmallow, but they were all kinds of colors and shapes. I felt like the nature was connecting with me telepathically. There was a sense of incredible peace and tranquility.
On my birthday this year there was a full moon. Then that made me think, well the year I was born on that date what phase was the moon. I discovered that the phase was Waning Phase. Then I searched if there is correlation between the personality and the phase of the moon on the day you were born. Below is the description and it fits me perfectly. You can check yours and see if it matches. Share here if you would like to see if there are trends among people like us who are curious to explore the inner selves.

"The first stage after a full moon is the waning gibbous moon. During this stage, the moon is still mostly lit but is starting to shrink. Babies born under this moon phase are often intellectually sophisticated and tend to learn quickly from their experiences. This is why they seem so full of knowledge and wisdom, even at a young age. These characteristics also make them excellent teachers and communicators.
The wanting quarter moon is filled with a sense of nostalgia. You cherish the past and recognize how your experiences have impacted your life. You find yourself combing through fond memories and organizing pictures. A song or smell can trigger vivid memories in you more so than the average person.
If you're born during the waning crescent phase, you may often be considered full of wisdom that seems to transcend the physical world. You may feel as though you have an inner third eye and are deeply intuitive. This isn't by mistake. The energy of a nearly completed moon cycle and the "old age" of the moon allows you to be more in touch with your spiritual side than most individuals. You may be more likely to have visions or be in touch with angels, or at the very least, have a stronger ability to tap into your creative side."
I started something new during meditation which triggers instant body convulsions and electric shock like through the brain. Can you guys test it and let me know if you experience the same reactions. I have never had that happening through the many years of OBE and all kinds of meditation and visualizations.

Sit in a comfortable position (you can do this as you are falling asleep as well) and relax all your muscles especially your forehead and face. This can be done in a minute or two. Then imagine you are sinking into the chair/bed (should take one minute). Then imagine that you are all around your body in a form of energy (exclude your physical body from the sensation). But it's important not to imagine you as a pint of consciousness somewhere outside your body. It has to be the entire energy field ALL AROUND your body in all directions. But you have to imagine it as being you, not some type of energy around you. It has to be you, feel you expanding, just not your physical body, but the energy you only. Then start expanding yourself quickly, like the big bang expansion through vast distances and dimensions. Through the multiverse. Tell me if during that expansion your body starts convulsing.

I bring back the attention to my body as soon as the convulsions start, but if I do this a few times on a row, it seems to subside and equalize.

Now, if you hold that state you can ask a specific question and the thoughts that pop into your mind are most likely the answers. But you need to have the conscious mind out of the way so it doesn't filter through your ego and character. It has to be the larger soul connected and your subconsciousness to receive it from a neutral point of view. You can request a full body scan to be performed and instant healing to be done by the larger soul/God. Let it happen. Observe only the sensations, don't judge.

Pay attention to all challenges in your life including body pain and illnesses, as these are messages about lessons. Ask what the lessons are in order to stop these messages from reoccurring. And take actions to change what needs to be changed in your behavior, thinking, beliefs, etc. The answers also may be given to you in your dreams symbolically. I have done that in the past three nights before bed asking a specific question and imagining my expansion and connection to the greater multiversal mind. I had the most straight forward dreams, very vivid and right to the point. I have made many realizations. IN one dream a snake became a monster and I cut off its head with a sword. IN another I became lost, but asked for guidance and found my way. I woke up and I said "I need to become lost in order to find my way. I need to ask and I shall receive guidance, but I must ask".
I thought I know it all lol, but there is so much more we still need to realize. I have also repeated before bed that I let go of all negative connections that may be affecting me from past lives, people throughout my life, or from my own lack of knowledge. I truly meant that and I forgave all and I asked for forgiveness if I have hurt anyone throughout my existence. I can tell you, the next day I kept exhaling like many burdens are being released from me and I kept feeling lighter and lighter, free of care.

And another interesting thing that I noticed is that more and more I am realizing that I am in a game. WE all know it, but for me it was just the knowing without actually feeling it in daily life. Like, you know that France exists but if you are not there, the knowing is just a knowing and not an experience. Now, I observe everything around me and all happenings as a true game. I was on the freeway today and there were some emergency vehicles on the side of the road with blinking lights. I instantly said "That's a signpost in the game. Someone has created it and placed it there. I looked at the cars, the sky, the hills, nature and my mind was flooded with the "programing" reason behind this scene. I perceive all people now as true avatars with their missions and set challenges. I know that all challenges even the most terrible ones are choices to pass to the next levels, to obtain something in order to remove obstacles and pass into the next level. My life phases change as everything in life is everchanging. Just when I know I have reached a good point of understanding, something happens and I discover more. I tend to not like change once I get to a comfortable routine, but I realized that if we are afraid of changes, life will start sending us messages to face the fear of the unknown and start moving, keep the game rolling. Go to the next chapter, and then the next. Don't get too comfortable in one place. Nostalgia was a big barrier for me, as I never wanted to leave my childhood, or my home, my friend and parents. I suffered a lot, but now I have let go, and I understand now that this life should not be taken so seriously. We have to keep moving and taking changes. Chop-chop, let's go and get though the game like true champions :)
I thought of something fun if anyone would like to experiment.
For one week imagine and believe at all time with all your mind power that you are 20 years old (for those who are older :) )
In addition, know in your mind that you also extremely wealthy, but are currently undercover to see how other people live.
Believe this as hard as you can and if you look in the mirror or feel pain or worry about bills, think that these are just illusions. The multiverse has many illusions, doesn't it. If you know that then it won't be hard to believe that what you see and feel externally is just an illusion. Only what your mind sees and feels is real.

Do this for one week and let me know if your external world/body/mentality changes in any way.
It may be hard to hold your attention on this imagery at all time, so you can wear a bright color bracelet for example that you look at frequently and that will remind you to switch your thinking mode if it slips back.

I will start today and will report after a week. If no one else does, that's ok. I will report my experience anyway. :)

P.S. If you are a wealthy 20-year-old happen to read this, oh well...good for you lol. You can imagine any other desires you may want that you don't have in your external world.
Have any of you sensed or seen the so-called spirit animal within you. Up until now I never gave it much of a thought, but yesterday while I was activating my chakras I actually saw as a visual flicker the spiral of chakras turning into a golden dragon who jumped out of my head upwards and dove back into my body merging back with my energy. That intrigued me so much, that last night before bed I imagined riding on the dragon above my neighborhood, all the way to the ocean and then the mountains. It was a great visualization. I felt the flight motion as well and I requested during AP to connect with my dragon, ride it and communicate with it. Well, I didn't have an AP last night, but as soon as the next one comes and I get to ride my dragon for real, I will let you know how it goes.
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / New Earth
April 28, 2023, 16:54:45
I was watching one of Dolores Cannon's lectures and she explains about the "volunteers" who came to Earth to help maintain its mass energy, prevent self destructions and push it along to enter a new dimension called the New Earth, where everything will exist on a slightly higher frequency including physical matter and our physical bodies. But we need to make energy adjustments for that to happen. She said that the process has already began but it will take time to complete. She explained that at this time the old Earth and new Earth are overlapping existing simultaneously and we are able to observe both. Each of us can jump from one to another by choosing what to focus on. If we focus too much on the drama and negativity of mass events we are pinning ourselves to the old Earth. If we chose to focus on the positive aspect, our perception and energy will shift into the New Erath.

As far as the "volunteers" go her explanation is exactly what I have always thought. The volunteers/helpers came here possessing more positive energy, more love and compassion, and they don't have to do anything special. they just have to be. Their energy alone is helping direct the mass energy of the "students" to the right course. Many people question well what is my mission and they get frustrated that they don't know what is their calling. It's just to be here, that's all. It may not seem like much on the surface, but if we can only see physically our energy and how it affects Earth, we will definitely change our mind to give ourselves more credit and to be proud of ourselves. The volunteers tend to question this place when they are children and recognize the low level of evolution. They want to go home, but they don't know where home is. They have agreed beforehand to forget that they have entered here to help, so they can integrate fully as humans and merge with the mass energy flow.
Please watch this documentary. I can't even describe it. It's the most hypnotizing, soothing and informative thing I have ever watched. It will take you on a ride around the multiverse and will give you a visual perspective on energy flows.
If you have a smart TV, please watch it on your TV, as the bigger screen and quality sound would make a huge difference. This is also on Amazon Prime for free if the Youtube quality is not so great. IT would be best to watch it before bed, turn off all other lights and completely relax. This will take you almost into a trance state.
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Fear
March 22, 2023, 22:49:25
I had a challenging and scary episode a few days ago that put in perspective the fear factor within human experiences. I have known for quite a while now that fear holds a very strong energy when comes to creation. Creation both good and bad. Human characters are born with natural fear programmed in them for the purpose of survival. But that is both a blessing and a curse.

When we set goals in life and deadline by which we want to achieve things, we automatically bring fear in the equation. Fear of not meeting the goals. Whether we want it or not, whether it's conscious or subconscious, it's there by nature. But I realized, the longer I live and the more knowing I have about the multiverse and the journey of the soul on the grand scheme, the less serious I take life and the less I tend to set any deadlines or goals. Thus releasing automatically the fear factor. And I am noticing that good things then just happen and fall into my lap effortlessly. I know what my heart desires, but I don't declare it as an absolute must for happiness.  What I do, is just know that no matter what happens here, I already have all that I desire somewhere in the multiverse. It's all mine. It's just a matter of focus and I can pick from the pool of probabilities, because our lives are not linear. If I manage to release the fear of failure or the fear of the unknown there will be nothing standing on my way. But releasing fear is difficult. I manage most of the time, as I mentioned I don't take life too seriously, I just have fun with whatever comes my way and focus completely on each present moment without holding on to hard past events and without worrying or hoping about the future.

But going back to my recent scary episode, that was a great test and I saw how miraculously it resolved after I successfully removed my fear. It was challenging, my heart was pounding, but I knew I had to face it head on and toughen up. I started repeating "I am not afraid, I am not afraid", but in my heart I was. Then I raised my mind above my character, I thought about the grand scale of my existence on the background of infinity, and I realized that no matter what happens here, it is so insignificant. It passes like a blink of an eye. All of a sudden when I lowered its significance, the fear started to subside. I felt my knowledge expanding even more and swallowing the fear completely. I almost laughed at the fear. I felt at peace in the midst of the fire. Soon after, the episode resolved itself. I think the absence of fear dissipated the energy formation of the episode. There was no "glue" to hold it together.

Perhaps we can use these mental tools to deal with challenges and test manifestation of events, notice how they change based on the changes we apply in our thoughts and emotions.
A very interesting vivid dream a few days ago that may have affected my energy body to protect my physical one. Last week I had guests from out of town, but they came down with a cold/flu (tested and no COVID). They couldn't fly back while sick and I took care of them. I thought I was going to catch the cold, but I wasn't very concerned. Two days after their symptoms appeared, I had a very vivid dream that my mom opened my mouth and spread something all over my tonsils. I said "mom, what are you doing, this tastes awful."
She said, "this is something special and will keep you safe". Then I woke up and I knew exactly what she did. She placed energy barrier so I would not get sick. My guests are getting better, and I am still free of any symptoms although I have been around them most of the time. I think most of us here have experienced some sort of energy healing from others in dreams or APs.  My mom passed away almost two years ago, but her and my dad are watching over the family.
It's interesting how many different ways there are to alter our physical by altering its energy and the energies floating around. I wish all of these energy flows were visible to our physical senses so we can observe how we/others change/direct them and how they manifest into physical.
Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Earthquake
February 15, 2023, 16:25:21
I wanted to give you an example how powerful our mind is when comes to creating. It can create the most beautiful things, but it can also create monsters and darkness when there is fear.
I saw the devastations of the Turkey earthquake on the news, and last night during sleep paralysis I felt strong shaking. I thought what if this was a real earthquake in the physical and the house would fall. I tried waking up, but the paralysis was too strong. My astral vision appeared and I saw my thought created scenario playing out.  The house was breaking apart and falling on me. I managed to fly through the rubble and at that point I refocused completely to the non-physical. My senses snapped into focus and I was off to my adventure.

By the way, my adventure was most likely inspired by watching "The Chosen" series before bed lately. I ended up in a town from the first century A.D.  that very much looked like the one on the show. I was walking around, watching the people. I saw myself dressed in Greek attire for some reason. Long white and blue dress, golden belt, lots of jewelries. Then I found myself sitting around a long table with Jesus and his apostles. They all looked like the actors from the show. The way the table looked like and us lined up, it strongly resembled the last supper painting. I was sitting next to Jesus. He wanted to tell me something, but he just kept staring at me and could not speak. Then I snapped back.
Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Snow
February 01, 2023, 09:03:38
During the night I was restless, waking up frequently, and at some point, while falling back asleep I felt the spinning sensation. I knew that was an opportunity for AP and I imagined lifting up and standing next to the window. Then I flew out the window and ended up in a snowy place, like a ski resort. It was beautiful, the white snow glistening and covering the hill side, the houses around. I made a snow ball and I threw it, I walked around admiring the scenery. There were many people around. I entered what looked like a gift shop and I decided to talk to the people. I approached a young skinny boy and I said to him "Hey, you can see me right?". He looked at me with surprise and said "Yeah". Then I said "well, do you know that we are in the astral?". He had a facial expression like he had no idea what astral was and shook his head. Then another boy standing nearby said to me "It's the quantum realm". Then he started mumbling some mathematical formulas that I did not understand.  I went back out but only this time, it was my childhood  neighborhood, covered with snow, as beautiful as ever. My neighbors were all outside, including ones that had passed away and my mom as well. They looked young and healthy. We have a patch of about 15 pine trees in the middle of the neighborhood, and each Christmas we would decorate the tallest tree with lights. This time the tree was lit. It was beautiful. I really enjoyed being there again, soaking up the atmosphere and knowing that nothing is ever lost. It exists in its best version somewhere in the multiverse and it's all ours to visit and experience again and again and again whenever we please, as I have revisited my childhood many times and it holds the sweetest memories. Only, the perception that they are "memories" is an illusion. Everything exists now.

At some point I said to my mom "I want to have healing powers". She said, "You need to go higher". Then I started flying up. I was standing under the lit tree, the tree branches were brushing against my face as I was lifting up higher and higher. Then I said out loud " Oh mighty God, please give me healing powers". I said it three times. Then after the third time, I heard a loud thunder in the sky, and I snapped back to the physical.
Being optimistic is easy when you haven't a care in the world. But when you are in a midst of a fire, the pain keeps one pinned down.
These thoughts came to me while watching "The Waltons". I came across this show when I was looking for something free on Prime and I started watching. This TV series started before I was born, but I've always liked the old movies and shows as they portrayed life as it was with all its hardship and struggles, but also showed clearly the lessons learned and the joy behind the shadows.
My empathy reduces me to tears while observing others struggle. These TV characters are reflections of many human lives, and I can see all sides of this "game". I wish that everyone knew that pain is only temporary, that they could see light existing somewhere waiting to shine upon them, and that the knowledge from the life lessons are forever. To give them comfort in the times of hardship. I want to hug every soul that is in pain and tell them "It's going to be all right"  :cry:
I watched 15 min of this video and I had to post it. I hope this will be the future of self-healing and all medicine will become unneeded. But it requires for us to understand fully how the mind works and how our thoughts and feelings affect every cell in our body. This guy explains it very well and provides techniques on how to change our habitual thinking in order to heal ourselves, keep us happy and joyful.

Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / The Visitors
December 29, 2022, 04:00:13
I just snapped back from a very interesting AP and I can't go back to sleep out of excitement. I went to bed around 9:30 pm and is now 12:30 am when I am starting to type. I thought it was early morning time. Oh well, after I post this, I will try to go back to sleep.
I read Lumaza's post about Owls and their connection to ETs last night and I searched briefly the internet. Then I opened my window and I said "Little Owl, did you bring another message for me the other day?" There was nothing, the Owl was not around. Then I looked at the sky and said " Does anyone want to connect with me? I surely would like to connect with you". Nothing happened, no sign of any kind. I closed the window and continue watching my TV until 2 hours later I went to bed. All I did was saying an affirmation that I will remain aware and will explore the astral worlds. Then I faded into sleep.

At some point in my sleep, I felt a slight shaking sensation and I realized that it was happening. I found myself outside on my front loan. It was nighttime, just like in the physical, overcast and slightly foggy, again just like the current weather in my area.
I looked at the sky and I said, "I'm waiting". Then a pack of round looking 5 UFOs appeared. They did not land but became stationed about 20 feet above the ground. Then 5 ETs appeared right in front of me lined up on my loan.  They looked just like humans except they had antlers on their heads and their ears were bigger. Three males and two females. Their hair color was varying from light brown to blonde and the hair style was mullet type. They were good looking with symmetrical faces and strong jawline. They were wearing some kind of material that matched their skin tone and looked skintight, almost like they were not wearing clothes, but they were not naked either. I shook their hands to welcome them, and I said to them "wow, you look just like humans but with antlers" They smiled at me. Their bodies were strong and athletic, broad shoulders and slightly taller than a typical human. I asked them where they come from and one of them said from a place we have not discovered yet. Then one of them pulled out something that looked like an old-school machine-gun toy and gave it to me. They pulled something like a screen that had hologram images and one of the holograms displayed what appeared to be a violent man. One of the ETs said to me, fire the gun at that man. I did and all of a sudden, the man turned calm, and his entire behavior changed. I realized that this "gun" changed his DNA including his brain chemistry and wiring to make him compassionate and good. I said " oh wow, can you leave me this gun in the physical. I can change the entire world with it". One of the ETs smiled and said "do you think we can't change all human DNA all at once? That's easy, but it will defeat the purpose of natural evolution and effort on humanity's part to change on their own". I said " Of course, I knew that, and I agree".  Then I snapped back. I wanted to point out that our communication was telepathic. I realized that I did not have to speak but I heard their voices and I heard myself speaking, just not with my lips. Our communication was in English. They emanated great kindness and understanding towards humanity. I sensed compassion and genuine care on their part about our planet. There was no superiority behavior or mindset. I wish I stayed longer in the NP to chat some more with them, but that's enough to keep me excited for a few days.
Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Signs
December 26, 2022, 20:54:49
I often speak about paying attention to little signs and clues that come our way. They are reassurance that nothing is a matter of chance or randomness. Every little thing that we experience has a reason behind it. I just wanted to share one of my signs that just happened a few minutes ago and my answer came almost instantaneously. It was fun!

On one of the trees outside my window tonight there was an owl who was hooting. I opened the window wide, smiled and started humming the harry potter theme music. Then I said to the owl "who's owl are you, what do you bring me?".
Then 2 minutes later my doorbell rang and one of my friends stopped by to bring me a Christmas gift. I was not expecting her, she surprised me. The gift was a huge Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts book with information about inspirations of the main elements of the story, a lot of illustrations and history of the author's experiences. I will enjoy reading it. Then my friend was carrying another gift from another friend and that friend got me a PJ but she didn't realize it was Harry Potter theme. When I called her, she said she grabbed it because it was fuzzy and soft, but she didn't really look at the print on it carefully. So, I got two gifts from two different friends who never consulted with each other what to get me. For all these years they had known I am a Harry Potter fan, but I have never gotten a Harry Potter type of gifts from anyone before. But it was the owl on the tree that was the interesting part. I rarely see or hear owls in this area.
And now to top it off, I am about to watch the first movie again and enjoy this fine evening! Hopefully later in the night I will get to visit the astral Harry Potter world :)
I thought of something fun. Define yourself with only one word.

I view myself as an explorer above all else.
What are you?
Just woke up from a mixed AP/dream experience.  but it was interesting because the moment I wanted to change the "rules" or environment I would lose awareness and fall into a dream mode, so I continue playing along. When I woke up I realized that when i analyzed the experience as a whole.

It started as a vivid dream. I was in a very dark place, swamp like, no sunshine, everything was black and grey. There was a group of people with me that I could not recognize, but it appeared that they were all confused what was this place and what we were doing there. There was one older guy who appeared to be living there. If you look at it from a video game perspective he would be NPC. He gathered us around him and told us that in order to get out and reach sunshine and green pastures we would need to pass through the dark maze. I said "oh hell no", I gained awareness at this moment and I was like " look everyone, we are in a non-physical reality. we just have to wish us out. That's all". Then I used all of my mental power to teleport us out of this place. The clouds started parting and a little sunshine came through, but nothing else was happening. I got very frustrated and I couldn't understand why my power wasn't working. It typically does. At that moment I fell back into a dream state and lost awareness. I started playing along just as the NPC told us. We started preparing to go through the maze and face the challenges. When we got on the dark path all of a sudden dark figures jumped at us and started screaming and chasing us. I said to everyone "stop running, lets us chase them". We started chasing them and pulling their dark cloaks, pushing them. The entity I was fighting all of a sudden started transforming and so were the other dark figures that my group was fighting. They turned into a very weak creatures with sad faces and said to us "oh you are changing the rules. you were not supposed to do that". They shriveled and disappeared. We felt stronger and gained courage. Then a cavalry came to our aid and we started matching along the maze feeling undefeatable. Then I woke up. I think we are not meant to have full awareness when we are in character so that we play along and meet our lessons. Otherwise, we wouldn't want to go through the challenges and will choose the easy way out. Same with life.
Welcome to Dreams! / Wizarding World
November 08, 2022, 09:00:44
Well, I don't remember having so many vivid dreams on a row with significant and clear-cut messages.

This one last night started with seeing images on the sky, people were running, airplanes dropping bombs, cars were smashing. It was quite scary. There were some people with me, but I never saw who they were. I said to them "This is a hologram. Someone is casting these images on the sky to scare the people". All of a sudden darkness fell, the colors went dull and the images from the sky reflected on the ground. It was like a real war. There were attacks everywhere, explosions, people running and screaming. We realized that the attacks were from the Death Eaters like in the world of Harry Potter. The Death Eaters were fighting with their spells and wands. They were dresses in hooded long cloaks and their faces were covered with masks. I found myself holding a wand too and I started casting spells to fight them but my wand was not producing any power, it did not affect them at all. At that moment someone grabbed my hand and we were teleported in a room somewhere underground. It was dim and colorless with old time furniture, big stone fireplace, just like the interior of the pubs in Hogsmade village. I was waving my wand, trying to make a small cauldron to levitate but I couldn't. Then I said " I need to go through the process of a wand choosing me because this one has no power". Then Dumbledore's voice said (I didn't see him, I just heard his voice) "It's not the wand. It's you. It's your intent, that gives power to the wand". Then I found myself outside in the midst of the fight again. I took a deep breath, imagined my inner power growing and growing, channeled it though my wand, lifted with ease a huge boulder and threw it over a group of Death Eaters. Then I woke up.
Welcome to Dreams! / In search of my ET
November 05, 2022, 11:01:20
Another interesting dream last night.

I was in a large SUV that my brother in law was driving. My sister was also there. There were a few other people with us that I did not know. One of them handed me a folded stack of old photographs to hold. I opened the stack and one of the photograph was of my country's greatest prophet of all times. She passed away in the 90s. when she was a thrown by a tornado and became blind. Since that time she became clairvoyant and could predict events with great accuracy. She had unusual knowledge of the medicinal power of plants and also spoke of ETs and the knowledge they provide to us. Millions of people including celebrities and politicians from all over Europe had passed through her doorstep to seek help. She never accepted money from anyone. Her story and some of her world prophecies even appeared in one of the Ancient Aliens episodes.
So, back to my dream. As I saw her on the photograph, her images became alive, and she started talking. Then I realized that the people in the car were her descendants who were still alive today. I asked her if she was ok since the photographs were folded and I wanted to keep her comfortable and not squished. She said that she was quite all right. Then I whispered to her as I did not want the others to hear me. I said "Do you know where is my ET". She replied "I haven't seen him. But I will look for him". Then she disappeared from the photographed and I woke up. But that's not all. Here is the most interesting part. Just a few minutes ago my sister texted me and attached a picture my 5 years old niece drew during the time I was dreaming. (time difference). The picture has a sun a house, a butterfly and an ET, looking so similar to my ET who visited me when I was 5. his face had wide round eyes and a huge wise smile. Thin and long arms and legs. My sister asked her who is that and my niece told her this is an alien. The kids have never mentioned aliens so far, I don't think we have discussed alien life with them. The kids stuff on TV that they watch do not have aliens, so where did she hear about aliens I don't know. My sister never prompted her to ask is this an ET. She just asked what is this and my niece told her an alien. MY niece also wrote on the picture above the ET "AMITO". My sister asked her what is AMITO and my niece told her that she wasn't sure, she just felt writing these letters. When my niece writes she always tells us what is she writing, so it is unusual now to say she is not sure. I told my sister about my dream from which I just woke up and that the ET my niece drew looks just like my ET. Very intriguing indeed. Perhaps this is a way for him to let me know he is still here with our family.
Welcome to Dreams! / Movie/Reality
November 03, 2022, 19:25:01
This vivid dream last night was packed with action.
It started me waking up in a hotel lying in bed with Viggo Mortensen lol. But there was nothing romantic. I sensed that we were there on a mission, like colleagues. He got up before me, got ready and said "I'll see you on set". Then I got ready and got out of the room. I saw that we were staying at a very large hotel with many levels, open floor, large elevators, hallways, etc. There were many people walking around. as I was walking on the hallway, one of the elevators opened and I saw Tony Robbins. Next I saw Angelina Jolie struggling to gather so many suitcases of hers that she had a hard time handling. I passed her by and said to myself "huh, she is just the background. Me and Viggo are the leads" haha. I found many things funny after I woke up in the physical that I laughed about, but during the dream it was absolutely normal. I reunited with Viggo on the ground floor. He gave me a signal to notice several men dressed in black long coats and black hats, carrying black suitcases. These people were closing up on a large crowd entering one of the elevators. We sensed the crowd was in danger. As the elevator door was closing Viggo ran and held the door not to close. I was able to get in and him as well. At that point I thought to myself "Wait a minute, this is not a movie. It's real. We have to help these people". The elevator on the inside looked so large like a ballroom. The people in black were getting ready to attack. All of a sudden, someone started singing loud Hava Nagila. Music started and the person who was invisible to us led the crowd into a dance. Hava Nagila was echoing loudly and all of us including  the people in black started dancing in synchrony. Everyone started laughing and I thought, I'm not Jewish but ok, I'll play along. That dance really defused the tension and distracted the people in black as they appeared to not being able to control the dancing. Like they were under a spell. At that time, I woke up and laughed, thinking, wow I was in bed with Viggo Mortensen (aka Aragorn) lol.
Since forum activities have significantly decreased, perhaps everyone has learned all there is and no longer interested in discussions. Or the grim path of the world has brought us down or found more interesting places for socializing. Well, whichever it is, I personally feel comforted when we interact with each other whatever we discuss. I get excited when I see people realizing things, gaining knowledge and expanding their minds.

I was thinking that if any of you come up with thought provoking questions, please post them and let's have fun discussing. We can see through the eyes of the others how they view the world, which in a way also brings knowledge.

Here is my question: What gets you excited about life?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Avatars
October 06, 2022, 08:20:06
The other day I was coming back from my European vacation and while I was at the busy airport waiting for security check, standing in long line, my mind started getting really bored. I could feel it slowing down, and boom, all of a sudden, a stream of thoughts popped up. My mind became sharp, my eyes widened, and I started perceiving all the people around me as avatars. The thoughts in my mind were "look at all these avatars. I am in a video game and these people don't even know that they are avatars. They don't know that they have chosen all of their challenges and have set up the game before they entered their avatars."
I was observing the crowd, looking at each individual person and somehow with my inner eyes I was able to sense each of their chosen game pathways. I was thinking, wow what an interesting set up and diversity of avatars with different cultural values and beliefs depending on where they had chosen to be born.
Well, I have known this for a long time, but only at certain times does this surface so clearly where I actually think of it so deep. I sensed the true nature of this game. I saw behind each avatar the larger true spirit free of limitations. But my thoughts kept circling that the avatars do not know it.
So, after all I was not bored waiting for an hour to pass through security in a crowded international airport lol.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / AI and Consciousness
August 10, 2022, 20:06:02
I keep coming across Ancient Aliens episodes where they talk about the ability to transfer human consciousness into a machine, or the machines themselves gaining awareness and starting to make decisions. And that is a topic that make me feel uneasy if that is the future of Earth. As we know none of our washers and driers, TVs and vacuum cleaners have shown any signs of becoming intelligent on their own. If that happens with any machines it would be due to humans programing them in a manner where the programing itself will allow further self care, replication, adding more data, etc. Now, I don't know in that case if this machine is actually consciously aware with a large spirit form within it and how it will perceive the world, will it have feelings, etc. I know that everything is consciousness, I am not sure to what degree of awareness/consciousness to perceive a rock or a metal piece would have, but when comes to AI and initiating programing of non-organic materials to have the ability to change is a dangerous territory.

Another issue is transferring human consciousness into a machine, and thus making it almost immortal or long living. That also makes me feel uneasy. I can't even imagine what sensory perception this thing will have and how will consciousness stick within it to be just like our consciousness/awareness. Just transferring data doesn't mean you are transferring my personality and my awareness of a human character. The organic body gets all of its feelings from every living cell, not only from the brain. This is what makes us who we are as humans. Will this machine with my consciousness feel happiness and joy. Will it feel trapped here because it will be programmed to not die. I wouldn't want to be stuck in these lower realities too long. They extremely limiting. Who would want to live forever in such places. Especially if these non-organic vessels won't be able to carry emotions that make us stick around and make things worth suffering for.
Just thinking of this probable grim future if it goes that direction of a world of machines.
Welcome to Dreams! / Pulse members in a castle
July 12, 2022, 16:16:19
Wow, another dream with the members from the Pulse last night. Again, the dream was very vivid, but never turned lucid.

Our group was in what appeared to be the Hogwarts castle. Buthe castle was in a very bad shape, dusty, damaged. People were running scared, trying to get out. We were sensing dark forces in the distance getting closure to the castle ready to overtake it. Hagrid appeared in front of us in the midst of the chaos and handed me a creature that was part phoenix and part talking parrot. The bird wrapped its wings around my neck and didn't want let go. I sensed it was seeking to give us protection and strength. We were in one of the rooms where the sculpture guards were lined up. I touched one of the stone soldiers' nose and I said "we will be back".  Then we made our way to the roof, but the roof had holes. from several of the holes a few rats fell near us, but immediately a few cats appeared, caught them and took them away from us. Then we found ourselves in the courtyard, we were looking at each other, trying to find a solution but feeling helpless. An old woman opened one of the doors and made a sign for us to follow her. She led us through a narrow passage underground to a small kitchen where a few people were baking. When she closed the door behind us, we felt immediately peace and protection, like this place was undiscoverable and safe. The old woman asked each of us to pick a small individual pie. She said "these 12 pies contain clues to your success. You need to find them and place them together to see how to defeat the dark forces". We were sitting at a round table and each of us started digging in our pies to find the clues. Then I woke up. Darn, I needed to know what were the clues. Why does this happen every time lol.
I didn't have names of each Pulse member popping into my mind during the dream, I just knew that it was 12 of us and that all of us were from the Pulse. The only flash of a face I saw that I remember in the dusty environment among the group was a young guy with short black hair, tall, thin and wearing a red long sleeve shirt.
I typically don't read or watch anything on the astral and ET topics, but I came across this short video of Dolores Cannon about time and alternate realities. I was curious to see what her thoughts were, and they were exactly aligned with my own understanding. I have only read Robert Monroe, William Buhlman and the Seth materials on these topics. Everything comes to me in form of knowing perhaps as a result of my APs and meditative thinking to find answers. So, I was never interested in reading or watching anything that is out there on these topics, because I already have understanding. Even when I read the Seth materials, it was affirmation of what I already knew. But I may go through Dolores Cannon's youtube playlist just out of delight because she was spreading knowledge to others that I think was spot on.

Just when I thought that I have reached a pretty high level of knowing about the basics of the multiverse and the layers of the spirit, I had an unusual desire yesterday that I didn't know existed at all. At least I've never had it.

Yesterday I was at a Greek festival and the music, and the dancing was so captivating that all of a sudden, I strong desire ran through my mind and body that I wanted to know what it is to be Greek and to grow up with this culture. I wanted to be one. Then in the next minute, I realized that I wanted to feel the core of ALL cultures in the world, to feel what it is to have grown up and been a part of every nation of the world. But the interesting thing is that I wanted to feel and know this all at once. Right at this minute I wanted to be enriched with the feeling of being a part of every culture in the world. I wanted to be EVERYONE all at once and feel the richness of their feelings and knowledge. I thought this desire was unusual, and I started examining it. Then 5 minutes later it went even further. I wanted to be not only everyone from Earth, but everyone from all planets, all beings. I basically wanted to experience what the essence of God is experiencing by feeling being ALL THAT Is all at once. To be aware at this very moment of all of its expressions. This desire had subsided since this morning, but yesterday I felt that my mind was expanding so fast and I wanted to get more and more and more of every bit of knowledge and positive emotions available in the multiverse.
Hi all, I am posting again the easiest technique and least time consuming for me to AP. If you want, give it a try, and if you don't success fast, give it a few weeks of consistent proactive as you fall asleep each night. But it HAS to be done AS you are falling asleep. This point is the most important.

Upon falling asleep, imagine that your bed is a swing and start swaying from side to side mentally. Feel the motion and let yourself fall asleep with these inner motions. If you want, you can add visualizing that you are in a hammock on the beach of a tropical island, or on a pirate ship, an elvish boat, a swing in the sly, etc, whatever gives you joy.  If you nap during the day, this technique will produce even greater results, because during day naps we sleep lightly and our brain is more likely to remain aware while our body is asleep, but with that inner motion, upon falling asleep, your inner body is awake due to the activity and most likely you will feel the spinning sensation that can lead to AP. When you start feeling that spinning sensation and you are aware that in fact your body and part of your brain are asleep, just think that you are standing next to the door. That will teleport you out. The same technique is extremely effective if you wake up briefly during the night and start falling back asleep. if you can manage to not pass out immediately but to start swaying from side to side mentally even just for one minute, the chance of AP is very high.
Welcome to the Healing place! / Fasting
June 22, 2022, 17:20:51
hi all,

I wanted to share this youtube video explaining scientifically the benefits of water fasting and the potential cure of many mental and physical diseases including cancer. there are studies and measurements done by scientists to ensure that the physical parameters also change, and this is not just a placebo effect.

I started doing 48 hour fasts weekly and I have never felt better. In addition, my thinking, mood and mind sharpness have increased tremendously, and by extension my dream recall and more frequent APs as well. I typically have last dinner around 4 PM on Mondays, then I only drink water on Tuesdays and have one meal at 4 PM on Wednesdays (= 48 hours without eating) usually only vegetables because heavy food can't be eaten after breaking the fast. Thursdays and Fridays I have something with fish and veggies. Saturdays are fun days with outings and food indulgence. Sundays and Mondays are meat days (nice juicy steaks yum, but without overdoing it :). Fasting is hard because the hunger attacks your brain more than your stomach, and the addiction makes you justify why you should eat. But I find that watching videos of the benefits of fasting really give you motivation to go though without much emotional suffering :). It's so worth and the pay off is priceless in terms of feeling of general well-being physically and mentally. When you feel this way, your joy and happiness increases as well. You are able to think more positive and thus creating and attracting like events.

Welcome to Dreams! / Pulse members in space
June 17, 2022, 17:59:52
Hi all, I had such special dream last night. Many of us from here were on a spaceship flying around the galaxies. The dream was so close to become lucid, but it never did, very vivid though. Nameless, EV and Lumaza were there closer to me, but there were a few other people as well, I think the most active members, I just had that sense, but no specific names popped up. I knew the gang from the Pulse was on the ship.
We were looking through a very large front window the beauty of the cosmos, flying meteors by us, gaining speed, going through wormholes. It was very exciting. Then at one point I asked "Wait, everyone, who is flying the ship?" Everyone looked around and none of us were in any driving controls. Then we heard a vice saying "I am the ship". So, it appeared that the spaceship itself was intelligent. Then we started descending towards Earth. The large window got covered with some sort of an automatic panel and we were just feeing the motion of landing. There was a sensation of a small crash, we did not land smoothly. The large door opened and we all were taken a back, when we saw that the ship had landed on a top if a mountain. All we could see were a few other peaks and clouds around us. I started panicking that the ship may tilt and fall down if were hanging on a cliff. The voice of the ship said "Don't worry, you are not going to fall. You are on the top of the world". Then I woke up.

I really liked being in all of you' s company! It felt like we together have a special mission for which we are only fully aware of on a higher level.
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Intent
June 02, 2022, 20:59:06
I was watching the new Fantastic Beasts movie and I thought what makes Albus Dumbledore the most powerful wizard? Why there are different levels of "power" among people.  Then I took this further into the real world and I thought why there are different levels of success regardless if driven by good or selfish thoughts.

I believe that every spirit has equal power. So, why do we see differences? The answer is INTENT.
We've already discussed intent many times here, but I wanted to bring this back and dive a little deeper.

Power is unlocked ONLY by the "knowing" that you have it and the level of desire and intent you apply of achieving things with that power.

Success also may be driven by selfish thoughts to have money for example and splurge for yourself on luxuries. If you don't give back and help others with a portion of this money, you falls under the selfish category, but nevertheless it was achieved by strong intent and knowing that you can do it. Confidence that you have what it takes. Such person perhaps doesn't know the technicality behind creation and don't think about the spiritual aspect or where the power comes from. They just have that drive to go and get it. It is the intent that matters.

Now, behind the intent is actually the DESIRE. Perhaps the desire must come first to trigger the intent and start the motion of creative thoughts.
If you find yourself without any desires, but know that you want certain things, then I believe the only way is to meditate and ask to receive the desire to motivate you to start acting on it.  Then once you detect even the faintest desire, start enhancing it with thoughts on what could you create and how will it feel to have what you want. Start enhancing that desire to become as string as possible. Then apply the intent. The intent will start showing you clues on what paths and actions to take that will lead you to your goal.

Just have fun, don't take life too seriously, because the moment you start fearing that you won't achieve your goal, this becomes an automatic barrier that will always stay on your way. Just have fun creating! We were talking about Infinity on another thread, so know that there are infinite possibilities and probabilities that one can experience. The thoughts will create immediately from raw energy, but they can only be actualized into physical worlds by intent. The intent feeds them to give them continuous stream of energy and if held strong, that energy materializes in forms of scenarios, events, objects, experiences, adventures.

Of note, dark chocolate boosts dopamine and serotonin production. Healthy eating and exercising also boost big time mood and promote healthy brain which is important for us physical creatures as it is it our translator apparatus. Forgiveness and love give us peace to focus on the good and create what we focus on. Focus on something that makes you happy. If the news stress you out, don't watch them. If disturbing movies bring about unpleasant feelings, don't watch them. Watch something that inspires you. Read about things that make you happy.

See the best version of yourself with your inner eye, as what you see with your inner eye at this moment is your present. What you see with your outer eye at this moment is your past. Can you understand what I am saying?
Welcome to Dreams! / Burdens
May 29, 2022, 15:40:00
The last two nights I had dreams that I think are connected.

The night before I had a dream that I had adopted a bulldog and I felt a tremendous love for him, but at the same time I had thoughts that I wished I had found a better-looking dog and that the commitment for taking care of a dog was burdensome. When I woke up, I felt very bad for thinking so meanly of the poor thing. I wanted to go back in my dream and hug him and hold him.

Last night the dream was very intense. I was in my childhood home and my dad announced that he found me a husband and that I had no choice but to marry him. I became outraged of his decision and started yelling at him how dare he force me into an arranged marriage. He said that I should have a husband by now and I needed him to take care of me. I laughed at my dad and said that I have to take care of him because I make a lot more money than him and I wasn't going to move back from the US to live in a village. My mom was there, and she said your father is right. So, she was siding with my dad. In real life that type of meddling was NOT typical of my parents. The groom candidate arrived with a big group of people to meet me. I did not like him at all. There was a party, it was evening time. My cousins, aunts and uncles were there, and I was livid with anger. I was wearing a floral dress, I was barefoot, and I remember that I spend a long time trying to find my boots, because I didn't want to wear high heels. I couldn't find two matching boots and that aggravated me. At some point I went out on the large terrace and to my surprise I saw the guy with another girl that I knew in my dream that her name was Natasha, and she was feeding him appetizers. They were alone and I understood that there was a romance between them. I said a-ha, I am free yay, Natasha, take him please. I was so happy that I had a reason to show my father that his arrangement wasn't going to happen. When I woke up I was like, mom, dad, what the hell haha.

I don't know what these dreams represent, I suppose something that I see as burdens subconsciously that I don't want to experience in reality.
Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Infinity
May 24, 2022, 19:33:04
Can you truly comprehend what Infinity is? I can not! I understand the description of infinite, but I can't comprehend how is that possible. What does it mean that the multiverse is infinite. No beginning and no end, always going, always creating forever and ever and ever, infinite world....How is that possible? How can there be infinite worlds? Was it just one ball of condense consciousness at first, when did the individualized spirits came to be?
I often use this word on my posts, because I have no doubt of its validity, but when I try to fully comprehend it, I cant. That frustrates me to some degree, because I wish I could understand everything, but I also understand that after all we can perceive a very very tiny, tiny, tiny portion of the multiverse at this time. Like looking through a key hole from a dungeon of a beautiful castle. 
I believe that our larger spirit /Higher Self expresses itself through infinite number of characters and when we take time out of the equation, they do exist simultaneously in the multiverse. In most cases each character when imbedded within the temporary chosen reality/game puts barriers within its awareness in order to fully submerge itself in the rules of each game and fully experience the lessons of each individual character, putting temporary blocking of awareness of its other parts/characters. However, I think that we do leave a little door open to some other characters of ours and we have stronger sense and connection to them. perhaps to keep the exchange of communication and information for certain benefits. Do any of you have awareness of any other personalities of yours. I don't want to call them past, because I am excluding time from the equation.
For example, I feel strongly connected to the medieval time. This is where most ideas for my book are coming from.
The second strong connection which is actually the strongest is to an extra terrestrial personality. Most of my life I have felt as if I am one. That I have visited Earth thousands of years ago, and that now as a human I have retain the essence of that personality. I understand the ETs. I understand the reasons for their decisions regarding Earth. At least the civilization that I was once a part of. There are many of course and they all have different agendas, but the civilization with which I feel almost mentally merged with is helping Earth to advance.

I am curious to see the trend among people with our interest. Do you feel connected with another personality?
hi all,

I wanted to check if anyone has experienced hearing a morse code in their ear, meaning not like an external sound but more like tinnitus just not a consistent bussing sound, but clear clicking sounds that very much resemble the morse code with pauses between each potential letter.
I started hearing this when I am relaxed at night, and it comes very suddenly. It is very loud, like clicks, but in a form of dots and dashes, just like the morse code, right in my ear, like coming from my brain almost. From the morse code I only know SOS (... _ _ _ ...)
The weird thing is that as soon as I start writing down the dots and dashes so I can look up the corresponding letters and translate the message
(if that is a form of attempted communication at all) the sound stops. So, now I will try to learn the morse code to be able to translate as I am listening and see if there is any meaning behind these sounds.
What do you all think? Are negative characters a result of lack of knowledge OR volunteer work. Afterall, we agree that challenges are essential and beneficial for setting up lessons to help us gain knowledge and wisdom. But in order for challenges and hardship to occur, someone needs to cause them. Are the bad guys doing a favor for those who interact with them, because they have their set up to learn? Granted, both sides learn from their experiences, but they need each other's opposing characteristics. And do you think as another character you have been the antagonist?
Welcome to Dreams! / My Sister's Dream
March 17, 2022, 13:37:43
Wow, so much going on! The unusual NP events have accelerated with all these APs, dreams and general state of mind.

So, this morning, I got up, attended my first meeting for the day at work and things were just flowing. I felt sooooo relaxed, like the entire world was in perfect order and there was not even the smallest trouble I should be worrying about. That feeling was very unusual, because as much content as I am in my life (knowing the reasons for turmoil and the necessity of learning lessons the hard way), I am still sympathizing with all people that suffer around the world, and especially with the war, my blood has been boiling watching the devastation of the war and the suffering of millions of innocent people. My heart has been heavy for quite some time. But today all of a sudden this disappeared. I was wondering why. I did nothing different healthy habits wise, or exercise. all the same daily routines. I don't drink or do drugs.  I couldn't explain.

And just now, my sister sent me a long text telling me about her dream last night. She said the dream was so realistic, like she was in a movie. She saw a little transparent "demon" (she calls this thing) spinning my head and pulling my hair. Then she grabbed this thing and started squishing it and tearing it apart. She said it was like jelly texture. The thing then spoke to her and said to her "this time put me in a plastic bag, because last time you put me in a napkin" She succeeded killing it and when she woke up she felt like she had removed a burden of mine. I said to her, OMG, I was just asking myself why am I feeling so relaxed this morning and I couldn't explain.

This must have been an energy barrier of some sort due to my sorrow and empathy for the world suffrage, and my sister being connected spiritually to me sensed it and helped me. I hope people around the world are connected in the same way helping each other without even knowing it. Hopefully, my peaceful state of mind also indicates that soon thing will fall into place and order will be restored.