The KEY To Learning Astral Projection

I’m going to share with you what took me over 10 years to figure out. I’m going to share with you the KEY to learning astral projection. Once you understand this concept you will understand how important Meditation is to having conscious exits.

So let’s get this started…
We’ll start with a bit about the 5 senses first, because this is where the key lies. When you close your eyes you probably see blackness (depending upon the amount of light in the area). Well, that blackness isn’t really BLACK black. If you look really closely, it’s made up of a lot of moving shapes and colours swirling about. If you don’t see that, look closer… it’s there. What you’re seeing is what your eyes ‘see’ when there’s nothing physical to see.

The same holds true for all of your senses, as long as you’re awake (and ostensibly, alive), your 5 senses are ALWAYS working, ALWAYS being bombarded with input from your environment. So, even when things are super quiet and you hear that “mystery sound”, it’s simply the sound which your ears hear when there is no physical sounds there to hear. It’s usually a combination of sounds being emitted by your body which can include things like the blood flowing through your ears.

Now apply this to your other senses…
You’re always tasting something, it might only be the inside of your mouth, but you’re always tasting.
You’re always feeling something, be it the air on your skin, but you’re always feeling.
And you’re always smelling something, even if you’re not actively breathing in, there is always “something” hitting your olfactory senses.

As you can see, even if you’re sitting there doing “nothing”, you’re actually doing a lot, it’s just all automatic. Now, the key to having a conscious Projection is to learn to IGNORE those 5 senses. Stop listening… stop feeling… stop tasting… stop smelling… stop hearing… sure, some of those are easier than others, but that’s the challenge, that’s the “learning”.

Just ignore it all. That’s when the projection will naturally kick in, because your consciousness WANTS to sense something… so it’ll give itself something to sense. That’s a projection.

You can then use your Intent to direct those senses to something subjective… or something objective.


Astral Projection – My Perception of Reality

My first post for 2014 will pertain to my current perception of reality and where I feel I’m at…

For myself, my understanding of reality has shifted so far beyond the common labels people enjoy using (dreams, lucid dreams, astral projection, etc), I don’t identify with that terminology anymore. I simply don’t view reality in a way in which they work anymore. They’re too “physically limiting” for me now.

I have found that experiences in the non-physical (hell, even physical experiences) aren’t something you DO, they’re something you ARE.
As I’ve made mention before, I don’t DO lucid dreaming… instead, I AM lucidly aware.

I recognize that most (or even *ALL*) of the terms people use (dreams, lucid dreams, astral projections, etc) don’t objectively exist. There’s no such thing as a “dream”. There is only an experience in consciousness where your awareness is experiencing a reality which you believe is this physical reality, but it really isn’t.

To me, the labels above are absolutely and completely useless to convey the appropriate meaning of an experience.

As such, this is the method and mode in which I teach. To open the minds of those who come here to see beyond the labels that they have ‘read’ about and see past them to experience consciousness AS consciousness and not a neat and tidy box limiting their experiences. This is how we teach in Destynee’s Plan. We attempt to get the individual to leave their box behind and open their minds to the larger reality… that larger reality includes the physical.


Projection & Meditation – Seeing Through Closed Eyelids

I know that a lot of people here have experienced this before. You’re trying to Project consciously or Meditating and all of a sudden, you know full well that your eyes are shut tight, yet you’re able to see your surroundings just fine!

I’ve experienced this many times while meditating at home sitting in my living room and I’m able to see my surroundings looking exactly as they are. So what is this? Was I *REALLY* seeing my living room? I could see my tv… the tv stand… the wall… the dog beds… they were all there.

Well, it wasn’t until I started doing this on the train going into work each morning that I believe I have a theory. I try meditating on train each morning, the end result is that as the train pulls into Toronto, I’m usually pretty relaxed. I sit there for a bit longer waiting for everyone to leave so that there is room for me to leave as well… and as I’m sitting there I simply continue my meditation. What I experience, usually on most days is the whole “seeing through my eyelids” thing, only what I see isn’t a direct reflection of what is actually going on around me. It’s not even always from the same perspective of where I’m sitting. I’ve seen my fiancé get up and walk away… I’ve seen people who are sitting in front of me get up and leave (not always the same people as are actually there too!)… then upon opening my eyes physically, I see that these people are still sitting there.

My theory is that what we’re “seeing” when we see through our eyelids IS NOT actually physical reality at all… you’re seeing non-physically, and it’s mixed very highly with what you believe is around you at the time.

Thoughts? Comments?


Astral Projection – Dreaming of Projection

I’m a stickler for that statement “dreaming about projection”…

Now, unless what you mean is that the SUBJECT of the dream was projection, for example, you were talking to a friend about astral projection. That, to me, is dreaming of projection.

But what most people I’ve spoken to about this subject mean is that they were aware they were dreaming, yet the experience still felt “strange” and “dreamlike” to them. First, you can’t “dream about projection” in that manner. You’re either aware that you’re non-physical (projection) or you’re not aware that you’re non-physical (dream). <– also, this alludes to the idea that dreams aren’t what we think they are, but that’s a discussion for another time. A lot of people, especially new people to Projection who don’t have much or any experience, confuse “pre-projection sensations” with having a projection. Stuff like waking up or falling asleep with Vibrations and feeling a sense of separation in the same way that people meditating might have these sensations. You can experience them while meditating, while falling asleep or even while waking up. Unless you were explicitly in the non-physical AND aware that you were non-physical, then it’s not a projection. Now let’s quickly address false awakenings. A false awakening is a dream in which you believe you’re PHYSICALLY awake and going about your business. It IS a projection in which you think you’re awake, yet you don’t realize you’re actually still in the non-physical. It is a projection, in as much as a dream is a projection, however you’re still unaware, but it’s still a big step in the right direction. Whatever it is, it’s a great start nonetheless. Everything we experience are stepping stones to not only becoming more familiar with that state of consciousness, but it also means that if you keep at things, you’ll eventually succeed!


Astral Projection – Visual Sensory Deprivation

There’s a great product on the market called the Mindfold.
The nice thing about the mindfold, and other functional products like it, is that you don’t have to worry about your eyes as much. It removes that factor of worry from your projection sessions.

A lot of people, including myself, have had issues where you have your eyes closed… you get really deep, then your eyes begin to flutter.
In the day light this can really ruin things… but with a mindfold on, you don’t have to worry about that light troubling you.

You can actually practice without having to close your eyes at all!
I’ve tested this… and it really works. Try it: find a room in your house which you can remove all light from… for me, it’s a bathroom on our main floor. If I close the door, put a towel under the crack in the door and turn the lights off, it’s 100% dark. Not an ounce of light anywhere creeping in. Now just sit there in the dark with your eyes open… if they begin to close, let them. This isn’t an exercise in keeping your eyes open. Allow them to do whatever they want to.

Eventually, as you sit there, for the most part, meditating with your eyes open, you’ll start to “see” things. These are the same things you “notice” using the noticing exercise. The exact same things you would see if you had your eyes closed in an otherwise well-lit room. You can project from this state just fine too. PROJECTION WITH YOUR EYES OPEN. Why does this work? Because with the room dark, you’ve done the same thing as if you had your eyes closed… you’ve shut off the visual sensory input, and this is the cause for triggering of the 3D Blackness/Void state.

By just doing this, you can initiate a conscious exit projection. Let me know how things go! Enjoy!


What does grounding your body mean in Astral Projection?

One of the nice things about running your own website is that you can see what searches people are using to find your articles with. Someone wanted to know, “what does grounding your body mean in astral projection” (if you recognize this search, please feel free to comment. :))… which is a really valid question, not to mention a good one, since it’s loaded with a lot of preconceived beliefs which I feel are really not really required. So being able to free people from this kind of thinking is great for actually getting to the non-physical and personally experiencing it.

“What does grounding your body mean in astral projection”
What grounding yourself means is the same on the physical level as it is on any non-physical level, this is because it’s not a physical act… it’s an act of consciousness. Grounding yourself goes hand in hand with Centering yourself. It means to remain calm and emotionally balanced at all times. This ties into the phrase “raise your vibrations”… the more focused, ground and centered you can remain, the “higher” your vibrations are. Yup, there’s nothing mystical or magical about “raising your vibrations”. In fact, it’s an act you do on a daily basis and don’t even realize it BECAUSE you probably think it’s some mystical or magical thing.

If actions such as “grounding” are a non-physical thing, then the natural extension of them is that if you can keep yourself ground and centered while projecting, you can not only strengthen your experience, you can extend it too! This is because you can remain calm and notice the ‘signs’ of when you’re about to wake up… and immediately be able to do a technique to remain projecting.

There are more benefits to being grounded and centered… not just in your projection life, but in your waking physical life as well. 🙂


Everything is Consciousness: Analyzing Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection From the Perspective of Consciousness

Are Lucid Dreams the same as OBEs? – IAC

I wanted to share this article, not because I think it’s correct… but because I wanted to point something out that really frustrates me.

Everyone always looks at this question from the tired old perspective that there is this distinction and heavily drawn line between what happens while we’re awake and what happens while we’re asleep. There’s this very narrowly defined box that people have put this question into regarding the very nature of reality. One of the more accepted concepts and ideas floating around the new age community is that all is “one”. Everything is consciousness.

This is a great concept and I fully agree with it… many other people seem to agree with it as well, but then for some reason it simply ends at agreeing with it and nobody seems to want to go much further with it. Or they’re simply not capable or able to take it much further for one reason or another.

EVERYTHING IS CONSCIOUSNESS. It’s a statement that you can repeat to yourself a million times over and you’ll never really begin to understand it until you apply it to every experience your consciousness has had in regards to the very nature of reality and the nature of those experiences. Or more to the point, the nature of consciousness.

EVERYTHING IS CONSCIOUSNESS. What far reaching implications can that statement have upon the idea of what a dream is? … what a lucid dream is? … what an astral projection is? … even what this physical reality is? What kind of implications come from the concept that everything you take into yourself with your 5+ senses regardless of the reality you find yourself experiencing is one in the same thing: consciousness. If EVERYTHING IS CONSCIOUSNESS, why does this seem to stop people at this imaginary line drawn in the sand where one side says “physical” and the other side says “everything else”? Why do we simply refuse to ask the questions that are so begging to be asked?

If EVERYTHING IS CONSCIOUSNESS then how can there be any dividing lines in consciousness? Why do we keep insisting that this concept of everything is one is the correct and then completely ignore the implications of such an idea? Can’t there only be you, the awareness, experiencing? Dream… Lucid Dream… Astral Projection… Physical… all of these things have one common denominator: YOU, or more to the point your awareness/consciousness.

I guess what I’m getting at is that it would be really amazing to see the new age community stop for a second and start to consider the implications of what they teach and start to actually apply those concepts to the experiences we have as conscious beings. I mean, I’ve only started to do begin to analyze my experiences from this perspective and I’ve already opened so many doors to myself. Not just thinking there was more out there than I could see, but KNOWING there was more out there and that most people hadn’t even scratched the surface yet… hell, most people haven’t even begun to ask the important questions.


Meditation Mindfulness – How to Live in the Here and Now

Another Astral Pulse Moderator, Lightbeam, made a really great post on practicing Mindfulness which I wish to share here.

How to Live in the Now

I decided to make a post about mindfulness, because I see so many people around me either running ahead of life, or being left behind in their past. I catch myself sometimes doing this as well, but when I become aware and shift my thoughts, come back to the present moment and fully submerge myself within, the whole perception of life changes instantly. A lot of people are not even aware of this occurrence. Now, stop and think about what moment of the day have you fully experienced, observed and enjoyed without having rolling thoughts in the back of your mind about yesterday, or what are the plans for tomorrow? Sometimes we are given opportunities to experience wonderful events, but we fog them with constant worries, fears, etc. 

Have you come back from a vacation and you wished you could do it all over again, but this time  enjoy certain moments in stillness, rather than worrying about flights, hotels, expenses, etc? 

How many of you have actually stopped and analyzed a present moment with full awareness and have gotten so excited over your observations? I am asking this because I have noticed in my OBEs I am constantly in such a state. Here, not so much and I am trying to change that. But since I consciously started observing present moments, I feel happier and happier. Thing make more sense, life lessons become very transparent and challenges easy to overcome. 

If you forget to stop and smell the roses, then write it down somewhere , so that you get reminded and with time it will become like a reflex. That will help those who are trying to AP to gain more lucidity during dreams. By spending time everyday to observe your surroundings, events, interactions (good or bad) your awareness will raise its frequency. And don’t forget that the power is in the NOW.

Astral Projection – Dealing With Fear and Some Extra Tips

One of my fellow Astral Pulse moderators posted this absolutely great article on dealing with fear.
I’m going to share it here!

There has been a rise in the number of fear based questions lately so I wanted to take a little time to talk about it.

Fear is probably the number 1 reason that most people fail at astral projection. Evidence suggests that when people stop their attempts frequently due to fear, their brain is rewiring itself to invoke fear faster and faster each time the person quits. Each subsequent failed attempt serves to reinforce the new synaptic pathway to work more efficiently.

This hasn’t been proven to be the case for AP specifically but there is no doubt that the brain rewires itself after repeated practice of instruments or typing for instance. When the brain recognizes something that happens often, it likes to be a buddy and help you out by creating short cuts for something familiar. This is what allows great musicians to sing and play instruments simultaneously and seemingly with little effort.

This is why it is a good idea to work on some of your fears before you seriously start to attempt AP. You don’t want to help fear out in anyway and constantly giving in to fear only serves to insure that it will arise faster. However, with determination and practice, you can still overcome it.

There are many different fears that cause people to give up too soon but the most common two are the fear of death and the fear of encountering demons and other nasty beings.

Death being a possibility or consequence of AP should be the furthest thing in your mind. If someone were to die while projecting, it would only be because it was their time to go. They could have been doing anything at that time and the results would have been the same. There is absolutely no causal effect.

Dealing with your fears of encountering demons and such is a little more complex. It can stem from a religious background or even from your personal interests. Some people have noticed a distinct correlation
between their fear of demons and their preference of scary movies and such that deal with them as subject matter.

Everyone likes to get a little scared from watching a scary movie from time to time. The problem is that when you start to worry about demons, your brain will recall the images and emotions you felt when you were enjoying those scary movies. However, it only recalls the fear and not you enjoyment of watching the films.

My personal belief in regards to demons is that they started out as a normal consciousness like you and I. The problem is that they have trapped themselves into constant state of jealousy over the living, self hatred, and hopelessness.

In other word, they have wasted most of their opportunities to evolve and are thus devolving into nothingness. Can you imagine how angry and bitter you would be if you wasted all this potential. If you do happen to encounter one, it is best that you just leave it be and go on your way.

However, if you think that you have it in you to confront one, pay close attention to their real energy and not the projection that they want you to see. They usually do not match. In one of my earlier experiences, I encountered one of these beings. When this being realized that I wasn’t buying into it’s act, it started to struggle with maintaining it’s demonic image.

She was a teenage girl (probably a suicide) and thought I was a demon coming to take her to hell. I was not aware of retrievals at that time so I did not pursue her to help. Besides, she was just too scared of me anyways.

When it comes to facing our fears, I believe that Robert Peterson said it best. He said that we need to figure out what the worst consequences are for what we want to do and decide if we can accept them. If so, you are ready to begin.

Many people don’t like to take the time to meditate and if they don’t, it’s akin to jumping into the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim. Meditating allows you to experience different states of consciousness. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of threads that exist in which the poster says that they are in SP but they still can’t get “out”.

Well, if you really are in SP, all you need to do is realize that you are already in the necessary state of consciousness needed to project. Meditating helps you to realize this.

Another proven success factor is to take a short (30 min- 1 hr) nap a few hours before you make an attempt to project. This works because you are already a little closer to that state that you need to be in due to the short nap. Do not attempt to project while taking this nap.

I can’t stress enough how powerful affirmations are. Saying them puts your subconscious mind on notice that you fully intend to have a projection. They work great and fast. Say them to yourself several times a day and have real meaning in the words you choose.

You should also avoid all source of blue light for at least an hour before you make an attempt. Televisions, computer screens, I-pads, and even cell phones are all sources of blue light. Blue light screws up your internal sleep clock so the brain releases less melatonin that helps us relax and get some sleep.

My favorite thing to do during this hour is to read a good book. There’s no better way to exercise our visualization skills. Reading also puts us in an altered state of consciousness.

This actually led to one of my best validations. I was half way through a book when I projected right into the story. I got to watch it play out as an observer watching a play. I learned later that almost everything I saw played out exactly like it did in the book. There was even a new character that had not been brought up in the book at the point that I had quit reading it. It was a jaw-dropping and blissful moment.

If you are just starting out and have had a few successes, you may not have even recognized them for what they were. Don’t worry. It takes most people many experiences before they have the ONE.
That one experience that makes you want to tell everyone you know, how real AP is. It erases all doubt in your mind and motivates you to double your efforts.

Good luck to all of you.

Astral Projection and Reality Realizations

On the Astral Pulse today, someone relayed an experience they had and then asked if it was an OBE or not.
This is my response…

There are some realizations that people need to make…

A lot of Projection-talk revolves around the term “Out of body”.
There is no such thing as “out of body”… there simply is no body. Ever. There is only consciousness.

While you identify right now as being physically awake and experiencing this physical reality, your consciousness is merely PROJECTING here.

You’re projecting right now. You just don’t recognize it as such because you’ve been taught that this physical reality and this physical body you “inhabit” are the only things that are *REAL*. This is a… I was going to say a lie, but it’s not a lie, because a lie is when you say something which you know to be false and nobody really realizes or understands this truth yet, so it’s not a lie. It’s just a confusing afterthought that nobody really considers.

You’re taught that all of this stuff you see and experience around you is real… you’re never taught to question any of it, but REAL is simply whatever you experience. Whether it’s in this reality or another reality, real is simply that which you experience.

You might be reading this and feel like you’re really confused about what I’m talking about here and you probably have no idea what I’m talking about at this point, but that’s okay, because if you keep at this long enough, you’ll experience this for yourself and you’ll eventually KNOW. You’re also probably very confused right now too, because you probably think I didn’t even remotely answer the question asked.

When in actuality, the answer is laid out all too clearly here.

astral logo

What is the Difference Between an Etheric Projection and an Astral Projection?

From my own experiences and what I’ve researched there isn’t enough evidence that exists from either that dictates there there are these separate “planes” of existence.

From my own experiences, I’ve experienced realities that looked very similar to this physical reality, including areas which I mostly recognize… and I’ve had experiences in realities which are nothing like this physical reality nor are anywhere I recognize.

I surmise from this that what people label as an “etheric” projection is a projection where they are in a non-physical environment that they recognize to be this physical reality… when it’s very strongly possible that all they’re experiencing is a non-physical environment heavily modified by their own consciousness.

See, I believe that people are interpreting their experiences too literal. Robert Monroe did this at first and while it “seemed” like it was correct at the time, he later figured out by his third book that what he was experiencing could not be taking literal. Just like you can’t take a dream and interpret it based upon the literal translation of what you’ve seen/experienced.

So, back to the “etheric” projection… I think it’s strongly supported by the many reports that I’ve read and what I’ve directly experienced myself that reality works much in the same way it does while physically awake/aware. We each experience a non-physical reality (consensus probably) and we each interact with that reality on an interpretational level, meaning that what we experience we must interpret first in order to experience it. While we’re doing this through our projection, we’re not only interpreting our own experience, but other consciousnesses in the “area” (quoted because it’s loosely meant) are also creating and pushing their creations upon others as well… this is why I believe we get reality fluctuations. The further away from the more familiar places we get (ie: our bedroom, house or street) then the more reality fluctuations kick in. Simply put, the source of them is from other consciousnesses working against your own creations.

Going back to the original question… is there a difference between etheric and astral projections, I say only if you believe there is. I don’t think there is any objective evidence out there that supports the existence of different planes. I believe it all comes down to personal interpretation of the experience and what that particular person has experienced or read about previously.

Astral Projection Facebook – Question Response

Someone on the Astral Projection facebook group asked the following question which I would like to address here.

When I am working on AP I lay down on back I usually don’t sleep on my back and I can’t fall a sleep in that position. I get vibrations very quick after 3-4 minutes, then I get numb and I wait for things to happen and only thing that happens is that I open my eyes and start to hallucinate and I see the light through the window and it all goes or sometimes I just wait and I can’t get my physical body to sleep and from the point of numbness and vibrations I don’t know what to do please

Well, what it boils down to here is what it is you’re doing when you’re “just waiting” for your physical body to fall asleep. If you’re just lying there waiting for something to happen, then you’re going to be lying there for a while. You need to give your mind something to do, something to focus on, while the rest of you drifts away.

Basically, what you need to do is focus your mind away from everything that is physical. All of those physical sensory inputs (sight, hearing, etc) need to be completely ignored. This is a lot harder for a most people to do than it sounds. This is the part where you need to “do something”… that something can literally be any technique available. Pick a technique that resonates well with you and use it.

You can focus on your breathing…
You can do the Noticing exercise…
You can do a Mental Rundown…
You can visualize a single object, like a geometric shape…

Whatever you do, you need to be able to focus on it 100% to the exclusion of all else. Now, that doesn’t mean if you get an itch you ignore it or fight against it. If you get a distraction of some kind, just gently and calmly take care of it. Scratch your itch, get a drink if you’re thirsty, etc…

The point here is that to project, it’s more than just lying there waiting for something to happen. You have to actually engage your mind in an activity that diverts the attention away from everything physical. Once you do that, what you’ll find is that you’ll be in a void of sorts… it’s not that you won’t still “feel” or “sense” the physical, it will be that you’re just completely ignoring it instead.

Once you find yourself excluded from this physical reality and you’re experiencing the Void, you have projected! From here, you can ask questions of guides, or place your Intent to experience whatever you want. The limit is your imagination at this point. Although, the hardest part here is going to be holding this state for extended periods of time. This is where becoming really good at meditation will help… considering the fact that what you just did WAS a meditation, you’re probably doing pretty good.

astral void

What’s the “blackness” in the “3D blackness”

I just read a post on World of Lucid Dreaming, where the poster mentioned that they couldn’t get to the 3D blackness in a lit room.

Well, the 3D “blackness” doesn’t LITERALLY mean “blackness”. It just means… “empty space”. Or a lack of visual sensory input.

Does that help?
Here’s a quick exercise you can do to show the effect…
Stand in front of a mirror and pick a spot on your face and just stare at it. Try to not blink or move your eyes from that spot. What are you looking for? Well, as you stare at the unchanging visual, you’ll begin to see irregularities happen. Things will appear and disappear… things will move and bend…
THIS effect is the what the 3D blackness is. Basically, when you view an unchanging scene, your mind will begin to slowly shut off your visual perception. That’s the very event which you’re watching when you do this… this is part of the reason why we blink, it “resets” the scene we’re looking at. When we “enter” the “3D blackness”, all that means is that our visual sensory input has been reduced to near zero.
At that point, we’ve visually removed ourselves from “seeing” this physical reality and you’re now “seeing” a different non-reality reality. You’re seeing the lack of visuals. It’s kind of the same as the sound you hear when there’s no sound to hear… you’re ALWAYS hearing something. Well, you’re also always SEEING something. That’s what you see when there’s nothing to see… 3D Blackness. It’s calming and serene.
It’s really a different state of consciousness. It’s a state of consciousness you can use to project from too!

Meditation – Quieting Mind?

Everyone hears about meditation and hears that “quieting your mind” is a must or else you’re not doing it right!

Meditation isn’t about quieting the mind. It’s never been about that.

Yes, you can ATTEMPT to quiet the mind… but then you’re using a manipulative force in order to do so… and when is manipulating anything into doing what it doesn’t want to do ever been a good thing?

Simply realize the truth… you are the awareness being aware of the thoughts being passed by it. Then simply let that event take place, non-judgmentally.

That is meditation.

Eventually you’ll also realize another truth about meditation… that meditation isn’t an act you do, it’s not something you put 10, 20, or 60 minutes aside per day to do. That’s the very act of blasphemy.

Meditation isn’t something you do, it’s a state of consciousness you exist in, at all times.

So by all means, don’t ever quiet your mind… instead, quiet yourself and listen to your mind.

Why am I Not Enlightened Yet? – Rupert Spira

Bob Hiller (on facebook) posted a really great video from a guy named Rupert Spira. I\’ve never heard of this guy until now, but I think I\’m definitely going to be giving his videos a good listen to! This one is entitled \”Why am I Not Enlightened Yet?\”. A woman asked him this question, and the response is just absolutely fantastic and enlightening in itself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

Strong Lucid Awareness Experience – May 21, 2013

So, last night was pretty fruitful in the spontaneous projection department for me… finally. LoL

I haven\’t been actively practicing projection, so I\’ve been relying upon my spontaneous projections to have experiences. I have them semi-often, but I don\’t usually remember enough to write down later in the morning… and I\’m usually too tired to do it upon waking. So thankfully I retained a bit more of this experience than usual.

I had one REALLY LONG experience that felt like it lasted at least an hour. Unfortunately, I don\’t write this stuff down, so I\’ve forgotten most of it… however, what I do remember is pretty neat. I don\’t believe I had a full astral awareness throughout the experience, but it was a very strong lucid awareness almost on the cuspe of an astral awareness. What I mean by this is that I obviously knew I was non-physical, but I didn\’t have a full waking awareness of knowing where I was and how I got there… I was with my parents, so I had that bit of knowledge. I remember walking my parents around explaining to them the non-physical and all the things you can do while experiencing it. For example, I picked up a glass and asked if anyone was thirsty and proceeded to fill the glass just by my willpower. I held the glass in the palm of my hand and it filled with whatever I wanted. First it was apple juice, then orange juice. I also remember grabbing a candy off the shelf of the particular store we were in and tasting it. It was soooooo good… best orange flavour ever. LoL

At one point near the end, I took my leave from my parents as I just wanted to fly around a bit. I did so, and came across some kinds playing football. The ball bounced over to me, which I then picked it up and threw it back.

Sadly, this is where everything ended… although usually I\’m able to \’sense\’ when an experience is starting to end, yet this time it just faded to black before I even had a chance to notice. I tried in vain to retain the experience and strengthen it, but by then I was already feeling myself in bed… bleh. LoL

Anyway, as I said, the whole thing felt like an hour, at least… I even remember commenting about the duration of it to my parents at the time. Funny.

What Kind of Projection Experience Did You Have?

I found a simple questionnaire a little while ago which I then modified slightly to work with my own particular terminology system for determining the type of awareness you had during any particular non-physical experience.

Ask yourself the following two questions, answer them with either yes or no, then look up the answers in the following legend to find out what kind of experience you had.

Answer the following questions:
Did you realize you were dreaming? (just that single objective, did you know you were dreaming?)
A. Yes
B. No

Did you have a \”waking awareness\”, in that you had all your physical memories and knew who and where you were.
C. Yes
D. No

A & C = Astral Awareness Experience
A & D = Lucid Awareness Experience
B & C = Dream Awareness Experience
B & D = Dream Awareness Experience

Some More Astral Projection Questions!

D01, on the Spiritual Forums forum asked these questions:

I\’d like to answer them here, because they\’re actually really great questions!

1) Can an individual close one\’s eyes and instantaneously arrive at the astral bridge (1 minute or less) being only a practitioner of qigong–never practicing astral projection–for 1 year; or, is this a delusional thought?
In the world of Projection, anything is possible. People have spontaneous projections even without knowing what a projection is… this is usually the first step in their discovery of the process. If you\’re excellent at focusing… and more importantly, focusing away from the physical, then yes, this kind of thing would be very possible. There is a big HOWEVER though. The problem is that someone who hasn\’t had any direct projection experiences of their own, doesn\’t really know or understand how the process happens.

I won\’t say it can\’t happen, because as I said… anything can happen. For this particular scenario, even with the training that QiGong provides, it\’s probably just unlikely

In the end, just work on meditation… and more importantly, work on trying to ignore the physical as much as possible. This will remove you from this reality… which is the end goal. 🙂

2) If an individual does not see their astral body leave the physical body, then did I really experience astral projection?
Yes, it\’s a Projection. Projection is about being consciously aware that you\’re experiencing a reality that you recognize as not being this physical reality. That\’s it really. The sensations of \”leaving\” the body and other separation phenomenon are only symptoms of the process by which you have this experience. Just like a lucid dream illustrates the process that you projected by becoming aware while ALREADY being in the non-physical… or the classic obe separation experience whereby you have the perception that you\’re \”separating\” from your body is only the process by which you experience the non-physical.

So anytime you have an experience where you recognize you\’re not in this physical reality, *IS* a Projection. You can understand now that you\’ve probably had more Projections than you realize.

3) Does the astral bridge look like Space with only star like figures swirling around, and can this be referred to Dr. Robert Monroe\’s 3D blackness
That is one particular interpretation, yes. Your interpretation can, and probably will be, be much different. It can even be different each time you experience it.

4) Is Dr. Monroe\’s Focus 21 the astral bridge and if so does one have to get to arrive at that stage, or see it, in order to astral project?
Just to clarify one quick thing. Robert Monroe wasn\’t a doctor. He was an electrical engineer. 🙂
Now onto your question… my understanding is that, yes, Focus 21 (or around there somewhere) is the \”bridge\”. You don\’t have to ever experience it in order to project, consciously or otherwise. More often than not, you\’ll probably skip right past it.

Now, my honest opinion, is to completely forget about any of the \”Focus Level\” stuff and just project. Don\’t be so concerned with what other people say happens AFTER you\’ve projected, just work towards having experiences in the non-physical… explore and have fun. Log your experiences… then after having LOTS of them, go back and begin analyzing them.

Frank Kepple’s “Astral Projection Truth” Newsletters

Frank released four newsletters before his “disappearance”. I just recently found these in my dropbox and remembered that they weren’t the easiest things to find, so I thought I’d post them here.