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 on: April 15, 2014, 12:33:20 
Started by urshebear - Last post by Szaxx
Tell you what, you've got guts to say this. That makes you a far better person than most.
If you think these are your faults then think again. They are only feelings that you have about what you THINK you should be.
At least you're not one of those who must have a little dog covered in diamonds in a $2000 handbag.

See, you're really ok.

 on: April 15, 2014, 12:07:32 
Started by urshebear - Last post by phaseshiftR1111
ahh normal is boring! I know the feeling though... i don't fit in with society anymore. at all. i have been really lonely but i know i am anything but that!

 on: April 15, 2014, 11:50:15 
Started by Aaron330 - Last post by Szaxx
3 seconds, it takes longer to get comfy lol.
It's possible to exit within a min or two ONCE RELAXED, I've done this countless times in the 80's during lunch hour.
I have posted this a while ago. It's not 3 secs lol

 on: April 15, 2014, 10:53:21 
Started by PlasmaAstralProjection - Last post by PlasmaAstralProjection
First off it's been years since I seriously tried to astral project. I was absolutely determined at the time to astral project. But my health prevented me. I was doing the method where you go to sleep and wake up for a while then go back to bed and try to project. [EDIT: But it was too hard on my health to do in any real meaningful way at least then. My health has slightly improved. The main thing was trying to stay conscious while sleeping ended up lowering my sleep and my immune system.] I am chronically affected health wise. I don't want to really talk about it in detail. If any of you want or need to know then just PM me and I will share. Even though it as bad as it is, I still might be able to do it. I am not fully sure if I want to get into astral projection like I did years ago, but I definitely want to talk about it, and see what you guys think. I am way past the part of believing as most beginners seem to struggle with this.

I have only astral projected maybe 2 times when I was sick some years ago. They were short, but I've had lucid dreams before, but these seemed like they were not like lucid dreams. Though I can't say for sure. They were both very short. One was bright in a city the other in a dark place. And when I woke from the dark OBE I felt my spirit body enter by physical body. But they were so short.

I know you guys probably can't say for sure if my medicines will interfere with astral projection, but perhaps you guys have some insight. I take herbal, over the counter, and prescription medicines. Most of which help me sleep or help me deal with my tinnitus which is really bad. Though I will mention that I do get music in my head that keeps playing over and over almost all the time. The music usually changes to whatever I listen to recently. I mentioned this some where that I have really bad tinnitus.

The one thing I have been doing quite a bit of in cycles is meditation. I know how to unidentify with my surroundings and even my thoughts to a degree. I have felt what it's like to ride the mind on the breath. Quite awesome. I know what itís like to have all your awareness being one pointed. But I always give up, for a variety of reasons. I feel like I am slowly losing my mojo over the years for my own experimental spiritual experience. Sometimes itís for health. Sometimes just get bored of meditating. Sometimes this and that. I have always acted kind of bipolar, but I always come back to meditation, When I do meditate, I can meditate for hours a day sometimes. I love meditating many times with my eyes open. It keeps my mind aware, and alert. I also notice that when I meditate on the heart more often than not I will get dreams where I am really mad, or really sad about something. And once and a while, I think something is just so funny. I get terrible nightmares if I lower too many sleeping medicines.

I know that if I can astral project, then many more people can astral project than what I would have thought. I fear that my medicines would interfere too much with the bodies natural chemistry, and even if I do get a little success, but just a small change in medicines might affect future outcomes, thus making it predictable might be hard. So it would make it hard to find one good technique and stick with it perhaps. Among all my skepticism that I can't do it, I have some hope. My hope is that perhaps there is something that can work. The one thing I can do is meditate. And all the other things that people can do to help them project during the day. But that is not when it counts the most. That is all that I have to my advantage though. And if I can use that to teach myself to project then that would be great. I usually fully asleep while most people are talking about vibrations and all this stuff. I rarely get lucid dreams. And I rarely get any vibrations.

Usually every 6 months I might get a lucid dream if I am lucky. Never got lucid dreams as a kid though really. Though I did record and think about my dreams a lot when I was a kid. I did get a lucid dream not too long ago, though I quickly fell asleep. No doubt I feel like my medicines are likely preventing me from astral projecting. And they will likely cause inconsistencies in trying to project since my health and symptoms go in cycles. I know you guys probably have the standard ďanyone can do itĒ mentality, but I am skeptical. I know the effects of medicines and molecules on the spiritual body can be extremely strong. For instance we have all heard of people that undergo anesthesia and have an OBE, some go high into the heavens. Or psychedelics for instance. So if these medicines can can make on go toward the spiritual realms, then naturally there should be medicines that make one go in the opposite direction.

OK so one of my thoughts is that I can use meditation to help lead me to astral projection. If one can learn to draw their attention into the non-physical through meditation, then this would be the route I wouldnít mind going. I have experience with numerous mind states though meditation. Though labeling them is something else. Probably since they are so subjective. Recently I like the idea of experimenting with space in my meditations. Though I also had the idea of trying to phase while awake. I am use to different mind states through meditation. And I tell them apart many times. Whenever I talk about mind states at spiritual forums they say no need for thought or trying. even though many of my mind states are pretty natural without much effort, IDK.

I also have another cool idea. Itís that I can wake up a few hours before I usually get up, and use an e-cigarette to help myself become lucid. The idea is that nicotine is an acetylcholine analog. In other words nicotine mimics the effects of acetylcholine. And lucid dreams have used acetylcholine enhancers for a long time with decent results for many of them. And of course lucid dreaming is next to astral projection.

So the main questions are.
1. May my medicines interfere with astral projection?

2. What about a specific meditation that could enhance astral projection?

3. Also how effective is waking imagination for helping one astral project?


 on: April 15, 2014, 10:40:22 
Started by Lionheart - Last post by Szaxx
These people are trapped in some way, they can't move on. Many are stuck in a never-ending loop like in groundhog day. Sometimes a group need help like those crossing the border in WW II. Their fear of being shot manifests and this puts them in a loop.
On occasion a whole realm needs help.
This is rare and one massive challenge.
You seemingly get taken away from your travels as they begin and get left there. Sometimes you know many details, sometimes you know nothing and are left to sort things out.
Retrievals have a feel to them, you instinctively know you're on a mission.
In the early days you have total physical recall from the start, once you've done a few hundred your memory gets restricted to what you need to know. On a few occasions you have no knowledge of the physical world whatsoever and you are in a totally new environment thats as real to you as this physical world.
You know something needs your attention and failing this isn't an option.
They are very real and can push you to your limits.

 on: April 15, 2014, 10:30:00 
Started by urshebear - Last post by Lionheart
 Okay now that you know your faults, how about listing all of your strengths!  smiley

 on: April 15, 2014, 10:08:54 
Started by urshebear - Last post by urshebear
Sometimes I hate my personality so much.
I am clumsy, forgetful and have next to no common sense when it comes to waking life. I am constantly in a dream world and often cut myself off from reality, I sometimes get frustrated and angry when people ask me questions or try and talk to me when I am busy thinking. I am messy and socially awkward. I am shy because I am embarrassed of my awkwardness. When I do get close with people and open up I often walk away from social situations hating myself because of what they must think of me.
Everyone else seems so "on the ball" compared to me. I struggle with common sense at work too and always feel like I am crap at every job I do because of it.
Having a bad day today, feeling really sad that I cant be like normal people

 on: April 15, 2014, 08:08:48 
Started by Aaron330 - Last post by soarin12
I do the kind of phasing where you 'notice' things in your field of vision (eyes closed) and often at some point during it I'll get the lead blanket feeling.  So you could say I phase and get SP at the same time.  I don't set out to induce SP, it just happens.  Often I'll just get the SP feeling for a couple of seconds before I phase into the NP.

I've tried the 'visualization and then stepping into it' method and I just can't get it to work. (I have to admit I haven't worked at it really hard because my other method works well for me.)  I just can't hold onto the pictures.  They are before my eyes for a couple seconds and then they're gone.  If you're good at visualizing something and your picture doesn't keep disappearing on you like mine does, then maybe this will be your natural method.  Experiment and see!  Smiley

 on: April 15, 2014, 07:58:49 
Started by phaseshiftR1111 - Last post by phaseshiftR1111
What do you think? I have recently cured a ladies chronic back pain for 2 years with reiki. She was in tears. I have been trying to learn about disease too. Is it quite possible one could reverse all bad effects of fast food by believing its not bad, and sending it reiki energy? By using good thoughts? And thanking the food or drinks? What if stress is what causes disease? High cholesterol is not bad from what i understand. It's an essential nutrient. What if not earthing yourself (nobody is connected to nature anymore) and stress is the cause of all of this? I ask this question because I am struggling with food. I struggle on a vegetarian diet. I get not enough calories and miss important vitamins and minerals from meat. Right now I am on paleo. I never felt so good in my life. One problem. It's caused me to be broke. im struggling with work and it costs me about 200 dollars to eat all organic and grass fed meat. I'm really wondering what to do. What is your opinion? I know sugar is very bad... But what if you could literally change the effects by your thoughts and reiki energy, grounding yourself, making sure to work out... Meditation... Etc?

 on: April 15, 2014, 07:37:22 
Started by Aaron330 - Last post by Xanth
1. Is there any difference between using the "phasing in" method and sleep paralysis? Some people will focus on a picture of where they wanna go and then close their eyes until they see it and then step into it. Is this different than a conscious exit from the physical body and floating around in your room?
None of those things are any different from each other.  You end up in the same place... the non-physical.

2. Which method do most of you veterans find easier? Phasing or SP? Would you recommend a beginner start by learning one or the other?
I found Phasing easier... but then, that information really doesn't help you in the slightest, because you're not me.  You are you.  What works easier for you is individual and unique to you.  Smiley

3. Many of the vet's here claim that they can project without being in SP or being unconsciously asleep at all. I've even heard some people can project in like 3 seconds. What happens if you project when the physical body and mind is simply relaxed but not asleep? just curious lol.
I don't think I know ANYONE who can project in three seconds other than, perhaps, Tom Campbell... and it's not quite what you think it is in regards to him. 
Anyone stating they can project in 3 seconds is BSing you hard time and I highly suggest ignoring them.

You don't need SP... and projecting without falling asleep is called a "conscious exit".    Nothing special happens... you project.  Simple.

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