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Title: Affirmations, Sigils and the Subconscious
Post by: personalreality on January 27, 2010, 23:20:44
I would like to post this under an Astral Projection heading as well but I will leave that decision up to the moderators. 

The use of Affirmations in AP practice has been supported by many authors.  It seems that a lot of us have difficulty with projection because we have subconscious beliefs or programs that tell us we can't project, or we're afraid, or we don't really believe that a non-physical reality exists, etc. etc.  So, a very helpful way of by-passing these limiting thought patterns is to give the subconscious a different command.  This is where affirmations come into play.  By using a appropriately formed affirmation we are telling our subconscious how we want it to react when presented with certain situations.  Beyond that, using an affirmation is also forming an intention, which is essentially telling [the universe/higher self/oversoul/spirit guides/God/etc.] that this is something you want.  Working with intentions is also a way of focusing your personal energy and moving it around reality. 

For many people, working with affirmations has made a big difference in their practice, but sometimes we need a little more kick, a method that is a little more direct.  This is where Sigilry can help.  We know that the language of the subconscious is symbolism.  That's why your dreams don't always make sense, because they are often messages from realms of reality where conversations take place on a telepathic level (which means sharing entire perceptions instead of just words).  When these messages filter down to your mind your subconscious scours your memory to find images that are symbolic of the original message, things that could be interpreted in a way that would most accurately express the content of the original message.  So then wouldn't it make more sense to give your subconscious commands in its own language?  Well, that's what Sigilry does.  A Sigil is essentially a magickal symbol that has been imbued with an intention and charged with your personal power. 

The formation of a Sigil starts much the same way as the formation of an Affirmation does, you start with your intention.  Like Affirmations, you want to create an intention that is positive, present tense, meaning you don't want to include any negative words (no, not, won't, can't, etc.) and you want to write it as if what you're intending has already happened (so instead of "I will easily project out of my body" you would write "I easily project out of my body").  And, as with affirmations, you want the intention to be short and to the point without any unnecessary words.  The most important part is to make sure that your intention is completely unambiguous, you don't want to leave any room for misinterpretation.  It's somewhat of a cosmic joke that you get what you ask for (like wanting to grow spiritually but leaving that spiritual bit out and wind up gaining 3 inches on your waist line).  So write and rewrite your intention a number of times to make sure that it says exactly what you want it to.   

From here, things move away from typical Affirmation formation, so I will include a short tutorial.


Title: Re: Affirmations, Sigils and the Subconscious
Post by: horaciocs on February 01, 2010, 21:36:22
I had never read anything on that! I'll try it out, thanks!

**Just gave it a try, it seems to have some effect indeed! I made up a sort of 'I am now in Focus Ten' phrase and scrambled it up in an organized way. Ended up with M, D, F, S and N. Then arranged it into a symbol that looks like this:

It contains each of the letters above, is quite easy to remember and none of the letters is that obvious to the eye. (It's a square with one extra horizontal line and a X traced inside of it)

I just tried it and it seemed to help me focus a bit. I'll prepare myself to go to bed now and try it out again. If there's success, props go to you, personalreality!