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 on: May 07, 2018, 01:47:19 
Started by Sammie - Last post by Sammie
Hi, ever since I started "waking up" in 2012 I have noticed how everything stops making sense to me. I have come to the point/been at a point where I no longer feel connected
to this life on earth. It is like I see so clearly things others don't and yet I am here living a 3d dimensional life feeling like im somewhere else in my mind. It is hard to explain but have been this
way for years now and it feels very strange. I feel as if I no longer really have a good reason to be here, even though I most certainly have no big problem with it.. It is like watching a movie knowing it
is actually a movie whereas the other actors forgot it was a movie at all.

 on: May 07, 2018, 01:43:38 
Started by Nameless - Last post by Nameless
I'm so bad at this, haha.

Last night had an interesting introduction to how hypnosis really works on a sort of cellular level. I was in an astral classroom (so to speak). An instructor brought in a table to use for demonstration purposes. There was a large board propped up on the table. The side facing us had little baskets and he passed out large linen napkins and washers.

After a while he turned the table around and showed the other side which had some various contraptions attached to the board. I understood the hypnosis was already in full swing and wanting to observe rather than participate I blinked out.

I found myself in a parking garage with some creature in a car trying to basically kill myself and another there. The other person was directing dogs to attack. But one of the dogs was the real dog. The others were projections. It got weird but was all an exercise in actually using hypnosis.

Then I blinked back into the classroom where the others were throwing their napkins (tied to a washer) into the little baskets on the other side of the board. They were easily able to ring the baskets. I and the teacher communicated silently a bit. Then the other one from the garage and the little dog showed up and I cuddled the little dog on the couch for a bit and was offered a drink.

Interestingly I could read perfectly the words on the labels. I had a choice of Orangey Orange soda or Tequila. I passed on both and chose a cup of water.

About hypnosis. It is really just a way to convince ourselves that we can do all the things we can do anyway. Because in truth we can do anything.


 on: May 04, 2018, 16:01:23 
Started by gildedrose - Last post by Stillwater
Hey Rose! good to see you made it in, hehe!  cool

 on: May 04, 2018, 09:37:21 
Started by gildedrose - Last post by Nameless
Another welcome aboard.
Xanth did an awesome job putting that PDF together, it is a good read. Stay curious like Phil says and you'll learn so much.

 on: May 04, 2018, 06:23:19 
Started by eeb - Last post by desert-rat
Light beam made that post a few years back where she went to see God . The God she saw was more many colors and energy .  Not  a human image that is written of in the Bible .My guess is that this post was stated by some goof ball in 2003 that had nothing else to do .  I remember a post started on hell , that I made a real post out of .  I remember a few on s.f. that English was a secount lang. the post was more of a not fully understanding English  problem .

 on: May 04, 2018, 03:42:20 
Started by gildedrose - Last post by gildedrose
Thanks, guys  grin I've been reading through the PDF and it's some amazing work. And yes, I enjoy going into any endeavor with an open mind and plenty of curiosity. Very happy to be here.  smiley

 on: May 03, 2018, 10:08:12 
Started by gildedrose - Last post by Xanth
Welcome aboard.

I'll expand a bit on what Phildan said about Frank.
Frank's work is what initially interested me about the Astral Pulse.
So much so, I took a week or so and compiled everything he ever posted into an easy-to-read PDF format.

There are nuggets of knowledge throughout everything he posted... as I progress, I go back and learn more through my new understanding.  Smiley

There's always something new to learn around here!  Even for us veterans!

 on: May 03, 2018, 02:38:43 
Started by gildedrose - Last post by Phildan1
Welcome here!

Well you will find all sorts of stuffs on Pulse but it will be the best to don't accept anything and be passive and also curious. This will guard you to avoid unnecessarily indoctrinate yourself for the long run. Start with your dreams and a whole new world will open up. Some of us also are teaching others sometimes lol. Maybe Frank's work will be interesting for you initially.

 on: May 02, 2018, 22:42:01 
Started by gildedrose - Last post by gildedrose
Hello everyone, just registered here a little bit ago. I'm 18 and strange experiences in my life have caused to do some spiritual exploration for the past few years (including lucid dreaming, energy work, meditation, etc.), but I've only recently gotten serious about practicing AP. It's such an interesting concept (along with all that goes with it) and I am looking forward to learning more about it on this forum.  smiley

 on: May 02, 2018, 12:57:21 
Started by Karxx Gxx - Last post by Karxx Gxx
I only did this technique 2 times so far, till today.
Long story short, I did go through a 'traumatic' experience (I would say most the trauma is more in my brain sorta like a personality split) that has been stuck with my part of being. Even though *I* know its all ok, another part of me I would say is still effected and thinks otherwise.
And I been dealing with the whole 'who am I' journey. Seperate from my thoughts mostly. It's a long battle and many times I accepted who I was then later on discovered more about me, which meant I was wrong. And very recently, I know im all of it technically, but knowing and realizing is completly different. It's hard for the human to not compartamentalize things. 'these are my thoughts. this is my soul. this is innate. those are my cells'  
TL;DR I feel seperate from parts of myself. There is a connection missing somewhere and something wants to connect.

So I'm in bed, doing what I do, and one really neat tip I heard that has helped me a lot is if something keeps popping up, an urge perhaps to do something then you should really look into it. It's your heart/soul/higherself/yourself wanting to do something with that thing. And I strictly been resisting any urges to do anything but be aware 99% of the time. But now I can not resist urges to do stuff which is awesome. so like 90% or so which is enough breathing room for me.

So in bed, thinking about the dance thing and finally do it. Listen to my japanese music cause it pumps me up. So im going, letting certain visuals come to me. When I face my closet area I sense fear for some reason. So I keep dancing and following that feeling  It's subtle in the beggining. But when I do, 'better' thoughts and visuals come to mind. So now i feel like that entity in the closet wants to dance a little and I go from there.

I get the urge to dive deeper into the feeling, and when I do im really less concentrated on my thoughts more so. Or i notice the difference from me and my thoughts and 99% of them feel like junk when I go to a deeeeeeeeeeep level. I have my theories, but it def deals with the battle within myself and feeling like im not my thoughts. So it sees it as an enemy-ish. Like 'who is making me think this'.  

This happened last time, but I dove even deeper. My body wasnt really dancing anymore, i was just doing anything to get that energy going and i would tense up, raise my arms like im rising my energy, shake like a friggn wild animal! When I get deep, I start to tear and snot comes out. Ill give an example of a thought process I had, and one thought that really helped that part of me I feel is really hard to reach.

*snot and drool coming out, also dropping on the floor
Thoughts: "I should get something to clean up my face so it wont get all over me/floor"
me"why DO I CARE?!?!?! WHO CARES"
I shake in defiance of my thoughts even harder, to get snot and drool all over the place. I chuckel  
 (side note. when I laugh, its more of the inside part of me that I cant really reach laughs cause ill laugh literally not knowing why. same with the tears/snot sometimes. like randomly tearing)
I keep following that feeling to the fn extreme like the world literally depends on it
Thoughts: " I should lock my door so my mom doesnt come in, worrying about x y z"
me"why do i have to be scared?! who cares!!"
doesnt lock door
thoughts: "the mom part again basically
me"i dont care"
general feeling of not knowing who I am/what to do persists. locks door
thoughts: "oh, you locked the door out of fear. no bueno"
deeper me"who cares if i mess up"

And it goes like that. for a while
as you can see, i thought 'me' was me, then I felt deeper me. So at some point I realize how lost I really am and these thoughts are always going to blur me out. I keep diving as deep as possible but I pretty much max out. As the ones who have done this, well i can only speak for myself. Different state of being means different ways of feeling/thinking. So I guess I feel slightly different when Im approaching my default state cause I have to stop at some point. When i was, i just felt like i was seeing the transition of myself fading away

So im in the given up state-ish as well. Like how in the heck am i supposed to figure this shiz out. the battle is near impossible. even the thoughts im having about this battle isnt me. I cant keep the whole diving thing up forever. and even then, now i second guess my thoughts way more so it will be hader to get to the deepest me.
And the thoughts during that or right after were akin to
"well you KNOW I(default state of being) am following my heart"
deeper me/me"you're right. wait.... hahahahahaha"

I laugh because every single part of me knows that if we follow are hearts there is no way we are 'losing'. even the tinest fraction possible will win the battle.
And let's say my thoughts are trying to beat my deeper self. BUT they are truely following thier hearts. There is no way there wont be a scenerio where we both win. whatever winning means. It's been only 20 minutes since then but Deeper me, or the part that I cant really reach as well is really just chillin and at peace. And default me is as well. And been seeing things in a different light too. I can tell my perspective has changed even if i have the same thoughts.

I really cant beleive this worked soooooooooo well for me. I would have never guessed. So anyway, just wanted to give some credibility to this techique! not really. i just wanted to express myself and throw out the idea about diving as deep as you possibly can. I mean go super sayian mode dude!

Love you all so much <3 thanks for reading!
thoughts "aight, time to spell check this"
me " Lol nah"
thoughts "aight time for me to re-read so i can make some parts easier to understand cause im always confusing a.f"
me "lol nah"

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