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Sent good thoughts and energy yesterday already without posting. All the best wished to get well for your sister.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: EMF/RF
January 07, 2020, 19:51:22
LightBeam, maybe you could try this one, too? It is brandnew on the market since today actually. Might be a scam as the others might be too. But who knows?

Source/God is none of these particularly. Or both of them since it is "All". However you see it.

Yin and Yang. One contained within the other, too. Even androgynous beings or forms might still have them, we just call them 'sexless' because they also unite aspects of both. Just my opinon of course.

There is in Esoterics a concept of the Divine Male and the Divine Female as archetypes in nature and reality. The procreation aspect is of course in it and some attributes of each side, e.g. nurturing, caring, giving birth or teaching for female or strengh, force, energy and providing for male. Also there is symbolic archetypes e.g. in colours, metaphors or forms (e.g. round and uterus/womblike is female, edgy/jagged and more phallus-like is male).

Some attribute aspects of femininity to some of the male 'prophets' or 'sons of god' e.g. Jesus because of his teaching and nurturing kind. But imv it is just because these 'spiritually advanced' humans could/can incorporate both 'gender aspects' of the Divine.

Nowadays in our societies, we live in a patriachy age, for thousands of years now. So humans saw a male Godhead. It used to be different. In some cultures and those lost ones of prehistoric times it might well have been more matriarchy-related with more female gods, or both.

In the old and basic (pagan, shamanic) religions there til today is also the concept of Earth/Gaia being female and the sky/heaven male. Mother Earth and Father Sky. It also was about fertility and nurturing (both female aspects) and procreation (both male and female).

So again. However you look at it.
Quote from: MarsZM on December 27, 2019, 03:05:43
I saw an article once... I am not sure if it was true but it said somewhere in Europe they are installing traffic lights on the ground because people were looking at the ground on their phones while walking and doing it straight into traffic lol. lots of people were dying i guess because of that so the city installed them in the ground! i forgot where... i think Germany but that's a big guess.

Edit. My memory is good! i just found this on google.

The southern German city of Augsburg has installed traffic lights on the pavement so that pedestrians looking down at a smartphone won't miss the indication that it's unsafe to cross.Apr 26, 2016

hahahaha right when Lumaza said that my mind went right to that...!

Yeah, I read that too a while ago. It is terrible. I am also a commuter and have the habit to sometimes (just for fun ...) how many of my co-travellers on the train are 'busy' staring down on their smartphone. It does not look good. Even many of the older ones do it now, it is not only the youth as we would expect anyway. (Often my count is about 80% to 90% as a very clear win for the smombies*).

*smombie = smartphone zombie  :-D
Quote from: Nameless on December 27, 2019, 03:44:13
Modern inventions are great but they sure take us away from our roots. I actually see a turning away from tech in our future.
I actually also hope for it a bit. Otherwise it will be a 5G radiation, Orwellian surveillance state and Transhumanist nightmare. Cannot share the optimism about technology. Yes, there are many advantages compared to 100 or 200 years ago or to the middle ages or whenever. But it also has its downsides on all facets of life. It's a mixed bag.
Any activity that is 'monotonous' can be used. You just need moments when you do not use your analytical ego mind in beta-waves mode.

So yes, washing dishes or walking/jogging can be used too. Some long distance runners report trance or even OBE states while on the track for a longer while. Buddhist Monks do walking meditations.
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year 2020 (or to think big: an entire 20ies decade) to everyone!
Quote from: Nameless on December 16, 2019, 13:41:12
1) Here - physical now
2) Other
This is waayyyy too difficult and complex, could you please simplify this to make it more comprehensible?
:-D :wink:
I like Tom Campbell and his theory. However I do not like his terms and acronyms (IUOC, LCS, NPMR, AUM, etc.) a lot. Hence I don't use them at all.

Personally I like the term Higher Self which for me is also 'part of God/Source'. I also don't know where to put the term 'Soul' since it could be the higher or lower self/mind (ego) indeed when people talk about it according to context (hence there's then also the term 'Oversoul' for the Higher Self as opposed to only 'Soul', but I also do not use that).

I like also the 'new agey' term Source since I find it quite an adequate description. I am not against the term God though despite its religious connotations.

Anyway. It is all just words after all.  :|
It's definitely different for each one and how you visualise it. It is the interface of your choice then. I also believe due to my own research that you can access akashic knowledge simply through questioning the Void in the right way. It does not mean that you 'are there' but just that you have a way to retrieve it, just like to query a database and get sth back in words, images, concepts, or entire 'rotes', etc.

By the way since it is mentioned in EV's post, I also saw the Hospital (or 'Temple of Healing') as a Cathedral like structure, much like the Cologne Cathedral or the Cathedral Familia Sagrada in Barcelona. All with beautiful parks and gardens before it.
Okay, then I misunderstood that kick-relax-thingy. All good again. :lol:

12/12/19: Daytime session. First too much monkey mind, but after a while I got into it deeper with a few hypnagogic flickers and also could play again with the energy around my hands/arms. Notable event: Near the end of session I asked telepathically for the guides (retriever team, nonphysical side) to register with me physically if they 'see' my efforts and 'listen to me', so I have support from them. I got shivers as a confirmation. Note they are not vibrations but rather goosebumpy sensations. I see them as a communication tool by guides or Higher Self. (Another tool by the way is a twitch in the left outer thigh for a 'yes' and the right for a 'no'. Does not work always but sometimes it did.)
Been to a library area but I'm not sure if it was THAT Akashic Records. I suppose it was in the Human Culture Zone (even The Park / Focus 27 perhaps) of the higher astral (according to the author and teacher Kurt Leland it is already on a 'mental' plane since I asked him about it back then). I was there in the 'medical' department due to my interest in becoming a healer / naturopath back then in 2010.
Good news: The daytime exercises get better. I get faster into a relaxed state and maybe even a lowered one (even slight hypnagogics set in, but still enough in control and witnessing it). I also am faster with activating the energy body sensations with feeling the 'magnetic pull' or energy field around my fingers, feet, legs and arms or whatever I focus on and move/wiggle.

(Personally I already added my tree-hug-technique because I want to project with it again like I did once in the past, but I don't want to derail the thread or the normal slow progress with it now).

I am on vacation now, so plenty of time to practice at daytime, too. (Still will use Wb2b too at night). Excited to go on. Also resumed my book again and called in the helpers for assistance.

What I do not understand is the 'kick-back-relax' topic. After a while, I mean when lying down for 20-30 minutes or more, this is not healthy and completely and against the rules of ergonomics physiology and orthopedics.

It is good for short relaxation when you stretch a little but if you lie down like this with your arms 'up' and behind your back/neck you are definitely bound for shoulder aches very soon. I think you need to get in a physiologically 'normal' position when you lie down for a longer while. This is not the way, shoulders should then definitely be 'down' and 'hanging' because this is the physiologically normal position where the orthopedist or chiropractic talks about the zero-mode or -state (any deviation from this by twists, turns, up/down/side bends of your limbs and appendages are then expressed by percentages, the less physiological the higher the percentage). So I really do not understand this. It is not apt for longer meditational activity in my view.
Infinite Regress ... lets us humbly know that we don't know.

What is behind the behind -and what is then behind that behind that is behind.

And so on.

I don't know.

No human does.

Definition of human (one of many): "Not knowing a frickin' thing for life."  :wink:

Let's live gracefully with uncertainty. 8-)
Just wanted to add that it also was NOT my first doorbell (sometimes also knocking on the wall) experience.

Tonight no mentionable occurrences. Will post if sth happens but I am set to do at least one session per night and one per day. (Energy work is good anyway so any effort is never a 'lost' cause for me).
No apologies needed for your interesting story. Yes, you maybe right that many of us here are also helpers in the physical, maybe sometimes by our sheer presence and energy on this plane (see Dolores Cannon's message about being antennas for change) or by our actions too. I still long to be a non-physical retriever/helper too and that is why I am trying to learn every day to project better and more regularly, and so I do here.

One reminder though for the training or teaching: Please keep in mind that most of us do not a bathtub (phase/soak) session but use the normal mode of lying flat in the bed instead. So anything that works better or 'only' with the bathtub should be excluded or at least adaptad for the 'normie' mode in bed. Just saying.

I will write short-logs with this process here in this thread but to keep me from repititions I will only mention new occurrences or remarkable changes (e.g. I always feel the ether/energy body when focussing or running or even 'wiggling' fingers, and won't mention it again, etc.), WB2B (after sleep) or a daytime session is still important though for distinction, so here we go again:

Session 07/12: WB2B (2nd session/bathroom break): I was thrown out or even 'startled up' during the exercise by the doorbell ringing. Well, the interesting thing is it was the doorbell (low buzz) of my old flat where I am not living anymore (the new one has a high bell) since October. LOL. There is no other physical explanation for this sound. So the conclusion is that was a non-physical sound. Two interpretations (or both apply?): 1. dweller-on-the-threshold kind of experience where we are 'scared away' somehow by someone or our subbie-self to keep us from entering NPR in lucid conscious state, or 2. my own metaphorical / sensual interpretation that "someone" from NPR was arriving and announcing themselves in order to meet / communicate with me (hopefully a friendly being)
Okay, I will also log a little here with bullet point style, giving dates since my sessions might not be one per day or night:

Session 06/12: as WB2B during night time, affirmations and then the energy work, so far eventless except I felt the energy body here and there, hands tingling most, but that is my normal mode anyway, wiggling motions I tried and energy body seems responsive, I feel it a bit, then maybe fell asleep also by rolling to the side when giving up somewhat (I'm a side sleeper, when on my back I can't fall asleep unless I'm dead tired, so this is then always a direct method for me- more or less)

Session 06/12: not as WB2B but daytime meditation: after focusing on different parts of my body felt energy around and in me, my hands are always activated anyway, also felt the little etheric finger going up and down and sideways when I 'moved' it deliberately, then also in-between fell into hypnagogic scenes seeing some people interact with each other and heard voices, some random sentences that usually are out of context like we get it from the hypnagogic "M-band", I did not fall asleep though and got up from hypnagogia again, but later it seems I did indeed shortly fall asleep - so I had a little involuntary nap then, which is unusual because 1. (as said above) I don't sleep on the back and 2. never take naps deliberately during daytime
Quote from: Lumaza on December 06, 2019, 04:54:34
Most of my Phase sessions won't appear as a RTZ experience. Many of them seem to take on more of a Akashic record locale/mental projection or some kind of Retrieval based experience. Especially when I go and open "doors", as in using my Doorway technique to explore.

This actually would have been one of my issues or questions or suspicions raised. An 'etheric' exit would naturally lead to an etheric projection which is normally into the physical/RTZ zone. Or a lower (astral) layer? So how would we use this if we were intending to project to higher realms/planes (mental, etc.). (For retrieval work, at least when you start in the 'low astral' it could work fine though). But I see you gave already part of an answer.

Once I used a technique where I hugged/touched a tree with my arms and found myself projected before the tree in the garden of my home but not the current version of today where the tree is no longer there. It is usually the childhood version (in the astral I suppose).
Regarding the foot and hand alternation thing:

Is it possible to also already combine the left/right feeling with an etheric movement of the hands?

So this would be
- feel left hand
- feel right hand
- move left hand to left (etheric)
- move right hand to right (etheric)

Or similar.

As a mainly 'etheric' projector who has to do it this way becaause he sucks at phasing visualisation (I told you before) I am all for etheric techniques. I also call it kinetic or tactile techniques but I assume we would mean the same here.

Regarding the forum software I recommend you type it in a word processor in html-mode first or even in your local email program (html), then copy it over. Don't forget to click on save in-between amounts of written text of course or you will have the same problem if it crashes.

Yes, sometimes this dinosaur software here does not transpose the formats correctly (you remember I had this problem with my long Void article regarding the formats and pics) but since you write mere text I assume it should work without problems.

While we mostly agree on things here I still disagree a lot to your rather dualistic view on direct / indirect methods with the placing of Wake-Back-To-Bed solely into the indirect basket. Actually WB2B can be both however you choose to use it. At least that's my take on it.

As I said before, WB2B for me is not a technique/method but a strategy for priming your mind and body just like meditation, medication (not recommended) or even your bathtub and water is.

So you could do the preparation with WB2B (best for me after 3 hours) and then try a DIRECT method like you teach or describe it (etheric, Doorway, whatever) or an indirect method like waiting for a lucid dream to 'happen' (if lucky) or wait for a projection opportunity when you wake up again slightly from a kind of half-sleep (would be hypnopomp state then as opposed to hypnagogia).

WB2B for me is also not necessarily staying up long but just using my normal bathroom break. I hate full bladders at night so I get up a few times (3 or 4) anyway.  :-P

So I would try whatever you propose, just after 3 hours of sleep because then I am 'primed' better. Therefore I'm looking forward to your write-up of your etheric method although I think I already know some of your concepts because you wrote about it here and there in pieces already on the Pulse.

So please get cracking and fire away, my friend!  :-)

Just don't expect too many too early responses since it might take time with trying what you suggest and also as a forum with some 'elder' members too you might know we basically operate on a longer reaction span anyway, fortunately it's not Facebook here.

Moreover, your post on the Pulse won't go away since the Pulse does not go away - I hope - So let's take our time, shall we?

Quote from: Xanth on December 02, 2019, 12:59:24
Yeah, definitely stay far away from Facebook when it comes to this subject.
You simply can't have a meaningful discussion there without vast quantities of slag being tossed around.
It's quite a verbally violent platform.  :)
Only second to Twitter which is even worse.  :wink:
Someone also likened to reading public toilet walls. Seems fitting. :lol:
We had a thread once (don't know if here) about Blue Cheese aiding in lucid dreams and similar. Tried it but did not work for me, but who knows for whom it might work.
I believe we all project 'through' the Void state all the time to reach other planes / realities / dimensions, whatever. It's like a net or grid that permeates all of reality.
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Dreaming after death
November 20, 2019, 14:28:41
Quote from: Lumaza on November 20, 2019, 03:46:18
Excellent replies all to a very deep thought provoking question! All I can add to this is that William Buhlman's workshops today are based on this entire topic. He teaches people how to be "aware" at the time of their transition, so they can don't get lost in the shuffle, per se.
...and there are many other videos to be found on YouTube where William is talking about this very subject.

As stated above by others here, no one is going to know what happens for sure until we have transitioned over fully ourselves. All we have to go on is what we have been shown via our own NP I like EV's suggestion to "practice". It never hurts to be prepared!  :wink:

"Higher Self Now!" - that's one of his mantra-trademarks (next to "Awareness Now!" or "Clarity Now!" "Higher Level Now!" or "I'm Out-of-body Now!").  8-)
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Dreaming after death
November 19, 2019, 15:29:40
Think about NDEs, altough we could argue that you are not 'really' dead then.

Still ..., most of them ar not in a unlucid dreaming state, actually I did not read any account that said so (and I read many from books and online sources). Most are highly lucid.

What Robert maybe talks about is the many people who are confused after death and end up in the lower astral as they are bound to earth and attachments, or some that also end up in BSTs. They are indeed many, but not all.

I hope I will NOT be one of them (and I am NOT good at meditation honestly).