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Title: Thanks for your ongoing participations!
Post by: Adrian on April 04, 2002, 18:26:02
Greetings Everyone!

Just a quick note from Robert, myself, all the moderators and everyone else at the Astral Pulse, to offer our  sincere thanks to everyone for your ongoing participation in these forums

In less than 2 months since we started, we have achieved, over 330 members posting over 3000 individual messages, including over 1000 messages in our busiest Forum on OBE.

You can be sure we will be doing our best to enhance the main Astral Pulse web site and these forums as we progress, and the intention is to bring you more useful services in the future.

Please remember - if you experience any problems with the service, or have any suggestions, then please either post them in the Forum provided, or email us at:

We would also like to request that you access the main web site from now as:

And the forums as:

Please pass on the word to as many people as you can. The more members we have, the richer the site will be for everyone.

Thanks once again, and we hope you continue to enjoy this service and find it of value on your chosen path.

With very kindest regards, light and blessings to all,

Robert, Adrian and the team at The Astral Pulse.