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 on: Yesterday at 17:28:34 
Started by Fusions - Last post by Xanth
First, remove the notion that there are lower/higher/upper/etc "planes".

I stated this in another thread recently: "It's consciousness, there is no here or there, no upper or lower.  Only subjective interpretations based upon biased values of the experiencer."

It's ENTIRELY based upon your interpretation. 

With that said, what I have found it based upon is merely the clarity of your focus.  Or another way to say it is how centered/grounded you are WHILE you're projecting.  You'd be surprised how many people allow themselves, while projecting, to lose their center and become very ungrounded and this then changes their experiences drastically.  They do this and most of the time they don't even realize it.

Work on grounding and centering yourself.  The less emotion you put out into the non-physical, the more what you'll receive and interpret is, as Frank would call it, the "Astral Proper".  It'll be an experience less affected by your fluctuations.  The less fluctuations, the "higher" the perceived environment.

 on: Yesterday at 15:23:21 
Started by Fusions - Last post by Volgerle
ok, now I know what you meant

 smiley wink

 on: Yesterday at 15:17:22 
Started by Fusions - Last post by Volgerle
I'm right now testing a new method and will write about it here - provided it works but I need a few more tests because it only worked one time so far. (Also, I have another few methods, but all need to be verified and re-tested / re-evaluated again.)

Keep yah posted.

 on: Yesterday at 15:04:40 
Started by Fusions - Last post by Fusions
Can somebody shed some light on this?

 on: Yesterday at 14:55:05 
Started by David McCready - Last post by Fusions
This thread helped me this morning, when I was brought out of my lucid dream I decided to visualize my way back in and it worked.

 on: Yesterday at 14:53:05 
Started by Fusions - Last post by Fusions

 on: Yesterday at 13:56:03 
Started by lillymoon - Last post by Volgerle
In the Shamanic views, there are upper and lower realms.
One is neither better or worse than the other, just different
beings in different places.
Exactly. And every 'place' offers some learning opportunities, although it is natural (at least to me) to 'like' the higher (lighter, less denser) places more.  smiley
Also, low(er planes) and high(er planes) are metaphors used in almost every description of non-physical reality, Eastern, Shamanic, even R. Monroe counted his Focus Levels from 'down' to 'up high' (C1 = physical to F27 and far beyond that). They are not meant by most who use them to be literally interpreted in physical terms. Metaphors are effective elements of language by which we communicate with effectively, so we know what we are talking about and that it could be, at least approximately, the 'same thing'.  wink

 on: Yesterday at 11:33:15 
Started by phaseshiftR1111 - Last post by Riften77
Thanks for the link to this vid, Phaseshift! I'll definitely check it out and see what I can do  wink

 on: Yesterday at 11:09:08 
Started by Riften77 - Last post by Riften77
Thanks all! Keep the ideas & suggestions coming! I know everybody's life is different....what works for one may or will not work for another, but you can definitely learn something from someone that will resonate with you.

 on: Yesterday at 10:27:48 
Started by seapony - Last post by Szaxx
Probably so Seapony   cheesy

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