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Last night I had a realization during a dream that I was dreaming. Immediately I tested my hypothesis by trying to fly and I did. Then I took over the experience. I was enjoying the flight above beautiful fields. At one point I spotted a small circular object on the ground and it looks like inside the circle a pool of water was swirling. I knew that was a portal to another dimension. I wave of subtle fear came over me that this object was too small and I had claustrophobia to try to go through it. And I didn't know what was on the other side. But a thought popped in my head to face my fear and not be afraid of the unknown but rather be excited because of all the wonders I may discover there. I dove straight down like a bird and the moment I touched the object I found myself on the other side into another dimension. At first I found myself in a small circular room with water but the water was running vertically around the walls and the waves were splashing on the upper side of the walls. The water was sapphire blue and the foam of the waves was silver. Very vibrant and glowing colors. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. This room was small and I started feeling the claustrophobia again, but I said to my self not to be afraid. Soon a part of the wall dissolved and two beings entered. One of the said "Welcome to our world. We will teach you how to....." well, this is the moment I need to clarify that I have awareness that during the AP I understood everything from that world, but now after I have refocused in the physical I dont remember certain elements that in my view were so different that what humans are used to that even our imagination can not translate other parts of the multiverse and their elements. Our physical brains are way too limited to be able to translate. So, after waking up I tried soooo hard to recall what the beings looked like or what were they teaching me, what did the rest of that world look like, because I do have the awareness they showed me around and thought me something an I spent quite a long time there. And it's so frustrating now for this to be on the tip of my mind but I cant see it in my mind eyes. Hopefully at some point it will come to me, but I think it's the incredible difference between our worlds. I remember that one of the beings looked like a lady bug with human face and walking up right, but I distinctly remember the antennas on her head. The other being completely escapes me what did it look like, but at the time of the experience I did see it all and my emotions tell me it was an astonishing and magnificent world.

So, in conclusion, the multiverse is so incredible that our human imagination cant even imagine it. The diversity of types of existence, types of personas and beings is so vast, actually infinite. And that just blows my mind. It's a little frustrating because I want to know it all. And in some level I do, just like all of us. But if we stay in a timeless state of all knowing (from the highest perspective of All That Is) everything becomes static. There is no amazement of new discoveries. That is the reason All That Is expresses itself and cloaks infinite personalities in filters so it can keep rediscovering itself from infinite points of views and experience the emotions of amazement and exhilaration of "new" discoveries and explorations. 
Welcome to Dreams! / Precognitive Dream
May 13, 2024, 18:35:57
I've actually never had true precognitive dreams where what I dream exactly comes to pass without any symbolism. I've had plenty symbolic dreams where I get an idea of what is the most probable future but never exact occurrence until 2 nights ago. This was not an AP, there was no lucidity, or awareness, just a dream. I was in a meeting where one of my colleagues announced that he was leaving the company. This morning, this exact scenario played out in the physical. With his exact words, and other people and myself wishing him luck on his new opportunity. I don't know how this relates to me, perhaps it will be revealed later at work in the physical. I have many colleagues on my team and people rarely leave the company. The moment he started making the announcement, I was like "Wow, this was my first exact precognitive dream".
When I woke up from that dream 2 days ago I wondered if this could be happening in the physical, but quickly forgot about it.

Then last night I had a vivid dream that some invisible force was giving me paint to paint things in purple and gold. I saw images of people who's skins were all painted and glowing in purple and gold. I dont know what this is all about, but as you can see it is symbolic.

I wonder if any of you have ever had precognitive dreams where the scenarios played in the dreams exactly matched what you observed later in the physical?

During APs though, I have observed things that later I confirmed in the physical were as I observed them during the AP. For example about 10 years ago, my mom changed the covers on the couch. I saw them in red during an AP when I visited home and I thought "well, another mismatching thing between NP and physical". But 2 days later when we Skyped I saw the red couch. My mom said she changed them the week before. I was blown away.
This session of Bashar is very interesting, but if you dont want to listen to the whole thing, at least hear the few minutes from 22:05 mark.  :-D

This question often comes up when we try to analyze our experiences. Here is my understanding using analogies. Feel free to express your ideas.

-The "little" me is the version of my physical persona that I perceive myself to be in this moment/frame of this version of reality.  I am MVB born in the 20th century in EU, Planet Earth, linear version 100007654.                                                                                                                                                                                (In my view, there are infinite versions of every single point of consciousness existing simultaneously in the multiverse.)

-The "big" me is what we call the oversoul/the higher mind. It perceives itself is all personas all at once that it chose to express itself as and their infinite versions, including the "little" me. I am MVB born in 20th century EU, Earth, linear version 100007654 I am  a potato digger born in England in the middle ages Earth linear version 984557786565444, I am a roman soldier, I am the King of Scotland in 1398 AD, I am a member of the galactic confederation from Orion, I am  a blade of grass, I am an insect on planet  Mars, I am a stream of color in realm 18765 frequency, etc. I am all the above all at once without being confused. I am able to perceive myself as this large entity, not viewing myself as one character at a time linearly, but all at once as one being.                                                                                                                                                                              (In my view, the "big" me is the main programmer of the themes and experiences of the "little" us. But the "little" us have the power within their themes to evolve, learn, gain knowledge, expand, etc through situational lessons set up by the programmers, cooperation with other points of consciousness, tests to re-discover themselves from many points of view, testing their pre-programmed and acquired  beliefs within their enclosed game environments, testing how many self-imposed filters they can shed with each experience, choosing certain sets of lessons within each "life time", etc)

-The "all" me is All That Is perceiving itself as all versions of all points of consciousness and their infinite persona expressions including the "little" me and the "big "me simultaneously in one infinite moment. (In my view, the "all" me is the ultimate creator of everything". The big" me and the "little" me are fragmentations of consciousness. Each fragment though is never separate from All That Is. It just places filters/cloaks to block certain perceptions for the purpose of experiencing individualized story lines and expressions. All That Is is always in a state of becoming. It has no beginning and no end.

The best analogy (on a much smaller scale though, but you get the idea) to understand how the fragments perceive themselves and how can I/you imagine what is it to be the "big" me and the "all" me is the following:

-I am a child and I can not understand what it is to be anything else, although I am told by others what it is, I simply cannot comprehend because I am not within that other frame of reality (this is the "little" me)

-Now I am an adult and I understand what it is to be a child, but also an older sister, an aunt, a friend, a student, an engineer, a researcher, a mentor, a piano player, a karate master, etc. I can perceive all these roles as a part of me all at once without being confused or without the need to experience all these roles one at a time.  (this is the "big" me)

-Now, I am an adult and perceive myself being all these roles but in addition, I have learned how to AP and perceive parts of me that I never knew existed. I have the ability to perceive myself as ONE with everything. (this is the "all" me), and I am not confused, I am not lost within the infinite characters, no persona is ever lost or sees to exist, it is and always will be a part of the ONE, and the ONE will always know each "little" me as the ONE. Just like I am aware of my childhood, my adulthood, and I perceive both with the same validity, none is ever placed aside, both go in tandem of who the bigger me is, the same way no persona is ever "blended" or "dissolved" within the ONE. But all fragments perceive themselves as one entity

Conclusion: The only difference between the above various "me" is the filters that create the illusion of separation. To understand this and to know that at this very moment I/you ARE "All That Is" and to give the "little" us the ability to peel away more filters and within the enclosed game environment to actually see from far above and understand not only ourselves but all other personas and their purposes within our vicinity and collectively.
I wonder if open, mass ET contact occurs, would most people expect the ETs to help us with various things that we have not yet achieved or discovered and to be expected from them to tell us all the things we don't know about the universe. How would people feel especially those in power since the ETs appear to be more superior with their abilities and technological advancements.

When I make attempts to make contact I send messages that I intend only friendship and love between us, and I would not ask them to help me in any way with my own challenges unless they feel they want to show me something. I don't want them to feel obligated to help because they are capable. But humans tend to get offended if friends can, but don't help or do favors. I am trying to picture the most probable scenario of a mass contact the way humans behave and think today. And if humans are ready. Or if ETs are waiting for humans to mature more.
Welcome to Dreams! / Reversing Darkness
March 08, 2024, 09:45:25
Last night's dream was semi lucid, because I kept questioning things as I was comparing with my physical reality and wondering, but "something" kept me from becoming fully lucid, because when I do, I typically get out of whatever scenario I am dreaming and go off to my own preferred adventures. This time, I guess my higher self or something/someone else wanted me to stay in this scenario for a reason, but have enough lucidity to make certain decisions.
In the dream, I was flying above a beautiful neighborhood, the people below were walking, laughing, going about their life. I thought that I can't be seeing and I should lift higher so they could not see me or take pictures of me. I knew they were not ready to know what I know. As I was flying, I saw three beautiful women hovering around a tree and there were a few babies in nests in the tree. But the women had wings. This is what I questioned, and I asked them if they were humans. They said they were human fairies. They asked me if I knew the secret since I was a human but I could fly. Then we found ourselves in a large banquet hall where the entire town was gathering for a celebration. But suddenly, we saw through the large windows that a dark smoke was coming down from the sky and was destroying everything it touched. The smoke was coming towards our building as well. The scene was very scary, people were screaming and panicking. As the smoke descended upon our building, I stretched my hands up and started shooting energy. I asked the fairy women to help me. They joined and our energy field became stronger. I was yelling "reverse, reverse, shield, shield". I was trying so hard to increase my energy to be able to defeat the rad smoke, but it was not enough. Then I started yelling at everyone inside the hall. I told them that they had the same energy, but they had to believe to be able to use it. I urged them to join us. A lot of them did, and our shield increased. The dark smoke completely covered the building, everything became dark but we could still breathe under our energy shield. Each of our energy streams was visible to us and had different colors. Mine was on the violet spectrum, but as many people joined, I saw all kinds of colors. I noticed a very old man standing next to me being very scared and not even trying to use his energy. I asked him to at least try. He said there was no point, there was nothing meaningful in his life for him to stay alive and he doubted he had any power at all. I screamed at him and told him as long as he breathes is' worth fighting to honor the gift he's been given to exist. His expression changed, he stretched his hands and started shooting energy. I said "see, you do have power, you just have to believe". I saw that the darkness was retreating and the damage we observed previously was gone.

I have used the CE5 Contact App 3 times so far and every time it produces very interesting occurrences. I've had this app for quite some time, but I don't use it unless I get a very strong feeling of wanting to connect. Otherwise, I don't want to force anything, I just follow my intuition and inner signals when I need to take action about anything in general. I just ride the wave of synchronicity in life and I pay attention to inner messages.
Last night, I got that feeling again and I started the app. I did a deep meditation welcoming benevolent beings and sending them the coordinates of my location. Towards the end of the meditation, I had a very clear flash image, clearer than a physical image, a hand stretching out wanting to hold mine. The hand looked very much the hand of the ET from the ET movie. Then the entire being came into view. It looked like a humanoid tree, all brown with branches like arms and legs. It had a very friendly energy signature. I touched its hand and there was a flash of light which startled me and I snapped back out of the meditative state.
Then I went to bed, still holding the image I saw of the ET and I asked to continue our interaction during dreaming/AP. Right as I was falling asleep, I saw the same hand right in front of my face, but it was holding a large white pill, giving me to take. I actually snapped awake from that flash image because I was like, what the hell, why are you giving me pills lol. I didn't know what to think, what was the purpose of the pill and was it safe for me. That produced some resistance on my part out of fear. I did not have any dreams or APs last night.
I believe everyone experiences this phenomena at some point in their lives. I have observed it many times in my own life. And most of the time things get worse when I am too reluctant to go out of my comfort zone on my own, to take steps into the unknown to improve things I desire improvement. The fear of possible unfavorable outcomes or lack of confidence in ourselves are often the obstacles.  But this is where our higher self comes into play as it sits on the mountain top and sees every possibility and opportunity. It sees that we can and we are capable of and pushes us out of our comfort zone by creating the circumstances which we perceive as challenges. But the higher self is still us, so in a way we create the challenges for ourselves, just the conscious portion of ourselves does not realize it.
So, from energetic point of view, if new things are to emerge, old things need to be removed and this is the time of worsening that is perceived. If you want a newer house, you can't build it upon the old one. First you have to remove the old paint, the falling foundation, the cracked doors and windows. But you have to keep working on it and know that in a little while, you will have a new house. If you stop or do not initiate the  building process just because you are afraid to be left without doors and windows temporarily, you will never have the new house. Now, replace "new house" with, better health, financial abundance, greater love and relationship, etc, you will see that in each of these transformations there will be temporary worsening of the current situation. You will experience loss of the old in order to make space and build the new.
A better health may require a detox program, a change of eating habits, more exercising. All of these changes will trigger dying of old cells, withdrawal effects of substances, sore muscles from work outs until your body renews itself and becomes stronger. Unconsciously via your higher self you may create an illness to push yourself to make a change in your eating habits and lifestyle if you don't initiate this by conscious choice.
If you desire a greater love and relationship, you will create the circumstances of a break up to push yourself to get out of the current one and look for something better if you do not initiate this consciously by choice.
If you desire financial abundance, you may create the circumstances of losing your job in order to look for something better. This was the case for my sister. She was forced to look for something else when the situation with her colleagues became unlivable. But she had this job for 15 years and she felt comfortable as far as stability, but the physical labor was burdensome. She was reluctant to look for something else because she felt she could not find stability somewhere else. Well, her conscious self could not see what her higher self was seeing from the mountain top, so one day her higher self said, that's enough, I am pushing you by force. She had no choice but to look for another job. She was very fearful, but I knew all along this was a blessing in disguise. I told her that to stay positive. Shortly after, she found a new position in the same company where she still had the stability but the job was 10 times less demanding, very easy and had a better pay. But had the higher self not created the situation with her colleagues scenario to force her, she would have missed her potential and would have missed to find something she was desiring.
Always trust that there are reasons behind every challenge and that we from the standpoint of our higher selves do create them to push us along to reach our full potential. But if we resist and blame external forces for our "misfortunes" we may extend that "worsening time" very long.
Well, the spirit teleporting machine or as I call it spirit teleporter is the bed. This is a fact and not an assumption. I realized it about a week ago and every time I go to bed, I repeat, I am entering the spirit teleporter. So, if I am in this teleporting machine, there is no question my spirit WILL be teleported tonight with my awareness. I am expecting to be aware of the teleportation.
When you lay down, ensure to FEEL like you are in a machine and KNOW what that machine is about to do.
Since I have been doing just this and no AP techniques, I've had 7 OBEs on a row. This has NEVER happened before. I typically have maybe 1 AP every two weeks doing visualization/motion technique, bhut never like that so many on a row. Give it a try.

Last night's AP was interesting because I knew I was in a different year. I asked the young girl who was near me "Tell me what date and year is it". She looked at me like I was a loony. I repeated, "please tell me the date". She said February 19th. I said. "I know it's Feb19th but what year"? Again, she looked at me like I was crazy and said 1985. I said "Ha, I am from 2024, and I can see that in that year you are a school teacher. She didn't know what to say. I walked away to explore the area. 
I think last night's dream was influenced by our discussion with Tides about everything being alive and everything being consciousness. It proves again that what we focus on with intent shifts us to corresponding experiences.

This dream was borderline lucid, but I have to note that the colors were even beyond anything I have observed so far in APs. A LOT more vivid and glowing. I had no idea there could be even more vivid colors than what I have observed during APs. It just goes to show you that there is so much more out there we have no idea of.

I was standing next to a huge rock somewhere in the wilderness. I kept pulling smaller stones out, as the inside had a different texture and color. I knew there was something inside the rock I wanted to uncover. I kept pulling smaller stones, carving deeper and deeper within the rock. At some point I saw the outlines of an elephant head. Next to it I saw the outlines of a mushroom head, both with eyes. The heads started changing colors, they became so vibrant and started glowing. They became crystals with deep blue and purple colors. I was taken a back and I said "What are you?". The elephant head said "I am a rock, a crystal and an elephant". The mushroom head said "and I am a crystal mushroom". I thought they were absolutely cute and adorable. I could sense their friendliness and soft, gentle nature. We connected instantly. The elephant said "We know you are looking for the precious stone. We can show it to you" But before they could show me, all of a sudden behind me a number of creatures appeared. They seemed to be made out of crystals, but with sort of humanoid forms. I could sense they wanted to steal the precious stone, because they have been looking for it to enhance their own powers. The elephant and mushroom heads sunk inside the rock, disappeared and the rock became whole again as it was before I started pulling the stones. Then I started yelling at the top of my lungs to the creatures "How dare you coming here to steal something that belongs to this rock. Go back and leave them alone". Now, I have to note that if I had a full awareness and lucidity I would never yell at anyone. I have never experienced conflict and aggression in any of my APs, but I guess at the moment my awareness was low and I reacted this way to protect the rock. The creatures did not expect this from me. They understood that I would not allow it and disappeared.

When I woke up, I still felt the energy of the elephant and mushroom creatures. They knew I would not steal their precious stone and were willing to show it to me. Even now, I still feel like we are communicating telepathically. I just feel their gentle energy and friendliness. I hope that feeling lasts for a while, it's very heart warming.
I've had a number of observable telepathic connections with animals throughout the years. Recently as I was walking in my neighborhood and a guy walking his dog was about 50 feet in front of me. I thought to experiment connecting with the dog. I imagined my energy merging with the dog and I said telepathically to the fog "Hello darling, you are so beautiful, I am right behind you, turn around and see me". In less than one minute the dog stopped, turned around and looked at me. I said out loud "Sh*t, it worked" lol. Luckily no one heard me. The owner pulled his leash, but the dog did not move. After a few pulls, the dog continued walking. I said to myself, lets try again, maybe this was a coincidence. I connected again, asked the dog to stop and look at me again. And he did. I just opened my eyes widely and mentally said "whaaaaat, this is so cool".

In the past few years I noticed that I didn't have the heart to squish bugs anymore. Two weeks ago, I saw a spider in my tub, and said "Stay out of sight, otherwise I will have to release you outside and I don't know if you would like the outdoors". The next day he was gone, b]never saw him again. This happened with another spider in the house. Now, I don't see any. I mean I dont want to cause infestation or anything in my house, but I just cant kill them. I imagine if I shrink to their size, I will observe that they are just as significant creatures that can feel.
Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Healing
February 15, 2024, 21:52:48
Many times when I AP I ask to have the ability to heal people instantaneously here in the physical. I think this is my greatest desire and it reflects in my experiences. The other night I realized I am in the non-physical, I levitated above a beautiful garden with such vibrant color flowers and trees. I started flying slowly, observing the gorgeous grounds from above. Then I saw a fallen person. I hovered above them, stretched my hand and sent healing energy. I saw visually the energy coming out of my hand. It was a transparent yet visible shockwave that reached the person. They seemed to be healed instantly, got up and looked at me, waving. I continued flying and then saw a fallen eagle. I did not know if it was dead, but I stretched my hand, sent a healing wave and the eagle got up and looked at me. I was very happy with this healing power. I said, God, I would like this power to transfer to the physical, please show me a sign. Well, there was no sign, I woke up. But still enjoyed the flying and interaction with the person and the eagle. Who knows, maybe this person and the eagle have physical vehicles that felt the healing to some degree on that side.
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Expansion
February 03, 2024, 14:16:41
I came across this from Dolores Cannon page on FB and I felt instant expansion and increased joy just from the fact that I exist. "You are not just a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean within a drop".
I follow many spiritual pages on FB and every time I open my feed, I see so many inspirational quotes, beautiful pictures, motivational videos. It gets my mind to spike (raise vibration) often. Find your inspirations and focus on them throughout the day, because we can become lost in the daily routines that dull our vibrational level. Some people dont like social media, but it depends what do you search there. I search for beautiful nature, funny animals, winter wonderland, castles, healthy eating, amazing places around the world, travel, spirituality, and all I see there is beauty and inspirations that resonate with who I am. I don't see anything else because I don't focus or search for anything else. If I come across stupid posts (very rarely) I bypass them, acknowledge that the people involved have chosen to go this rout to learn and it does not bother me one bit.

Welcome to Dreams! / Jesus dream
January 22, 2024, 17:39:59
Last night's vivid dream was one of a kind. I have never encountered the Jesus entity or a representation before in APs nor dreams, maybe because I never asked for it. But I do believe Jesus was a great teacher and tried to tell people about spirituality. Unfortunately in this line of reality he was misunderstood and his teachings misinterpreted. He never wanted followers, he wanted people to become like him because he was connected to the divine without many filters.
Anyway, last night I found myself sitting in a chair and in front of me was Jesus. He took the appearance of the actor who plays Jesus on "The Chosen". However, I did not address him as the actor but as the Jesus personality. It was strange because he started cleaning and repairing my teeth and I said "Oh so you are my dentist now lol". In the physical my teeth are fine, but I guess this was something symbolic. He also started combing my hair. Then he said " you need to change your wardrobe as well to match the fashion of who you are becoming". Then he pulled out a card and said "Here is my business card" and handed to me. I dont remember what was the text on the card. I tried to read it but before I could I woke up.

Perspective from Bashar, and also being expressed along the same lines by many popular authors such as Seth, Dolores Cannon, all AP book writers, etc. I myself have questioned it through my own challenges and my willingness to listen has led me to the answers and to the realization of my own growth.
I hear so many people wondering "There is no way I chose this to happen to me. No one in their right mind would do that"

Welcome to Dreams! / Jumping Dimensions
January 16, 2024, 14:14:43
Last night was one of those wild dream marathons. Possibly my mind was influenced by watching the movie Dungeons and Dragons before bed haha. My dream was endless quest jumping dimensions and going into space.
Me and a few other people who I don't recognize from waking life were tasked to find a baby from a specific version of Earth in terms of dimension and take that baby to another Earth version dimension, because that baby when grows up saves one dimension but destroys another and we had to swap it because the opposite corrections were needed for each dimension. I dont know if that makes any sense to you haha. we used a machine to travel through dimensions that looked like a flying motorcycle. We reached one of the dimensions and went into a dark village. One of the people who were with me found the baby. I asked "is that the right baby" and she said "I know who this baby will be".
But simultaneously with this another scenario was playing, like I was experiencing two realities at the same time and being two different people at the same time without being confused. I have never perceived anything like this before. so I was having two dreams as different character and different scenarios but overlapping within my mind. IN the second scenario I was asked to go to the International Space Station to observe something. I agreed but was concerned that the rocket was very primitive. I agreed though and had the whole experience as an astronaut, taking off, flying though space with the rocket, being in the ISS, space walking with a suit, and then returning back to Eath with the capsule. I really feel now in waking state like I am an astronaut haha and know all about it.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Your wildest dream
January 06, 2024, 14:19:12
Do you have a wild dream that is so far fetched you think it's impossible to manifest? I dare you to let go of the belief that it is not possible or not probable and just feel as it is now. How does that make you feel? If you can practice this every day and manage to hold that feeling of incredible joy for 15 minutes of already having it, it will unblock many energy flows within you and it will manifest many joyful events in your life. The only requirements is for you NOT to analyze HOW it happens. I will give you an example with my wildest dream.

I dream of having my own castle. Preferably somewhere in England, Ireland or Scotland because these places have the richest history of kingdoms. I want to renovate it and perhaps let people tour it, feeling like they have stepped back in time. Every day I think about it and I feel like I am truly the owner of a beautiful castle. I imagine walking in the huge ball rooms, hallways, astronomy tower. I go down in the dungeons. I walk in the gardens.
Now, I do not think or analyze in which way do I acquire the castle. I never say, well this is an exciting thing, BUT I need millions of dollars which I dont have. I need to win the lottery or something. So, we have to forget that BUT. Forget what are the only ways we think to get what we want. Because we don't know what are the ways, we only assume certain things and we block every other possibility, thus inserting that impossibility factor within the equation. And know that even if this remains just a feeling, you have already won, because the feeling itself brings you joy. Just have fun, no insistence of an outcome, just feel. 
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / One of my lessons
January 05, 2024, 14:26:03
I just realized yesterday one of my lessons. The moment I made that realization I felt a huge burden lifted.
People tend to come to me seeking advise about life problems. Depending on the person I communicate my suggestions in a manner in which they can understand. Many issues come from the ego part of the human self, unable to forgive, unable to let go of the past, unable to find the self worth, blaming everything else and never looking within themselves. I provide the best action plan and explanation as to why things happen in their lives. I give them directions on how to look for answers and become their own guides. But most of the time none of them get it, or they may seem to get it but do not take any actions. I found myself really wondering, how in the world they dont get it, how many times do I have to repeat myself. And I get frustrated that they dont seem to be improving. Because I truly want to see them happy and make important realizations about themselves so they can feel the same freedom and happiness I feel. There is one friend which I have counseled for three years now and have repeatedly directed her to let go and forgive. I can see clearly the cycle she is stuck and why is she stuck, but she is unable to let go, stop defining herself by the past and truly forgive. Finally the other day, she said to me, wow I now truly get what have you been telling me all these years. I felt in my heart true forgiveness and I felt myself as a new person and guess what, so many people that I havent even heard in a long time are reaching out to me to apologize and reconcile.
At that time, I realized that I should not be concerned about anyone's progress, as knowledge that I provide may lay dormant until they are ready to understand it, but that doesnt mean I have failed if I dont see results ride away. I have to relax and let them follow their choices. If they come to me for advise, my job is to provide the guidance and then let go. I didnt realize that I was carrying their burdens because I was holding that anxiousness to see fast transformations. Now, I have let that go completely. I no longer feel the urge to find out if they progress or not. I pictured my own guides and I aksed myself " do you think your guides are sitting biting their nails every time you dont recognize their sign posts? Absolutelt not."
Welcome to Dreams! / Giant
December 21, 2023, 12:40:24
I thought this dream may be an interesting read.
It was very vivid but I did not gain awareness. I was driving on a small residential street at night. There were a lot of people walking. I noticed an energy field ahead. I could see its outlines. Everyone who crossed that field fell on the ground, sort of like fainting. Then I saw the people's bodies being picked up by something invisible and then completely disappearing from view in mid air. I pulled over because I didn't want to enter the field. There was a large house on the side of the road, I got in and an older gentleman told me that a giant was kidnapping people and taking them to another dimension. He told me to turn back. I said, no, I have to try to save these people. I decide to let myself get kidnapped so I can get into that dimension and think of a way to rescue everyone.  I walked into the field and the giant became visible to me. He was picking people up and putting them into his bag. I made sure he saw me. He picked me up, put me inside his bag. Then instantaneously as he was dropping me into the bag I found myself into that dimension. Like the bag was a portal. That world was absolutely beautiful. The people were flying and laughing. I asked them if they were the kidnapped people from Earth and they said yes. I told them we needed to get out and return to our world. But they said are you kidding me, look at this place, we don't want to go back. I was surprised they forgot so quickly about their families that they left. I realized no one needed rescuing and with a single thought I returned to the side of the road next to my car.
I have mentioned this many times throughout the years here, and I felt that someone needs to hear this now.

Many law of attraction concepts speak of positive thinking, intent and focus, but not all describe a key element -no insistence of an outcome/timeline and no insistence in which way the desire should manifest. Insistence is a highly limiting energy. It often comes with a secondary feeling of anxiousness and predicted disappointment if the outcome does not happen per set expectations and deadlines. There is fear in a sense of the unknown future. Will it happen or will it not. All of this creates resistance in terms of energy flows.

In my experience and careful evaluation of patterns that have manifested in my life, I have made the following conclusion:
Things manifest faster when only the excitement of how would it feel to have something is present, but not the condition to happen when and how. I only let myself feel. That's it. I don't insist on outcome or plan how can this be achieved. I surrender to the higher power and let it decide how and when to bring about the thing I feel excitement about. My job is to turn up the excitement volume and to feel as real as possible. Because I actually know that somewhere this IS real, and if we are multidimensional beings, that frame of reality I am tapping to is all mine. So, I know that it is real. Act and behave as if you already have it,  but do not be on the lookout for outcome. Just feel. The joy of feeling is what's important. It's not about faking good feelings. It's about knowing that nothing is impossible and trust that energies will bring that which reflects your vibration and your beliefs. Examine your beliefs if anything may be limiting and ask why do you have that belief. And know that beliefs are not facts and not something permanent. They are just tools. Know that they can be changed to serve you. Just because someone believes in something and presents facts to you doesn't mean that you should believe in the same thing. Facts mean nothing when comes to the nature of creation. There are many paradoxes that we do not understand but they can co-exist simultaneously, thus making nothing impossible. Just surrender to the infinite possibilities and let the higher mind arrange in what way your desire will come through. Trust! If you insist in only one way, then you are blocking a million other ways which may be more beneficial to you and you are not believing that any other way is a possibility blocking much of the energies.

Last week my team was chasing a very critical deadline. One of the VPs said to us, this must happen, because it's make it or break it. Well, I decided not to buy into that and just to let myself be filled with the feeling of success. That's all. I did not stress and insist on making that deadline. I just amplified the feeling of success. I let myself flow with the natural circumstances, taking actions along the synchronicities I was noticing. I also knew that I wanted to shift into a version of a reality frame in which my team members and everyone involved in that deadline would be on my wavelength thus manifesting collectively without fears. I imagined myself into that frame of reality. Well, we met the deadline and everyone called it a miracle, because all analytical data was pointing towards less than 1% possibility of success. I did not buy into that statistic because even a fraction of a percent to me is still a possibility and I amplify it simply by knowing, not through forcing it to amplify out of fear of the opposite outcome.
This weekend I went to a psychic fair in my area. I had three tarot readings by three different people and a session with one person who claimed she did automatic writing and channeling messages from angels. Up until then I've had several psychic readings not only cards but with mediums as well, and they all were getting things right. But this time all four people whatever they were saying was exactly the opposites of who I am and my past and current life, even funny things about the future. I went to the fair with no expectations but just to have fun. And boy did I have fun looking at these psychics' expressions when I was telling them, no, that's not it; no, I have plenty of confidence; no, I have no hearth ache at the moment; no, I was very connected to my mother; no, I had a very happy childhood lol. They didn't know how to handle all the discrepancies haha. The one with the automatic writing, I thought she will write words, but no she just kept drawing lines and circles and kept asking me to ask specific questions. I said, no, I want you to tell me what the spirits are saying, and then she would freeze. It's easy to find something to say in response to a specific question, this is no psychic. When I asked specific questions, she got everything wrong, not at all aligned with me and my life. And then, when they ask if you are married or in a relationship, if you say no, they go all in with the drama of the hearth. I told them, look my goal is not to find a husband haha.
The interesting thing is that as much fun as I was having, at some point I thought if I should worry about what they are saying. If there is a possibility I am not seeing or admitting something negative about myself, do I lack confidence, do I need to have someone in order to feel fulfilled because one of the psychics said this is how it SHOULD be. The natural thing is to be in a relationship in order to be happy. But this is her belief. Then I realized that I no longer buy into other people's belief systems. They can no longer influence me. I stand strong in my power and I know it for a fact. Who better knows me than me. I saw again how the collective interaction works. People feed on each other's beliefs without even examine them. Children buy into their parents beliefs, we all buy into the society's beliefs, but it's important as we see more from a higher stand point how this game works and crack the code, we can change the entire pre-programming. And this is one of the greatest's tests we have set up for ourselves. Know your own power the way you know the sun will rise tomorrow. Have no doubt, only follow your bliss, and you will never be affected by any negativity that happens around you or on a global level. You may keep observing it, but you will not react to it with such emotional involvement and you will feel true freedom.
Welcome to Dreams! / Ancient Aliens
December 03, 2023, 17:38:40
This is hilarious! Last night I had a vivid dream that me and my sister were in a large hotel lobby. There was a huge ET convention or something. Giorgio Tsoukalos and other team members of the Ancients Aliens show were giving people brochures. He came to me and said "I wanted to give you evidence that aliens exist" and handed me a brochure. I said "Oh, I know, I am one of them". Then he looked at me with a blank expression lol.

When I woke up I was like, why did I said I was one of them haha. 
I like to give examples with my own life when I make certain realizations. Here is the latest one.
I have always said about my job that I am a problem solver, and I take pride that I am knowledgeable and capable to lead people and help them solve problems. But I never thought that by defining this part of myself this way I will actually manifest circumstances at work in which problems will always appear so I can solve them. And surely enough, this happens often at work. I am very passionate about my job and I love my teams. I feel thrill when we brainstorm and save the day, every day, but I was thinking maybe it's time to take a different direction that I now prefer to experience and replace the problems with something else. So, I have been experimenting with re-defining my work personality as a discoverer of exciting things, and I have been noticing a shift. There are less people coming to me with questions and problems and more coming from a place of lets think how to improve the processes so we never encounter problems. And so we are now starting to act as innovators.

Here is another one. Be very careful what words come out of your mouth. Literally. Even if you don't mean what you are saying, the words still carry weight. When I was leaving my country and saying goodbye at the airport to my family, my little nieces were crying, I was crying, my sister and brother in law, all crying. My little nieces didn't want me to leave and I said "I promise I will be back very soon". I get on the plane and 30 min into the flight the Capitan announces that something is malfunctioning and we need to go back. So, we land, and wait for the issue to be fixed but the time would be too long so they cancelled the flight. There was no other flight that day. I called my sister and I said " guess what, I'm baaaack, come and get me lol". My nieces were ecstatic when they saw me a few hours later aha, they were screaming out of joy and I got a bonus night at home. So, my promise that I will be back VERY soon manifested within a few hours haha.

I think it's good for everyone to examine how are we defining ourselves and what do we speak of when we communicate with ourselves and with others. Catch what is the predominant theme of our thoughts and actions, reactions to problems, etc and if we want something to change we have to understand what definition about ourselves or life is triggering something that we do not prefer. When we understand the definition (which sometimes may be hidden from conscious view), then we can re-define and trigger something that we prefer to experience. It's fun to experiment. This is how we discover ourselves from new points of view.
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Judgement
November 18, 2023, 20:04:22
I wanted to bring up the topic of judgement because I observe more and more that people who judge with great passion bring upon themselves the very thing they have been judging to experience it themselves and look at things from a different perspective.
Two close friends of mine are experiencing this very thing and I can clearly see the pattern. Ever since I have known them they have judged with strong passion something that according their interpretation (and the church as a whole for the most part) of the bible is a big sin. Recently identical events within both of their families have unfolded that exact thing which they had a very strong opinion about and it is now a part of their lives. They were brough down to their knees feeling absolutely crushed and confused. They were forced to soften that strong view and turn the judgement into love. I tried to console them by broadening their view of God using the terminology they are used to. And I am saying that because I have different approaches of communication with different people depending on who they are. People that are very religious I dont use words like energy, dimensions, meditation, etc. I use terms that are familiar to them but at the end the message has the same meaning. One of them told me that since we talked she felt more at peace and understanding.

So, in conclusion, let's examine if there is anything each of us criticizes and judges something to a point of great emotional involvement. Let's ask ourselves why do we not understand that everything that exists has to exist and it has its reasons. Often the reasons are for learning purposes, to create tools for many to develop strength, bravery, compassion, etc. And if something does not resonate with who we think we are, let it become just that, observation, but not emotional attachment, because that attachment whether being fear, hatred, criticism, etc is being formed within our own energy field and it will present us with opportunities to be placed in the shoes of the very thing we dislike so we can understand the other side. The best thing to do is to acknowledge that we are observing something that does not resonate with who we are, but we understand that for these involved it is necessary, they have chosen it and they will walk their paths. But it doesn't have to impact us, we just let it go and focus on things that raise our passions for things that resonate with who we desire to be, so we can walk our paths undisturbed. And again, we may appear that we share the same space and time with 8 billion people, but this is an illusion. Different versions of reality overlap, and each point of consciousness is shifted to their own personal version of reality that corresponds to their own vibration, although we perceive on the surface being in the same "place". And these shifts happen constantly as we change.
Welcome to Metaphysics! / Bashar
November 06, 2023, 20:20:10
This just popped up on my feed on FB. This guy who is channeling a multidimensional entity called Bashar. I watched a multiple clips with highlights of his sessions and I must say the messages are right on point and resonate strongly with other entities like Seth, other reporters like Dolores Cannon through hypnosis. Check it out if you are curious. The first link is an explanation from this guy on how does he channel. the second link is one of his sessions about what is a personality in the grand scale of being multidimensional. He has many sessions on manifesting desires, law of attraction that explains exactly the mechanism of creation from a personality point of view. And I agree with everything he says. I already had that knowing  long before I started reading anything on the subject. It's just fascinating to hear so many independent people conveying the same message. When I thought I was alone in having these kind of thoughts, I feel so good to see more and more people becoming aware.

Welcome to News and Media! / Northern Lights in EU
November 06, 2023, 18:14:32
Yesterday rare northern lights lit the sky all around Europe including southern EU. In Bulgaria we've never had the Aurora before. People are freaking out. Two days ago my sister told me there was a tornado. We've never had tornadoes either. Either this is an effect of the poles reversal during which the magnetic field weakens, or the sun activity has some peak cycle and it's penetrating the atmosphere. Interesting weather anomalies and occurrences.

Welcome to News and Media! / UFO in my village
November 02, 2023, 13:22:46
Some years back my mom and my sister saw a UFO in my village. I was not home at that time. I believe I posted the event on the Pulse but I can't find it. I will describe it again. My mom was awake around 2 am and went out to sit on the terrace. She saw a huge flying object and ran to wake my sister up. She told my sister "do you want to see UFO" and my sister was like "Yeah right" haha , but then she jumped out of bed and went outside. She said that it was so unbelievable. The object was very low and very large in diameter, possibly about a mile in diameter. She described a huge oval ring with many small spheres alongside and inside these spheres there was light bluish smoke. The ring itself together with the spheres was spinning in a direction counter clock wise. My sister said there was nothing inside the ring. The object was very visible, very low and the closest part of it was just above the neighbor's house, just a few yards from ours. My sister said that they felt like being in a vacuum, no outdoor noises at all from the night creatures, nor from the breeze in tree branches. It was a summer night and typically the sounds of the crickets and other bugs and creatures are very loud. My sister said that the only noise was coming from the craft and it sounded like muffled engine running, she could feel vibrations in the air. The craft stayed there good 20 minutes. They had time to really look at it and observe it up close. She said the craft did not just fly away but slowly faded until it was not visible anymore and all of a sudden when it was gone, the night sounds returned, dogs started barking and the heaviness/vacuum sensation was gone. Unfortunately that was the time when cellphones were not widely used and the only manual camera we had at home did not have film inside, so they couldn't take any photos. No other people from the village seemed to have seen it because it was 2 am in the morning.
But here is the interesting part. My sister saw on the news recently UFO sighting in Switzerland and the craft on the photo and video is exactly the same they saw these years ago. But this time the main ship inside the ring was visible. My sister thought it was very interesting now to see the mother ship inside. Ay the time of her sighting she thought that there should be another part inside the ring but it may have been invisible and she was right. Now she has a confirmation that there is one, but for whatever reason in our village they chose not to display it. My sister said that my mom yelled at them at one point to take her with them haha.
Here is the link from the news, you can see the craft and you can also click to open the video to see how the ring is spinning. This is definitely not fake.
Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Big Bangs
October 27, 2023, 22:19:21
I woke up around 4 am already refreshed and I knew I wasn't going to go back to sleep, but I didn't want to get up just yet. I decided to close my eyes, focus, and check if I would get any visuals. In about 1 minute I started seeing very vividly multiple big bangs, universe after universe being born, stretching out with magnificent light and then within a second collapsing back into nothingness. My thoughts were telling me that I was observing the births and deaths of dense energy in forms of universes. I was perceiving their existence as 2 seconds span, but within them the consciousness was perceiving their existence as trillions of years. The design of the multiverse is truly mind boggling and fascinating.
Welcome to Dreams! / Purple Lightening
October 16, 2023, 17:50:23
I had a very unusual dream last night. I was at a beach house with all glass windows. Lots of palm trees around. It was night time. All of a sudden I realized that a very strong storm had started because I saw the palm trees bending almost to the ground from the wind. I saw people being blown by the storm into the ocean. I ran to save them. The storm did not have any effect on me. I did not feel the winds nor did I feel the crushing waves. But when I was in the water pulling people out, the sky opened and purple lightnings were striking. Their electricity produced purple currants in the water. I was seeing them all around me crackling with charge. They were all purple. The scene was very pretty, as all around me was dark including the water, but the purple electricity lights were contrasting and illuminating in the water. It looks like the people who were drowning were not affected. Only I felt them. One of the lightnings struck me in the head. Then I woke up with a splitting headache. I rarely feel any physical effects from dreams or APs.

Now, I don't know if any of the following deep thoughts during the day prior to the dream had anything to do with it, but here is what I was analyzing while in deep thinking during a drive.
I went back to my childhood and I remembered how I questioned this world, "where in sweet hell am I, why are people hurting each other, why is everything  so primitive." I wanted to have power to change everything, change everyone, make them understand what love and compassion feels like and how to care for one another without expecting anything in return. I wanted to have power to instantly heal the whole world with a single thought. I wanted to have the power to stop all wars and make this Earth a heaven. I even questioned the integrity of God, if having all power why was it letting pain to happen anywhere in the multiverse.
But as I observed more and more of life, I came to the realization that there is more than it meets the eye. I knew why did I not have the power I wanted. Because I would be dismantling the school system and destroying the classes all these souls have signed up for in order to learn. I wouldn't be doing them any favors by removing all negativity and pain. I would be working against their wishes and benefits. And I said "God, thank you for NOT granting me the powers I wanted lol. Now I know why...BUT I would appreciate any power on a smaller scale and I would use it wisely  :wink: "
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Emotions
October 03, 2023, 18:06:39
I have been thinking why do I have such strong emotions of amazement, excitement and exhilaration when discovering things, when things manifest but they seemed impossible. I asked myself why such strong emotions with a note of surprise that magic really exist, since I myself KNOW already that NOTHING is impossible and have been to many magical places, have seem many things people have not seen. I should accept these happenings with a sense of normality because they ARE normal, even the most incredible thing per human perception. IT all exists anyway. Why do I continue to be so ever excited. And don't get me wrong, I LOVE feeling that way, I just question the continuity of high emotions. I don't want them to stop and here is my theory:

As characters we have restricted ourselves from all knowing and all power, so we can be amazed when we discover. How can we be blessed with all these emotions if we sit for eternity as one in all knowledge and all power. During my AP (posted on the Pulse) where I requested to see God and I merged with All That Is, I felt the completeness, the ultimate love, power and knowledge. I knew what does it feel to be eternal. But I did question now what? If I have to be in that state for eternity I have to shoot myself lol. It would be a static existence. Can you imagine haha. No wonder God wants to express itself and be in a state of becoming by spreading individualized parts of its consciousness that will be given the opportunity to feel amazed by discovering things through illusionary restrictions and be gifted with journeys that will give them ever lasting purpose to grow and create. So, the restrictions that we have imposed on ourselves give us the gift of absolute indescribable emotions when one succeeds in any set endeavors. To keep discovering infinite wonders. This is the thrill of being an individualized character.
Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Library
September 23, 2023, 12:34:59
This morning I woke up around 5:30 am, but was still sleepy. I decided to try to go back to sleep because it was the weekend and I didn't have to get up for work. Upon going back to sleep a sleep paralysis occurred and I started hearing loud noises like dishes are breaking in the kitchen. I knew that these were vibrations and no one was breaking into my house. I initiated thought of floating, but I had trouble dethatching. I started seeing a blue sky, then stars but I was seeing then through a web like energy that was blocking the view. I could see through the web the sky and the stars. I kept trying dethatching but I felt my physical body being awake too much because it was my natural time to wake up and there was no way I could keep my brain waves in delta. Eventually I was able to completely exit but my AP was short as my body woke up completely on its own and my consciousness pulled me back. But the AP was interesting because it added another piece to the puzzle of series of events I have been experiencing about Orion. When I exited I found myself in a large library, so large that the ceiling was sky high. Endless bookshelves with old looking books. The library was circular. I saw several people in there. One of them came to me and I asked her who she was. She said that she was an angel and she was going to pull me higher. She grabbed my hand and flew up. I felt the pull and I thought, huh that's nice, I don't have to make an effort to fly. She left me hovering very high towards the roof of the library in front of a section of books. I was about to ask her if she knew anything about Orion and the connection to Earth, but she was gone. Then one of the books started glowing and it pulled itself out of the shelf. The cover had glowing sign that I could not read because it was some unknown to me language, but it changed by itself into English and I was able to read the title "Constellations". Then the book opened by itself and the pages started flipping fast in front of me. They were glowing with strong energy and I could not even see the writings inside because of the glow. But I felt download of its content into my consciousness. Then I woke up, and now I have no awareness of that content. Maybe at some point the download will manifest and be translated by my physical brain. Hopefully.
Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Orion's Belt
September 11, 2023, 22:08:22
During my vacation, me and my family were at the sea cost for two weeks and there were many mosquitos in the area. We all got bitten multiple times. But the most interesting thing is that most of my bites were in groupings of three bites that aligned exactly as Orion's Belt. One group on my hand, another on my leg, then on my shoulder and then on my forehead. But they appeared one after another, not all groupings at once. The first one was on my hand. When I looked at it, I showed it to my sister and I said "Look, it's Orion's Belt. We also looked up the Egyptian pyramids alignment because they match it and the three mosquito bites on my hand were exact match. I thought what an interesting coincidence. I didn't think much of it, I dismissed any type of messaging. But the next day, two new groups of three bites each the same alignment appeared on my leg and on my shoulder. I instantly thought, ok, it's a clear message, something about Orion. But I didn't continue thanking of it. On the third day another group of three bites same alignment appeared on my forehead. Then I said out loud "Ok, OK, clear message, I am acknowledging it now. Tell me who is sending the message" That night when I closed my eyes to go to sleep, I repeated the question and within a few minutes I had a clear visual that lasted for about 30 seconds. I saw an ET stepping into something like a clear big box which appeared to be a device through which messages are sent through the universe. The device started glowing when the ET stepped in. The ET was very interesting looking. It had a humanoid figure, but thinner, small face, but very big almost like a turban head that appeared soft and it was salmon/yellowish color. The hands and feet were larger and they looked aquatic, like the being could live also under water. So, this visual showed me who was sending me the messages. But now the next question I have is what am I to do with this awareness about Orion. What is it that the messenger wants me to do. I keep asking but there is no clear answer yet. I will let you know if it comes through. Definitely very interesting.
I continue to ask my higher self every night before bed different questions, and every time there is a clear cut message. Last night I requested to keep releasing old beliefs that are holding me back and create new beliefs that will be in my favor.

So, a very vivid dream happened. I was back in college in a large classroom. We had a new teacher. To my surprise he looked like an ET but trying to appear human. He was tall, thin, black shiny hair sort of greased and combed neatly. His eyes were unusually large. His mouth was also large. He appeared to be very strict. He asked us to open our notebooks and write an introduction to the subject of philosophy. At first I didn't know what to write, nothing came to mind. I saw my classmates writing and I tried looking at the notes of the student next to me. The teacher was all of a sudden behind me and he said "No, you have to do this by yourself". I saw that I had notes from the previous year, but he said to tear those notes because there will be new things to learn that are irrelevant to what we learned before.
In the middle of the class a large spaceship appeared above us, I looked up and I saw many little things being released and flying down towards us. They started sticking to each student's forehead. The students fell to the floor motionless. I got scared and ran out of the classroom before any of these things got me. In the hallway three students a level up saw me and asked me what was the trouble. I said that there was an invasion without consent. They smiled and said "Don't worry, these are just knowledge downloads. And you have agreed, you just don't remember." I decided to go back and allow it. I entered the classroom, I looked up and I saw one thing flying towards me. I said to myself "It's ok, don't be scared, you will just go out of body.". The thing stuck to my third eye and at that moment I fell to the floor. I saw swirling colors in my mind. I felt that I was experiencing dual consciousness. Then I woke up.
This is a very interesting video of Jane Roberts channeling Seth - 1974. "The Nature of Personal Reality" is one of the greatest books I have ever read.

Hi all, I wanted to share some experiments I am doing in the dream state to release fears, phobias, and anything that I perceive negative in my personal reality. At this point I don't have many left, as I have worked them out through the years, but the fear of snakes remained. I did the following and you can do the same for any type of thing you wish to resolve including physical healing.

1. Work with one question at a time for at least a week. Be very specific.
2. When I was ready to start falling asleep, I quieted all my thoughts and I asked the question intended for my higher self "Show me where the fear of snakes is coming from. Let me face this fear in the dream state so it can be released."
3. Do this every night for a week. Change your questions as the story unveils. Your dreams may not be pleasant but they will be necessary for you to face the fears, to understand the reason behind whatever issue you have.

During the first night, I dreamed of a snake biting me. I saw myself as being someone else. It appears that in that other life I died of a poisonous snake bite and it carried over to this life. The next night, since I understood the reason, I said to my higher self as I was falling asleep " Thank you for the message, I understand now. Let go of this fear, as that life has played its course, only the essence of the knowledge is left within my oversoul. There is no need for my current personality to be affected. Let it go. Let me face the fear tonight."
That night I dreamed of a huge, giant snake emerging, and standing right in front of me. Suddenly, a large sword appeared in my hand and I cut off the head of the snake. The next morning I felt at ease, and I felt like a burden has been lifted. The next few nights, I continued having unpleasant dreams, but I knew that I was resolving all these static energies around me related to this fear.

Here is the interesting thing, last Saturday I decided to try archery. I went to the local archery range, the instructor gave us the bows and arrows, explained to the group the techniques and everything and then at the end he said "Oh, by the way, watch where you are stepping because we have rattle snakes around this time of the year".  I just stood there motionless, and it took me a few seconds to realize that my brain did NOT react at all. There was no fear, whatsoever. I just said to myself "well, they are God's creatures, they wont hurt us". Then the complete realization that my fear was completely gone clicked in and I had to turn my face away from the group and say a silent "WOW" out of disbelieve that I did not react with fear.

And more interesting, last night I had a dream that I was laying on a meadow on a bed of rattle snakes. They started slithering and coiling around my neck, arms, legs and waist. Almost like hugging me. I felt friendship, complete calm and harmony. I woke up thinking that fears are just illusions.
It's been several years since I last took a ride on a magic carpet. Around 3 am I woke up with the sensation of lifting up as I was in a laying position. My eyes still felt closed with no sight, as my awareness was coming clear. I said "up, up through the roof" Then my sight appeared, I saw blue clouds and I saw myself laying on a magic carpet. I got so excited, I sat on my knees, grabbed the front end of the carper and started signing "A whole new world" song from Aladdin. It was sooooo cool! Then the carpet took me into a magical world of vibrant colors. I thought that this environment was not Earth like. The nature looked different, there were bonsai like trees with very beautiful crowns and vibrant blooms all over of different colors. The followers also looked different, like they were alive. I touched them and they had a feel of a fluffy marshmallow, but they were all kinds of colors and shapes. I felt like the nature was connecting with me telepathically. There was a sense of incredible peace and tranquility.
On my birthday this year there was a full moon. Then that made me think, well the year I was born on that date what phase was the moon. I discovered that the phase was Waning Phase. Then I searched if there is correlation between the personality and the phase of the moon on the day you were born. Below is the description and it fits me perfectly. You can check yours and see if it matches. Share here if you would like to see if there are trends among people like us who are curious to explore the inner selves.

"The first stage after a full moon is the waning gibbous moon. During this stage, the moon is still mostly lit but is starting to shrink. Babies born under this moon phase are often intellectually sophisticated and tend to learn quickly from their experiences. This is why they seem so full of knowledge and wisdom, even at a young age. These characteristics also make them excellent teachers and communicators.
The wanting quarter moon is filled with a sense of nostalgia. You cherish the past and recognize how your experiences have impacted your life. You find yourself combing through fond memories and organizing pictures. A song or smell can trigger vivid memories in you more so than the average person.
If you're born during the waning crescent phase, you may often be considered full of wisdom that seems to transcend the physical world. You may feel as though you have an inner third eye and are deeply intuitive. This isn't by mistake. The energy of a nearly completed moon cycle and the "old age" of the moon allows you to be more in touch with your spiritual side than most individuals. You may be more likely to have visions or be in touch with angels, or at the very least, have a stronger ability to tap into your creative side."
I started something new during meditation which triggers instant body convulsions and electric shock like through the brain. Can you guys test it and let me know if you experience the same reactions. I have never had that happening through the many years of OBE and all kinds of meditation and visualizations.

Sit in a comfortable position (you can do this as you are falling asleep as well) and relax all your muscles especially your forehead and face. This can be done in a minute or two. Then imagine you are sinking into the chair/bed (should take one minute). Then imagine that you are all around your body in a form of energy (exclude your physical body from the sensation). But it's important not to imagine you as a pint of consciousness somewhere outside your body. It has to be the entire energy field ALL AROUND your body in all directions. But you have to imagine it as being you, not some type of energy around you. It has to be you, feel you expanding, just not your physical body, but the energy you only. Then start expanding yourself quickly, like the big bang expansion through vast distances and dimensions. Through the multiverse. Tell me if during that expansion your body starts convulsing.

I bring back the attention to my body as soon as the convulsions start, but if I do this a few times on a row, it seems to subside and equalize.

Now, if you hold that state you can ask a specific question and the thoughts that pop into your mind are most likely the answers. But you need to have the conscious mind out of the way so it doesn't filter through your ego and character. It has to be the larger soul connected and your subconsciousness to receive it from a neutral point of view. You can request a full body scan to be performed and instant healing to be done by the larger soul/God. Let it happen. Observe only the sensations, don't judge.

Pay attention to all challenges in your life including body pain and illnesses, as these are messages about lessons. Ask what the lessons are in order to stop these messages from reoccurring. And take actions to change what needs to be changed in your behavior, thinking, beliefs, etc. The answers also may be given to you in your dreams symbolically. I have done that in the past three nights before bed asking a specific question and imagining my expansion and connection to the greater multiversal mind. I had the most straight forward dreams, very vivid and right to the point. I have made many realizations. IN one dream a snake became a monster and I cut off its head with a sword. IN another I became lost, but asked for guidance and found my way. I woke up and I said "I need to become lost in order to find my way. I need to ask and I shall receive guidance, but I must ask".
I thought I know it all lol, but there is so much more we still need to realize. I have also repeated before bed that I let go of all negative connections that may be affecting me from past lives, people throughout my life, or from my own lack of knowledge. I truly meant that and I forgave all and I asked for forgiveness if I have hurt anyone throughout my existence. I can tell you, the next day I kept exhaling like many burdens are being released from me and I kept feeling lighter and lighter, free of care.

And another interesting thing that I noticed is that more and more I am realizing that I am in a game. WE all know it, but for me it was just the knowing without actually feeling it in daily life. Like, you know that France exists but if you are not there, the knowing is just a knowing and not an experience. Now, I observe everything around me and all happenings as a true game. I was on the freeway today and there were some emergency vehicles on the side of the road with blinking lights. I instantly said "That's a signpost in the game. Someone has created it and placed it there. I looked at the cars, the sky, the hills, nature and my mind was flooded with the "programing" reason behind this scene. I perceive all people now as true avatars with their missions and set challenges. I know that all challenges even the most terrible ones are choices to pass to the next levels, to obtain something in order to remove obstacles and pass into the next level. My life phases change as everything in life is everchanging. Just when I know I have reached a good point of understanding, something happens and I discover more. I tend to not like change once I get to a comfortable routine, but I realized that if we are afraid of changes, life will start sending us messages to face the fear of the unknown and start moving, keep the game rolling. Go to the next chapter, and then the next. Don't get too comfortable in one place. Nostalgia was a big barrier for me, as I never wanted to leave my childhood, or my home, my friend and parents. I suffered a lot, but now I have let go, and I understand now that this life should not be taken so seriously. We have to keep moving and taking changes. Chop-chop, let's go and get though the game like true champions :)
I thought of something fun if anyone would like to experiment.
For one week imagine and believe at all time with all your mind power that you are 20 years old (for those who are older :) )
In addition, know in your mind that you also extremely wealthy, but are currently undercover to see how other people live.
Believe this as hard as you can and if you look in the mirror or feel pain or worry about bills, think that these are just illusions. The multiverse has many illusions, doesn't it. If you know that then it won't be hard to believe that what you see and feel externally is just an illusion. Only what your mind sees and feels is real.

Do this for one week and let me know if your external world/body/mentality changes in any way.
It may be hard to hold your attention on this imagery at all time, so you can wear a bright color bracelet for example that you look at frequently and that will remind you to switch your thinking mode if it slips back.

I will start today and will report after a week. If no one else does, that's ok. I will report my experience anyway. :)

P.S. If you are a wealthy 20-year-old happen to read this, oh well...good for you lol. You can imagine any other desires you may want that you don't have in your external world.
Have any of you sensed or seen the so-called spirit animal within you. Up until now I never gave it much of a thought, but yesterday while I was activating my chakras I actually saw as a visual flicker the spiral of chakras turning into a golden dragon who jumped out of my head upwards and dove back into my body merging back with my energy. That intrigued me so much, that last night before bed I imagined riding on the dragon above my neighborhood, all the way to the ocean and then the mountains. It was a great visualization. I felt the flight motion as well and I requested during AP to connect with my dragon, ride it and communicate with it. Well, I didn't have an AP last night, but as soon as the next one comes and I get to ride my dragon for real, I will let you know how it goes.