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Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: eeb on June 25, 2003, 14:56:31
Hello Nay,
That was a nice read! You were really close, if you already had astral vision and saw your astral arms moving out of coincidence with your physical arms.. One time you will be lucky, and get out, no matter of your kids or your soundy partner!

He, about the dream you were talking about: I don't think it has to be like you said, that your bad feeling passed on to you kid.

The first impression I got, was that maybe you sensed the dream of your kid and in that way got a negative feeling. Well, that's just what I thought.


Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: Nay on June 25, 2003, 15:15:45
Thanks Eeb!  I've been out a couple of times but only lasted a few seconds to a min..[:(]  but lately I haven't been able get THAT far with all the
I've informed the hubby NOT to come looking for me..that I am

Nay. [;)]

P.S. I want to thank TruthSeeker for posting his first really is an inspiration!

Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: dino333 on June 25, 2003, 15:54:07
I have 2 brothers, both younger than me, who are constantly getting up in the night and making odd noises while sleeping. It's such a pain! But they're both going to camps sometime this summer and I think at one point they're going to be gone at the same time. Both your's and Truth's stories are inspirational to me and now I shall redouble my efforts[:D].

PS Nay, you said something about a neg? Maybe if you tried saying "Yay" instead of "Nay", you'd be happier.

Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: Nay on June 25, 2003, 18:43:05
LOL..not sure what cha mean about me saying yay and not nay..?

That's been my Nickname for niece and nephews couldn't pronounce Renee' stuck.[:D]

I hope I didn't give the impression that I am unhappy [:(] I'm actually a big happy goof-ball!  Just frustrated with the whole disturbing me all the time thing...[V] And the dream I was in when my almost three year old woke me up..had a ummmmmm gloomy feel to it.

Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: Alezunde on June 25, 2003, 20:05:39
Wow, I didn't read the whole thing... cause I;m lazy like that.
But I did read the part about your daugher's dream...
That's creepy.
It's just me, I think, but whenever I hear about stuff like that, my intuition tells me it's a definite BAD thing. I think it could very well be a neg that tried to get your daughter...
Thankfully it didn't. ; )

If it was me.. I'd simply try to give her some energy and make her stronger that way...

But, I'm really new to this all, and I'm not certain if that would help.


Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: kromeknight on June 25, 2003, 21:14:00
Hello Nay
I can symparthize with you as my wife would often roll over and cuddle me during the night just as I'm about to exit or come into the room for some reason while practising. We also have a baby in a cot sleeping in our room who thinks it great fun to wake up just as I'm attempting to project. It's a conspiracy to stop me I often grumble but it's great to read of other ppl's attemtps in the face of reality  thanks Nay for sharing [:)]

Ps I'm going away for a week so please excuse my 'no replys for' awhile
Take care All [:D]

Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: Nay on June 25, 2003, 21:14:14
It's just me, I think, but whenever I hear about stuff like that, my intuition tells me it's a definite BAD thing. I think it could very well be a neg that tried to get your daughter...
Thankfully it didn't. ; )

If it was me.. I'd simply try to give her some energy and make her stronger that way...

That was my take also Alezunde..I think the reason why it did no harm was because she just simply knew no better [:D] The innocence of a child if you will.  And I certaintly am not going to say any different to her.  The minute she has knowledge of some kind of fear, is the minute she feeds it the energy it needs to become real to least thats what I think...[:P]

Thanks for your input!!

Nay. [;)]

Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: Nay on June 25, 2003, 21:35:08
Whewww.. so I am not alone in the conspiracy theory?...It amazes me how accurate the timing

[:(]...will miss your banter while you are gone..Have a great week!

Nay. [;)]

Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: Squeek on June 26, 2003, 02:32:05
Reading all of this just makes me that much happier to be a teenager  :D

Wait.  It sucks.  What am I talking about?!?!  Parent interruptions... School... Friends... Other stuff I can think of that I don't really ever deal with...


Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: neg removal5 on June 26, 2003, 03:18:08
Hi Nay

     I think you could probably fix that situation with your husband.  Have you ever heard of de-snore.  It comes in a little squirt bottle, and you spray some in your spouses mouth at night before they go to sleep.  they say it works.  You can probably type de-snore under a search engine, and possibly find something on it.  It sounds like if you can just get past the snoring, you will be on your way sailing.  Have a good one

Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: DOA on June 26, 2003, 14:34:16

its a training tool.  If you can project with 3 kids in the house and a spouse who snores then you will be able to get out anytime you want.  i have 3 boys but my wife doesnt snore.  But anyway I have same problem.  I somtimes go to another room but its hard to come up with a excuse.  But if you can get over the kids and the snoring your in business...


Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: Nay on June 26, 2003, 15:08:40
Neg5- Yep...that was the first thing we tried...didn't work [:(]
but thanks for the tip anyhoo!

DOA- I tried that positive approach at the beginning of me trying for a conscious AP/OBE..ect..But it happens EVERYTIME..LOL...I will try and continue with it, but every once in a butt is going downstairs to the couch!!

Thanks Ya'll for your replies [:D]

Nay. [;)]

Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: Asisya on June 26, 2003, 17:44:50
Hey Pavlov's Dog...learn from your experience and GIVE IN, go downstairs and get on with your AP's ALREADY. You would be travelling throughout the "universe" by now if you would do this ONCE or TWICE a week, which I know you don't do! Make the sacrifice so that you can finally get where you have wanted to go for the last twenty years! When will you learn? You are only going to continue to be annoyed and angry w/your significant other over something he has no control over. I WILL be getting the "sleep angel" for my annoying snorer of a husband or maybe an ice pick through the! So now I have posted...back to lurking in the shadows until I find another one of YOUR posts to write mean things about. [;)]

Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: Nay on June 26, 2003, 18:44:34
LOL....Pavlov's Dog?.....Where the hell did that come from????
You're lucky I don't come kick your Astral butt!!! LOL..

Yes, I know..sniff,sniff I will go to the couch at least twice a week, oh mighty Lurker!  If for no other reason than to get better and come scare the sh*t out of YOU!! [:P]

Well, Neg5..that was my one and only friend that is a girl...Like her so far? smart-butt and all? LOL...

Keep the post coming.."Asisya"   (Ice pic thru the nose...way funny)

Nay. [;)]

Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: dino333 on June 26, 2003, 22:13:24
Originally posted by Nay

LOL..not sure what cha mean about me saying yay and not nay..?

Sorry if I offended you with that but whenever I see your name I think of nay-sayers, which aren't very positive. Yay! Seemed like a much brighter alternative.

Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: Greytraveller on June 26, 2003, 22:18:25
Nay -
You probably will have a projection fairly soon. Yet it is likely to occur during sleep and/or a dream. Then you will be quite surprised because you were not expecting it. So don't get frustrated as it sounds like you are getting close. [:)]

Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: Squeek on June 26, 2003, 23:58:00
Nay, I'm sure you'll get it eventually.  It's really just a matter of finding the perfect moment and running with it in your situation.  If you do get it, Giveme all the details because I WANT THEM!!!  Whoo.  You're my inspiration  :P


Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: Nay on June 27, 2003, 01:41:13 did not offend me at all!! if you stick around you'll see I am quite the opposite of NEGATIVE..[:P] [:o)] [:D]

GreyTraveller..thank-you..I can't wait! Haven't I seen you at Astral society? I check in over there every other day!  It's a good site, but I love my Astral Pulse! [^] are too cute [:I]

off to bed..not the

Happy travels.
Nay [;)]

Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: Squeek on June 27, 2003, 02:25:33
Hehe no I'm not.  I'm actually quite ugly.  On the inside I'm pretty (If you like guts and blood.)  

Make sure your teenagers are cool when they get to that age..  Cause i'm not :X  :D  :p  *face*


Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: dino333 on June 27, 2003, 14:41:29
[:)]Insert *walks out of bomb shelter and takes off helmet*
I'm still alive!!!!

Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: Squeek on June 28, 2003, 02:03:18
NAY GOT IT! Let's all dance now


get funky.


Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: Tao on September 07, 2003, 02:30:10
Hey.... i know how to dance too :))

 o   o/
/|\ /|
 )) ((


Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: Tao on September 07, 2003, 02:32:37
Hey I can dance too :))))))))))

 o    o/
/|\  /|
 ))  ((

hehehe :)

Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: LittleNinja on September 07, 2003, 05:43:38
Hi Nay

Here's a site i found sometimes ago that talks about how, depending the way we breath, can affect our body in some way.  In it, it has some info regarding snoring and other symptoms.  I suggest you read it.  It's quite interesting.[:)]

I got this site around June of last year but somehow when i tried going to it today, i got an error.  OHh welll... but luckily i saved the article. Hahahhah.  THEY CAN'T STOP ME!!!!!! MUahhahaha.[:P]

Anyways, here's the article.


by Frieda Belakhova


BREATHING. We all need it like air as there is no life without it. But do we actually notice how we breathe, and do we know what is the best and the right way to breathe? We all know that oxygen is what we need, and this is true, but the question is how much of it is necessary for normal functioning of the body. Apparently much less than we think we need.

Sounds like a paradox, doesn't it?

And an even more bizarre paradox is that it is the carbon dioxide that our lungs produce and we expel as soon and as much as we can, that practically helps to absorb oxygen and utilize it in the body.

Carbon dioxide is the fundamental nutrition of every life form on Earth. It acts as the main regulator of all functions in the organism, as it is the main internal environment, regulating activities of all vitamin and fermented substances of the organism. It is the vitamin of all vitamins, and is the basic food product of all life forms on Earth. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air. Animals feed on plants and humans feed on both of these.

That means that it would be much more veneficial for us to keep carbon dioxide in our body longer and in greater quantity. And that leads to the conclusion that deep breathing is not all that good for us, as we were conditioned to believe for generations. Breathing deeply, we inhale a lot of oxygen which we can't absorb anyway, and at the same time when inhaling, expel too much carbon dioxide, which could have helped us to absorb more oxygen and give more of it to our tissues.

It can be easily proven by trying to breathe elaborately deeply for 2-3 minutes. As a result you may feel light-headed, dizzy and have a few other unpleasant sensations which are caused by hyperventilation. Then try and hold your breath for as long as you can, and all these sensations disappear.

This discovery was made around forty years ago by a Russian clinical doctor, now Professor K.P. Buteyko. Working at the hospital and spending hundreds of hours by the patients' bedside, he noticed a considerable deepening in patients' breath as death approached. By the depth of the breath he could prognose how many days or even hours were left before the death occurred.

This discovery led to the understanding that deep breathing removes the carbon dioxide out of the body. This in turn causes the blood vessels to spasm and results in oxygen starvation of the tissues which leads to hypertention, stenocardia (angina pectoris) with the resultant myocardial infarction (heart attack), endarteritis (inflamation of the innermost coating of an artery, usually occurring in legs) or ulcerative stomach disease. Deep breathing also results in constriction of the bronchial tubes which leads to asthma.
Symptoms of the various combinations of disturbances in the organism of the deep breathing person are exceptionally diverse. The traditional principles and methods of disease analysis have resulted in the various symptoms of the deep breathing disease - bronchospasms, heart muscle spasms, increased or decreased arterial pressure, fainting spells with convulsions - being called illnesses: bronchial asthma, stenocardia, hypertension, epilepsy, while Prof. Buteyko calls them symptoms of one disease: deep breathing.

So if deep breathing has such a destructively poisonous influence on our organism, then liquidation of the disturbances names as separate illnesses should happen, by removing the deficit of carbon dioxide in the organism, by learning to breath shallowly.

So, in fact, the fundamental law of death has been discovered: the deeper the breathing, the more serious the disease, the closer the death. And, to say it the other way, the shallower the breath, the healthier, the more enduring, the longer living the organism.

Though asthma sufferers have more oxygen in their blood than healthy people, they experience shortages of oxygen and find it hard to breathe.

Asthma is the organism's reaction to the deficit of carbon dioxide in the blood. When the bronchospasm occurs, breathing stops and carbon dioxide in the blood increases while oxygen decreases. When the balancing between the two is achieved, the attack will stop by itself. This is a natural reaction of the organism to deep breathing. In the past, asthma sufferers were considered long livers, they suffered a lot but did not die during the attack because they wouldn't exhale carbon dioxide.

Now there is a lot of medication that opens up the bronchi forcibly, that is, removes the defensive reaction of the organism. People start breathing, the contents of carbon dioxide in the blood gets washed out and they acquire a number of other diseases in addition to asthma. A lot of them die at a very young age - not because of asthma but because of the medication.

The method of treatment by Buteyko trains patients to breathe shallowly and in most cases gives almost 100% recovery rate with no side effects whatsoever. One hundred and fifty different diseases have been treated successfully with the Buteyko breathing method.

Professor Buteyko calls his method a volithional liquidation of deep breathing or volitional breathing normalization.

Like most of great discoveries the history of Buteyko has been marked by academic rejection of the treatment. Despite official approval and the use of the method in the Russian space and athletic programmes, beaurocracy has seen Buteyko expelled from his official positions.

ANNIE FERDMAN suffered from asthma, exzema (skin condition), frequent colds and infections and all sorts of allergies since she was three. She started her training in Buteyko breathing technique in July 1993 when she was six and a half years old. Now she is a healthy and happy girl: her asthma is gone, she hardly ever gets a cold, no allergic reactions, no exzema.

Another example of a very sever asthma sufferer.

ADEL TIBAILEH at 54 started practising the Buteyko breathing technique having been an asthmatic for many years on heavy medication. The skin on her legs, arms and back was all covered in sores. She also had big itchy sores on her scalp and was losing a lot of hair. Her fingers and toes were crooked with arthritis.

As a result of practising the Buteyko breathing technique, Adel stopped taking her asthma medication. She considers she has no asthma any more. Her scalp and the skin of her body have healed and her fingers and toes have partially straightened.

The Buteyko breathing technique helps to lose those unwanted kilos, the appetite reduces, likes and dislikes towards food change, the need for sweets, chocolate and fatty food changes to healthier tastes. The metabolic rate is raised due to quicker and more effective "burning" of the food. This way you don't have to follow a diet or suffer from self imposed limitations. All the processes happen in a very natural way. Stomach aches, constipation, bloating and wind all disappear when you breathe shallowly as the smooth muscles of your bowel dilate and open up the same way the bronchi and blood vessels do.

COLLETTE TALLAR, after her gall bladder was removed at the age of 32, suffered from bloating, stomach aches and allergies (running nose). Having started on shallow breathing training at the age of 33, she lost 4kgs, her stomach aches disappeared and her nose dried out, in only three weeks of training.

GEORGE GOTSIS at 64 started on the Buteyko breathing technique as he suffered from heavy snoring and sometimes apnea. He was also heavily overweight.

As a result of the training, George stopped snoring completely, lost 11kgs and continues to lose weight, his eyesight has improved, he is full of energy and has not even once had a cold since.

CAROL RIJKER for many years suffered from an inexplicable dry cough which hadn't responded to any medical treatment. After she had taken the Buteyko breathing course, her cough stopped.

ALAN BITTON, 26, started doing the Buteyko breathing course because of debilitating insomnia that left him without energy and caused problems in all aspects of his life.

His sleep became normal after the first few classes, then he experienced a great increase in energy, he lost some weight and started doing sports. He feels on top of the world now.

These are only a few examples of how the Buteyko breathing technique effects people. The course of training usually takes three weeks and consists of ten classes and the improvement is felt and seen from day one. You experience more energy as your blood circulation improves and the oxygen supply increases to your brain and all other cells of your body.

This method is especially beneficial for pregnant women. Due to shallow breathing your pregnancy will be without complication, without more than necessary weight gain and you have an easy confinement. A baby born to a shallow breathing mother, will certainly be healthy.

So breathe shallowly and enjoy your life to the fullest!

START YOur Engine!!!!  READY. GET SET. GO..... BREATH SHALLOWLY!!![:)][:D]

Edit: i"ve bolded a few of the important stuff.

Title: Getting Frustrated..!!
Post by: Nay on June 25, 2003, 14:43:44
Last night I was reading TruthSeeker's post again (his first OBE) I was determined to have my own!!

Went to bed a little early..all was quiet and smooth going to start with..I started repeating over and over in my head. "now I am out of my body"...I would catch myself drifting to sleep but just start again with the I am now out of my body.  I did this several times..then all of a sudden my voice in my head got loud and cystal clear..and my astral sight started to swirl into view.  I knew what to expect because I have done this before.  I tried to remain calm and not get too excited....then the snoring started..OMG I know I have mentioned this before..but WHY does it happen right when I am about to seperate????? Anyhoo, I hit my hubby and said "turn over" I thought about TruthSeekers post..soooo I continued instead of just going to sleep like I normally do.  Started from scratch all over again.  I must have drifted into a dream can't remember what but did have the feeling that it wasn't too pleasant...was startled awake by my almost 3yr right in my face!!  I wasn't upset with this because  he woke me from a negative feeling and now I could just start over again.. I put him to bed and started yet again......Well, I am sure you know what I am going to say..yep.. the snoring..

I swore I would not leave my bed..but I went downstairs to the couch...Ahhhhhhh blessed quiet.....I of course started ALLLLLLLLL over again..I  became aware of paralyis...I couldn't see anything yet so I was trying to concentrate on getting out of my body....Then...I heard my hubby get up (bedroom is above family room) geez I can't win for loosing...arrrrggghhhh.. I tried not to focus on him and the stupid creaking floor.. I managed to stay in paralyis....UNTIL...hubby decided to come look for me..actually now that I think about was kinda funny cause I am laying there still paralyzed but waving my astral arms..saying " don't come down...I am almost there...NOOOOOOOOOOO!!"   my left astral arm kept going thru the wall to where the stairs
Of course he didn't hear my pleas..and pops his head around the corner and says all innocently.."Are you ok, Honey"?  WTF???? I open my physical eyes..and then imagine I am shooting lasers out of my eyes at No just kidding..I went to bed and called it a night.

I would probably have alot of OBE's if I could just be left alone for awhile..[:(]  But with three kids home for the summer and a hubby with snoring disease, what's a girl to do?

While I was typing this my daughter whom is 9yr, came in and said "I had a weird dream"  I asked her to tell me..(I love hearing about their dreams) She said that her older brother 11yrs, was messing with the microwave and started hitting it with a chainsaw.. he turned around and his eyes were black and he came at her with the chainsaw..yikes! I asked her if she was scared and what did she do?
She said she wasn't really scared but just looked at him until he started chasing her with the saw..then she got on a flying horse and they flew away...I love that!

 The question though it possible that the negative feeling I had last night, could it have gone to her?  It sounds like a neg who made himself look like her brother.  I of course don't tell her this she is too young..don't want to scare the crap out of her.  Perhaps I should pray for a white light protection for the kids?  

Thanks for listening!

Nay. [;)]