Any people here who can project on demand anytime?

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Quote from: Nameless on September 10, 2018, 02:00:39
I'm actually glad you are back from the fair, been missing your interaction round here. Relax a while and catch up, talk later.

Thank You for your kind words Nameless!  :-)

I don't think I ever said what it was that we sold at our State Fair.

About 20 years ago MJ and I came across a item called a Croaking Frog rasp. While, I was the one that found them at a convention. I knew MJ's love of Frogs. So, I brought a case of them home. The man I purchased them from, said they were nothing special. But he just had them sitting on a counter with no explanation of what they did.

My whole life I sold pitch/demo products. So, I saw the possibilities of these becoming a business. They were fun and made almost everyone smile, so I knew we would do well.
A few years in, MJ and I began designing our own line of Hand Carved Musical Instruments. We wanted to create a line that went with our current surroundings and location. So, we created Loons and Timberwolves, Turtles, Squirrels, Elephants, Crickets, Owls even some fun things like Dolphins, Monkeys and Penguins. Each animal item is musical in some way or the other. Every year since, we have added at least one new design to the next years State Fair. We are currently working on a Donkey design for next year. Well, actually, we have been working on the Donkey design for 4 years now. It's hard to get wood to "Hee Haw", lol!  :-D

Our booth is outdoors in what is known as the International Bizarre of our State Fair. You can hear our animals about 3 rows before you even get to our booth. MJ and I wanted it to be visually appealing as well. So we about 16 years ago when we first began vending at the Fair, we created our booth design to be a Rainforest setting, with all the trimmings, including a actual 30 gallon tank Waterfall. I then came across a really cool light machine that created spirals and patterns of colors. It was a kind of Wave/Light machine. We put that in the center of the booth, hi-lighting our giant Frog, that sits upon the Waterfall, to create a "Aura of Mystery".

For a time, my target market was the nighttime crowd. Hence the focus on creating a visual atmosphere to go with the sounds. But last year, they closed our area a hour earlier. So, we never really got the after the Concert fun and drunk folks. They LOVED the booth, lol!  :-D  Our booth light show is pretty strong, so it doesn't have to be totally dark out to enjoy it.

It's incredible to see how the sounds and sights of booth make people so relaxed. I even use that in my description. I tell people that sounds of Nature are very Therapeutic, which is the truth.

The State fair is always good for us. It is a lot of hard work. But 98.5 of the people we meet are a pleasure. It's just the a small percentage that we could do without. That percentage doesn't seem like much, but when the State Fair brings in almost 2 million people in 12 days, it gets to be quite a bit.

Here are some pictures I took this year of the booth. I posted them at my Photobucket page.

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