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Whoa that's really cool, and hilarious how the information is relayed so differently! I love it, thank you for sharing. I want to add another detail I left out to validate some of our shared experience. I was also found sitting in the back seat on a car ride in the beginning of my dream.

So our shared elements are, friends in a car and riding back-seat. Being around someone or someone's who have passed away while being light-hearted about it. And reference to spice.


I'm sharing this here because it was one of those dreams that felt like a little more than a dream.

im sent back in time. the feeling is late 70s, houston tx(where i live now). everything seems more alive, more colorful. i remember seeing an astros jersey. i must be downtown? i am there with a friend, like we are on a ride to the past together. im on a train now talking to a black woman who is confiding in me. while she is talking, in my minds eye, everything she is saying is being transcribed with pen in paper in beautiful cursive. the words match everything she is saying, and everything is being written out in real time as if by magic. i feel her desire. she is asking me for a miracle, a sign from god. a moment... and i feel pressure building up, i want to share a miracle with her. my friend who time-travelled with me is warning me not to do it. i try to tell her the year i was born, which is in the future. theres incredible emotional pressure rising. i have her full attention. my sufi teacher floods my mind, now everything i start to share with her is being written down, in the minds eye, on its own. it comes out like a poem, and i tell the young woman that god always answers in whispers. the girl and i both hear a passenger start to sing, "have faith." and we are both about to cry. i think i tell her the year i was born in that moment, and she knew i was from the future.
i must have told her because the scene changed and i hear my friend asking, "now where are we? what did you do"
we are much older now, and everything feels black and white. suddenly i am being released from an interrogation room, the man said hes seen enough.
curious to the details i learn through a photo of the woman i met in the past- now older with her name written underneath in the same beautiful cursive that she is responsible for my release.
"she always gets me out of trouble"
is the feeling, and this feeling that she did so because she remembers me from the past, like we broke the rules and that i was proof of her miracle all these years later


I had an out of body experience the other day and didn't think much of it because it was more or less a failed attempt but here it is. After reading Xanth's book I saw the prospect of fear begin to spread through out the experience.
recorded on feb 19th slightly abridged
Last night as I started to fall asleep I practiced noticing. I saw a man holding a book, a woman and some kind of animal. Three images, then swirls and blackness. Colors. And as I slept I could not recall any dreams, I think they came in the same fashion the mental images appeared. Very vague and quick. When I awoke there were lights flashing into the bedroom. It turns out there were 6-8 police cars on the street nearest to the bedroom. I walked out to the kitchen and saw even more police further down the street. I had no clue what was going on. I wondered if my fast moving experience in meditation had something to do with the amount of energy where I'm living- and if it is connected with what could have been a major accident outside the bedroom door.

As I tried to go back to sleep I attempted to project. The flashing lights were hypnotizing and threw me into a heavy rest quickly. The body instantly shut down and the ringing zeroed in. I had such a hard time projecting though. It was like I hadn't done it this way in a while, and I couldn't just sit up out of my body. I had to use my left shoulder and really thrust it forward to get up and out of my body. I actually fell back into my body and had to repeat this process 2-3 times. When I was finally out of my body I walked out to the street to try and see what the commotion was about. By the time I got to the park I remembered I could fly. I'm not so good at this and still found a little(mental resistance) and ended up doing a swimming motion instead until I was high enough to see an 18-wheeler(1 or 2) before being thrown back into the bedroom. Now my girlfriend is next to me, wearing a giant faceless mask and rubbing my arm. I start to panic because she seems lifeless and I wonder who that really is. I wake up to find my girlfriend sleeping and realize I was creating very quickly a negative experience in the astral. How much of what I witnessed was real? Were there 18-wheelers really involved in an accident? Is that the reason for the police outside? Nothing on the news.

I fell back asleep and had a dream about Bears.


feeling the need to maintain this journal... So a couple instances...

Lately I have made a connection to Melchizedek and discovered there is a heritage to both the peacock angel and sufism. I think I am being prompted to learn more about the three wise men- the lesser-known history and what these men were like as ordinary people and whether or not they had followers of any sort.

A recent astral experience was that I was pulled down and out of a dream into darkness where i met a talking brown hat and he said, "you are to become an eleven."

I am finding my recent discoveries are affirming a past inclination of having fallen angel subconcious memories.

A recent prompting, "my friends never die" revealed the beauty and truth in the ultimate hide and seek. I am still a bit terrified of dissolution, but I am also a believer in a Living/Eternal Spirit.

and I was reminded, in my backtracking, of a dream where I met Satan. It was the only one of its kind- he was not the boogey man we humans make him out to be but he seemed more like an alien teenager abusing psychic powers.


So first of all, are we sure that this wasn't the Harry Potter sorting hat?  :-D :-D :-D

Second - I just had an experience that involved the number "eleven" this morning, and posted about it just now, and then started cruising thru the site to see what other recent post there would that I could read. I came to your thread and read the bit where you were told you were to become an "eleven" - funny coincidence! What do you think the hat meant?


Thanks GrumpyRabbit for the interest.  :-) It was not a warlock hat, more like a sherlock holmes brown hat! But it is funny that you meantion it, I thought the same thing :-D

Well... I think it is a Being or maybe a Guide who took a shape my mind could recognize... And I understand it as a lesson to be learned while in this incarnation. The 1111 prompting is one of the first signs I'd discover in the very early stages of my... Spiritual awakening? And it is one that has followed me since... And still today evolving along with me.

Repeating numbers like 555 and 1111... As strange as it may sound I think there are Beings who can influence this internal and external alignment and are associated with this energy pattern... Like 555 and Melchizedek being somehow associated. This of course being my intuitive and experiential assessment. But the feeling from that dream was like... I have a connection to the entities associated with 555 and now am changing, "platoons."

I found this on the number...
QuoteSeek the guidance of your angels and trust that things will fall into place eventually. Believe in your own abilities and make that confidence work for you.

Invest in the future by working on your inspired ideas today. It doesn't need to be a huge project that can change the world, just big enough to keep you excited and motivated.

Just listen to your instincts and don't think about what other people will say. Do what makes you feel alive!

Learn to ground yourself and to be grateful for all the good things that you have in your life. Make stronger connections and build better foundations.


Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing. There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it's all over.

The last one really stood out to me at the time, and had a direct comparative meaning with the events happening in my life. Hey... It's 2:55 now... Heh...

I hope this helps!


Interesting! I don't know if any of this is helpful but since you seem interested in numbers, I'm copying/pasting what I have from my (overly long) doc on my notes about interpreting tarot. Unfortunately only goes up to 10 (bc the cards do), but, maybe it will help you with some other numbers, give you more food for thought =)

1 - location but no dimension; godhood, the beginning of all things, potential, initiative, idea/spark, beginnings, elemental energy, unity, perfection, what is singular and essential, first principles

2 - a line, extension; duality, self mirrored by another, opposition/division; implies possibility of choice, balance, decision; illusion of separateness, possibility of relationship - partnership, complementary energies, coming together, combination; dialog; cooperation

3 - triangle = first tangible form and so symbol of reality; procreation, fruition; multiplicity, the many; synthesis, integration and mediation, diversity as harmony; cooperation, progress, expansion, growth, amplification; creativity, expression, soul and spirit; really auspicious; group activities, a third element

4 - adds depth; perfect order and permanence; physical world/material existence; the product of equals (2 + 2) so represents justice - good, but heavy; foundation, structure, stability, consolidation, safety, rest, boundaries, order, logic, reality, material, physical

5 - pentagram = can be drawn in an endless knot; change, alteration, motion, time, life/humanity; suggests pain/wounding (5 wounds of Christ); decay; upsets 4's stability, creating crisis; can also represent health, vitality, new possibilities; severity, associated with fear and punishment, danger and sorrow - challenges that were not of your choosing; change, uncertainty

6 - the next 'perfect' number; emerging consciousness and purification; hexagram = 2 opposing triangles (fire + water), symmetry, so integrated awareness of both spirit + matter, and so promoting reconciliation; associated with sex/generation - movement, giving and receiving, lots of balance and flow; success, rewards, harmony, generosity, reconciliation, a return of stability after the 5's; spiritual balance, expression, emotion, harmony

7 - both reason and chance; both victory and the slightest problem that can upset it; represents wisdom; both perfection and everything that can undermine it (7 vices and 7 virtues); often represent crisis or a test, upheaval, struggles, challenges perhaps of our own choosing, rites of passage, must act quickly to seize the critical moment or opportunity, to avoid being victimized; flexibility, ingenuity, foxes sleep with one eye open - planning, plotting, slightly manipulative; developmental stage, wisdom, spirituality

8 - rhythm and cycles, patterns; presence of a higher justice than that found in matter (the 4); progress toward completion and the final adjustments that need to be made to achieve it - movement both outward and inward; maturity, peak ability, resilience, strength; justice, judgement, business, wealth, abundance, manifestation

9 - the perfect form of the perfect 3; represents limits, boundaries, and strength; completion and end of a cycle, altho in relation to the 10 this completion is still lacking something - backbone and taking a stand; abundance, accumulation, living in the now, enjoying the fruits of our labor; change will be for the better, idealism, optimism, longevity

10 - mystically the same as 1; infinite and unbounded, a higher order of unity; abundance; manifestation and death of the ideal; fulfillment, resolves and consolidates whatever was lacking in the completion of the 9 - stable, nowhere else to go; long-term cycles, endings, transitions; pinnacle of either success or tribulation, depths, climax is coming

Another interesting thing is, at least in the Rider-waite-smith deck (Thoth is different), the 11th Major Arcana card is Justice - and it's right smack dab in the middle of the Major Arcana sequence!


I haven't had much success lately. An interesting thought did occur to me though. Last night I woke up around 3:30AM to record a dream. As I fell back asleep an opportunity to project presented itself. I felt the usual sensations associated with a body that enters rest, while the mind remains alert. I heard a voice too. He was mid-conversation. It seems there are always three scenarios when it comes to hearing voices that play out as I begin a NPE. In this scenario, he may have been mid-conversation and somewhat like a "Doctor" and asking someone- "do you understand what I'm saying?" To which I replied strenuously form under my breath, "I know who you are." I have no clue where that came from. But rather than question it I remember Grumpy's advice and instead of trying to force words out of my mouth I try to speak telepathically and send a, "I hear you" out into the field. This just about brings a halt to my experience. But as it was coming to an end I noticed my mind, which was ready to switch to rest, take an element and turn it into meaning from my earlier dream. In the dream prior I engaged in a fight with a friendly bully of sorts. He was a kid at that time. As the voice that said, "do you understand what I'm saying" played the entity of friendly bully popped in my minds eye but this time he was an older person and said I understand. And really strange my mind noticed this entity/substance come forward as if to say, "I'm alive thanks to you."
This made me think of shinelings rumination about money in the astral. And it made me think, how many subconcious entities are there waiting to form once our minds eye places its gaze upon them? I'm not sure how much sense I am making. The way I understood it was there is something like a malleable form we will call a thought or pattern or idea. Until the minds-eye shines the light on it, it remains this very real miscellaneous substance. It was surreal for an element from my dream to reappear in my tired mind, slightly altered but justifying its presence. It kind of makes me think of Xanths small book too- how our minds make meaning out of unknown shapes. Like a log in the distance- whether it is a fear of the unknown, a previous experience- or a type of knowledge stored in our subconcious- we sometimes make that log into an animal until we are able to get close enough to see what it is.
In this in-between state I think my mind was reaching for meaning and took a very real substance, which might be called thought, and turned it into something for easy interpretation.


this morning, in the in-between, i dreamt i was half awake/asleep in my bedroom. i was laying down in the same position i'd actually be found sleeping in and everything in the bedroom was the exact same with the exception that there were flowers and plants on the side of my bed. i was in a lull and lazily reached my hand out(sleeping from my side) towards the plants. without touching them the flowers and plants started bending towards my fingers. i pulled my hand away and tried something else, but nothing else really moved in the same way. i tried again and watched the flowers bend to touch my fingertips. i caressed the petals before falling back 'asleep' and actually 'waking up.'


I've been thinking more about those times we dream that we're laying down/sleeping. One of the last things that happened to me (as I posted about) was seeing a man in my dream approach and stand next to my bed, and trying to open my "dream eyes" and accidentally opening my *actual* eyes and then seeing an actual shadowy figure next to my real bed - right where the man was standing in my dream! I started thinking about how there have been other times I've had those weird dreams of myself sleeping. Certainly, seeing a figure in a dream (of myself laying down and trying to sleep) and then seeing an *actual figure* in my room suggests even more that there's some relationship between what we dream and other NP entities that we encounter in that state. So when you're dreaming that you were sleeping in your bedroom, maybe you were in a lower-state-of-awareness OBE/NP experience - like, sorta hovering right where your physical body was - so that's why your perception out of body was of yourself "sleeping". Then the plants you saw in the dream or NP or whatever it was, is a symbolic representation of something you encountered =) I think? Not sure if I'm making sense! Anyway, I was glad to read this experience you just posted because it's the sort of thing I've been turning over in my brain ever since that similar thing happened to me!


thanks Grumps.

It's time for both of us to stop worrying about how much sense we are making, I always appreciate your feedback.  :-D

Have a nice day, all.


After falling back asleep I had a small OBE. I was able to get out of my body so easily, I was even floating a little higher. I tried phasing through my wall to go outside but it was more difficult compared to phasing through my window. Once outside I started going up towards the sky. I wanted to go higher and higher. I spotted a drone and then woke up. Upon falling back asleep now for the third time I dreamt I confronted my friends bully who is currently squatting in her place. In the dream world I tried to pull him out of her house. He then followed me into my next few dreams and rushed me with a knife which went through my hand. I wasn't bleeding but instead had chrome lining inside my skin. Another person saw it, he was like a friend and he was laughing a little as he talked about it. The wound still hurt, I could feel cold air rush through it. The bully kind of disappeared after that and a robot approached me to heal my hand. I had to inspect his ID chip to make sure he was a good guy and not another rogue element trying to harm me.


Strange! I had a spew of experiences this morning (honestly too scattered to even write a post about) but it involved seeing parts of my body were made of wires and robot-like things, and I was basically being chased and wanting to hide from my pursuers because they wanted to do things like twist nail screws into my head (like in my temples) to get my memories or something. Just lots of things that would involve yet more pain. Not sure what's up with this robot theme  :? :? :?


Hi Grumpy, well our cross-over experience has similarities. In the same night I had a cross-over experience shared with shineling. The first round of dreams I had not mentioned involved riding a mythical creature. As I reflected on this shared-experience phenomenon, you were one of the people that popped in my thoughts early this morning. Isn't it something you'd be one of the first to reply and find relatability? The other person I have experienced this with here is Nameless. I don't think this means we are similar people. We are unique in that sense... But I was wondering this morning what malleable energy allows us our personable experience and at the same time, a shared one too? Is it living? Is it a channel? Are we a spectrum of a greater Being? It's very exciting. And I have learned to call this energy Mother. It may be that definition is unique to me alone, or it may be ultimately something we all share in common.


Cool! Yes I remember reading about shineling's awesome dragon-riding bonanza. You rode a dragon too? I sometimes fancifully think of it as an "energy cloud" when these sorts of synchronicity NP experiences happen. Like, oh, the same energy cloud musta been passing over both of our heads at the same time, haha! But in all seriousness, I think if we believe at all, even remotely, that there is a shared non-physical reality, then there must be features/entities that more of us can experience at the same time (or, close to the same time). Here's a fun one: a year ago or so I was in a shaman class and the other student and I laid on the floor with our heads pointed together, doing our own separate journeys. We were supposed to find an animal to shapeshift into. The first thing I encountered was a massive green python. It definitely seemed "there" and not my imagination. I even tried shapeshifting into it for a bit, but it was kinda a "meh" experience and just didn't feel "right". Didn't feel like it was "my" animal" I was supposed to work with right then. So I left and kept looking. Anyway, after we're done and time to share our respective experiences. The other student said her animal that she shapeshifted into was -- you guessed it -- a massive green python. We totally both saw the same entity, and somehow I knew it wasn't there "for me". Because it was there for her! Don't think it's a coincidence - what would be the odds of that? So I do think that sorta thing does indeed happen =)


Definitely, very cool. No, it was a giant bat instead of a dragon.


Last week my GF told me a spirit woke her up and while she layed in bed awake it said her name very slowly and playfully. She has never shared any spirit related subjects with me before. Last night I spent the night at her place and this morning as I was falling back asleep I was having a telepathic conversation with her in the 'in-between' state, but something felt off. I realized this was a/the playful entity not my GF. She/he kept trying to tell me I was late for work, and to wake me up and get me moving. I told him, "but this is a dream and it's not actually 9AM." After that, for whatever reason, I saw my GF laying there in bed sleeping and I surrounded her in a matrix of light. Pillars of light made her face glow. I thought I was pulling out whatever this playful entity was out from her. I'm sure I looked silly to him. After that I started to dream but realized the playful entity was still there hiding in different characters in my dream, exposing different emotional triggers before I'd realize something from the outside was impersonating the characters from my past. It was kind of fun identifying the imposter in this strange collaborative experience. I don't think there was any harmful intent. I think I was more harmful trying to cast him out initially but it would appear that did nothing in actuality. Maybe this stems from some archaic tradition buried in the subconcious.


I had the opportunity to project. I was able to rise out and I threw up in the astral before falling back into dreams.  :?


Exploring my territory. This one was rather exhaustive. I woke up in a dream, and then found myself in my bedroom. I am having a hard time collect the details. Just waking up there is a heavy fog on my mind. I remember this time actually seeing my body laying there and like a kid I was putting my hands out going, "ok good. good. there i am. all safe and sound." When I pushed out of the window to go outside, it was really bright despite it being actually dark(it's just now 4:30AM and the sun isn't up) Well... there was a bright moon, and the more I focused and noticed there was an even brighter sun further behind that radiating vividly. It was surreal. I came back to my bedroom. Was I awake yet? No, something was still off. My bedroom door was cracked opened, the light from the hallway was peeping in and there was a white bathrobe hanging on the ledge of my door with a cat hidden inside it! Its paw was on the edge of my door and I told the cat to close my door. I said, "closeeee!" and slowly but surely the cat peeked his head from out of the bathrobe and closed my door. It was kinda cute/funny. I actually spent a lot of time in my bedroom not doing much of anything except noticing slight differences, and feeling out my surroundings. I really think I was drifting in and out of dreaming to projecting. This time I again woke up and felt like something was still off. I opened my eyes from my bedroom and walked into the guest bedroom. "Well if I am stuck here I might as well take this time to explore." And I went down to the front door, phased through the window and went onto the street. I saw a woman walking two little kids, what's going on? I remember feeling so free, sliding and gliding around. The kids were running down the street laughing and playing. I felt like I was laughing and playing with them. I wonder if they could see me? They were paying no mind and the older woman did not seem to notice me either. I was hovering just above the pavement and glided on my side towards the two little girls and I stuck my hands out in front of me, "HIIIII." They actually waved at me and said hi right back! With that I zoomed off down the street and immediately woke up in my bedroom for real this time. The heavy fog is now lifting off my mind. It's about 4:50AM.

Just now remembering additional details... When I projected onto my street for the last time, it wasn't as bright as it was when I tried peering outside the backyard with the first projection. It was more reflective of the actual time. I also did not know the time to be 4 in the morning.
I remember when I was laying in bed trying to project I flared my fingers and noticed the "astral" hand half-way out from the actual hand. I somehow locked onto the fainter outline version of myself which changed my awareness/identification. And... lastly, when I felt stuck. I thought I was stuck there for who knows how long- but the thought crossed my mind that maybe I choked or died in my sleep and that's why I am stuck here or, 'there' rather.

I woke up feeling very energized.


Being stuck in what felt like delta waves with the children and having these collaborative experiences had me wanting to share a past journal entry. I also meant to ask if anyone has ever thrown up in the astral before? that was a first for me. well... anyways, these latest projections remind me of abigail and i want to share her with you guys, i haven't shared many past experiences in this journal and don't think i've gotten to this one yet. this would be one of the first times i have felt a type of sharing of my body/vehicle with another entity. i think this a similar concept as the playful entity at my GF's posted a few replies up. here's the raw archive
QuoteSun Aug 25, 2019 2:22 pm

Did a playful spirit visit me this morning and help me astral project? It was sometime after 4AM when I was trying to go back to sleep. I was on my left side and as I began to slip into rest I felt those chills running along my spine- super blissful, it caused my eyes to roll up in ecstasy. I tried to keep my presence "open" and took this in-between moment as a chance for astral projection. The chills turned into a vibration and a sound that I could not only hear but feel running along my spine. My mind thought there was something or someone with me, this "vibration" I intuit as higher frequency.

My initial attempt to project was a failure- my, "astral self" rolled out of bed and landed on the floor with my face on the ground. I had, "an eye half open" and everything was to heavy to move around on my own. I tried to get up and could barley see out of this peaked open eye of mine, I was stumbling around and couldn't really open my eyes all the way. This time I actually crawled back into bed and my attention then shifted to my physical self, still sleeping on the bed on its left side. I realize I hadn't actually fallen out of bed and laid on the floor, which felt very real, but that I was in the same spot the entire time. This was my "safety-net" to try again.

Still the vibration continued, I felt there was a "them" I was keeping myself open to during this in-between once more. To describe the, "in-between" feeling... It's a honing in, as the body shuts down to rest, a type of noise zeroes in and a rising out meets this noise- sometimes when I "allow" the crossing to take place I start to hear talking- sometimes directly to me other times I feel I am listening to others have conversation. I had one experience where it felt like I was at a mess-hall listening to all kinds of chatter. Anyways... This morning I again project and as I pull myself out from my body I look at my hands and instead see these slender, shadowy/wispy hands in front of me. I don't quite remember viewing my astral self in this manner- I am lighter and I see words move across empty space in my room and I giggle as I try to say those words aloud. As if discovering I have a voice I get excited but it also sounds girly? I roll around in my room and crawl, I peek my head out of the bedroom door because there is a part of me that knows the dogs are about to be let outside. I wonder with excitement if they see me and seem to be making a game of things. I then get this vision to go outside and I glide down the stairs but am still looking at these wispy shadowy hands of mine. Once I get outside I raise my hands up and say, "AUM" and I see the shadow like hands stretching up to the sky- I feel so happy doing this. I try again and again, "AUM" and everything starts floating up I start laughing.

After this I believe my projection turns into a lucid dream. I come back inside to find Dad on the couch and he see's me... But I ask him, "do you recognize me? We aren't actually here." Which disturbs him and I see he looks at me as if he were looking at a ghost. My awareness is then shifted to my room where I'm sleeping and I hear a name in my mind, Abbey- is this the person I felt as a vibration next to me? The bedroom door opens and my parents, who have visibly aged, open the door and ask me something alarming to rouse me from my sleep. I felt confused between what was really happening and I started to panic only to come back to my panicked/labored breathing of me sleeping on my left side on the bed. It almost felt like, "time" didn't want me where I was...??? Well I fell back asleep but this morning I woke up and started thinking about this girl, I think her name is Abbey and her personality keeps popping in my mind. I have this feeling that she somehow aided my astral projection and that we shared consciousness.
I think she is young and playful... Not sure what else at this time.
has anyone shared their astral body with someone else?

notes from the log
What really took me by surprise, Abbey. This is one of my more cognizant experiences of sharing my consciousness with another personality. I'm not sure what to make of it. And I am so happy to finally be connecting those chill-like symptoms with the possibility of a presence. Today I got those same chills when I ran into an old friend who told me she felt like God was trying to tell her something. Spirit is ALIVE... To have heard the vibration in my spine and the feelings that followed... Gosh.

a few curiosities- Abbey saw these "words" in astral-space fly across and laugh as she was impressed that she could understand and speak them aloud. I don't think she saw the word aum but maybe there was some kind of, quick/surreal tuning into my level of understanding which is why she picked this word so I could understand the experience.. ??

Again my astral-hands did not feel like my own version. They were slender and shadowy and when Abbey chanted "aum" it was this feeling of pure joy. We were outside and when she chanted aum she raised her arms up, we started to float up and her hands were literally stretching and thinning out into the empty space. More particularly, like they were being vacuumed- form was dismantling into "nothing."

Although I don't think it's that we were merging into nothing but instead the very essence of creation- AUM. Perhaps the "form" of this astral vehicle that we were sharing simultaneously was of a particular denser vibration and Abbey knew very well what she was doing- lightening our load so to speak as we were lifting joyously up and beginning to lose form.


This is another past experience, I put this in a journal on Sept 14th 2019. This was before I found the astral pulse. I like having a dedicated journal here to keep everything organized, and I enjoy showing some of the things I've encountered while having a NP as we find relatability in our experiences. Before coming here and being guided into new ways of approaching the astral/non-physical experiences I tried more physically exhaustive measures- like using my mouth to talk instead of trying to communicate telepathically. This is one of those instances... And I encountered a grumpy person on the other side... I was most likely annoying this person  :-D

QuoteSeptember 14th 2019 12:56AM

unique experience:

this morning i felt the sensations allowing for an out of body experience. as the feelings slowly crept over me i started to hear someone talking to somebody else. i was open and intent on listening to this conversation. i even think they made a reference to me, suggesting i could not hear them. speaking was very difficult. it required a lot of energy and felt slow.
i said "hello. i can hear you. can you hear me?" he said yes. i replied again, "i can hear you" i asked, "who are you?" he didn't reply with an answer. i was so excited to be talking to someone else. for some reason i thought to ask, "what kind of music do you like?" i was very happy. there was no reply. again i said, "can you tell me your name?" he told me to shut up. i replied, "only if you tell me who you are" and then, very aggressively, he replied in a low growl and i felt a tone of reverberation "NO"
surprised, I tried to relay the aggressive feeling back to him, "NO" I said in the same manner.

after this the conversation ceased... I was given another opportunity to project again. In this first projection I could not see the people and i couldn't really leave my body, like all my energy was focused on having a conversation. What was interesting to note was this was the clearest projection of my, "Astral" self I've ever seen. what i mean is, at one point i DID try to leave my body before our convo and i only saw my fingertips as literal ghost-like energy. I could feel them, see their outlining and see through them. I even wiggled and flared my fingers about, fascinated by how clear things were. Everything was exact to where I rest my head on the bed to how I observe the furniture in my room. Sometimes the ghost like fingertips would turn into dark whispy shadows going on/off again from ghost like outlining to shadow.

So, onto the second projection... my dogs were laying by my sides this morning and the boy dog was also in the astral space with me, his body had that same ghostly outlining- you could FEEL him and his presence better then you could see him but i did see him and he was wagging his tail. this time someone honed in on me and the voice was much different... the voice felt distant and only partly human maybe partly robotic, someone was explaining to me why i was hearing people talking, how I had gotten there but I can't remember any of it. I had projected successfully and my astral self was sitting up against the wall in my bedroom listening to this person talking. They were giving me so much information and talking at a more comfortable speed, I felt like I hadn't the energy to relay back or even retain what they were saying. after this I woke up to find my boy dog sleeping next to me, he wasn't sitting up like he was in the astral, and I fell back asleep and slipped into a lucid dream...

I still have to remind myself I don't have to talk or put so much forceful energy in these experiences. I've cut some beautiful moments short this way. Baby steps I suppose.


Here's another question... Have you ever been in a cube in the astral that could play a scene out like a movie? Like watching how someone died??? I'm not sure it was a cube... in 2018 I went to Dallas to visit a saint at the urgings of my friend. The night before being in her presence I had an out of body in the hotel room. I journaled it... And the more I think about it- the more I remember phasing out of the hotel room and down into a field- and once inside this "matrix" like cube, I witnessed something play out like a movie.

June 22nd 2018

Quotetwo nights ago i was in a hotel room and i was able to astral project around 4:30AM. I remember getting up and out from the corner of the bed to the window. I saw the field outside and I pushed myself through the window and down to the field. Now... I'm not sure if this turned into a lucid dream or... But I felt like I was watching a scene from the past. Someone was shot in the field. I don't think I saw the shooter or even the person being shot. But I sat down next to him.. Whoever he was- he wasn't there. Or was he...? A person died here is what I thought. It was an impression or a very vivid idea played out like a movie. Hard to explain. After sitting down by the scene and taking it in I woke up. Not sure what to make of this one.

Not as an elaborate log as some others... I heard a gun shot go off in my neighborhood at 1:15AM this morning and I thought I might be able to inspect what was going on by trying for an NPE- no such luck... But it reminded me of this entry.


I just woke up from an amazing, beautiful and rewarding astral experience!  :-) Very exciting stuff. It's 9:30AM, I never sleep in this late anymore. Since the house was empty by 8AM I figured I'd try and get a little more rest. I never left my bed, I just knew the house was empty because when I woke up I heard my parents leaving to walk the dogs. As I fell back asleep I was never comfortable enough to feel like I was actually going back to sleep. I was laying on my back. I remember raising my legs, bending in my knees and alternating hands which rest behind my head, causing a stretch and bend in the arm. As I am doing this I am hearing the most peculiar radio station. Such fantastic sounds! It's an old-timey rock and roll radio station. Each instrument is a delight, and the more I focus on it- the more it comes into my awareness. Still, I'm not quite comfortable- and I find myself readjusting my sleeping position. Now I hear a voice, talking through what feels like a wooden radio box. I am beginning to realize I am "in-between."

The same in-between sensations I get from rising out of my body are strong here as my focus is shifting from the phantom music to my ever changing sleeping position. As I lose the sounds of a particular rock group, I see a flash of black light and what looks like an aliens face directly squared in my minds eye, and a guitar has now appeared in my hands. I find myself playing to the tempo of the song- and I find my left hand sliding down the neck of the guitar, to match the frequency of the music I am playing. It's a very fast pace old school rock song. Once I am able to match the sound and even take control of the direction of the music the radio comes back into focus and I am pleasantly grooving to these beautiful sounds! I knew I was experiencing the astral-in between like I hadn't in a while- to test this I thought of something and once again a flash of black light flooded my minds eye with the same silhouette of the aliens face and a spoon appeared in my hand. My only reference was the Matrix, and I am grinning ear to ear now thinking about it.  :-D But Yes, I tried and was able to bend the spoon around, and I started to hear metal honing sounds and my focus again shifted back to my body and the in-between sensations. All of this, I am experiencing from my bed, but in the mind. As in, I was envisioning my mattress and my room exactly as it is, only there was a radio off to the left in the distance and somehow I was sitting up able to play these instruments just fine.

Lastly I am listening to the man speak on the radio. He is asking his listening audience to stay-tuned and describing something... a pizza box? Eh. He then goes on to talk about his health, blood in his coffee? Or that the coffee is blood? And jokes about it, "but who else would be here to bring you these great tunes?" and the music comes back. It's another rock song and now a pot has manifested in my hand and I am using the same spoon to strike the pot and pretending to be a drummer.

I thought about visiting the Astral Island but backed out- what was interesting about that was, that uncertainty brought a closing darkness in my vision like the dream/in-between experience was ending- or that the scene was changing when I started thinking about the pyramid on the island. Instead I started focusing more on the in-between sensations and listening to the man on the radio before waking up in this body- feel a little drugged, but really happy and energized.  :-D


Wow Tides, that certainly seems an ideal experience. So you didn't get to the island but what you got was wonderful. Thanks for sharing this, just amazing! I could feel your wonder and peace.
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Thanks Nameless. I had an experience this morning where I think I was lucid and "in-between." I had a bit of sleep paralysis, and it felt like someone was standing on my mattress. They walked over my head and stood behind me, it felt like they were looking down at me. I couldn't really move and became frightened. I managed to roll my back into their leg which prompted me to pop my eyes open and look behind me, by then everything had ended. There was a heavy fog on my mind, I think I was in two different worlds and might have been confusing sensations.  :?