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My Free 60 Page Book, “My Astral Projection Truth”, What is Astral Projection and How to do it!

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My Astral Projection Truth: What is Astral Projection and How to do it!

I just finished editing version three of my free Book! It’s now ready for downloading!

I’ve also re-branded it in honor of Frank Kepple, who put in so much time and effort into teaching others to experience the larger reality. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have progressed as much as I have.

It’s now “My Astral Projection Truth: What is Astral Projection and How to do it!

This Book represents everything I’ve learned over my life, but mostly the last 2 – 3 years of my practices in Projection and Phasing. It’s now a 60 page Book full of great information regarding how you can begin to explore the furthest reaches of reality on your own! All the information I provide in it was the same information that helped propel me towards the experiences I now enjoy.

Feel free to pass it around to where ever you wish, as long as the information remains intact and all credit is given where due.  I hope the information helps you as much as it has helped me.

Thanks for reading! Please leave me some feedback on how you like the Book, and if there was any parts of it that are unclear or confusing. I’m happy to re-write sections to make them easier to understand.

A Twist on the Noticing Exercise

I was meditating yesterday doing the Noticing Exercise, not really with any particular goal in mind other than trying to relax and de-stress myself by focusing within and just becoming \”lost\”, allowing my mind to drift where ever it wanted.  Anyway, I was staring out into the blackness trying to \”notice\” changes when I began to notice more than just slight changes.  These were full patterns instead, in some cases full objects.  Now, I never really considered in the past that I\’d see more than just \”slight variations\” in the blackness.  But, I started focusing more on the patterns that I was seeing and I\’d see an eye, maybe a wing of a bird, or a cube, etc…

I\’m not sure if this is a twist so much as a realization of the nature of the exercise, but instead of \”passively observing\” I tried \”actively creating\” in that blackness.  I began to look at the blackness and the swirls of changes that I usually see, and tried to find patterns in it.  I don\’t actively create either, I just kind of allow things to \’form\’ until I recognize something (ie: a wolf howling), then I try to focus upon whatever it is. The object will either get stronger or it will just fade away, at which point I start the process again of allowing something to form.

Now, the trick here isn\’t to see a pattern and think to yourself, \”Oh, I see a circle!\” or anything like that, you still want to remain passively observing, yet focused upon the image you\’re seeing and try to strengthen it if you can (don\’t try too hard, remember to stay relatively passive).  Bring your full attention towards it.

You might even see more than one pattern at a time!  Try to bring them together if you can by using your Intent. Then to deepen the state, try interacting with whatever you’ve created. Try making it move. If it\’s a person, move an arm by using your Intent. If it\’s a ball, try rolling it around the blackness.  Your goal here is the same as the Noticing exercise: the total removal of your conscious awareness from this physical reality and place it ENTIRELY within the blackness (viewing the blackness).

So a quick recap… the usual Noticing Exercise would have you staring into the blackness behind your closed eyes and trying to \”notice\” any changes in that field of vision.  Then you would focus into those changes, and try to see more changes, and then focus into THOSE changes… etc.  This Noticing Exercise with a Twist is different because instead of focusing in on \”changes\”, you\’re going to focus in on recognizable patterns that you\’re seeing.  These patterns might initially start off as slight \”changes\”, but then just use your Intent to try to \”see\” more.  You can even try to mentally give a command and see what happens.  🙂

Give that a shot and drop me a comment if you need any clarification on this.

Morning Projection – Friday, February 4th

I had, what I could consider my first successful fully conscious exit projections. They\’re not much, but I\’d like to share them! I haven\’t had the time until now to jot these down. 🙂

I took the day off work and slept in a bit… I woke up around 9am, and with a quiet house I decided to put in a bit more phasing practice. I got into my usual routine… 15 – 20 minutes go by, and I found myself staring out of the bay window at the front of my house, I knew right away that I was in the non-physical. I glanced outside to see an \”outside\” that wasn\’t like how it was supposed to be. I had a great idea the time… I wanted to see how fast I could fly. I\’m not sure if it began raining before or after this, but I took off in the rain and as I was seeing how fast I could fly (which seemed to be pretty fast, although because of the rain I couldn\’t see well) the rain was pelting me in the head… and I felt every drop.

Shortly after this, I lost the experience… I fell into a dream awareness experience where I was walking into an Aikido class, yet nobody was training, everyone was talking. I got changed and ready to go, but for some reason I had forgot to take off my jacket and my hat… meh. My sensei spoke to me personally about something, of which I don\’t remember, but then I woke up.

Lying in bed, I tried again… this time I appeared in my bedroom, everything looked perfectly normal… yet this time it took a second to realize I was in the non-physical, so you could actually call this a false awakening. I was holding onto something, a \”strip\” of something, leather maybe? It wasn\’t until I, somehow, turned it into a bracelet of sorts that I realized I was non-physical. Anyway, knowing where I was, I started to walk out of my bedroom towards the bathroom… yet, my feet felt strange, almost like I had something wrapped around them, kind of like when you have your pants down at your ankles and it makes it hard to walk. LOL I made it to the bathroom, yet I had trouble moving my head upwards to look in the mirror… I could only look upwards enough to see my legs and feet. This is the best part though… I felt myself beginning to wake up so I enacted upon an idea I had earlier this week regarding focusing upon something within the experience to keep myself in there. I focused upon the bracelet/leather thingie… I began studying it, looking it over, feeling it. This prolonged my experience for another minute or two.

The first experience I had was a usual flying run-of-the-mill projection for me… I didn\’t really discover anything good out of it. The second one, I found that the \”focusing\” upon an item thing really did help retain my consciousness within that reality frame. I highly suggest giving it a shot for experience-prolonging. 🙂

New 4hz Binaural Beat

EDIT2: I’ve added a new page to my website showing some of the Hemi-Sync Binaural Beat products I’ve used over the years. I own them all and highly recommend everything on the list.
Recommended Hemi-Sync Binaural Beats

A couple weeks ago I created a new Binaural Beat using the BrainWave Gen program.

I’ve been using this one since then to great result and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Click the below link, and select “Save Link As…” (Firefox) or “Save Target As…” (Internet Explorer).


The file itself is a RAR compressed file. You’ll need to download a rar uncompressing program  It’s 400mb compressed, and 600mb in it’s original WAV format.

It’s a 60 minute sound file in the WAV format… the Background Frequency starts at 32hz and works its way down to 4hz over the first 10 minutes… then over the next 40 minutes, it keeps you at that level and then takes you back up to 32hz over another 10 minutes.  The Binaural Frequency is 4hz.  There’s a nice, soft brown noise throughout for outside noise reduction.

As I said, it’s been giving me some great results when I use it in tandem with the Noticing Exercise, but you can freely use it for whatever you want.

Please do enjoy!!  🙂

EDIT:  At the request of someone on the Astral Pulse I’ve uploaded the BWGen file, it’s MUCH smaller (5 kb)… so if you have the BWGen program, you can simply download and import this into it to output your own Audio or to see how it’s created.  It’s a very simply designed Beat.

4hz-test BWGen File

Download, then go into your BWGen program and select FILE, then IMPORT.

EDIT2: I’ve converted the WAV into a 192k MP3. It retains all it’s Binaural awesomeness.



Phasing with Noticing – A More Detailed Explanation

I\’ve received a few questions lately regarding the \”Noticing\” exercise.  Certain aspects of the explanation that Frank writes about seems to be confusing people slightly… so I\’ll try my best to fully explain the process, at least how it relates to me and hopefully you can apply some of this knowledge to your own practices.

First, the entire point of the noticing exercise, as Frank puts it, is to \”become fixated within\”. That\’s really the end goal, as THAT is where the non-physical lies… within us. It\’s nothing exterior that you \”go to\”.

So, how do we \”become fixated within\” by using the Noticing exercise? That\’s where the actual NOTICING part comes in. You can\’t just sit/lie there and \”look\” at the blackness, because that will do absolutely nothing and you\’ll eventually become frustrated thinking that it\’s not working for you. You need to actually do something for this to work! Just like a binaural beat won\’t project you automatically unless you do the actual work yourself… you won\’t Phase with Noticing unless you actually Notice!

Now, here\’s the confusing part… \”to notice\” is something you have to actively do… HOWEVER, you have to remain \”passively aware\” while actively noticing. I know, that sounds confusing… well, lemme describe how \”I\” notice and I\’ll go from there.

When I actually get to the part of my routine when I begin \”Noticing\”, I stare into the blackness… it\’s the same blackness that you see when you close your eyes. It\’s just blackness (however nonuniform it may look). My goal is to notice any changes that happen within the blackness that is in my field of view. It can be literally anything, as Frank put it, it could be a flash of something, or perceiving some kind of movement in the blackness… when you begin to see ANYTHING (again, do not outright dismiss anything you see) consciously zero in on it. Your goal is to \”Passively Observe\”… this means (and this is VERY IMPORTANT) to keep an air of curiosity about what you\’re seeing. As I see this stuff, I kind of talk to myself while observing it, but I do so without actually talking verbally or thinking it.

To explain that last part… take a piece of paper, this piece of paper is going to represent the \”blackness behind your eyes\”. Draw a single dot in the middle of that page then hold that page up to your face and stare at the dot (it\’s okay to allow the dot to become unfocused). The dot represents your fixated gaze (depending upon how closely you\’re holding the paper to your face, you could see two dots) within the blackness (or in this case the whiteness of the paper)… now, consciously take in the rest of what you can see of the paper, but don\’t actually look around, use your peripheral vision. Try to see any irregularities in the paper… there might be a spec of something somewhere, or a small crease somewhere else that you didn\’t notice before and you might be noticing that the paper isn\’t uniformly white and you begin to focus in on these new-found items of interest. Notice these irregularities and retain that air of curiosity regarding them. Become consciously curious about each and every aspect that you notice in the paper… the more you do this, the more you begin to forget about the physical world around you and the more your consciousness shifts within what you\’re gazing at. This is the act of becoming fixated within.

So now that you\’ve just done that with a piece of paper and with your eyes open… close your eyes, visualize that dot in front of you… and do it again, this time staring at the blackness behind your eyes instead of a white piece of paper. Remember to NEVER verbalize or think about the things you\’re seeing and noticing… try to keep that \”air of curiosity\” about it all.

The shift into Focus 12, where you start to really get visuals, for me, takes anywhere between 10 – 20 minutes. If I don\’t get it after 20 minutes, then I know that my heart just isn\’t in it for that session and I go do something else. But, give yourself whatever time you feel is necessary. It can take a while. Just remain relaxed and calm.

Once you do attain a solid Focus 12 and can hold it for a good period of time without losing it, the next shift to Focus 21 will more than likely happen naturally from a solid Focus 12. You simply have to drive your consciousness within just a bit more… the big point here though is that it\’s nothing you can force. You have to ALLOW yourself to do this shift. From Focus 21, you can pretty much go and do whatever you want simply by visualizing the area you want to go to. 🙂

I hope that helps fill in some of the blanks as per the Noticing exercise. If you have any questions, please leave a comment here, on my own forums, or on the Astral Pulse. Thank you for reading!

A Thought on Retaining Consciousness in the Non-physical

Tajtas, on the Astral Pulse asked the question, “Ive been trying so hard to get it past 25 seconds… When I realize I’m dreaming I start drifting away and then I woke up. Has anyone have had a LONG lucid dream, dozens of minutes? Is it possible hours or days?”.

The_One made a nice response, “I’ve had this problem. It’s quite simple when you think about it. Don’t get excited, concentrate on a animated character (can be any thing). As, don’t think “I’m about to wake up because I’m lucid”. (Easier said than done).
I’ve substained a dream for so long doing this, I got worried that there was something wrong with my body. As over doing this will pull you out of lucidity and back into the dream.
Hope this helps.”

This got me thinking about why something like that works… I wondered if the effect of how we initially Phase into the non-physical can provide us with a clue about how to REMAIN in the non-physical.  We know that there’s a fine balancing act that must be done to Phase… you need to work at balancing your consciousness so your mind retains, at least, a single thread of consciousness.

Generally, we do this by keeping our minds active in some manner… in the case of the “Noticing” exercise, it’s placing our conscious intent within the blackness behind our eyes and noticing the changes of that which we’re seeing.  In the “Rundown” exercise, we’re placing our intent within the visualized scene that we’re creating with our imagination.

Well, what if, while we’re in the non-physical, we do this act in reverse?  When you feel yourself beginning to lose the non-physical consciousness, begin immediately placing your intent on something within the non-physical, in essence it’s allowing you to focus your intent more INTO the non-physical and away from the physical, which is where your intent seems to be going when you’re slowly in the process of waking up.  In other words, bring your focus/attention to something on or around you in the non-physical.  It’s kind of the same act as increasing your awareness from Lucid to Astral in the first place, except you don’t need to ask yourself any questions.  Your goal here is to give your mind something non-physical to focus on so it ignores the physical reality sensations.

A lot of people say to look at or rub your hands together.  I believe I now understand why that works… because it’s giving you something to focus your mind on that’s away from the physical senses that you’re beginning to feel.

From the point when I begin to feel that I’m waking up to the point when I actually do wake up… seems to be anywhere around 5 – 10 seconds.  So, perhaps it’s best to not even wait for that signal to happen and just do this exercise every minute or so, because once the signal occurs, it doesn’t take long before you’re back in bed wondering what happened.

Lunchtime Meditation – December 15th, 2010

I had a bit of time again during my lunch hour, so I decided to relax a bit and practice my \”Noticing\” exercise.

So, my usual stuff… I put on my iPod, listening to one of my Hemi-sync CD\’s, and began my relaxation.  It took me slightly longer than usual to fully relax, mostly because of all the noise going on in the main office outside of mine.  I was able to hit Focus 10… I slid into Focus 12, but only for a minute or two.  However, that minute or two ended up being quite eventful.

My Focus 12 states, lately, have been about formless, colourless shapes moving around randomly… well this time, they weren\’t shapes as much as lines moving from the base of my field of vision, moving upwards.  About 30 – 40 seconds into Focus 12, I encountered an abrupt \”black tunnel\” that sped towards and around me.  It felt as if I was standing still, yet someone was moving a black tunnel towards and past me and I was moving through it.  It definitely felt like it was moving towards me though, not the other way around.  But anyway, it surprised me and snapped me back to Focus 10.

If was I able to hold on through it, I THINK it was an intermediate step that I usually skip past quickly on my way from Focus 12 to 21… just this time I was witnessing it live and in person.  I have experienced this particular thing a couple times before, but that\’s it really… and the last one was quite a bit ago.

In any case, it only lasted a half second or so… but it was a fun, and wild ride.  🙂

Phasing Realization! Thanks Monroe!

As I\’ve been saying lately, I\’ve been re-reading the first book written by Robert Monroe, \”Journeys Out of the Body\”.  I\’m getting so much more out of it now that I\’m a little more experienced and have more knowledge under my belt.  I\’m able to pick out some of the subtle nuances of the information he\’s presenting.

One particular point of interest was around page 86/87, where he\’s talking about Locale III and his \”turning 180 degrees\”.  The first time I read this I was really confused… what is he turning?  Is he trying to physically turn 180 degrees?  Is he trying to turn his second body (astral body)?  And which direction is he doing this turning?  Well… all those questions are aiming in the wrong direction.  He\’s turning his focus away from the physical and towards the non-physical… he\’s PHASING.  He even explains this slightly in a passing manner on the following pages.  It was something I completely missed at the time of my first reading… however, I doubt that I would have figured it out anyhow.  So, back in 1958 he first discovered Phasing.

I was lying in bed a few days before that, I think it was Friday or Saturday night.  I had closed my eyes and started a really basic noticing exercise… and I began to, really quickly, slip into a Focus 10 state.  It really caught me off-guard… but just as this happened my girlfriend asked me a question and it brought me out of it.  Now, I didn\’t really give this much of a 2nd thought at the time… until I read those few pages in Robert\’s book, then it all clicked back into memory.

What\’s intriguing about this is that I did it while going to bed that night.  Given some more practice at this, I might be able to \”pull-a-Monroe\”  (LOL) and do some phasing on the way into sleep at night instead of having to wake up in the morning or rely upon lucid awareness experiences during the night.  This really opens up a whole new avenue of progress with which I can take.  🙂

To say I\’m excited about this would be quite the understatement.  hehe

My Recent Phasing Practice Sessions

I guess there isn\’t too much to post about lately, so I\’ll just write about my two previous phasing practice sessions.

The recent one was last night an hour before I went to my Yoshinkan Aikido class.  I sat down on my recliner couch, put my iPod earbuds in and started listening to one of my hemi-sync songs.  I think I was listening to \”Touching Grace\”.  Anyway, I started to relax… I generally work on my face first, I find that I hold a lot of muscle tension around my ears and cheekbones.  My body tends to relax very quickly now-a-days, so I don\’t usually do a progressive relaxation method on that part of me.  It\’s just my face I find most difficult.

When my face was relaxed, this includes my eyes now (which is a change I started just recently as I never did the eye relaxation thing before), which I\’m finding to be a great thing to do in order to \”passively observe\”.  I started my \”Fixated Staring\” routine as noted in my previous post (Xanth\’s Phasing Method) and began slipping very quickly into Focus 3 (Monroe model)… and within 8 – 10 minutes Focus 10 followed.  When I felt the Focus 10 state sink in, I started my Noticing exercise.  So I was staring at the blackness behind my closed eyes, noticing what\’s going on… and then I feel what can really best be described as an \”expanded awareness/consciousness\”.  I really do feel EXPANDED… then the visuals kick on and I\’m now staring at floating formless colour clouds in front of me.  I never made it to Focus 21 this time, but I did come to the conclusion that Focus 12 is now always within my reach and truly is easy to get to once you\’ve done it once and realize it.

The practice session before that one also went just like that… except I think I was in my bedroom at the time sitting on my bed.  It took slightly longer to hit Focus 12, but I did get there.  It\’s really something you need to stumble into once, then it should be easy to get to from then on out… with just a bit less effort each time.

So that\’s really all I have to say right now… I just wanted to relay those experiences out there.  Hopefully reading it might give you some glimpse into a point you\’re at where you\’re stuck.

Post Focus! Frank

I was just doing a bit of research on Focus 12 and I wanted to share this wonderful gem of a post.  It\’s Frank responding to someone asking a few questions.  The following is from someone named Ash, back in March 28th, 2003:

okay i\’ve started to notice a strange phenomenon during my practice sessions. Sometimes I feel like I might be about to phase, or obe, or I\’m viewing hypnagogic imagery, and then I will \”snap back\”. This snapping back is something like being in a daydream and then realizing where you are in real life. It\’s sort of a sudden change in your focus of awareness. What I realized is that every time I snap back it actually feels like a very subtle, quick movement down and to the left. After it happens I feel totally awake, just looking at the backs of my eyelids, my awareness centered behind my eyes. But if I drift off again, my awareness moves up and to the right. Once it moves there, if I can regain control without snapping back, I get all sorts of astral and dream-like symptoms. I may get astral sight, or if not I can easily visualize and actually see whatever I visualize (ordinarily my visualization is the pits)

A couple of things are interesting about this.
1) it absolutely cannot be forced. I only realize it has happened after I snap back. During the process it all seems perfectly natural. I can\’t reproduce it if I actually try to move my awareness.

2) I\’m wondering if this has something to do with the \”Brain Method\”

3) When people access memories, or try to imagine, they either look up and to the right, or up and to the left. I can\’t remember which is which, but one is to remember facts and one is to imagine something. I wonder if this awareness shift is related to accessing a different part of my brain.

Comments or similar experiences?

And here is Franks reply:

Comments or similar experiences? 

Yes, definitely, what you are describing IS the Phasing process!

Okay i\’ve started to notice a strange phenomenon during my practice sessions. Sometimes I feel like I might be about to phase, or obe, or I\’m viewing hypnagogic imagery, and then I will \”snap back\”. This snapping back is something like being in a daydream and then realizing where you are in real life. It\’s sort of a sudden change in your focus of awareness.

Yes, that\’s what you should be experiencing. It\’s a distinct shift in your focus of awareness. And there is no mistaking it too. Like, you are not placed in a situation where you are left wondering did you make the shift or not.

The reason why you currently keep snapping-back, is due to your protective sense of awareness kicking in. It\’s not something you can consciously control as the protection aspect operates on a very base level. But it does stop happening the more you practice. As your protective sense of awareness gets used to the shift, it becomes a case of, yawn, here we go again.

What I realized is that every time I snap back it actually feels like a very subtle, quick movement down and to the left. After it happens I feel totally awake, just looking at the backs of my eyelids, my awareness centered behind my eyes. But if I drift off again, my awareness moves up and to the right.

Again, this is how it should feel. Although I only mainly feel an upwards movement, with just a slight hint of a twist to the right.

Once it moves there, if I can regain control without snapping back, I get all sorts of astral and dream-like symptoms. I may get astral sight, or if not I can easily visualize and actually see whatever I visualize (ordinarily my visualization is the pits)

At first the whole situation can be a bit of a muddle. But after a while you will be able to distinctly recognise the different states of conscious-awareness as you phase through them smoothly.

The point at which your focus of attention is completely directed inwards, this is Focus 10. Following which you then start to see all kinds of abstract movement (or hypnagogic imagery as you term it) this is Focus 12.

If you are in the position where, like you say, you can visualise and actually SEE what you are visualising, this is Focus 22. Note: Focus 22 is basically the same state of consciousness as Lucid Dreaming: only with a very much greater sense of mental control.

Also, Focus 22 is the first proper realm of conscious awareness where thought equals direct action. So, as you have discovered, it is easy to visualise anything simply by thinking about seeing it, and it immediately materialises.

A couple of things are interesting about this.
1) it absolutely cannot be forced. I only realize it has happened after I snap back. During the process it all seems perfectly natural. I can\’t reproduce it if I actually try to move my awareness.

That\’s right, and this part of it I find ever so tricky to explain. You cannot will yourself to have the experience. It\’s something you mentally allow yourself to become open to.

It\’s like where I\’ve tried to explain it before by saying that Astral Projection is not about finding the right projection technique, but more to do with developing the right kind of mental understanding. Techniques can be very useful but, ultimately, I believe their effectiveness stems from them acting as a kind of mental primer that serves to kick-start the natural process.

2) I\’m wondering if this has something to do with the \”Brain Method\”

I don\’t know what the Brain Method is exactly. Someone coined the term a while ago and it seems to have stuck. What I can say for sure, however, is that what you are describing are characteristics of the beginning stage of the Phasing process.

If you keep practicing you will find that you will be able to ultimately make a complete smooth transition from Physical to Astral.

3) When people access memories, or try to imagine, they either look up and to the right, or up and to the left. I can\’t remember which is which, but one is to remember facts and one is to imagine something. I wonder if this awareness shift is related to accessing a different part of my brain.

This phenomenon can vary between different people. I\’m not sure if they are linked in any way. But the awareness shift you feel is due to the shift in your focal point of awareness. As it shifts it gives a sensation of movement like you were travelling in a particular direction.

If you keep practicing to the point where you can reach the Astral fairly reliably and keep your thoughts/emotions in check; you will be able to contact other members of your Astral Family who I\’m sure will only be too happy to explain and give demonstrations and/or exercises that will show you how the Mind is a separate entity from the physical-body and the physical brain.


Everything he explains here is just perfect to describe everything from the description of Focus 12 to the process of just ALLOWING yourself to Phase. So many insights in one post.

And I\’m just figuring out today at how good the \”noticing\” exercise really is… and I think because of my experience at lunch time today, I might give it a better try again.

Lunchtime Meditation – November 18, 2010

It\’s been a few weeks since I\’ve meditated during my lunch hour… but today I figured I\’d give it a shot to see if I could find that elusive \”fall asleep\” point.

It\’s been a tough point to find… but I think I FINALLY nailed it, but only once.  So I\’m sitting here with my eyes closed, feet flat on the floor and my arms folded in front of me and I\’m doing a mostly \”noticing\”-type exercise, just watching the forms appear and wave around in front of my eyes, to which I now realize *IS* Robert Monroes Focus 12.  A post from Frank mentions this perfectly.

\”It used to happen to me all the time where I\’d just be settling into the Focus 12 state; where it is natural to perceive all manner of outline shapes and shadows, or whirls of colour, and so forth\”

Those forms started to come about after a period of relaxing… and obviously weren\’t there to begin with.

Then for a second, I felt the shift and I was engulfed in the blackness… which if I had to describe it, had depth to it, and it was VERY black.  I have lights on in my office right now and I can see a bit of the light bleed through my eye lids, but after I felt that shift, everything just went straight to black.  The Blackness seems to be Focus 21, which means I\’m shooting through a few other focus levels without even realizing it… that\’s probably what the sensation of movement or that shift is.  One day I\’ll have to try to slow it down and see.  For now, I\’ll just stick with this practice.

Now, I didn\’t notice it right away… but I did notice and felt the shift, which was my goal.  Now I need to try and pin point the exact moment it starts.  So I was in the blackness, then my physical eyes decided to kick in to get a look at it… and bam!  I find myself back in my office.

Another quote from Frank:

\”As you begin to perceive those impressions try and remain as mentally still and as neutral as possible. Simply be a passive observer and just let events unfold.\”

I found that prior to the shift happening, I was remaining fully relaxed and was just \”watching\” the shapes rolling around in front of me.  What is surprising to me right now is how easy it was to hit that Focus 12 state.  And now that I think about it, I\’ve had this experience before with the rolling and floating shapes, but I never made the connection to this before.  So I now know what to look for when I get there.

Definitely progress.  🙂

What is Phasing and “Noticing”

Before I get into methods that we use to Phase, I think it\’s important to know what it is first.
This post, made by Frank, is a perfect description of what Phasing is:

Phasing describes a controlled process where you phase out of the mode of being open to the Physical world (or C1 consciousness as it\’s generally termed) and allow your sense of conscious awareness to become open to other realms of reality. There are two basic schools of thought on this, the latest is the Moen-school, and I believe the idea was first touted by Monroe.

There is a technique which people call \”WILDs\” (Wake Induced Lucid Dreams).  These are, in effect, Phasing.  Anytime you switch your Focus of Awareness from one Focus to another Focus while remaining consciously awake and aware, that is Phasing.  In essence, it\’s falling asleep into the non-physical and remaining consciously aware.  Through Phasing, you go to the same places as you would through more traditional OBE methods and you can do all the same things.

\”Noticing\” is a name given to a basic Phasing Exercise.  You can find the details in the Astral Pulses\’ Frank Kepple Phasing Resource, found here.  It\’s got lots of solid information written by Frank Kepple and compiled by one of the moderators, Gandalf, after Frank\’s disappearance.

Noticing what?

Well, nothing at first, there’s not much to see really but blackness. But then, after a short while, I may see that perhaps one part of the blackness is not quite so black. Perhaps there was just a brief flash of something, then maybe a sensation of a movement somewhere else. Maybe I just heard someone call my name. Hmm, that’s interesting, I might think, I wonder where that came from. But I don’t get too curious I just keep noticing. I might see swirling areas of not quite so black as the rest. I might see flashes of this and that. As I am offering myself these images, my attention is steadily becoming more fixated within.

As my attention becomes fixated within, from the act of noticing, at this stage I am not aware of my physical body. Part of my awareness realises that somewhere in the background is a physical body, in bed, etc. but I have phased away from it. Before, the forefront of my awareness was my physical and 180 degrees turned around from that, in the background of my awareness, was the non-physical. But now there has been a “phase shift” i.e. a turning through 180 degrees. Now, my previous foreground (physical) is my background, and my previous background (non-physical) is my foreground.

Reading this particular link, The Phasing Resource, is what allowed me to progress further than I ever had during the previous years.
I hope it does the same for you.  🙂