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An OBE and strange sex dream. Interesting thoughts about the experience...

I had an OBE! I did not record it right away, I was so very- very tired. But I remember it fairly well.

I initially woke up because the boy dog was crying. I got up and used the restroom- went downstairs to see what the commotion was about. He was trying to wake my Dad up who fell asleep on the recliner. Paying no mind I went back to bed. I could feel how tired I was, and that I was completely aware of my body shutting back down to sleep. As if by habit, I pulled "my self" up from my bed. I got about half way "out" realizing- my physical self was still sleeping in bed. That's when it hit me I was being given an opportunity for an OBE. Wasting no time, I drudgingly pulled the rest of my self out. I was a little wobbly at first... But I was on a mission. I did not spend too much time feeling all the sensations as I usually do. Instead I looked at my door and put my hands in front of me- and I phased through my bedroom door. "Still remember how to do that" I tell my self. I glide down my stairs and don't even bother looking at my Dad asleep on his recliner, I do hear the TV on in the background, but instead I am now trying to phase through the front door. I push myself through and my one leg gets stuck, near the ankle, in the door! I'm being held up! And all I want to do is go up towards the stars.

Why did my leg get stuck? Next thing I know I'm back in my bed. Again, I do not hesitate. I realize my body is attempting to enter into a deep slumber, noting the position of my left arm behind my pillow- and again I pull myself back out of my body. Once more I phase through the door, glide down the stairs and phase through the front door- this time no problem. I'm out on the streets and I look up at the sky. The street light is out, making the sky all the more visible. And as I really start to gaze at the stars, this waxing sheen glosses over the clear sky and even more stars come into view. I have to choose one. I see a small cluster slightly up and to my left, I zero in on the one and I start levitating up towards it. I'm walking vertically towards the star until I remember that I used to swim up as a child. I start swimming up, never losing focus of the one star. After experiencing the swimming sensation briefly, I am now locked in on the star with a tunneling effect, I am suddenly on my back and being pulled up towards it. "Beam me up scotty" is what I think jokingly as the star is pulling me towards it. But, suddenly, I feel a prick on my left shoulder. It's like the plastic bottom of a ball point pen pushing into a tiny spot on my shoulder. When this happens I am descended back into my body, never making it to my destination...

I'm given a third attempt to push out of my body but with the descending feeling I realize I am kind of entering more of a dream state. I project once more but instead of attempting to leave my house I notice a red energy coming from my sisters bedroom. There's a fear associated here as I being to feel like someone else is with me, and her door closes on its own. I put my hand on the door and try to open it, but this angry energy is letting me know I'm not welcomed in this room. I'm not sure how necessary this part is, and there are probably beings rolling their eyes, but maybe it was my own fear that spurred this- instinctually I start saying the name Jesus Christ and commanding whatever is in my sisters room to *get out.* The door opens and I imagine I am splashing holy water in the corners of her room.

I'm pretty sure, from there, I wake up and realize I had an OBE but decide to go back to sleep because of how tired I am. *As a side note* a part of me thinks that red energy, anger, fear is all my a part of my self- and sadly, instead of facing it- i 'descended' into dogmatic behavior. I think I could have made a really cool discovery if I wasn't overcome with fear and anger. Although saying his name did put an end to the experience, I'm not sure that was the route I wanted to take... Next time... Next time *rubs temples*

Later I dream as a black man belonging to a group of car salesman. I am having an upgrade in vehicle and also reminiscing with the boys about this old lot we would sell cars at. I have an intimate relationship with a beautiful african american woman. It gets really strange as this guy is narrating about another man(maybe it is the man I am initially dreaming as, but I am no longer him) who "broke"(sexually) three women. They were all left "wanting" him. There was the african american woman, a white woman, and a trans-person(and sorry for the detail, I was beginning to feel gross as the narration was tied to showing each woman naked and stretched out the questionable trans person with a prolapsed organ). Last vision I have is witnessing another man, married, with a really tiny pecker asking another man to satisfy his wife the way the man who broke her did. She is at first performing oral sex on her husband, and then this volunteer. I feel like I received something with this woman before too but I feel a disgust towards it all(white trash is what I think) and I mentally back out before waking up. It was as I was pulling away from the scene that I realized these people were in a public space- a park and the woman on her knees in front of an audience.


5 days ago I woke up to six gentle knocks on my bedroom door at 3AM.
"Knock, knock, knock."
"Knock, knock, knock."

No one was there.

That night I dreamt about a member here, Nameless and a Guru I once visited was also present in the dreams.

Last night I woke up at 3AM again. I woke up to a frequency happening at the subtle level. It was like a really fast heart beat. My heart was naturally trying to sync with this, but I do not align with this frequency. I did not like it and did not want it. I think I may have been picking up the energy of the environment. It was a little brighter than normal outside, I thought it was 6AM, and I heard cars off in the distance racing. This faint drumming of a rapid heart beat carried on to 4AM. I could feel and hear it in the background to the immediate reality. I wonder who is doing this and am not appreciative.

I fell back asleep and had an OBE. This OBE did not take place in my room, but in either a psych ward or place of business... But it felt entirely like an OBE- the energetic sensations... all of it.
Here is the journal,

i remember seeing my astral self reflected off a monitor screen, and my physical self in bed. it was really cool because i've never seen both before. it was still a little difficult holding the energy and moving around. so instead of becoming obsessed with what i saw in the reflection i decided to push through the door. before pushing through i told my self... why am i walking? i'll just levitate... and suddenly i am hovering above the ground just a little... and with confidence i phase through the door. there's a gentle momentum pulling me like a current in a river. i let myself be pulled across halls of a hospital or office building. i look at the people in different rooms. one room has three girls working on computers and they're gossiping. i continue to float across and into another room with a lone woman dressed in business attire. she looks up as i am passing by like she might have felt my presence...

the last room i float through is more like a psych ward and there's a little girl with amazing blue eyes who sees me and waves. i wave back as i float by, and there's another man with pale skin and really blue eyes who also sees me and i wave to him as he stares at me with his mouth agape. he had really curly blonde hair.

i realize suddenly i can't hold on to this form much longer and collapse or phase out of the entire experience before descending into a dream


Later today, after work, our total sales were 3333.66
An extremely rare occurrence.

I believe all of these events are somehow connected.

Even though the frequency was received as a negative experience... I think it may just have been the environment in that moment. I did initially think there was an outside force trying to induce mass anxiety on the populace. It may not be so sinister.

I also had a pleasant thought today...

I have this belief that God is in everything and everyone. I wish to address life as if God is standing before me. Even though at times it's just an idea... Somedays it feels like that idea is actualized, even if it is just a brief experience... It's the ultimate salve, the most amazing experience... I get so sidetracked with life... And I really need to shut my little self up sometimes to try and cultivate this belief into regular experience...



I tried the, "I am not my body, I am not my thoughts" suggestion before bed and ended up having an OBE.

I think there was a female presence observing everything and it was kind of eerie. Not threatening- but overpowering and highly intelligent.

little boy, OBE... unknown presence

the first dream i have is of an intelligent little boy who appears 1 or 2 years of age, but is much smarter than that. he has sandy blonde hair and he is telling me he wants to go in my backyard to pee. my girl dog is there with us, and he(the little boy standing by my side) feels scared. i feel the eerie sensation he is picking up on, like someone is watching us. it's about 1AM in the dream, and so i open the door to the backyard and turn on the lights. the girl dog is running along the fence-line investigating the area. i see a giant bush that does not belong in my backyard, and the feeling like someone is watching us is overpowering. i see an orb of light fly across my peripherals just before waking up. i wake up with the urge to pee, noting the similarities in the dream.

as i go back to sleep i have an OBE. it comes with ease. i am actually enjoying the tired in between sensation of pulling myself out from my body and getting out of bed. i stand there a little noting to myself, yup this is an OBE. i then glide across the floor, stick my hands up and push myself through my closed door. i go down the stairs and the girl dog is again here, anticipating me. she sees me. i make note that she does. i feel the joy coming from her. it's nice. then my dad comes in the scene, and he talks to me. this confuses me, how can he talk to me if i am out of body? i ask him if he sees me, he says of course. suddenly i am sitting on the couch going through a sequence of dream details that i can't recall. instead, everything feels as if it is actually happening. i am almost convinced i am actually awake and going through the motions with my family in the living room. it isn't until mom and dad are doing something strange and so early in the morning, and the presence of a female unknown when all of a sudden i remind myself, this isn't happening. i say aloud, i am actually laying in bed right now. with that realization i wake up in bed.

it's 5:33AM when i come to log.


A dear friend suggested to me that the little boy with sandy blonde hair was a younger me.

I did have blonde hair growing up.

And I believe this woman has been with me my entire life. As a child I was scared of how real that connection with an invisible someone was. But all of the phantom scents, whispers and touches have been female.

I have a connection to a guide who serves others, not just my self, and prompts people with the number 14. 14 has come in the form of a child, an old man version of my self, and even a woman. So I don't believe the gender matters at this level of intelligence, but is there to serve as a guide.

But there is definitely female presence, stronger than the rest. And I have called this version of my self(which I am not quite comfortable associating the word as belonging to. In other words, I don't feel worthy calling her a version of my self) Mother.

I definitely turned off that connection, and had to rediscover it in my early adult years. There's a whole world out there, with which we're a part of, and know very little.


Quote from: tides2dust on May 18, 2023, 10:49:32

There's a whole world out there, with which we're a part of, and know very little.

Yes, there is infinite world out there with us in it in different forms with different experiences. When we enter this particular  game, the rule is to put a veil over ourselves and not remember who our larger spirit is and all of our other infinite fractions for a reason to be isolated and be able to focus on a particular set of lessons. One of the lessons may be during this life to realize that we have a veil and to start thinning it. Then we create different set of experiences in relation to now being able to get glimpses of the larger reality. The ultimate goal is to learn how to manipulate energy. Each life though leaves greater connections to several others and cause residual things. That's why during past life regressions, the person is taken by their higher self to the life that is most relevant and deeply connected to the current one in order to understand certain happenings. It's very interesting. I am taking the hypnosis course developed by Dolores Cannon. Truly fascinating stuff. I will write more about it when I get certified.

About you talking to a family member who is still alive here during OBE, that is perfectly normal, because all of us have our spirits exist on many levels simultaneously. We communicate on other levels all the time. They don't have to be physically dead in order to see you while you are out of body. Their spirits are not confined within their bodies. Even while awake you send parts of your spirit across the multiverse. You may not be aware of the actual communications because of the veil, but it happens at all time. Very fascinating.
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Yes, thank you!

I just rewatched this little clip that suggest why dying is a gift.

I hope others watch it and share their thoughts. I do feel connected to others and I don't think others are always aware of how connected we are. At one point in my life I worked in a store where I experienced miracle after miracle... People triggered intuition, past life memories, and weird remote viewing experiences.

It was during this time I experienced an OBE while meditating. I thought the experience was maybe 20 minutes but it was something like 2 + hours went by- the whole experience was just witnessing this orb of immense and fine vibrating light descend slowly into my body- in complete silence- no sound. But once the orb went into my body I could hear my breath and came back to immediate consciousness(3D space). Really trippy that 2 hours had passed! I would share this experience mentally, with every customer in my store. Wishing them the same sensations and seeing our greater connection.

But all of this to say, the people themselves weren't aware that they were triggering these moments. Maybe it was the location triggering these experiences? I thought during that stage in my life that after we leave our small earth bodies that our consciousness is gifted an entire planet- maybe an entire universe. Anyways... I had a friend trigger thoughts that we were children barefoot playing in red sand, leaning against mud huts.

I had a woman coworker who I desperately longed for physically and emotionally trigger remote viewing and realized she was a wife at some point in my past life- and she wanted nothing to do with me in this life! LOL

So... My Dad.. Whom I had this convo with- was completely unaware of this convo taking place... My Mother and Father only acknowledge the idea of angels and out of body experiences rarely and are most private about that kind of stuff.

I often think joining the great self is a dissolution of material... Thus my username. I have experienced this and felt it- but have been saddened by it. I think my Ego is a great contender and a necessity for experiential wisdom... That being said, it fears utter dissolution...  I also think I share a history with fallen angel dynamic and was on the side of rebelling against God or natural systems... Strange because all I want in this life are natural paths. But a part of me realizes that death is not really death and there is so much joy and bliss in experiencing something so encompassing and omnipresent.

.....and these are my caffeinated and drifting thoughts for the morning

Your post is making me want to go back and review my initiation dream... Because I think there were heavy in between life moments being relayed to me... Thank you!


I want to share this because its one of those exciting shout from the roof top kind of moments. Of course, I could just liken to the tree falling in the woods. Hahah. But this just feels so good...

I watched Interstellar tonight and have made a revelation from personal experiences developed over these last few days- I can share with video clips if you have the time and patience and I hope you enjoy the ride...

Lately I am feeling like a type of conduit. A customer recently told me I was in his head, articulating his exact thoughts. Friends online and in person are illustrating images to me that my mind is focusing on or that my subconscious is relaying to me. I see the greater meaning behind 14 now too(a personal time stamp). I have probably come to this conclusion... But I am back at it again to say with clarity- 1111 is a method of communication and act of *love* bridging the unseen and connecting humans to a collective Self. SELF communicating with itself.

Messages from the galactic self...
Murphys law is not a "bad thing."

"What can happen, will. "

In the movie, Murphy gets in trouble for having literature that is no longer allowed. Its about the moon landing which she ultimately gets in trouble for believing in and sharing that with her classmates instead of accepting the altered version of history that, "the US staged the moon landing to squander soviet resources." During the parent-teacher conference her Father, Cooper, says he'll "discipline" Murphy by taking her to see a baseball game.

Cue synchronicity and further understanding of personal experience... Bridging the gaps.

When he took her to that baseball game, a dust storm caused everything to end short- they rush home to hunker down. Murphy accidentally leaves her window open and that's when Cooper and Murphy discover a gravitational anomaly which is responsible for the entire theme behind the movie.

Dr. Brand pleads with Cooper- "love is the one thing we are capable of perceiving that transcends the dimensions of time and space"

Two nights ago my Dad in a buzzed state divulged to me something he doesn't normally feel comfortable talking about. He passed out once on the highway and veered off the road. He calls it a miracle- the car and himself were unharmed despite driving off the highway over 70mph.

What spurred the conversation was my trying to glean insights of intelligence beyond 3D linear experience. Even though he didn't have the patience(alcohol) to receive information, he did transmit this quite clearly... He thinks that life goes on after we die and that experience is simply, "another form." He asked, what if beings with strong enough will can influence our life here? Saying he believes it was his Mother who protected him from getting in a crash and he actually received a message when he passed out which was to proceed with getting his heart surgery.

He didn't have much more in him at the time- message delivered. But I continued to stumble on things that would extend the conversation... Being guided by interest and a loving, intelligent force.

The tesseract, toroidal field and spherical wormhole another synchronicity...

This clip below has just a few segments cut from it but I especially love how Tars' voice changes over time to suggest Cooper is communicating with the 5D beings...

So I really do believe we are communicating with Beings we can't ordinarily perceive- that it is out of love and quite possibly because we are all of God. So this is considered an ultimate service... And it is rewarding, magic...

I found my self saying this to our friends at the GTC(speaking of service)...
I only hope others realize how majestic life is, and am often saddened when people speak in absolutes in a way that diminishes or puts limits on our experiences derived from the subconscious/superconscious state of being.

It's great how mysterious it is, and I hope to help others-that help isn't so much as trying to define reality but merely help create excitement around the possibility of an elevated perception.

And I hope I can continue to enjoy, maybe even come closer... I once saw the energetic residue of Raphael as he freed me from a unique experience... There is way more to life than linear 3D experience- and way more to the subconscious and superconscious states than simply being some "accumulated gunk gathered from the day" as if it has no interconnection or inter-being.

Well... If you've enjoyed the clips here is the end scene from the movie.

Thanks and ...

.... ❤ Thanks be to God.


I haven't shared a personal experience here in a while. So, I am going to share a blessing from earlier this morning. This blessing serves as a continuation in discovering answers gifted by a Living Intelligence. It was in a dream I discovered, "I am Sufi." Not knowing what the word meant, I looked it up and found indeed Sufism was something after all. From there I would learn about Hazrat Inayat Khan who I have come to call a friend. His wisdom as it is shared here, is a constant source of inspiration. I do not claim to be a devotee or disciple, just an admirer.

It was also in a dream where I received an initiation or, illumination. The one responsible for initiating me is called Al Khadir, who is also connected to "The Peacock Angel." I did not discover this answer until 10 years later, and when I did- it was a reality shattering effect- with dejavu upon dejavu, where miracles that defy our limited reasoning capabilities were made manifest.

Throughout this journey I have also received multiple prompts, in the classic 1111 style, and have developed a relationship with a custom call sign the number 14. I share all of this as it is relevant to this mornings blessing. 14, like the Peacock Angel, has spoken to me through many Forms, different names and even different personalities... But that something Greater behind it all is just the same. I don't just call it a Living Intelligence, I call it a Living Spirit. I call it Love and I call it God. So, thanks be to God for these special moments which I cherish more than anything.


The dream is interesting because it was almost like the dream *wanted* to wake me up. I wasn't quite able to go lucid, but I was noticing the dream speaking to me in an effort to bring me into lucidity. Here is the raw journal entry. I apologize if anyone here has seen this elsewhere, I share these things in multiple places- yes it can be exhaustive but I enjoy archiving on separate forums. I think the communities I have landed in are all unique with something to offer.

QuoteThe time shows 4:14AM when I decide to get up and record.

In the first dream I am shooting a gun with a couple friends on moving targets. It's nighttime and we are practicing leading our shots. I don't want to shoot anything that's alive, we are practicing on inanimate objects. There is a young child hiding in the shadows as authority figures move in and begin hunting us.

After this I dream that I wake up in my bedroom and I am looking at a tall old book which is dedicated to Hazrat Inayat Khan. I'm sitting up in my bed admiring this book. There's a clear plastic film on the outside of the book which is holding all kinds of pictures and a personal note inside. I empty the contents out and am looking at these old timey photos of Inayat Khan. They are *very surreal.* The author has circled with faint, white chalk the different shaped eyes. It reminds me of looking at Casey's crystal photos- there are atleast two Beings imposed in these photos. The nonhuman eye is what is circled in chalk. I look at the next picture and there is something else circled, another odd shaped alien eye blended onto HIKs face. Each photo or painting of Inayat Khan is different, I am looking at different ET's superimposed.

I should also note I feel a fondness for these pictures like I am to keep them by my bedside to be reminded of him.

I hold the last photo of him up and the author of the book had circled something off to the right- but I look and I see in the depths of the black portions of the photo a ET somehow belonging to Hazrat Inayat Khan- but as a completely separate entity whereas in the other photos they are blended together- the author did not circle this one.

I notice at the bottom of the book on its cover there is a note written for me. This takes me by complete surprise because the book is dated something like 1936-1945.

It says something like... There are four winds but only one compass. There are different sects. I am called, or to be included in a group that starts with an S. I think the word or name is Sanjaya. Sanjiit? S... Something. I can't remember. I'm not familiar with this word. It was a great honor for the author to bestow this title on me. Even stranger, in this myriad of pictures and notes and other items found under the plastic film are cutouts of a family. The author somehow cutout a Mother, Father, my self and my Sister- and two older dogs. The author hand drew spots on the dogs and wrote, "Sorry I made them dalmatians." (I am a family of 4 with two dalmatians).

This really excited me- to the point I had to show someone. I did not realize I was dreaming- I was just getting up to show someone in the house when Aprils boyfriend started coming inside. I heard them chatting outside my bedroom door. I am eager to tell someone about this book, excited by all these details.

Wake up....

Something in the dream really stood out to me... "There are four winds but One compass"

And... "Yours is the group S" In the dream the author actually told me to remember the word... But I forgot it.

But I did some research and found this book... I did not realize Hazrat Inayat Khan studied from four different Sufi teachers or schools of thought(the four winds... One compass)... Here's what's interesting- one of those groups or "orders" was the name I couldn't remember that starts with an S.

QuoteThis biography recounts the life of Hazrat Inayat Khan in his own words, from his early years in India mastering classical Indian music and studying under Sufi teachers of the Chishti, Naqshbandi, Qadiri, and Suhrawardi orders, to his travels to America, England, Russia and France in the 1920s. During his time in the West he created a school of spiritual training based on his vision of the unity of all religions and the awakening of humanity to the divine within. In his unique form of Sufism, there are no barriers of race, creed, or religion. He did not see Sufism as a religion, but rather a way of life that enhances and fulfills every religion. Additional material and anecdotes from the archives of the Nekbakht Foundation. Published by the Nekbakht Foundation.

Before sharing here I tried learning more about Suhrawardi. To my surprise there was a very informative video on YT,

Suhrawardi & The Philosophy of Illumination

Here he talks about the Light of Lights, the recognition of the True Self and that we are all capable of knowing God.

So... That's my update. I hope you enjoy. <3

Good night.


Very inspirational Tides2dust.  :-) I get messages through numbers too. For me 14 means: divine assistance, the boon, Help, Love.

What surprises me more and more is how close other people's meaning of the numbers matches mine. It's almost like we are all being taught the same scale of numbers. By who though? That's the interesting question.  :-o
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Hi Shineling.

Wow thanks for resurrecting my journal here, your interest is appreciated. As is your question.

What's probably most noteworthy is that I've recently joined a group meditation and the woman's intention is that we all connect closer to our personal TA's. Between this and a recent dream teaching me to find clues in group-settings makes me believe your timing and question is not coincidental.

A TA stands for Thought Adjuster.

My suspicion is that most people don't like being told answers, people need to experience on their own and discover answers. Answers most always seem suited to ones temperament which too are subject to change.

I think this is the way and allows us to grow closer in our personal relationship with God.

Here is the 1111 community that explains the concept of thought adjusters:

Interestingly enough, there is a similar lore and interconnected story with some of those, "answers" I've received when asking the same question as you. Who is responsible?

My personal conclusion at this time:

Ultimately, it is a Living Intelligence many of us often call God. It is loving and omnipresent in that, there is nothing that escapes its awareness and nothing it cannot interact with. LOVE is the ultimate force I maintain this belief in my innermost being.

14 is a friend. 14 guides me even to this day. 14 may be a, "Thought Adjuster" but 14 is also connected to most every instance I've had with receiving some kind of illumination behind my spiritual and psychic experiences.

I learned, a decade later, the teacher responsible for really activating my awareness(initiation) is the Peacock Angel. This being is also connected to the lore of Sanat Kumara- most likely an ET.

There's too much around Him(Or even, HER) that I can't say for certainty, but what I can say is I believe this Being does not care for the titles, it's about active service and constantly guiding individuals to the, "Light of Lights"

In this way, the forms are many and the message is most always the same.

:-) Cheers !!


I'm new to astral travelling experiences. I've read some of Frank Kepple's writings and am half-way through Robert Bruce's book Astral Dynamics, which is needlessly complicated and verbose. I'm thinking of not reading the rest of it.

I am finding it hard to "phase" using "noticing". I either fall asleep while doing it or lose concentration and allow distracting thoughts to prevent me focusing on the lights and shapes I see. Very frustrating.

Last night, I did begin to "enter" a sort of 3D blackness, or rather, the lights and shapes vanished to be replaced by a very dark uniform grey colour, that I interpreted to be the first stages "into" 3D blackness. This lasted about 30 seconds, then the lights and shapes came back. I was very disappointed. 

With me, the problem seems to be stopping the distracting thoughts and just concentrating on the lights and shapes to see if they "evolve" into any tangible images etc.

Is this a common problem with beginners?



Quote from: orian on September 01, 2023, 08:37:36I'm new to astral travelling experiences. I've read some of Frank Kepple's writings and am half-way through Robert Bruce's book Astral Dynamics, which is needlessly complicated and verbose. I'm thinking of not reading the rest of it.

I am finding it hard to "phase" using "noticing". I either fall asleep while doing it or lose concentration and allow distracting thoughts to prevent me focusing on the lights and shapes I see. Very frustrating.

Last night, I did begin to "enter" a sort of 3D blackness, or rather, the lights and shapes vanished to be replaced by a very dark uniform grey colour, that I interpreted to be the first stages "into" 3D blackness. This lasted about 30 seconds, then the lights and shapes came back. I was very disappointed. 

With me, the problem seems to be stopping the distracting thoughts and just concentrating on the lights and shapes to see if they "evolve" into any tangible images etc.

Is this a common problem with beginners?

Very common!

Perhaps the Noticing Exercise isn't the best focus for you.  You can choose just about anything you want.  Pick something which is easy for your to hold.

Breath works good for that.  You can also pick any number of methods out there.  They each offer a different *focus* for you to use.


Thanks but I tried all the others also, and they were even harder to focus on. The Noticing one is the simplest, in theory, so I will just persevere with it. Maybe the more I try it, my brain will adjust to it in someway and make it less difficult going forward. 


Quote from: orian on September 01, 2023, 10:27:05Thanks but I tried all the others also, and they were even harder to focus on. The Noticing one is the simplest, in theory, so I will just persevere with it. Maybe the more I try it, my brain will adjust to it in someway and make it less difficult going forward. 
*ALL* of them?  There are, literally, an infinite number of focuses you can choose from. 


Well, ones like rolling over, climbing a rope, the feather one, imaging a vista to walk into. All require sustained concentration.


Quote from: orian on September 01, 2023, 13:51:45Well, ones like rolling over, climbing a rope, the feather one, imaging a vista to walk into. All require sustained concentration.
Those are all "visualization" related focuses.
They're good if you're a visual person and have little problems visualizing and engaging your senses within that visualization.

Other focuses can include:

Your breath.
A sound in the room - like a ceiling fan.
Even a sensation on your physical body - I like to use my third eye and focus on the pressure between my brows.

There's a post around here somewhere listing 1000 different methods - which is essentially a list of 1000 different focuses you can use.  :)

It's all about finding that right focus which works for you.


Thanks, but I've tried the breath one and the third eye pressure one. I also have been doing mantra meditation for a few years, but all to no affect. The meditation is good in itself though.

I'll just keep trying, I suppose.


 If you get tired of all the other ones, you can "do" my Doorway technique. It a "focus" technique, like all others are. But it comes at the focus in a different way. It has evolved quite a bit from the way it began. Now it utilizes "visualization", with "tactile/etheric body" sensations and lastly "mental motion".

 Don't "try" it. Either use it or don't. The word "try" implies failure. Ask a Hypnotist. It's one of their favorite "go to" words.!/the-doorway/
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Hi, no big deal.  :-)

Actually had a partial OBE this morning.

My parents got up to let the dogs out, which woke me up. I used this to my advantage. I thought its been a while since I tried inducing an OBE. I lay on my back and close my eyes, I immediately recognize the "in-between sensation." I hear a mans voice as I am drifting and floating in this hypnogogic state. I choose to ignore the fear this mans voice stirred, he had a very rough energy. I continue to slip in between, I really enjoy these feelings. Except, I won't get anywhere if I don't attempt to take it further. I remind myself to go out of body and, with effort, I manage to pull myself up to a seated position.

I realize I am half way out from my physical body. It took a lot of energy for some reason. But now I am floating in my room. I ask myself if I want to look back at my body laying in bed as proof. I say no, I don't care- but still glance back either way. Yup, there's a body under a sheet on that bed. I phase through my closed door and feel a pleasant sensation. It's joy. At the same time, I feel so much weighted effort that I believe the experience starts turning into a dream.

I'm back in my bedroom and the feeling is somewhat lucid, like I am still out of my body except- now I am opening my door. Everything feels real. I walk down the hall and recognize my parents asleep in their room. I turn into the guest bathroom and use the restroom. Our toilet sits on the second story and there's a window that allows me to see out from the front of our house. I am standing, peeing, looking outside when suddenly a car frantically pulls up to the house just below me.

Multiple authority figures come out form the car- a spotlight is placed on me, and there is an overwhelming sensation of fear prodding at my energy. The people coming out of the car are male and are all wearing the covid mask. A man points at me and they start making their way towards my door. I am flicking them off just before the fear causes me to snap my eyes open and makes me realize I was dreaming and laying in my bed.


I remember now seeing multiple colors behind closed eyes- that's somewhat normal, except these colors were more apparent and moving in rapid succession. Lots of twirling and scattered energy.

Also... I seemed to have some pretty crazy dreams after going back to sleep. There's been this secret agent theme the last couple of nights, escaping facilities... And the one from this morning- a woman stepping into her power, she had to kill some of the people that helped her- lots of strong sexual energy and I think I was trying to help this woman remember her humanity.


Hello my public astral pulse journal. How are we this afternoon? Time to record last nights hypnagogic experience.

As I lay for bed- I began hearing a beautiful violin. It was phantom music, a 6th sense experience. And then I heard a man having a private discussion as if he were sitting in a dim lit booth, a fancy entertainment venue.

He said something about bringing on a European nation and protecting them in the war. I can't remember exactly. It was something about protection, and it was implied we are in the middle of a world war.


I've been hearing phantom music since I was about 7 years old. I made up a name for it, "Musica Misteriosa, the music of heavvvvennn."
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Thanks Kodemaster. Yes I hear phantom music, conversations, scents and touch.

I woke up in the middle of the night/early this morning to someone tapping my right arm. It was right at a part in my dream where an older woman introduced herself as, "the witch of the world."

I could feel the hand/fingers nudging my arm until I woke up but no one was there.


I haven't updated my journal in a while, so I will add yesterdays trip of an experience. I woke up thinking the sun was out really early, confused.

The journal entry:

i wake up in the middle of the night thinking the sun is up. i go outside because i hear a bunch of birds and am curious by all the light. it seems like an odd time for the sun to be out, like it's too soon for the day to start. when i go to the backyard i see a mass of red headed woodpeckers. there's a group of 7 or so to my left, a group of 4 or more to my right. they disperse when i open the door. their red heads and black bodies were brilliantly coloured. i've never seen so many woodpeckers grouped together, and in my backyard no less!

well. i never actually got out of bed but was falling back asleep and realize i was having a hypnagogic experience. that was all a very lifelike dream...