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 on: February 10, 2017, 05:46:01 
Started by blidge - Last post by LightBeam
Of course there are limitations, but that depends entirely on the individual (beliefs, fears, expectations, overall state of mind, etc) For example individuals with destructive, negative thoughts can't go to worlds made of love, light and positivity. This is an energy law, there are no guardians or anything. Different energy types simply cannot coexist for long. Exceptions I think are controlled environments with set rules for learning purposes like our reality. But even here, I found that if I believe that no negative situations or people will come my way, they don't. After I changed my beliefs, my life has changed dramatically, and in the past few years, I have been experiencing only blissful events and people.

From AP experiences, yes, I have encountered limitations. There were times, when I wanted to meet actors I had crushes on LOL. That didn't happen haha, I don't know why. Besides the silliness though, I think everyone experiences limitations. Inability to get to places they want to go, inability to pass through walls, vision issues, awareness issues, etc, but I think many of these are related to the fact that we are still connected to physical vehicles. From what I've read on NDEs, I gather that many of these limitations are absent.

 on: February 10, 2017, 05:02:46 
Started by Rocket_Man2733 - Last post by desert-rat
In the book the astral world its scenes dwellers and phenomena the author discribes areas of the astral plane where people have recreated the same kind of life they had while alive.  A kind of denial.  One may never know.

 on: February 10, 2017, 04:36:23 
Started by PhaPriSpa - Last post by PhaPriSpa
I've read a very interesting free book written by Mr. Stefan Molyneux from called "The Handbook of Human Ownership: A Manual for New Tax Farmers", which is mentioned in a web Page of one of the links of the first and second post of this topic "Trawling the Farm for Human Energy", and contains interesting details regarding how in this world have evolved the Human Farming; I present below the link to this book and also to another book "Far Journeys - The Mystery Of Loosh" that contains the specific part of the second book of Robert Monroe (Far Journeys) where the Loosh topic is explained to him in one of his Astral Travels. The book of Mr. Stefan Molyneux provides a lot of elements that help understand some of the Details of the System Designed to Enslave and understanding that is a first step into not deciding to repeat that experience and into NOT helping a system designed to Deceive to obtain it's objectives (Loosh for the Creator and Power/Control/Servitude for the benefit of those less that 1% of Human Animals that Enslave and Deceive the other more than 99% of the Ignorant Human Animals).

Analyzing the way Human Animals are and behave (which is BY DESIGN so there is Nothing to Be Ashamed of all the Conflicts and Negative Things associated with that as the responsible for that is THE DESIGNER AND CREATOR and the HARVESTERS of the Loosh he/she/it assigned to collect the produced Loosh and to perfect the Conflictive System specially in the Human Animals), again comes the Question "What To Do When Achieving Complete Freedom /Analysis About Being Completely Free", as when someone realizes the Reality of the Intended Continuous Non Stopping Conflict and Non Satisfaction that is Intended (BY DESIGN) on every aspect of each one of the live beings present in this world (Plants, Animals, and Human Animals) to produce Loosh, then, when someone decides to FREE himself/herself from this, that person CAN'T take with him/her the very things that are Designed by the Creator of this World to produce Conflict and Non Satisfaction (Opposite to PEACE) and that are also been established to keep beings NON FREE by keeping them Ignorant to their reality and their true purpose while they are experiencing as Human Animal Beings in this Physical Time/Space Carbon/Oxygen World called Earth (and this applies to any other similar World created by any one of the other beings that inhabit the same/similar World/Realm of THE CREATOR of the World called Earth for the same purposes of Loosh Production), and this implies that elements such as Duality (Male/Female) and also some certain elements such as (Sexuality, Eating, Pleasure Drives, Predatory Behaviours, and other elements and drives designed to create Conflict and Non Satisfaction) should be removed and Can't be Taken to where ever that Someone who FREES himself/herself GOES OUT (LEAVES NOT TO RETURN) of the Physical Time/Space Carbon/Oxygen World (Physical) and every System associated to it and/or making part of it (Non Physical places where beings are convinced/invited to willingly go/access/enter when they Die, for example with the Light Portal Experience mentioned in Near Death Experiences, while are convinced/deceived or maybe even forced to come back with their Memories Completely Deleted/Amnesic to make more mistakes while being completely Ignorant of any previous experience, to regret later when repeating the same going back to those Non Physical places part of the system to be convinced/deceived or maybe even forced to come back again, repeating the process over and over in a vicious circle).

It'd be interesting to know if some persons have thought that FREE topic in detail as that FREE AND PEACE topic Can't Include the Predatory and Conflicting elements that are present in the Live Beings of this World (Plants, Animals, and Human Animals) to predate on each other and kill to live, as those elements would NEVER allow anyone to be in PEACE as one of the consequences of those elements is BOREDOM (getting bored) as BY DESIGN the beings of this World search for Conflict even if they have their necessities satisfied as they Get Bored and because of that Search For Conflict with other beings, and also the process to Survive that brings Conflict with other beings that are needed to be Predated (or Parasited) in order for anyone to keep alive (physically in this World). So, removing MOST If Not All of the Human Animal elements would be a requirement to be FREE OUTSIDE the system into another one where conditions and purposes are different and are sincere, not based in Deception but in Knowledge, as such right/positive systems would not involve Memory Deletion/Amnesia as the idea is to Keep Growing and not to Remove/Delete what a being have Growth which would expose it to be manipulated/deceived and to make mistakes it would not have made if having it's Memory intact.

The Handbook of Human Ownership: A Manual for New Tax Farmers

Far Journeys - The Mystery Of Loosh
FREE Books

Stefan Molyneux - YouTube Channel

One final thought. This "GAME" of Human Animal experience in this World called Earth, sound a lot like when someone is playing in a Casino; if that someone somehow comes into contact with the right information (like the one provided in this Topic and others whose links are provided in it, and also many other more such as the Forums of The Astral Pulse and many other Portals and Web Sites) and removes the Ignorance provided by the Deceiving information provided by those who want the Human Beings to be Ignorant and only Deceivingly (Not Willingly) serve the purposes of the system (produce Loosh for the Creator and be Servants of the other Human Animals that are designated to Deceive them) and instead of that wrong information acquires right and useful information, then that Being/Consciousness SHOULD KNOW WHEN TO QUIT (TO LEAVE THE GAME TABLE) as like seen in Casinos when someone is Winning and don't stops in time that someone ends up LOOSING everything he/she was winning, and this seems to be the situation with the NOT GO INTO THE LIGHT topic as someone who wants to be FREE don't have to walk into a TRAP to be Locked/Incarcerated and less with the objective to come back to this World called Earth with NO PREVIOUS MEMORY in an COMPLETELY AMNESIC condition, as the previously won experience/information won't be accessible and it is important in order NOT to make the Absurd Mistakes people make over an over again and also in order to HELP others Evolve into more that just being Ignorants. Those who don't know When To Quit the Game end up Losing and will become Ignorant Junkies in the Earth World "Casino".

My best regards.

Pha Pri Spa (Phasing Primer Spanish/French)


 on: February 10, 2017, 02:36:06 
Started by Riddle - Last post by Phalanx
Who says you cant play football with a volleyball, I used to play it with a soccer ball because we had no football.

My experiences so far are in the dream section as a dream journal. At some point you will learn or find out that dreams and Astral projections, Obe's are all the same thing its just how you got to the state and your degree of awareness. Like an astral Projection would be spontaneous and its what everyone aims for. A lucid dream is becoming aware while inside a dream but is still non physical, and regular dreams though remembered are where you don't become aware that you are in the non physical.
Since still most of my current experiences are of the dream/Lucid dream variety I add them in the dream journal. When they become more spontaneous then I will kick off a "projection" journal. But I have been a bit lazy when it comes to adding to my journal even though it wasn't started that long ago I will be sure to get to it.

That feeling of "going back to the common consciousness" is more like unity. Imagine that you are god a figurehead or just a vast store of conscious energy and you decide to learn explore or do something.. so you break pieces off, give them a small homing beacon and send them out to learn and you make earth and the physical reality and multitudes of others. So this small part of you goes off and gets lost, dealing with physical life you fall asleep and have life after life with out waking up and you forget that who you were, where you came from and that you have a homing beacon or even how to use it. So over time sources calls out come home, love, unity, and parts of this message get through and it gets you to begin to slowly wake up and think and over time you remember where you came from this is akin to spiritual awakenings. Soon you learn how to use your beacon again which as current understandings is worked with emotions, if the feeling is that of love and unity for all your heading the right way. Along the way other beings or people a bit farther along making it home help out in example, Guides or Angels or what fits the term.

I cant get along with the monarch view that is imposed by the Christians, You are telling me that this god so loving wants you to go to war and kill other people who don't believe in him. Or the ultimate thing I don't like He puts children above all else they are innocent in gods eyes, pure... yet all illnesses, diseases, cancers and such affect children more than anyone else. That is no loving god, and definitely not a god I would want to worship.
However the teachings of Jesus are all good, just leave out revelations that is not an original book, that was an extra add in.
How ever if you do take the rest of the bible and read it as though the stories were teaching a discipline then it is not as bad as it is if you think of it like history.

But the best part in the old testament hands down... Exodus 3:13 "And Moses said unto God, Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What is his name? what shall I say unto them? And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM"
That would mean every time you say I AM in a good or bad way you are calling upon god who by definition is me or yourself or who ever says it. So if you say "I AM sick" then you hurt god, yourself. And there is not one god everyone is god by that senses. And it is back upped later by Jesus.....John 10:31 "Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him. Jesus answered them, Many good works have I shewed you from my Father; for which of those works do ye stone me? The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God. Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?"

If your read the teachings of Jesus they sound quite eastern monkish, and that would be because some of his stories are also told elsewhere by other guru's and prophets of other religions. Over all and even with the bad ideas of it the bible is not something to be thrown away, at its core it teaches correctly. All religions tell the same story in a way that conforms with their society or way of thinking, its like changing languages, in one apple means what we know of as an apple but in another an apple could mean an orange... so when we are thinking of something red they are thinking of something orange, and its these differences that make them all seems so different, but at the core they all tell the same stories and teachings just in different ways.

I have some information about the elvenking and will post it later balancing time right now.

 on: February 10, 2017, 02:25:20 
Started by blidge - Last post by blidge
Hi all, it's been a while since I posted but thought I'd ask a straight forward question.  What if any are the limitations in astral projection world? or is the answer simply there isn't? I'd like all your views as there are experiences that id like to have and not sure if it'd be possible.


 on: February 09, 2017, 20:57:29 
Started by Rocket_Man2733 - Last post by Rocket_Man2733
I've heard it said that when you die it's possible to be oblivious to the fact that you are dead. I know you don't know all the answers or even any of them, but all theories are welcomed. Thanks.

 on: February 09, 2017, 17:57:52 
Started by Shishi - Last post by Shishi
Hello! My name is Shishi. I've recently joined this forum in the hopes of hearing about more people's experiences and opinions with astral projection. I have a bit of experience with magick and energy manipulation, but I have yet to successfully project.

 on: February 09, 2017, 14:09:12 
Started by Riddle - Last post by Riddle
About Azrael, I did put a lot of blame on myself, so it may be connected.
Wow that is an interesting story. When you described this kind of peace,  I adopted it for a moment and I did feel it. I have been so serene for a whole year in my life, every day way light and I would marvel at the cosmic without any fear or bad emotions. It's like going to the beach in the summer and becoming one with the water, the waves, the sand. A bit like "Hakuna Matata" from the Lion King. Too bad I've drifted away from it... but sometimes it's difficult to hold it after a trauma.
Where can I read about your astral projections, if you have shared your experience here, of course?
Anyway, from the religions I have always felt the Eastern ones are more enlightened. There is something about the God of the Christians, so personified it seems impossible. And hell seems more like a bad-thoughts-trip in the astral plane. It's just way too outdated, people before couldn't imagine an omnipresence that is not humanlike. To me the omnipresence is either a higer consciousness where enlightened beings have connected in a way undescribable, and probably a higher self of us is still connected there, or is just the whole energy of the universe, and no specific god in general. When I try to imagine what 'going back to the common consciousness' means, it gets a bit difficult for me to fathom it, but somewhere deep inside it resonates in a way beyond words. When I try to feel the Christian god, instead, I feel desolation and sadness. A separate being is automatically escluded as a God, because in the astral we can all create, so, even if more enlightened, it's still not the omnipresence. I think that people who believe so fanatically in the Christian or Muslim god, together create him as an image, so in a way it is a living being in the astral plane. I don't understand its structure completely but I think that people who are fierce believers will end up in a place similar to their expectations. I just wonder whether a more advanced being would pretend to be their God, or it is just a fabricated image leading them as a 'breathing' icon sprouting from their own consciousness. I kind of know what it feels like, because I have believed fiercely in Michael, Azrael and others and at some point it turned out they may not be real but before I got suspicious, they seemed completely alive and real. It is a shock how something that moves and talks may turn out to be unreal.
*still eager to hear about what your friend has to say about the evenking Tongue*/

I will tell a story where Michael comforted me and helped me relax before a test. Before I went to sleep, I was feeling most horrible and stressed. Then in the dream I suddenly entered this atmosphere of relief and I saw his face, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was smiling. I felt reassured, that everything was okay, that I had his support. Then I saw a test in the place where I had put his icon, "How to treat an angel?" a) burn an angel b)kill an angel c)torture an angel d) love an angel. I said "That's an easy one! And I cicled d). I think this was both a joke because it was so hilariously funny and a lesson because at the time I was treating myself badly. It was probably also a joke connected with an early memory of mine, when I was four and my cousin made something like a radio program recording on a cassette we had, and he asked me "Which ball do you play football with?" a) a ball for football b) a ball for baseball c) a ball for volleyball and I answered wrongly three times! first time I said baseball, second time I said volleyball.. then when there was only the football one left... I said volleyball again! Cheesy *that's what stress did to me haha ~ 4-year-olds-problem*

 on: February 09, 2017, 08:11:58 
Started by Riddle - Last post by Phalanx
Lets start with... I was visited by a friend today and I asked what they specifically knew about azreal, according to them azreal is believed to be a fallen angel that at one point took the blame so that Lucifer could try to get away with and do what he wanted. This is why his personality is somewhat where are one point he is good the other bad, usually he shows up when people blame them selves for something.

In a bare bones Now as I believe it angels are just essentially spirit guides, helpers or messengers, they are mostly only spoken of in Judaism and Christianity when it comes to religions, else where they are just considered spirit guides and similar. The original meaning for angel in Hebrew is messenger. So if you were to read the bible and pretend that all the interactions with angels were in an astral projections (which ironically just about all instances in the bible that mentioned meeting an angel happened after laying down to sleep or being exhausted) it would make sense that they would be what we call a spirit guide, but since back in the day they classified things off of what they knew so if they had a bad experience they claimed they dealt with a demon which many still do today, or if something good happened it was an angel someone that has sent me a message from god, but today people well either say angel or spirit guide or some entity that was just being helpful. An example a story of monroe's for those else reading this will know... he went to sleep one night and had a projection when he saw around he said little demons what he thought at the time were crawling all over him and he pleaded to anyone to come and save him when a figure that he couldn't make out entered the room and picked them off. To some this would be an angel others an entity just passing through... He later had an experience where he saw this again but he was the figure and was picking his cats off his past self.
And that's how I view them as helpers, not really angel like more human-ish with some degree of authority, or knowledge in things I don't know about. But that is a simple scrapped down idea of what they are because I could list a lot of info about them but that is a lot to write so it would be better to say if you have any specific questions about them I will answer those and go from there.

My "awakening" as it would be callled requires a lot of past prior-awakening details so bear with me.
I grew up in a heavily christian family fathers side most ended up preachers, and mothers side was a big deal to go to church every weekend especially when visiting grandparents... Over time I fell out of that and one night I began to ponder heaven and hell and nothingness, mind you I was around 13 at this time. So I questioned what if heaven and hell didn't exist well that means there is nothingness afterwards, So I tried to imagine what nothing was. I became so scared that night that I slept on the floor of my parents bedroom it was the only comforting place I could find at the time and even then it was hard to sleep I was fearful of death, I was afraid that heaven didn't exist and that was the alternative and in the case of nothing I would even take going to hell over that. The reason being because I thought of that, the idea I was taught at the time you live in fire for ever in pain fire and brimstone. Well after time pain becomes numbing and you cant feel it no more and you would be there for eternity sooner or later it will all be numb and then who cares, So hell really isn't hell in that method at least. So that raised many more questions. And that was all in one night roughly. So the next day I began studying for a few years every other religion I could read about and everything I wanted to know what came afterwards and how things worked. I learned other ideas of hell where its not really fire and brimstone it is reliving the worst moments in life again and again over and over all the regrets pains and bad things even then after a time you can become emotionally numb and then it doesn't work. So then what, I wanted proof and eastern religions and spirituality's had more physical proof to what they taught than any other. At the time like any other physical person I was looking for immortality in a strange way, because if we just happened to come about to exist only to live for 80ish years or an average lifespan then die and that's it, then there really is no point to anything. So I learned about just about all religions and such teachings, from Christianity, Norse, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Druidism, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Shinto, Islam, and that's just to name a few. Well when I started reading the eastern ones, Buddhism, and Hinduism they talked about reincarnation, that the soul reincarnates again and again each time with a new purpose and lesson to learn, sometimes it takes thousands of life times to learn on lesson. The interesting part is that there is actual evidence of reincarnation, I believe I wrote a story or two here, where kids proved who they were in former lives is all sorts of ways. So this got me to thinking if reincarnation is real then heaven and hell can't exist, how can it? What they taught instead is that there is purgatory, if you lead a good life you can relax for a while and then move on to you next life when ready if you are bad then you are punished according to your deeds then you have your next life.
Also looked into science and consciousness... within the last 70years or so since the 50s scientist have proven universal consciousness the things taught in most eastern religions, but your not going to hear this in a mainstream form because if you did Judaism, Christianity, and Islam would be outed... and since Catholics have control in many matters in the west and Europe they wont let that be they would lose power.
 All this till I was around 16 and by then I didn't read much on astral projection I heard about it but never read much about symptoms of it. Around 16 I fell asleep again spiritually or mentally, and when bad things happen I did what I always did because I was accustomed to it... dear lord save, me help me, oh god in heaven. Yet I know better I had learned so much where all religions came from that they all taught the same story at their core even Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Judaism got their stuff from Egypt, Christianity took their old testament from Judaism leaving out some books and adding in the new testament and the teachings of Jesus that are actually teachings of other gods and deities, like Horus, Osiris, and Ra from Egypt, and and even other guru's and teachers of eastern religions, ever took a good look at what he teaches sounds like things you would learn from a Tibetan monk, and Islam believes that Muhammad is the savior not Jesus.. aside from those differences those 3 teach the same thing... But the majority of the differences come down to the changes of language and culture... mostly. So I had learned of universal consciousness and of all these other things and as I said before I fell asleep, I went back to what I had grown to be accustomed to when bad things happened... dear lord help me, oh god in heaven, etc I made it no where. At 17 or so though I moved on to "magic" things more paranormal ideas of ghosts, magic spells, tarot, crystals, and the such where at one point I tried to contact the dead once, short story I tried to contact the spirit of a Japanese individual that has been dead for about 400 years, nothing happened, dealt with sleep paralysis a hand full of times with varying experiences I just thought of them dreams. And then I really fell asleep spiritually and mentally, no longer dealt with religion or magic I was a normal person.

Now I don't remember how old I was I think 22... hmmm... but back in 2012 in November I was helping my grand mother move, I had to sleep in her new house too keep an eye out for anyone that would try to break in and steal things as boxes were being moved idea was to have a car in the drive way to deter any would be thieves. So quiet new place not accustomed to, mind was active jumping at all noises but physically I was exhausted so I had symptoms of astral projections the vibrations and loud noises, but I had never come across anything in my readings so I didn't know what was happening, I thought I was dying. I got up read the bible a bit, tried praying even sanctified my grandmothers new house to "ward off evil" spirits and things of that nature. Even started looking up health problems and stuff like that perfectly fine. So this goes on for about 2 weeks night after night, I get back home then I ask a friend that deals in magic and such and they where like you were almost having an astral projection, though their knowledge of such stuff was short.
 So lo and behold the internet I found out more on astral projection that connected into more of universal consciousness and religions again. So I awoke to it all again and I went back through everything I learned before and really really sat down and thought about things how they worked and put together by myself most of the time because at the time though I used the internet I hadn't joined any forums or anything like that. Since then due to life its been an on and off again thing and then I joined this place because every time I tried to consciously try and astral project I was met with a shadow entity of my own and I needed other peoples view and my friends though more of oh I have a bad spirit following me around or something similar and need to sage and do all sorts of strange things. Even from all I learned I still had problem that I probably knew the answers to but I was spiritually drowsy or still asleep and my view was kind of narrow, I am an open minded person but when I was confronted with this new problem I looked upon in narrowly. And that wasn't to long ago I joined this place back in April 2016.
So a few months after that... now I live in the US on the east coast in Florida yes make you jokes I don't mind I am not with the general populous when it comes to the way society is around here. But in October when I think it was when we had the big hurricane swing up the east coast and caused a lot of damage in the north everyone I knew and everyone I met was worried that oh its going to hit Florida. And I stood there amidst all these people in a state of knowing, that is it. I just knew that the storm was not going to hit Florida. And something clicked, this state of knowing is it, this state was calm, it was peaceful there was no fear no worry it was like going with the flow. There were no band of trumpets, no loud ah ha moment, just peace. That is the only way I can describe it.
That if it was, was my awakening. The state doesn't last all the time it comes and goes, when it comes I become aware as I would say of colors and splendid things, I can just about sit and watch the wind blow a tree in slow motion, its like having strange extra senses. But over all less things tend to bug me, things are more peaceful over all. Since then I have had far less problems with astral projection and my aims and my view is far less narrow I have lately been able to use all that I learned quite effectively. In simple terms I call it a state of knowing. And then again any of those times that I dove in and began to search about could have been awakenings also, just in different ways.

Any ways that would be an over all view of my story.

 on: February 09, 2017, 07:58:21 
Started by Shimolis - Last post by Shimolis
I was rallying up people and animals to attack somebody really evil, Mr.Burns from the Simpsons. As I rush through a place that looks like my neighborhood, I stumble upon someone I knew many years ago. I quickly ask for his help to raid Burns, he agrees without a doubt and rushes onwards with me.
As we race through the neighborhood, a bunch of animals join our side, mostly dogs and puppies. I thought to myself how the puppies would help, and I was hoping that they'd leave since they could get hurt. Nonetheless we move on.
We approached a dinner party, there was a cake as if it was someone's birthday. Burns sits behind the cake. My father, who hates guns, was holding a revolver. He had some sort of score to settle with Burns, but I think everyone did. It was obvious he wasn't going to shoot anyone with it. Instead he pointed at the cake and fired. No shot was fired as he forgot to load the gun. Burns laughs. Dad loaded the gun, all eyes were on him as he shot at the cake again, again and again as if there was something dangerous in the cake.
Burns takes the opportunity to lift his gun and point at my dad, but nothing happens as he pulls the trigger since he also forgot to load the gun. Now everyone was laughing at Burns.

Dream highlights: The guy I met was someone I haven't seen or dreamt of in many years. Burns was in the dream even though I haven't seen the Simpsons in a long time, maybe I just needed something to resemble pure evil.

Day highlights: I got a nice foot massage

I ate: Some exotic fruits, and drank rum with lime

Vividness: 6, the dream was short so I remembered it quite well but some points were not clear for me

When: One or two hours before waking up

Techniques: I fell asleep while trying the SSILD technique in the middle of the night

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