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This is a copy from the other forum/blog. I thought it might fit in here too since the Void is discussed here and my article from 5 years ago is also pinned here.
I was writing it fast so sorry for the many language mistakes. Updates might follow since this is another work (project) in progress now. Some edits done only regarding the formatting.

original post follows

Preliminary Remarks

Recently I decided to take a break from my 'Retrievals' project (and book) since it did not work for a long time and many reasons anyway. I thought if I focus on something else the motivation will help me to get results again. And gosh was I right! It opened up to a lot of new lucid adventures within the span of a week.

My goal was to use the Void for access to the Akashic Records / Database. My chosen first target was to 'view' (note that this is important detail for later on - to 'see') scenes of the wedding day of my (maternal) grandparents because I am so fascinated by that vintage wedding photo (must have been around 1936/37 or so) placed on a cabinet in my parent's living room. I knew my grandmother as a child (til age of 9) but never my granddad who died in WW2.

I also wanted to 'view' historic world events, places or persons because I am indeed a kind of history geek. I love historic documentaries, no matter if they are 'official' ones (Romans, Greeks, Medieval, Asian, Egyptians, Prehistory, etc.) or more 'alternative' pre-history research (Atlantis, Lemuria, (pre-)Younger Dryas Impact times, including some Graham Hancock or the funnier Daeneken and 'Ancient Aliens' stuff, I gobble it all up).

This can be seen as Part II of my Void research five years after I made the post in 2018 although it also is about using the Void to access reality frames or/and databases and information or even knowledge. At least the latter that is my main intent. This is the start of a new journal for this project / experiment, since I expect more updates soon. You may comment in the other thread "The Void - Experiences & Discussions" if you like.

So without further ado, this is what happened in almost three consecutive (!) nights within the last week.

Night One: The Purple Hall Of Records

I get lucid flying and enter a gigantic hall but the entrance is not on the floor but in the middle of it with other exits and entrances. I keep flying straight forward towards the other side of that hall which is composed of a row of curtains veiling some great exits. It is remarkable that the athmosphere of this hall is still Void-like dark-ish but also filled with violet or purple light or mist a lot and the veil colours are also purple or blue-ish.

One of the great drapes (still 50 metres ahead of me) is kind of flapping in the wind and reveals what is behind it: Earth! I see the blue globe of it shortly before the veil closes again. I assume it to be kind of my target of gaining access to Earth (history) knowledge.

Still, instead of proceeding towards it I turn sideways and take another exit to explore first. I fly through some glass walled rooms where I see statues and stuff like it is a museum of sorts. A bit clueless turn to a guard who sits on a chair, an old man (human) and ask him 'What is this place called?'. I am surprised to get an almost straight answer:

'It is called 'Videntia', but that also depends on how the formation is done.'

I might have gone on a while flying but don't remember more.


First about the word. It's recognizably Latin language, even during the experience I knew that. However, apart from common phrases (veni vidi vici, quad erat demonstrantum, etc.) I do not know any Latin not even basic.

The meaning of this word is thus proof to me that it was really given to me by a Higher Intelligence. It has to do with my quest for (akashic) knowledge. It is an inflected form (hence the guard's hint towards 'formation'?) of the Latin word 'videns'. -->, from there quoted:

Quotevidēns (genitive videntis); third-declension one-termination participle

    looking (at)

So we have observation leading to understanding = knowledge?

Google translator also translates it as 'vision' or 'seeing'. ("seeing") ("vision")

I wanted to 'view' the Akashic, that was my goal. Was it even the "hall" of records? Just a coscmic variant where Earth (history) is just one option to choose from. Were all other exits other programs / databases to access?

I concluded after this experience that this might have opened a great possibility to me. I decided to go on in this direction and to 'visit' this 'place' called 'Videntia' again and do it better next time.

Night Two - Diving Into The Globe

Two projections or lucid episodes that night actually. While the first is negligable I note it down for entertainment purpose because I find it quite funny, although painful at the same time.

I got lucid and started running around in a kind of education institution (probably university) and asking myself what I wanted to do. Yes, as it happens often to many projectors I got semi-lucid but forgot my goals! Didn't remember any of it! In my desperation, I even asked other (dream) characters if they knew what I wanted to do but they - being the NPCs they were - could not help me. I was annoyed since otherwise I was pretty clear in my mind. But forgetting the initial intent or target happens often to me!

Not much so is remembered of the second one but it is still significant to my quest. I was in the Void and then made the affirmation for 'Akasha' (not sure if I also already called for 'Videntia') and even the set target (Grandmother's wedding day). As a reaction by the Void I saw again Earth from above, first in a realistic way and then changed with strange 'alien' symbols on it. I do not remember any purple this time though. I decided to 'dive down' into the globe. It felt like a dense area, not sure if I was in a kind of ocean. I 'lost myself' in it and not more is remembered. I did not find my target. I probably lost lucidity again.


Diving down was not a good idea it seems. My conclusion and interpretation later on was that the Globe (like the first time in the Videntia hall of records) is the top-level access point for Earth history's Akashic database. It is an interface. What I probably needed to do was to stay above it all as an impartial 'observer' (videns = observe!) and just 'focus' or 'zoom in' from there to 'view' my target. That zooming process must then be specific using the coordinates regarding A) time and B) space in order to 'view' the respective Akashic entry. How to do it? Just the intent will be enough and the 'system' database software will do the rest? No clue. I will have to find out.

Night Three - The Purple Void Cosmic Network

Again that night I had two projections.

I get lucid in the Void and see the green swirl before me which is a sign for me that the Void is ,ready' to react to me and in ,stand-by' mode. (See more about the 'swirls' or 'galaxies' as used basic language in my Void article).
I remember to call 'Videntia!'. And immediately the Void turns into a purple swirl! Purple! I then know that I am doing something right. I keep flying towards it and enter it like I did with the Earth globe before to find out what happens.
Turns out I am still in in a purplish but also 3-D-blackness network grid. A kind of tunnel system. Again there is lots of purple 'mist' but the walls seem black. I keep flying.
What I also see sometimes are silhouettes and contours of ,grey' alien types, mostly their heads. They just look at me, sometimes it is two or three, at times just one. They seemed to be ,symbolic' indicating some possibly gateway / exit points? I keep flying on regardless. I also then see some outlines of other beings but nothing particular to identify. The purple 'grey alien' shapes is what I remembered.
I do not remember where I ended up and might have lost lucidity after a while.

I had a second lucid projection later that night: Again I used the Void and the command 'Videntia' although I do not remember the gateway or if it was also purple again. However, this time I know what I am doing even better and remember my intent to get some (akashic) knowledge although I change the target: I demand to be shown another planet where I also had a life on in the past.
Immediatly I leave the Void and land inside a kind of ,installation' or building with signs at the wall or even ,graffitti'-like inscriptions or pictures on a white wall. It looks rather human culture and so I am baffled since I did not expect humans here. I am alone though and there are many openings I fly through into the daylight (Again as usual I am only a point of consciousness) and kind of (not sure how) land on the roof of this ,building'.
It is roundly shaped with several domes that have openings but it is not very high. I look down and there is a kind of sand or ,desert' area. The sand is reddish (feel reminded of Mars but could be also a desert area on Earth after all).
However, what baffles me most, there is a social gathering before this building and I see 50 or so people standing around some bar tables in a casual manner talking and having a drink or so. They look human completely. I do not remember the attire they wore or if I made out anything else that was kind of ,alien' to me.
The entire scene is rather ,mundane' and harmless. Before I can explore further from my vantage point or fly down or ask questions or whatever the experience ends. It must be noted though that it looked all very realistic and nothing about it was dream-like at all.


I kind of encountered this 'alien' or 'grey' network aspect before. I will describe it more in my overall conclusion below. I am clueless and a bit disappointed about the second adventure. Yet it has to be noted again how hyper-realistic it felt.

Overall Conclusion

The colour purple:

First of all the recurring colour purple. It seems to indicate 'spiritual knowledge'. Plus it is of the highest Chakra and it might indeed be a 'higher level'. I really like this.


The 'Grey' information and/or travel network system:

Other experiences of mine hint to the fact that it really exists and can be used - at least by me. This is a bit frightening. Do I have connections to 'them'? Was I one of them in previous lives? Not sure. I need to accept the possibility.

I must have written it down but cannot find it anymore but as it happened I was travelling a network grid and the visuals were similar (at least Void-ish). However what I saw then was kind of funny: At the bottom left of my visual field I saw the head of a 'grey' again, just like it was the brand logo of a channel on a screen when you watch tv. It's as if it was kind of telling me: 'we own this but you can use it'.

Also regarding an information or telepathic network I had a lucid episode where I sensed I was watched by a Grey being 'logging' into the 'web'. I copy this from my old journal. I got lucid and I had a dialogue with an 'internal voice' (IV) answering my questions. I must have sensed the Grey being watching me in my dream life as being male, this explains the answer of IV:
QuoteMe: "Oh no, not one of them again!"
IV: "It's a woman."
Me: "A woman? Oh. I thought they were sex-less."
IV: "No."
Me: "What else? What does 'she' do?"
IV: "She logs on to the net sometimes."
Me: "Does she also incarnate as a human being (woman) here? Or is she even right now also in human form?"
I did not get an answer to my last question.

Not long before that event I already had met Greys who were watching me in the Void during a projection or even a 'higher vibrational level' (because that is what I aimed at!), quote from the same journal:
QuoteDuring another exit, I was 'blind' again but felt that I was hovering
'outside' of the window of my portal already. I grabbed sth that felt
like wooden posts, poles, planks or beams. Then I had the idea to use
another Buhlman command but with a variation. I shouted while directing
my 'eyes' down at my still not visible hands holding them before me.

"Higher Vibration Now! Increase Vibration Now! Higher Vibration Now! "

Then I even added:

"Much Higher!!!"

Then felt myself (my "body") becoming somehow warmer and more
'diffused'. Then I could see my hands shimmering orange-red through the
darkness. It was still dark and murky around me, but when I 'looked up'
from my hands I saw some white beings a few 'metres' off, mabye 3-5 or
so. They were all white, still with 'form' but also a little shiny. The
background and everything else was still in deep and murky darkness.
They looked at me, observing. Not more. I recognised them by their
contours and also 'faces'.


I decided this was not where I initially had wanted to go (see above) or
what I ever expected to encounter in the astral at all. I was not
afraid or scared or anything. It wasn't a scary or threatening encounter
at all. There even seemed a peaceful air about them. At least, it was
neutral. All in all, it lasted not long enough for me to make a complete
assessment. After about 3 seconds I decided to fade out again as it
just wasn't what I was heading for.

So what is the or 'my' thing with 'them'? No clue. But they are there and watching (me, us all) and maintain probably useful travel and information networks, that much is clear to me. And I might be able and allowed to make use of the gateways and travel grids.

Point of Consciousness:

Next to the colour purple I also like the fact that I am always a point of consciousness in all experiences with Videntia since the 'observer mode' is the best approach or even a pre-requisite for Akashic research.

Going Forward:

Three approaches (all from the Void):
1) I will use the Purple Void Network method again next time when in the (normal) Void.
2) If I encounter a 'globe' in the Void as a presumed top-level entry point for the Earth database I will try to 'zoom in' on the historic event or place I want to 'view'.
3) In the black Void (after the green swirl signal!) I will simply try to give the direct command to enter the scene I want to watch, should be the easiest way but who knows what will actually happen!

Ok, that's it for now. Keep you updated (hopefully).
I had a 'kind of' NDE during surgery. Not so sure since the surgeon later on when asked by me never told me if I was in danger of losing my life but he had a strange evasive reaction indeed. It was a routine operation though.
The OBE/NDE was twofold, the first scene was a blissful experience where I also saw the surgery and me on the table for a short moment and read the surgeon's thoughts. The other one was later in the wake-up room where I looked through the wall when s.o. else was on the table being operated on before I then woke up myself. I have a more detailed description of the entire experience in my journal/blog and can link it here if you like.
Quote from: omcasey on October 16, 2023, 15:37:32I am enjoying the conversation. But I still haven't heard what the difference is between F2 and F3, aside from a deeper lucidity. Let me ask this directly, is it the same difference as between a 'private' and 'consensus' reality? -- the latter being 'consensus'? Or is this off base?
I'd say 'yes' to this more or less.

But there come more attributes that come with the 'private' and 'consensous'.

First of all the 'consensus' is based on group thought and thus more stable, you cannot always change the environment if it was upheld by thousands or millions of souls, e.g. "The Park (Focus 27") or similar higher Focus levels.

Second, the 'consensus' is also 'collective' and so you can meet 'real' other people while most in F2 are dream characters or your own thought forms (but not necessarily exclusively).

So the 'private' is very thought- and/or emotion-responsive and to me it is therefore practically identical to s.o.'s 'dreamscape'.

But there is fluidity and you can easily enter a higher - more stable - area from a dream (F2) by way of focussed thought and increased lucidity combined with strong intent / willpower. It is also the other way round, so there are no clear boundaries which often makes it difficult to differentiate between the two or to determine "where" in mindspace you are.

As a sidenote: This is why I love the Void so much since there things are 'clearer' and more straight all the time even if you manifest or receive inputs with your different senses (visual, audio, kinesthetic). You have a lot of control as long as you are in this state.
In my personal view and (some) experience backing it up, a Lucid Dream 'starts' in F2 because I believe in 'dream state' you cannot automatically 'go to' F3. F2 is 'dream land' no matter which degree of lucidity you have.

However if you get lucid in F2 then you can turn it into a F3 experience by applying methods to 'get there' changing your level and state (I made a thread about this kind of 'conversion' recently).

So in other words, imv a LD is another way of travelling to F3 just like a direct projection is, which usually starts in the physical or from the Void (placed as the 'borderland' between F2/F3 by Frank Kepple) although the Void also often leads to F2 (at least in my case) if you are not focussed and lucid enough then.

You can also be lucid in F2, e.g. when you visit other people's dreamscapes or do retrievals there (Monroe F22 or F23 levels). Just not the other way round (unlucid in F3 or above).
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Ask for a Dream Agent
October 05, 2023, 11:00:17
I remembered the 'Dream Agents' from one of my old projection and dream journals now.

I then (around 2011) called them  'Awakeners', 'Prompters' or 'Lucidators'. They were different people but also re-occurring / re-visiting ones. One was my late granny it seems (rather a guide/dream-character acting as her).

Here is the thread I made and found now again about the 'awakeners' back in 2011 from my 'dream programming series' on the Robert Bruce forum (so long ago already that I had forgotten most of it by now):

A related interesting pheonomenon was that sometimes some of them referred to an outside sound I had in my room (binaural beats or nature relaxation sounds) making me 'aware' of it.

Here's a quote from that thread with an example, but I remember similar things happened again:

QuoteA girl (unknown to me) says that she thinks that outside the sound of some planes or other flying machines makes such a nice soothing and calming sound. I also hear it and agree with her. I wake up. I hear the sound of my hifi audios I had turned on during sleep. It was a HemiSync Lucid Dreaming sounds. It does not really sound like planes in the sky, rather like rain or a storm. Still it has a deep and permanent sound carpet which is - of course - soothing and calming. I KNOW that "she" referred to this sound which I also heard in my dream then.

This is interesting. A dream personality referring sth (a sensual auditory input) that is going on simultaneously in the physical world around the sleeper. Maybe she wanted to 'wake me up', but not from my sleep but rather in the dream to get more lucid.


Here I found another thread with the dream personalities repeating a affirmation / mantra or me that I also had as background while sleeping:

QuoteHere are two examples:

In a dream some days ago, I am driving with a buddy of mine as a pillion passenger behind him on his motorcycle. He repeats the affirmation to me that is simultaneously playing in physical life in my bedroom. However, he 'mimicks' it simultaneously but uses different words completely, the meaning of which got lost for me (not remembered). This is what I refer to as 'audio-livestream transcription error'. The fact that I know and "hear" the affirmation although the words are changed is a lucid element - the fact that I instantly KNOW (while dreaming) that the words my buddy uses are NOT the correct ones even more!

The same tonight: I am experiencing dream imagery and am "hearing" the affirmation. But it is a different wording again. The rhythm is the same, but the accentuation is different. Thus I 'hear' another word.
And again: I am LUCID enough to KNOW that 1) this is the audiostream from the physical, and 2) this still cannot be right as the words are different. In the dream still I try to get the correction but I do not manage to do so. Then I get almost to the surface of near-awakeness and I put the right affirmation in (means: I hear the live stream), take it "with me" and 'delve down' deeper again into trance state again. I keep playing with it. Sometimes loosing the right wording and 'hearing' the wrong words again or even switching to and fro, still in a kind of trance-like, semi-lucid, hypnagogic or even dreamy state.


It's cool when this happens, need this more often nowadays.  8-)

I literally 'heard' voices in the Void or during what I suspect to be an 'etheric' projection. It was my helpers dragging me out or holding my energy body (hands, etc.) and sometimes I assume it was only 'beings' of whatever origin. Once (again in 3D Blackness) I heard one being speaking in a funny high mickey mouse voice who told me it was from 'another dimension'. Unfortunately I could not go on with the conversation as I blinked out.

When this happens, I really hear them like they are next to me in the physical room and (as if) with my ear organs. It is creepy to say the least.
When I'm in the 'zone' (SP or also so-called "VS") nowadays I don't have them anymore. Or at least it has been 'a while'. It makes me sad because I really miss them. They were pleasant and a good signpost that 'something' is about to happen or happening.
Quote from: Lumaza on August 18, 2023, 17:32:30
On the Ad banner question. I have never seen an Ad there at all. It could be just in the "welcome to the Forum" stage. I could be wrong, but like I said, I have never seen an Ad there myself, as of yet! :| :?

To answer the banner questions:

In my view (here quite literally, lol), the banner(s) are not obtrusive or annoying at all. (Lumaza, You did not even see them so this proves it also to me).

On the start page there is only one under the sub-header area. In sub threads where the categories are listed there are none. Then you might get them again (as I know from other forums) after each 5 or 10 posts in threads with many posts.

But they are also only smaller banners, no annoying pop ups.  Of course, perceptions are different but I would not pay  to 'unsee' them. Also, as I understand it, this is only for the user and not for the entire forum then.

I bring the forum up-to-speed anyway even if it is only a backup for some. I might copy over the Retrievals thread (Souly) entirely, because I love and deal with this topic so much (even publish a book on it maybe).
So anyone still registering for this alternative forum is welcome. I will try to approve faster then and look it up every day. Just write "I am from the Astral Pulse" will do for the anti-spam text during registering.
Hi all,

I am just here after 2 days on this Sunday, sorry for the delay.
I just approved all the incoming registries for the Out-Of-Body-Boards, so all of you who registered should have access now to that forum.
Now I read it looks the AstralPulse will be saved then after all, which is great!
If it is in read-only mode we can of course always link from the OOBB forum to the links given then and create threads for it.
The OOBB forum will also remain there anyway and will stay, so it might always be a backup or an alternative then. Anyone can still register and I will do my best to keep that running.
I would have to get fit with the Admin stuff over there now since it's been about over 5 years since I created the structure and all of that but it should not be too difficult.
Anyway, since the Pulse (hopefully) will even stay in active mode I now see that there is no hurry then.   :-)


Quote from: Lumaza on August 17, 2023, 12:45:37
Does anyone else know of any Astral related Forums that we can all continue on? One that preferably has the owner of the Forum as an active contributor as well.
We do have this, Lumaza, and you have forgotten or do you delete old PMs? :wink:

I remember we also had talked back then in short about it via PM or at least I mentioned it and gave you the links. You even registered there, man.  8-)

I created this 'cheap' forum 5 years ago, also when the Pulse was down for long and I wasn't sure if it comes back, so I just did it in case when I had a little time over, iirc ...

It is so far not used at all apart from the initial and preparatory posts by me (the topic structure) and some occasional ones by members. As said, it is a bit 'cheap' (no costs for me and even registering was done anonymously via a gmail account by me). Nevertheless I discovered that it is functional and 'good enough' for discussions of this kind. I don't want to blow my own trumpet too loud but I think I created a really cool structure for it (and it is all even tri-lingual!).

I have done nothing there though for years though and am not an IT expert, but it is all easy enough to handle as an Admin (ARENIS = Sinera backwards if you haven't noticed  :wink: ).

We can bring it to life any time if you want to. So this would be my offer.

A handful of people I know or knew already had registered years ago - e.g. CFTraveler (no longer active here but a mod at the Astraldynamics forum) and also you Lumaza, as Lumaza, you might have forgotten it, back then I gave you and CF even moderator rights with me as Admin and also a mod account "Sinera".  Here is the mod's list:

CFtraveler wanted to do a Spanish forum part there but as the rest it never took off. But maybe one day its time will come? :wink:

So ... we can do this. ... You Pulsers are ALL welcome to register there! It is not as good as this one and it is loaded with some ads but it can still fulfill its purpose.

Note that during registering there is an anti-spam process in place where you write on your motivation for registering, this hopefully keeps away bots and spammers, so you need to write a few words to be accepted.

Anyone indicating to have come from the Pulse will of course be admitted asap.Of course it will be helpful if you keep using your old name then too.

However please be patient, it may take some time for me to give you access as I am not online every day and currently my time is limited for things like this. If it should really 'take off' a little I have to say as things look now for me I might not have so much time or motivation for moderating (Admin is enough). So if anyone of the 'old' experienced Astral Pulse mods then would want to step up, you are welcome.

Lumaza (already a 'mod'), EscapeVelocity, Szaxx, Lightbeam, Xanth, Nameless, etc .... I will give you mod rights if you want to. Maybe I would soon also re-contact 'mod' CFT for this activity now.

If trouble with registering here is also my email I used for this forum as well as the OBEboards although I do not use it nowadays but I will login in there (just checked, it still works, lol) and check regularly from now on again:

Also if anyone wants to do the work of "copy-paste over" some of the valuable Pulse stickies that can be done too by someone. Again I need to say I will not have the time to do this work, so I would suggest someone saves the texts til the 27th into a document locally and later pastes them in the right thread on the '(not-so-)new' forum.
(Update: I've just seen browsing my site that I had done this in 2019 with one thread already: ).

So ... ?
Quote from: EscapeVelocity on August 06, 2023, 01:49:54
From what you have described as your early OB experiences, it appears that you have had etheric, astral, mental and possibly higher level OBEs; and I think this is true for many experiencers, including myself. Being children and not having any knowledge of what was happening, other than our own intuitive instincts, upon reflection, I think many of these OBEs were blended in many ways- we almost seamlessly shifted from one to the other, from dreams to lucid dreams to dreamy etheric experiences such as flying in the night sky, which was one of my most favorite.

I've never noticed a silver cord of any kind, either.

These are some personal observations on differences between Etheric and Phasing OBEs:


The visual environment is monochromatic- in shades of one color only: usually gray, dull green or dull brown (often described specifically as sepia)...never full technicolor.
The etheric energy body "feels" closer to the physical: It has a discernible weight and density to it. This relates, I think, to the slower rate of frequency.
Moving around in this state has a slow, ponderous, lethargic quality to it, like deep sea-diving, almost a drunk feeling.
Since we are NP and without the usual five senses, the new sensory input has to be interpreted and it is initially quite challenging to re-learn how to see, touch, move...the senses of hearing, smelling appear not to work at all.
Our range of exploration, possibly for energy usage reasons, appears very restricted- 20 feet to maybe 500 feet...the immediate room we projected within, maybe the apartment or house, maybe out to the front or backyard or a nearby field (my early childhood flights seemed to take place in a nearby field...later attempts were restricted to my house). Moving beyond these limits always involved a shift either into a higher body, a remembered location from my past, or I lost awareness.
Although etheric OBEs appear to be in the near-physical realm, distinct relocations of doorways, windows, furniture and fixtures often are reported, leading to questions about just how accurate this environment relates to the current physical one. Temporal overlays may be involved.
The duration of the OBE is usually quite short, maybe a few minutes.
The personal energy required seems to be considerable, hence the short duration. Energy work noticeably helps the exit and extends the duration.
Vision is very tricky since it is not PR photons on retinas. We are converting NP energy data into what we prefer as a visual. Hence, we get strange moments like 360 degree vision, seeing in all directions at once. Or seeing into closed drawers.
Examples of etheric projection are what we have read about in most of the literature most often, so it is what we expect to experience...rising out of the body and floating about. The truth is more likely that we have already experienced a number of different types of projections and the literature naturally inclines us to focus only on the one. That should also indicate something about the difference in the quality/extent of our personal experiences versus what we read in most of the books...
The etheric body is very closely associated with the physical body, so projecting requires learning to "shake" it loose in order to separate. When successful, it feels like we float up in ghostly form either in whole body form or from a particular point on the body- heart, brow or back/top of the head. This may relate to chakra activation.
Many times the exit involves great vibration, noise, winds howling, being shaken or violently pulled out...sometimes Invisible helpers are possibly pulling us out? Maybe at our subconscious request?
Looking at ourselves in the mirror can produce surprising results!

One thing at a time...
My first 'real' (lol) OBE was an etheric projection. So I believe today.

It was also the only time I saw my body from above down in the bed. It never happened again. The "heaviness" you describe was also very pronounced.

I also talked to myself and it was 'heavy' (in a high pitch, very strange). And I had energy phenomena that were 'violent' and not vibrations. They were (imv today but I did not even know the concept or word back then) Kundalini (snake) related. I memory I never forget. All following were 'astral' projections into my room (or elsewhere) and when in my room I never saw my own body in bed again due to the 'reality fluctuations' (as Robert Bruce calls them). I have a longer description of it on my diary/blog, just re-read it now as I remembered. It was a personal event I never forget. And it remained unique til this day.
Ok, now a 'slight' variation or reversal on this topic together with a question.
Has anyone even had recurring re-entry sensations like I had (mostly 12 years ago)?

Back then I called them PREES (post reentry electricity sensations).  :wink:

I asked in 2010 Robert Bruce about it. Still found it in the archives. So here's what he told me on his forum then:


I suggest that this phenomenon may be related to the reentry of your projected subtle aspects.

This could be an energy phenomena related to reintegration, or it may involve the actual return of your projected astral double.


I had this quite often around 2010-11 but later it vanished.

On my old archived OBE-Journal on Astraldynamics (which is very well searchable still) I now found 15 entries mentioning it. It was quite a constant thing then for me it seems, at least in 2011, I suppose therefore I created the acronym PREES for it but I remember I was disappointed that almost no one experienced it like I did.

So, after 12 years let me do an update survey :wink: ... anyone of you experiencing anything similar upon return and even a short time during 'wake up'?
Quote from: LightBeam on July 20, 2023, 16:10:29
hi Volgerle, I trust Dolores' judgement that remote QHHT sessions should not be allowed. First, the client will not feel safe enough to go under if the hypnotherapist is not in the room to assist if needed. Some clients go under and they don't remember afterwards. They listen to their recordings and are amazed that they actually carried a conversation with the practitioner and their true super consciousness came through with the ego set aside and not interfering. These are the most successful sessions. At times, the clients would want to go to the bathroom, they are so deep under and if there is no one in the room to assist them to lead them to the bathroom, they may fall and hurt themselves. This was Dolores' experience. Also during the past life regression part many clients become very emotional because they re-live very traumatic events. Imagine the internet connection interrupts, they are crying and very much under in theta state and there is no one in the room to lead them through the next steps to lead them out of the traumatic event and to console them. In addition, the hypnotherapist voice is critical to bring the client under. Through speakers it will not have the same effect. The client also starts speaking very softly when they go under and the therapist needs to be able to hear them in order to lead the session. Even in person, the therapist sometimes needs to get super close to where the head is turned in order to be able to hear the client. In remote connection depending on which way the client will turn their head, the therapist may not be able to hear them. Sometimes the client even whispers.

I am planning to do the swap to practice with other practitioners but only in person. If I am really good, I may consider starting a side business, but the sessions will have to be in person. I don't want to risk the clients' well being. QHHT really takes them deep under to Theta, not like a typical hypnosis where they are in Alpha state.
Yes, I understand and I heard most of the arguments before. Some are certainly valid to some degree, some others can be countered and the issues handled differently. Takes too long to explain here but nevermind, I absolutely get your viewpoint. Good luck with your practice endeavours. I am sure it will work out well for you and your clients.  8-)
Quote from: omcasey on July 21, 2023, 21:48:09
I would love to talk with you, Vogerie, to hear what you have in mind with your own practice.
Should I PM you here?
Yes, you can pm me. Just a bit of patience please because I just get rolling again starting this August (but with healing hypnosis then first which is shorter). And I have a waiting list for BQH already but it is not a long one.  :-)
Quote from: Lumaza on July 20, 2023, 17:39:47
Not every single thing has to be done online these days! :roll: Dolores knew the value of "person to person" contact. That's all she needed to say. No further explanation is needed! If something isn't broken, it doesn't need fixing!  :wink:
It is not about 'fixing' something that is broken because it is not broken (did I say so?). It is about optional offerings and alterntatives, so that more people (who want to) can do it.  :-)
Quote from: LightBeam on July 18, 2023, 17:30:09
If we lived closer I would do a session for free to anyone who wishes.
Lightbeam, Have you considered doing QHHT sessions online via Skype or Zoom? Multitudes of practitioners already do it. I know that Dolores Cannon discouraged it for QHHT for some (more or less understandable) reasons, so it is not 'allowed'. However I have seen QHHT practitioners who do it also online anyway with some modifications. One of them is Laron whom I know from the Transients/Roundtable forum (actually he is the owner of that forum). Here is from his website:

Btw, I do a similar modality named BQH which is based entirely on QHHT with some modifications. I am (after I finished the course and just did another general hypnosis class) still in the practice training phase for it right now - unfortunately with breaks and delays due to private and motivational reasons.
But from what I know from the vast community there, practitioners and students training with each other doing session swaps etc., it works very well online after you get used to it. Of course, it is not for everyone, some like it more or feel more 'safe' when in person.
For those willing to do it online, for BQH it is indeed 'permitted' to do internet sessions as well as in person. There is almost a 50/50 ratio now. I will do them even exclusively when I am ready, also free sessions for practice (whoever is interested contact me via pm and we can plan a free session for the future).
Hope you manage to come back to the Forum, Szaxx.
Interesting. I might give the ancient book method a try one time. I'm fascinated by the Akashic Records and would love to 'read' them.
Quote from: EscapeVelocity on April 16, 2023, 23:08:52
A very interesting retrieval Volgerle! Thank you for sharing this at such a necessary time; we all could use a reminder of the truly helpful work that is always open to us.

I think your recollection and interpretation is probably 100% correct. I would like to add a few ideas.

There are, indeed, many times, SO much metaphor is involved and I wonder that it is not just our individual way of interpreting the energies at work in the moment, but also metaphorical forms our guides may utilize in order to acclimate us to the situation of the person being well as the probable metaphorical energy and situation of the retrievee herself (in this case). This is all energy, after all; energy structures that are widely variable, it seems. So, is part of the magic that a guide brings to the event the ability to match the metaphorical cognitive ability of a certain the natural metaphorical tendency and situation of the other words, matching the receiver to the sender? Projectors such as ourselves are brought into retrievals because we carry an energy marker that only still existant beings carry, and that apparently is enough to catch the attention of those somewhat recently deceased and still too closely focused on the Physical Realm. Otherwise, the guides wouldn't need us; they would just perform the retrieval themselves. But also, it might be a good training ground for us, as well. So, the reasons we are brought in likely vary.

The metaphor of the underground subway or train station is fairly common for the more experienced. It is the natural departure point to other areas of the Non-Physical. Kurt Leland describes it often in his books and I have read of it in many others' narratives. In my own experiences, I've not so much gotten the subway but often find myself on a bus or train, going somewhere. Eventually the idea sank in and has become a lucid trigger for me. The fact that you found the girl in a sort of subway station tells me she was likely recently deceased and at the point of departure, but somehow menaced and bullied by some kind of private, personal hell. Your appearance with your PR energy marker was enough for her to instantly clear her confusion and recognize the reality of the transit system right in front of her and to move on. It can happen that quickly and cleanly.

The descent through the levels and the guide suggesting you grab a bannister every few floors struck me as very interesting. Whether it was from F27 down to F22 in Monroe-speak, we can quibble about; I think the retrieval was likely in F23...but the descent required you to move down in terms of frequency and I think the guide was warning you that it would be a strain on your maintaining awareness. Therefore, the idea in a very metaphorical sense, was to visualize it as descending floors in a building and reaching out to grab hold of a bannister and pause for a few moments to re-establish your awareness as you moved downward. This is similar to the idea of maintaining awareness in a RTZ OBE by grabbing hold of something physical to steady yourself; in the astral, it is more directly about taking a moment to readjust/stabilize to the new frequency. My question is: Why wouldn't a guide just tell you this in a straightforward manner, why cloak it in such metaphor? Many of us have had these moments. My guess is that it is all part of the teaching and learning...learning in unusual and unforgettable ways...and maybe a little fun for our guides thrown in. lol

So, it appears that your awareness did fade out, maybe due to the rapid you learn the hard way what the guide was warning about...maybe it was meant to happen that, later in the night, you get another crack at the situation when your consciousness is better situated, and you complete the mission successfully...Nicely done! What a cool experience!
Thanks, EV, for your great feedback, always appreciated.

Love the idea with the stabilizing onto each level/frequency. That makes a lot of sense.
I also remember the train station metaphor from one of Leeland's books indeed.

I will go on posting my next retrievals here since I feel there is more 'in store' now. Well, at least I hope so.
Quote from: Lumaza on April 16, 2023, 13:58:55
I have to apologize for not continually posting here in this thread. Since I have chosen the path of being a "Invisible Helper", I experience a number of retrievals, in all different shapes and forms. I don't want to post here about them every day. I feel that continually posting my retrieval experiences to be like bragging. That's the way I feel. I know others don't agree with that. But I also see and feel the frustration over the years here on people that have wanted to learn how to and experience Retrievals, yet for some reason have been kind of blocked from learning it. It showed in a lot of Ginny's threads here on Retrievals when she posted about her own experiences. She was really adept with Retrievals.  It just goes to further the problems that were recently spoke about in a thread on the Pulse and that is "experience envy". It really is a thing. I have had many PMs from members here over the years where they shared their frustrations.
I would welcome you posting here some of your retrieval experiences again.
I understand, yes, there is 'frustration' if one has not the same (amount of) experiences, especially for beginner projectors. I was often frustrated myself, especially when I had months of dryness. I still do and I am even now not 'out' very often to do something of value. So this is why I was happy about this recent projection.
However, I would not call this frustration 'envy', it's a bit of a hard word for this. This would almost literally mean to 'begrudge' somebody these experiences. I do not believe that people here do this. At least not in my case. Actually, I often feel inspired and motivated by other accounts (retrievals or not).
Moreover, as you might already well know - and I posted it here and on PMs too - I am ... still ... (LOL) writing a book on Retrievals which will be an ebook available on Amazon & other outlets via a self-publisher but I might make it available for free. It will be very 'comprehensive' and touch many aspects and sub- and super-topics and also projection techniques for people who have no experience with AP at all. Also lots of literature references and quotes of course (I have a bit of an academic background so I cannot do without this, lol).
Also therefore, as you might see, I love collecting old and 'fresh' authentic retrieval accounts to include them in part or full with quotes and links to the original post on blogs, websites or forums (or reference the literature if it's from books). It's something similar I did years ago with the 'validations' - see my signature below, just in book form.
Now so far, I have already found over 40 retrieval accounts from different sources including here, plus adding my own. So as you can see, I have another 'selfish' motive why I'd be very happy if you posted further examples here in this thread (and everyone else here of course!).
A kind of 'sequential' retrieval from 2 days ago with a guide appearing (at first) ...

Saving A Girl From Being Bullied At A Railway Station

After exit with some struggle I stood before a door as expected and waited instead of going through myself (which was the initial plan to use a door portal to meet my Retrieval Team from the other side).
I did not have to wait a long time though. A tall young lady appeared. She had blonde hair and was at least two heads taller than me it seemed. She introduced herself as being from a Nordic (Scandinavian) country. When I asked her name she somehow denied the answer or did not react to it.
Instead she said we have not much time, only 15 minutes or so or that she is only available in 15 minutes for a longer talk with me.
Anyhow, so she explains to me almost in passing that we have to go first to the railway station because that is where the children often are who need help. This first confuses me because I cannot understand why children might die at railway stations so often (remembering my retrieval with the drowned kids at the seaside or lake which made more sense to me since little kids drowning happens more often than kids being run over by a train at a station).
Of course, so I join her on her quest and strangely we do not arrive at a kind of railway station first but somehow in the staircase area of a multi-storey highrise building as it seems.
She does not use the stairs or an elevator though, but kind of signals me to do the same as she does: Jump over the banister down below and then in free fall grab a banister again below when you have passed 2 or 3 levels. And then repeat it downwards until you reach the ground level. That seems the fastest method to go down indeed.
I am not shocked at all since I am ,trained' to do similar things from dream simulations. So we both jump down Tarzan or Kamikaze style and grab some banisters in between stopping, hanging for a while and then letting to in free fall going lower again. There are many levels indeed.
I asssume that there is a kind of metro / subway / ,Tube' station in the basement of this skyscraper building when we reach our destination, the ground. However, before we reach our target down below I feel my vision is going away and I fade out. I still have time to say sorry to the guide lady but then I am out fast.

Later (Part 2 of the retrieval event if you will) I have dreams about the metro (,Tube') in London and at one point get lucid again while I am really in a kind of subway or railway station.
I instantly remember my mission and look out for a child not wasting any time.
I see a little girl crouched on the floor against a wall and she is being bullied by a bigger male kid (or more, not remembered) with something being thrown at or held against her (don't know what it was).
I chase the ,bad' kid(s) away easily and take her by the hand and together we go to the next station platform.
I remember my mission of doing some kind of handover but I see no ,guide' or light source or whatever. On the station platform a train enters and we look at it and she remarks how beautiful it is.
I grab the little girl to lift her up and then enter the train carrying her, hoping to find the guide (maybe the tall Nordic lady again) inside to take the kid further ,up' (the train probably leading to Focus 27?).
This does not happen however while the train starts to move out of the station. I look at her and suddenly ,she' is no longer there but I kind of hold an empty transparent shade of her in my left arm like a kid sized plastic puppet.
Then again the projection / dream ends and I fade out of the scene quite disappointed again.

My analysis:

There is a lot of metaphor in this which is interesting in both parts of the event. In detail:
The guide was very ,tall' and I was told already years ago in forums that in dreams or projections guides often appear this way if they appear as humans, sometimes they are a head or more taller than you. I found this information to be correct in many of my own dreams or projections since then.
Another hint is when she said she is ,Nordic' and the North might also indicate her higher origin from ,up there' (maybe from the F27 Reception Centre area?).
She was also quite business-minded getting down to action immediately not wasting any ,time' (I assume she was knowing that ,my' - not her – time is limited for this kind of activity before I fade out). I believe that the retriever guides are this way, always focussed on their job and to get it done with our without our help. The retrievee comes first, not the retriever helper!
Our way jumping ,down' in that high building's staircase to the station also signifies the astral levels. Maybe we really started at the ,reception centre' area in Focus 27 (although I am not sure where I started but it was a lighted and thus 'higher' place) only to then descend to the Focus 23 or 22 area to fetch a child from ,down' there.
The railway station that confused me first might actually signify a place (or state of being) to be retrieved from indeed. You often first have to wait for the train to take you elsewhere (probably better), there's lots of travellers in waiting areas at stations.
The child(ren) themselves might still be caught in their own imagination or F2 dreamscape and not even take notice of the station, just like the harassed child was. Maybe that was the trauma it suffered most from in its short life life or was it even the cause of its death?
The train we entered was then maybe the ,portal' going moving her ,up' again to Focus 27. When I made her aware of it she then 'saw' it and commented how beautiful it was. That was maybe the decisive moment already: Noticing the 'portal', the transport system or even a guide?
The empty shade I held after boarding the train was maybe a sign that she then already had moved onwards and hopefully upwards. So already showing her the train or entering it with her did the trick.
Maybe it was a success after all?
Merry Christmas, festive season, wonderful holidays and generally a good end-of-year time to all of You!
Very interesting. Yeah, Possibly it's really a shift that happened. It could well be that we are not called upon this activity with individuals at the moment anymore as often as it used to be.

Thanks you for the feedback, Nameless and Lightbeam.
Quote from: Volgerle on December 10, 2022, 14:36:50
I find it a bit  :cry: that in this thread about 'human' astral soul rescue nothing has been posted for over 2 (!!) years.

Time to change that now.  :wink:

Question to all of you experienced travellers: Has anyone in the 'meantime' had any new retrieval situations in the astral you'd like to share? Mine were rather missing due to an all-time AP low and physical life crises with 'grounding' effects, although I renewed my 'vow' to go for retrieval work next year again.

I am still writing on the book about it (started years ago!) which is almost finished and am still 'collecting' accounts to quote in it with links to the original posts if they are on the internet or reference to the literature.

So far I have around 45 or so accounts (including a few of mine). Quite a lot already.

Anyway, if anyone of you has sth new for me to add I'm grateful.  :wink:

Moreover, by coincidence (or not?) yesterday I came across this talk between Juergen Ziewe and an experienced astral retrieval worker named Mike Marable which I found interesting.

Not anyone :?

Seems this forum is all about the hype on ETs these days but not for helping former fellow humans?

Not that I love the ET topic too. I do and had my experiences with them (astrally).

Just thought that s.o. of the experienced and still continuously projecting members (unlike me) had a kind of helping experience with stuck humans 'in the meantime'?

Seems the 'dead' retrieval topic is really 'dead' now, quite literally.  :wink: