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 on: October 28, 2014, 05:26:43 
Started by ZackIAM - Last post by AAAAAAAA
Sounds like they are just having fun. Not gonna lie, this sounds pretty amusing.

 on: October 28, 2014, 03:56:33 
Started by Tongo - Last post by Stillwater
Best thing I think I have learned... is that here is as great as there.

When I was young, I had this idea that physical life was wonderful, but that non-physical reality would be mind-blowing.

Well... it was mindblowing. But somehow on this path I also came to realize that this world is mind-blowing too... and damnit, here we are now, so let's get everything out of this experience that it has to show us!

Essentially, I learned that my drive to reach these subtle realities was an attachment, and an attachment that kept me out of the present moment, where satisfaction and joy already existed in heaping mounds!

 on: October 28, 2014, 03:53:25 
Started by Tongo - Last post by Kzaal
It removed fears from my life, and made me see things how they really are.
All my doubts I had before are completely gone.
Helped me understand the concept of death which to me now, is just a word to describe a door to the next step.
There's too many positive points to write them all down to me.
When you do AP for a long time, even tho you don't remember everything, then later on you understand... it's awesome.
I always have those crazy dreams where at the end I'm like on the verge of understanding something fundamental and then I wake up.
A week later there's some kind of hints that gives me an insight of what was in my dream. And the more it goes the more I see it clearly.
When it's finally revealed to me, it feels like the answers to my questions was so simple. Yet, I never would've understood it before because it was too simple for my mind...

 on: October 28, 2014, 03:51:04 
Started by Killa Rican - Last post by Stillwater
I also share this opinion on Bruce. Stand-up guy, has done great things for people in the awareness area.

But he scares the pollen out of people's buttercups, and needlessly. I have never found projection realities to be the war zone he has experienced. I really feel he may have started out looking for that unfortuneately.

I am an agnostic on energy bodies, and can't really comment on the emphasis he puts on these concepts (although I fully believe practices that developed around these concepts are still incredibly useful, perhaps for different reasons).

Also, welcome back, KR!

 on: October 28, 2014, 03:44:36 
Started by MooMeat42 - Last post by Stillwater
I think the others have expressed it well- there are some artists that merely make shallow references to "spiritualist" practices, but don't go deep into it. (Type 1)

There are others whom I would say are are writing about explicitly spiritual concepts, while using the well known language. (Type 2)

Then there are others that make no mention of language attached to spirtualism, but that elevate common subjects to the level of the spirit (Type 3)- this is the most skillfull of the approaches I feel, but the others are not bad in their approach, or less meaningful.

Some examples, by type:

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros- Dear Believer
(Type 2)

Pure Bathing Culture- Ivory shore
(Type 3)

And here she does it more explicitly in type 2:

Pure Bathing Culture- Silver Shore's Lake
(Type 2)

Springsteen is a master of elevating mundane scenes of Americana into spiritual sacraments. Some sort of Greek Poet that managed to get lost and to be born In Jersey  cheesy

Bruce Springsteen- I'm on Fire
(Type 3)

Hell, even as a cover, here by Natasha Khan, this simple song about longing is drenched with spiritual force.

Bat for Lashes- I'm on Fire
(Type 3)

Tv on the Radio- I was a Lover
(Type 2)

Kate Bush... is some sort of demigod... at least she is something more than merely human. Every one of her 300 or so songs is intensely spiritual, literally irrespective of the subject. She is the original female pop-star (the pre-madonna primadonna, hehe), and oddly one that is only known in musical circles now. So I will here unload a small pile, lol.

Kate Bush- An Architect's Dream
(Type 2)

Kate Bush- Hounds of Love
(Type 3)

Kate Bush- Suspended in Gaffa
(Type 2)

I always liked this album cover... the world flows out from beneath her skirt. Such a powerful image on so many levels.

Kate Bush- Delius (Song of Summer
(Type 3)

Kate Bush- Alchemy
(Type 2)

If you like these few artists, I can give you many more, if you are looking for it! Music goes very deep for me.

 on: October 28, 2014, 02:16:11 
Started by Stillwater - Last post by Stillwater
I understand why you don't want to post much of the information as to how you got to where you are. I look back at my past and see how all these little steps lead to where I am now. Taking shortcuts would mean to lack the context of understanding.

Yeah, I think you get it. An actual theoretical process for engaging this experience from zero doesn't exist probably. Rushing to the method itself would probably have almost no effect at all for a person who wasn't already ready; those at risk would probably be those who could get there, but who might have difficulty detaching themselves from the joy of it all.

For me at least, it likely had heavily to do with life experiences, attitudes, bodily health, a storing of several kinds of tensions that were released all at once, and a powerful love for the physical world, its inhabitants, and the underlying sensuality of our existence here. I don't expect you can get there in a day. But you might be able to get there in 3 months, and I think this is an easier path potentially to subtle realities than the projection path that is mostly followed here.

There is definitely that Jungian "Metanoia" trait to this all.

Is there any advice you can give me to point me in the right direction?

Advice I could give for getting into that primed state... would sound off the wall probably.

You would be asking yourself... is this a New Age manifesto?

When I read a lot of literature about chakras, etc... (leaving my views on what these may or may not be asside), it is clear to me that I didn't fully get most of it until now, despite having felt many "chakra sensations" in the past. This is sort of the attitude you would have to look at this stuff with... you won't get it until you are already there. That sounds like a cop-out, but so much of this happens by accident...

Ok here it goes:

-Listen to music, and don't listen to the singer, but imagine you are the singer. Feel the person's emotions, feel the joy and the suffering behind what they sing, and feel it in your body as powerful waves. You must do this with no distractions at all, with meditative focus. You and they are the same, and you are sharing their life experiences that they are expressing. I don't mean this figuratively, I mean it literally. That might be hard to do, but it will help get you to this place relatively fast. The point is empathy, and empathy is both developed and experienced by having yourself experience what the other person or creature is feeling in the most direct way possible. By an accident of biology, humans are designed to experience empathy through voices (and consequently musical intervals) most easily. If you question it... consider, what is more emotional, a text chat or a phone conversation?

-When you walk outside, you must stop your thoughts completely almost. There are trees, and wind, and clouds, and sky. They are magnificent things, and they envelop you and intoxicate you with their primal physicality if you invite them in.

-Change your relationship with your sexuality. Most people feel sexuality toward human adults, and sexual mental images, and this is very healthy and not at all detrimental. But there is a new way to experience this sexual energy... try experiencing it instead as bodily sensuality. Let this energy that is normally only felt for objects of sexual desire instead be transduced into feelings of joy at being immersed in the natural world, and a joy that you feel in your nerves and skin. If you can learn to experience the joy of seeing trees and clouds as a bodily excitement, this is another major step.

-Another extension of this is the transduction of sexual energy into love and compassion. Just as you can direct it into sensual joy for the physical world, that overflowing kind of energy can be re-directed into a kind of warmth you feel for others, and you badly want what is best for all other people and creatures at all times.

-Another strange way of building this vital force is athletic pursuit. For me, I think a kind of physical vitality and liveliness I developed as a result of running everyday for an hour. Remember I am a person who is highly sensual, so you can imagine how much energy and tension is built up in such a situation.

-Meditative pursuits- if you haven't already gotten there, learn the feeling of staying in trance for 2-3 hours, and being contented there. The above will help with this, and this will especially help with the above, conversely. Feel the joy of breathing in, and the joy of tension leaving your body as you exhale. This state is so relaxing and rewarding to experience on its own, you can comfortably spend hours in it, and it feels like time well-spent if you do it "correctly".

-Set your sights to the apex. You love yourself for what you are, but you constantly strive to become better, for the love of both yourself, and for those around you you can better love and serve. You do not accept failure or set-back- you defy them, and keep climbing. You know that every being has worth and value, and as such a being, you have an unquenchable longing to know the infinite and the creator, whatever that turns out to be for you, in your world view. You are a Christian? Then you can easily know this as Christ/ Father/Holy Spirit. Contemporary Spiritualist? Source. Hindu? Krishna / Brahman-Atman. Modern Secular-Humanist? The loving spirit of ethics and the grandeur of physical creation. It doesn't matter what you ascribe to, pretty much each worldview has a name for it, and you don't need to be a religious person to experience it, or to develop a deeper relationship with it.


I am comfortable sharing this much, and if you take that stuff to heart, you might find your way to where I wandered by sheer accident. Also, some of it might seem like quackery, or some breed of queer mysticism. I am not sure if I saw such a list of things as a child, if I would have given it much value other than some sort of zealous fanaticism. And yet I feel there is great transformative power in all of this if you are open to it. In the future I will expound on principles like these and others, and explain more closely how they fit into the whole; and I will also describe the physical exercises that may be relevant, if I am convinced it is the best way to serve people on this path; probably all as some sort of free ebook, but that is for well into the future.

I hope that helps!!!

 on: October 28, 2014, 02:08:14 
Started by Fourthdimension - Last post by EscapeVelocity

Like you, I had years of RTZ type projections and I was left wondering about the "greater Astral Worlds" and why I wasn't automatically getting there. None of the books available at the time could tell me; it really wasn't until I discovered the Pulse back in 2006 that I started to pick up hints as to why my experiences hadn't progressed much. Things began moving at that point.

We can discuss for hours the definition of "real" or the "map" of the NP (Non-Physical): the Physical world in relation to the so-called RTZ to the personal Dreamspace to the Focus Levels to the personal Astral to the Astral Proper to the Mental plane...we can and will disagree about some of the terms or how they are defined or even how useful or limiting they may be as labels to what we are currently experiencing...until we even get to the truth Xanth is continually pointing out to anyone who is ready to listen -that labels and demands of proof are relative terms and they should eventually be transcended. The truth is within the experience regardless of how it came about.

With that said, in the early stages it is helpful to have some kind of roadmap; but having a roadmap is one thing; knowing how to read it is another. Knowing how to read your personal roadmap means looking for, recognizing and acting upon the information and clues given in your current experiences. Every experience you have in the NP is a test/challenge/lesson; it is trying to teach you something and until you learn you go no further.

Your current experiences seem to show that you are poised to move into the next stage but that there are one or more key realizations you need to achieve.

Does that help to jump-start your thinking?

 on: October 28, 2014, 01:01:50 
Started by Stillwater - Last post by Stillwater
Man I would really read that stuff on Daoism if you write it here.
I'd even read the stuff on Buddhism!

When I get the chance around work and research (and still feeling a bit strange), I will definitely try to do these instances justice.

For now Kzaal... with respect to the Daoist perspective on it, look into the concept of the "Microcosmic Orbit"; this happened to be the route a lot of the sensations took before they branched off- a circuit up the back and down the torso on a centerline loop; and the posture she is taking was pretty accurate for the effect on the spinal posture it had in my case too (although laying down of course). There is a whole branch of Daoist literature I am seeing that is concerned with converting "Jing" (sexual force) sourced as "Yin" (female creative essence) into spinal "Qi" (spiritual essence); the normal pattern for both women and men in Daoism is Jing expulsion; the Daoists believe that this other process is the root of powerful transformative forces in an individual, and I have run into experiences being described that sound very much like those being discussed in this thread in that context.

 on: October 28, 2014, 00:32:46 
Started by Tongo - Last post by Tongo
This is meant for the people who are experienced and have had their share of AP's. Quite simply; what have you found is better about your life since you have been able to experience projection? maybe you have been inspired in some ways or taught lessons from the astral which help you better understand you as a being or maybe have done some other general cool stuff out there that gives you confirmation or reinforces belief somehow. Just some idea's. So why?

 on: October 27, 2014, 23:20:57 
Started by Stillwater - Last post by Condiments
Thank you for that fascinating and inspirational story Stillwater. I wonder if your experience relates to what I've read as "Kundalini", though I don't know much about it other than the profound effects it has on the individual experiencing it. I've only been exploring this material for a matter of two years before which I would describe myself as firmly agnostic.

My initial involuntary "spiritual experience" I had was after I had graduated college. I was out on my deck reading some Carl Jung, when I all the sudden everything came into ultra focus. It was like flipping the switch from SD to HD, and my thoughts were swept away in the warm evening summer breeze. The closest words to describe it were as if a great "presence" had merged with me. For the next two hours I experienced the most contented peace I've ever felt, a warmness coursed through my body. It was no where near as intense as the effects you described but it was enough to freak me out enough that I swore off intellectual pursuit for a few months. Nothing in my experience, being raised as a catholic, had prepared me for that. To me, those feelings were strictly within the never-land realm of monks and the deranged. I know afterward I had become intensely interested in more spiritual matters.

About six months ago the presence returned again. I was driving home from work when I started to feel strange, all fuzzy and tingly in my skull. This time there was a great deal more inner sensation. It felt as if something was pouring warm liquid into the top of my skull and it was draining through me like tendrils of energy. It bounced around my body, and most powerfully in my spine. I was similarly contented and my  feeling of self had diminished in relation to my surroundings. I remember eating a piece of bread, and having the intuition that the surrounding environment was experiencing that exquisite act of consumption through me. Do you guys have any idea of what that was?

It was shortly thereafter that I discovered this place and followed in my oobe pursuits. I understand why you don't want to post much of the information as to how you got to where you are. I look back at my past and see how all these little steps lead to where I am now. Taking shortcuts would mean to lack the context of understanding. My only issue is....I kind of feel stuck. I've only been partially successfully in my oobe and lucid dream pursuits in the past 5 months(got really close to exit, and had a lucid dream for like a second haha), but I often feel like I go in circles. There is just so much information regarding spirituality that its hard to know how to proceed. The people and friends around me aren't really interested or have no reference point with what I'm pursuing. It starts to feel somewhat lonely...

Is there any advice you can give me to point me in the right direction?

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