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 on: November 26, 2014, 15:57:47 
Started by zacko - Last post by Drayco
HI BlueFirePheonix

Can you pretty please explain the "going internally" in more detail. how is it different from either the dot on the wall or the running way of exiting? I also seem to get to a certain point and then either fall asleep (usually) or totally lose concentration. I get passed the vibrations and the noises. but then I either wake up or everything fades.

So maybe a different option is so something to try. 

Any advise will be stunning.

 on: November 26, 2014, 15:42:40 
Started by Newoldsoul - Last post by Jdeadevil
Haha, did you try and say B*** S*** by any chance? Because it always converts it to that when I say it. XD

 on: November 26, 2014, 14:34:31 
Started by Kevinv2 - Last post by Szaxx
If they keep repeating there's something in them you need to do. Don'tlook at them as nasty, just look at them as a lesson. Being strong minded may help. You beat the bullies by doing this exact thing.
As they are not going to harm you, maybe you should take the lead role and do to them what they do to you in some way. You are far stronger than them in all cases but you need to know this. Remember that you have more power than them and don't have fear. It be just the fear you're giving in to.
At times you have to give in, this time isnt one of them. You can beat them, you have to simply know this and they'll have the fear and leave you alone.
Be strong knowing you will win.

 on: November 26, 2014, 14:00:41 
Started by sheriff_rango - Last post by sheriff_rango
When I was nominally an atheist the lack of an afterlife was a great source of comfort to me.

Is there still the choice to opt out of existence once and for all? I mean after death.

And no, I'm not suicidal...

Maybe its ego-driven:an unhealthy attachment to my physical being that, this life has to be the only one or something. Still eternal nothingness sounds rather wonderful.

 on: November 26, 2014, 13:50:23 
Started by sheriff_rango - Last post by sheriff_rango
This has been the recurring theme in my dreams this year. I keep finding kids in mild peril like crawling on stairways, on slopes or landscapes that start sloping once I'm there etc. Generally they're unattended and unaware of any danger. Sometimes there's two or more and I'm trying to carry them all. Another slightly less common scenario is that they are crying and I'm trying to comfort them. In both cases as I hold them they usually shrink and sometimes they speak. These dreams are quite frantic and awkward.

 Can anyone interpret this for me?  Its been my most common dream for most of the year and it's gotta signify something, right? The sites I've looked up have been too vague, too general and I'm not especially intuitive by nature. Thanks. smiley

 on: November 26, 2014, 11:31:51 
Started by Kevinv2 - Last post by Kevinv2
hmm i think i see what your going with this though im still not sure on how to solve a few of my nightmares that some may be able to help.
I just stopped one i was having fights with my sister constant in on guilt dream last night, just cured everything by just with three words that wasn't really said very often between us, i feel that one wont come back.

The two nightmares that keep coming back that i do not know how to solve.

Gay nightmares, i keep having dreams of men trying to, or having sex with me, when to be honest im straight 100% dam sure of it but yet no matter how much i try it wont first it was nothing but fear, but after shoot to be honest getting used to having those dreams, at first i tired talking to them, while well i don't need to get into it. they never talk! 2 i tried fighting them if there's a object near by they always overpower or don't die! Im not sure how to stop these.

the school nightmare keeps coming back of people making fun of me, calling me ugly or gross girls not wanting a thing to do with me. most of the bully dreams i stopped i fight back solved the problem, realized im not scared to fight if i half too. So in theses dreams i try to ignore them doesn't work. I tried yelling back at them nope, Tired to joke with them and make fun of myself, thinking maybe i do care and just go with it. No they keep coming back. keep in mind this angers me im 30 years old its been to long to keep having those dreams -_-

 on: November 26, 2014, 10:20:53 
Started by DreambreaX - Last post by AAAAAAAA
have you experiencing this? can you share what you have experiences, your story.

Grattitude for your share

Yes. I haven't fully remembered the reincarnation process yet, as it is something most people forget as they're born. From what I have remembered, there are a series of negotiations that can be made before being led into your next life. The rest is a blur.

 on: November 26, 2014, 08:44:25 
Started by Sagar - Last post by Kzaal
You're right the spirit world has it's own set of rules but they're more like moral codes.
Physics do not apply in heaven, they can be applied (example: if I want to jump on a trampoline)
But you are the one making the rule, as if it was a blank sheet of paper and you just draw whatever you want on it.
I see the universe as a cube always in expansion but always scaling down to keep it's initial size. (the cube is standing in the astral has the same size but inside it always gets bigger).
If you want to see something in that universe as a spirit you can go in and out but after if you are enlightened and stopped reincarnation you still have that blank sheet of paper. Only you can't do anything in the physical world. Example you wouldn't be able to change the course of a planet.
You could however, contact spiritual people living in the physical plane.
This is just like when someone say: Hey didn't anyone ever told ya to not touch someone's car radio?
Same goes up there, if you touch god's radio I don't think he'd be happy.
His radio referred as his universe.
He'd tell you to make your own XD.
To me God is the Admin, and we may be moderators up there.
You can always go somewhere else and be your own Admin tho.
I'm not even sure what are the rules up there seriously I'm just taking a guess.
What if that was just a status and it ends up there. Like, I become enlightened and then god is like: Well dude you're on your own now you can make your own universe if you like, I taught ya everything. Use it to do good. And don't mess with my radio?
That would be cool.

 on: November 26, 2014, 08:37:53 
Started by zacko - Last post by Bluefirephoenix
Try describing whats happening a little better.
One thing that will help is to remember that this is an internal state. Try going within instead of " leaving your body"  It works better gets you into the same place. The most common issue is fear.  The state is a progressive one. It's not a sudden transition but it can also happen as a continuem. You have projected you project nearly every time you sleep.

 on: November 26, 2014, 08:08:43 
Started by Sagar - Last post by Sagar

I think probably that is true I';ve not experimented all my conscious projections are guided at this point. There is one thing that seems to be prominent and pretty fixed. Spirits cannot directly influence the physical world. The only spirit who seems to be able to break this rule is the one who created the universe. Spirits cannot see directly and they cannot interact directly. All require a medium to do so. The ability to bridge is only present when we living a physical life.  To me this indicates a separate physical law. I think what we live in is some kind of odd bubble of that larger reality 

or the physical world is some kind of branch off the tree of the larger reality.  We cannot directly access that world and measuring it will not be possible because the tools we use are part of this reality. We only have our natural ability to bridge that we can use to test and measure.  We influence both realities when living physically but we cannot see what we do in the larger reality under normal circumstances.

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