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Title: Dancing
Post by: LightBeam on November 09, 2020, 04:34:03
Ok, I'll stop posting every dream of mine, but I couldn't resist posting this one because it has a big significance. I think this is THE dream showing upcoming unity.

I was in a huge ball room and it appeared that there was a masquerade ball. However there were two big groups of people, not necessary the group of the bad and the group of the good, just two opposite groups. They were arguing and threatening each other. There was no music nor dancing, just tension and haltered. I was afraid they were going to start killing each other and called upon my helpers. Suddenly, several people appeared. They were all wearing ninja like outfits. I couldn't see their faces, but they  spread among the crowd and started whispering something. I could hear what were they saying. In a few minutes, the music started, the two groups merged and started dancing together. The colors became more vibrant, the atmosphere was joyous and light. At one point I found myself dancing a twist in a circle with people LOL. At that point I woke up and smiled.

I think this clearly represents the division in America, but if this dream is prophetic, unity is manifesting.

Title: Re: Dancing
Post by: EscapeVelocity on November 10, 2020, 09:36:08
Please do not stop posting these incredible dreams, especially if the mood invites you to post them. We all need this now during these times, the good stuff, from wherever and whomever it may come...and from you it is always pure and genuine. If you feel it, send it!

It is remarkable the similarities that are showing up. It was a year or more ago I think, that I shared my 'dancing' theme, which was witnessing an incredibly artful dance expression by maybe fifty dancers to Led Zeppelin's song In The Light. Wonderfully and sensually rhythmic...

I wonder that these are not somehow still, small pieces of a puzzle we are fitting together..